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  • Adrian Amigo
    Adrian Amigo Hace 4 segundos

    Like this if you want pewds to play Mobile Legends

    SHREDDER GAMES Hace 4 segundos

    2:19:22 ᴍᴍᴍᴍᴍᴍᴍᴍᴍᴍᴍᴍᴍᴍᴍᴍ

  • kyte
    kyte Hace 6 segundos

    Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like bananas.

  • Jessica Gómez
    Jessica Gómez Hace 12 segundos

    I fucking hate when he takes weath and it not ready but almost ready STOP

  • skittleman hairline
    skittleman hairline Hace 12 segundos

    I would comment congrats to the people who made it through the video but it hasn't even been 12 hours since he posted this video

  • Shark 327
    Shark 327 Hace 16 segundos

    I thought this was a Morgz video by how many ads there were until I realized it was 12 hours long. 😅

  • kyte
    kyte Hace 17 segundos

    A blind man walks into a bar. And into a table. And into a chair.

  • ash schwebel
    ash schwebel Hace 18 segundos


  • Siddharth Penumatcha
    Siddharth Penumatcha Hace 24 segundos

    Did anyone see mumbo jumbo's name in pewds tutorials

  • Sub if you like my comment?
    Sub if you like my comment? Hace 32 segundos

    Who else is almost done?

  • Chayse X
    Chayse X Hace 32 segundos

    1 like =1 party in my house lets celebrate!

  • Bot Io
    Bot Io Hace 34 segundos

    To long

  • FaZe_Biscuit Lol
    FaZe_Biscuit Lol Hace 35 segundos

    Are we going to ignore the fact that there is a sea temple near the ice biome don’t believe me go to 8:05 and a little bit over his head is an sea temple

  • kyte
    kyte Hace 36 segundos

    Anybody ever had a shit so big it felt gay.

  • s p i n n i n g
    s p i n n i n g Hace 37 segundos


  • TheRust
    TheRust Hace 41 un segundo

    if you guys skip the video Like cauz me too

  • Sibi Akkash
    Sibi Akkash Hace 45 segundos

    100hr livestream let's get it gamers

  • calvinstulip
    calvinstulip Hace 47 segundos

    Neil deGrasse Tyson plays a scientist on TV 📺

  • Eddy Castillo
    Eddy Castillo Hace 47 segundos

    Dam! This should be called pewdiepie swearing for 12 hours

    KHALOODYXR8 Hace 51 un segundo


  • Ty Haynes
    Ty Haynes Hace 57 segundos

    I’m not gonna go for 12 hours 😂😂

  • Steven Gamerz
    Steven Gamerz Hace 58 segundos

    i watched this live :)

  • Ana Salazar
    Ana Salazar Hace un minuto

    It feels weird to hear him swear again ngl

  • 10,000 subs no videos challenge

    Pewds: *dies* Also pewds: *WHY WATER SHEEP*

  • Tgb Fusion
    Tgb Fusion Hace un minuto

    It’s kinda funny how morgz has more mid roll ads then PewDiePie does on a 12 hour live stream

  • Basanti Shakya
    Basanti Shakya Hace un minuto

    me : asking pewds for a longer vdo. pewds:posts a 12 hr vdo. me:whatttttt!!!!!

  • Nekko loli
    Nekko loli Hace un minuto


  • Dragonx 23
    Dragonx 23 Hace un minuto

    Blip blip blip

  • Kit
    Kit Hace un minuto

    Pewidepie: 12 hour minecraft Livestream My sleep schedule: *chuckles* I'm im danger!

  • Kenet Flores
    Kenet Flores Hace un minuto

    Y tus vídeos con subtítulos no se me da mucho el inglés 😭💔

  • NO U
    NO U Hace un minuto

    Why you SWORE

  • Cyndicate
    Cyndicate Hace un minuto

    100M BROSSSSSS 👊

  • frankie iuvara
    frankie iuvara Hace un minuto

    When the doctor says I have 12 hours left to live

  • Brandon Mcfall
    Brandon Mcfall Hace un minuto

    im watching the whole thing

  • Felix no videos with 50k subscribers challenge

    I wonder what Marzia was doing during 12 hours.

    READY MASTER Hace un minuto

    I unsubscribed to dumb pewdiepie

  • Xion
    Xion Hace un minuto

    Word of advice for a new game. never build wood tools. Just get a bit of wood for a wood pickaxe and a shovel if needed and just go mine cobblestone right away to make stone tools. Then dig down for coal and iron tools when your ready but at least upgrade to stone based tools right away my dude, even cavemen knew how to make such equipment.

  • Draco Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy Hace un minuto

    Even if you save a character they end up dying anyway...if you saved Clem...she probably ends up dying a few days later after the game ends 😂

  • MaxTiger Hanson
    MaxTiger Hanson Hace un minuto

    Pewds your on Minecraft Ross restaurant list and so is jack septic eye and jackblack you got call him up so in the role haven’t entered yet

  • kyte
    kyte Hace un minuto

    Does anybody else own Friday the 13th on their PS4. The game is fun, but it is buggy and dead.

  • Surya Putra
    Surya Putra Hace un minuto

    Diamond at 03:17:45

  • What Name
    What Name Hace 2 minutos

    I was asleep when this happened it’s a sad day for Americans 😪

  • Jacob Scott
    Jacob Scott Hace 2 minutos

    The crazy son of a frick did

  • Logan Westbrook
    Logan Westbrook Hace 2 minutos


  • şķąţęŕ Bøi
    şķąţęŕ Bøi Hace 2 minutos

    3:18 why would you just throw that stuff away?

  • jakeo
    jakeo Hace 2 minutos


  • Yefang
    Yefang Hace 2 minutos

    my earsss

  • DragonslayerX 19
    DragonslayerX 19 Hace 2 minutos

    What hundred hour

  • Kalina Manova
    Kalina Manova Hace 2 minutos

    doing updates on how far i've gotten per day day 1: 2 hours in

  • Surge Osco
    Surge Osco Hace 2 minutos

    Vid was released 10 hours ago so there’s no possible way yet that someone has watched the video unless they changed the playback speed

  • corby olson
    corby olson Hace 2 minutos

    Her spending limit is 1000 a month? I have to have a job to mayby get a 4th of that each month.

  • benni sanjaya
    benni sanjaya Hace 2 minutos

    Anyone know when jack join the Livestream?

  • Random Things
    Random Things Hace 2 minutos

    My checkpoint is 2:17:57 Gn gn gn

  • CrisKRB
    CrisKRB Hace 2 minutos

    Doctor: You have 12 hours to live. Me:

  • The Cosmic Watchers
    The Cosmic Watchers Hace 2 minutos

    2:19:00 *What a peaceful moment* Kids watching with their parents 2:19:14 *All of them go 😃😃🙁😕☹️😟😨😰😵😱☠️ Dead*

  • Cyndicate
    Cyndicate Hace 2 minutos


  • Jmc’s Place
    Jmc’s Place Hace 3 minutos

    You did it, you crazy son of a bleep blop you did it!

  • 10,000 subs no videos challenge

    Ngl my jaw dropped when I saw pewds die XD

  • Evil Hunter Minecraft and vlogs

    This is just for me, 1:00:24

  • ITzHecx
    ITzHecx Hace 3 minutos


  • lagend king
    lagend king Hace 3 minutos

    why does everything he sells cost so much

  • Cori Quillen
    Cori Quillen Hace 3 minutos

    I’m using my last 1% on my phone to watch this video

  • Isaack 123
    Isaack 123 Hace 3 minutos

    Nadie español? :"v

  • L7 ZALZ L7
    L7 ZALZ L7 Hace 3 minutos

    You where booped by septic booper

  • Levi V.P.
    Levi V.P. Hace 3 minutos

    Gameplay starts at 17 minutes

  • Virgilio Vargas
    Virgilio Vargas Hace 3 minutos

    The amount of ads it says there is... oof sis calm down

  • Hey MaeLoves
    Hey MaeLoves Hace 3 minutos

    I’m about to download this stream. Omg rip storage

  • Ciin Amon
    Ciin Amon Hace 3 minutos

    Gameplay starts at 14:00 & 17:30 if you wanna get a head start but you’ll miss some Gucci talking

  • Gavin Jacobs
    Gavin Jacobs Hace 3 minutos

    Pewds! You can just go to options and do LAN world so you can go back

  • Garrett Bowman
    Garrett Bowman Hace 3 minutos

    Pewds I thought the ES-pl video length was 10 minutes. What are you doing posting an entire live stream lmao

  • Sofa king Re Todd it
    Sofa king Re Todd it Hace 3 minutos

    I love this because it shows that I have the biggest no life achievement

  • Hailey Lokken
    Hailey Lokken Hace 3 minutos


  • Fortnite Skills
    Fortnite Skills Hace 3 minutos

    Good gob you are a very good ES-plr since 1sub to 50mil all the people at my school support you are a 🐐 WAY TO GO🏆

    ACEx SPADESx Hace 3 minutos

    Can you split these into and hour long each and make it a playlist?

  • Anne-Sophie Gill
    Anne-Sophie Gill Hace 3 minutos

    I love you Felix ! You're the best youtuber ever !

  • Myles Brainard
    Myles Brainard Hace 3 minutos

    Pewds: I would eat a panda PETA: “confused screaming”

  • Accelerated
    Accelerated Hace 3 minutos

    Pewds should do the cscoop challenge for some sort of charity stream.

  • x a n s
    x a n s Hace 4 minutos

    Totally forgot how much pewds used to swear

  • Mokai Pascual
    Mokai Pascual Hace 4 minutos

    No live chat?!

  • Jose de la Barrera
    Jose de la Barrera Hace 4 minutos

    Stretching the vid for a little bit more than 10 mins just for the ad revenue 😔

  • THELichCA
    THELichCA Hace 4 minutos

    DLIVE: uploads the 12 hours an hour by an hour long video Pewds: 12 HOUR LONG VID Dlive: am I a joke to you?

  • Indal Yadav
    Indal Yadav Hace 4 minutos

    Did he say hii beast

  • Mokai Pascual
    Mokai Pascual Hace 4 minutos

    No live chat replay?!

  • Matthew Dauda
    Matthew Dauda Hace 4 minutos

    Nice chair and I like the music

  • Sharri Newberry
    Sharri Newberry Hace 4 minutos

    He seems so different 😔 but I'm chill with it ....mabey

  • Swag_Juan YT
    Swag_Juan YT Hace 4 minutos

    Petition to make Felix do a mod pack series. (CrazyCraft or any other )

  • Chloe L
    Chloe L Hace 4 minutos


  • Jack
    Jack Hace 4 minutos

    Happy 3 years anniversary of Tuber Simulator!

  • Skadoosh11
    Skadoosh11 Hace 4 minutos

    You really gave up on Man of Medan

  • UglyApprentice
    UglyApprentice Hace 4 minutos

    This song is better than all of T-Series’s

  • Michael Mitchell
    Michael Mitchell Hace 4 minutos

    Y he do a swor

  • GreenTea Pudding
    GreenTea Pudding Hace 4 minutos

    Me: sees title of video Me: you did it. You crazy son of a bitch, you did it

  • A M
    A M Hace 4 minutos

    Number of swears Uncountable

  • Rayce Anderson
    Rayce Anderson Hace 4 minutos

    *me having flashbacks* "what a fucking n-"

  • Semishere 55
    Semishere 55 Hace 4 minutos


  • Tim Vernak
    Tim Vernak Hace 4 minutos

    Why is the terminator theme now a generic sad song

  • Maxim Agustin
    Maxim Agustin Hace 4 minutos

    Dis anyone actually watch this whole vid?😂

  • KingBowser 183
    KingBowser 183 Hace 5 minutos

    Can we just mention the fact that youtube gave Pewds a minecraft sword lmao

  • 3li gaming
    3li gaming Hace 5 minutos

    which mod does he use to light the torch while ur holding it ?? at 1:05:18

  • Osim Tech
    Osim Tech Hace 5 minutos

    T-SHIRTS win 🤣🤣🤣