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Dev Doodles: Sylas | League of Legends
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  • DarkFoolJin
    DarkFoolJin Hace 11 segundos

    Jesus !!! 4:57 three pillars of light 3 pillars 3 !!! Half Life 3 confirmed !!! <3

  • Sean Jaco Clarin
    Sean Jaco Clarin Hace 31 un segundo

    When LOL mobile available lis best to listen this song

  • Thao Nguyen
    Thao Nguyen Hace 2 minutos


  • 사제수행
    사제수행 Hace 3 minutos

    1:45 he didn't use his passive right after his q, instead he dashed :( what a troll

    MINH KHÁNG TRAVEL Hace 4 minutos

    I love KDA

  • Spy Crab
    Spy Crab Hace 5 minutos

    Yorick actually has a voiceline he says to lucian “No lucian, i haven’t seen your wife” so would they have to update that now?

  • Guillaume Lefebvre
    Guillaume Lefebvre Hace 5 minutos

    these dev doodles are adorable and a very welcome tidbit of video in my feed thank you for it and keep em coming ^^

  • TripToMoon
    TripToMoon Hace 6 minutos

    Im waiting for Starguardian Urgot.

  • naufaslan nr
    naufaslan nr Hace 6 minutos

    we need more song from KDA

  • 이진복
    이진복 Hace 8 minutos


  • Jo4c5
    Jo4c5 Hace 12 minutos

    Who else hears this during LoL Streams?

  • Hữu Thái Nguyễn
    Hữu Thái Nguyễn Hace 16 minutos

    Kimochi uhuhuhuh

  • MIT
    MIT Hace 17 minutos

    DFK(Dev For Kda ) brings me here

  • RedBird TV
    RedBird TV Hace 20 minutos

    Hi Fans, I am Faker. I am back -SangHyeok Faker Lee (2019 worlds interview

  • Bence Fülöp
    Bence Fülöp Hace 21 un minuto

    I was actually crying. So awesome!

  • Mxuric3
    Mxuric3 Hace 23 minutos

    3:02 Die, die yasuo dieeeee Dive, Dive yasuo diveeeee

  • D Flame
    D Flame Hace 23 minutos

    Please hope you guide players on the laning system don't let new players scatter like mobile legends make them play like the support should always protect the adc and top should be on top and not steal the junglers farm creeps and mid should be maintain its lane and junglers should knows its perfect rotation I hope guide new player like in the PC game

  • 洪健哲
    洪健哲 Hace 23 minutos


  • Νικος Σκουρας
    Νικος Σκουρας Hace 24 minutos

    akali 2019 100 nerf

  • 7aez
    7aez Hace 25 minutos


  • Jared Gaming
    Jared Gaming Hace 26 minutos

    Because of These Songs I Just Started Playing LoL 1 Comment = 1% Skills Is Master Yi Op? I Picked Him When I FINESHED THE TUTORIAL

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy Hace 27 minutos


  • Izumi
    Izumi Hace 28 minutos

    "When ecerything's lost,they pick up their hearts and avenge defeat" For Faker and the group I Love You!

    NGUYEN VAN CUONG Hace 30 minutos


  • Tigerclaw51731 AJ
    Tigerclaw51731 AJ Hace 33 minutos

    Guys, cut the singers some dancing slack. They've got costumes and heels and they're singing, so forgive them for not performing nice dance moves.

  • Tigerclaw51731 AJ
    Tigerclaw51731 AJ Hace 36 minutos

    Comment section: 49%: How bad Mako sucked 50%: Bobby was great 1%: Telle carried

  • Jayjay Ragos
    Jayjay Ragos Hace 39 minutos

    Fight with your reflection

  • Arjun Poduval
    Arjun Poduval Hace 39 minutos


  • Gena Razie
    Gena Razie Hace 40 minutos

    This how every gamer feels while playing. :D

  • Mark Lallego
    Mark Lallego Hace 40 minutos

    who's here after watching Dev Doodle about kda

  • stan stray kids
    stan stray kids Hace 41 un minuto

    girls don't want this, they want a k/da comeback p.s. cute art tho

  • kpstar - 케피
    kpstar - 케피 Hace 42 minutos


  • Hinh Heroes
    Hinh Heroes Hace 44 minutos

    Rip AOV :(

  • 빅토르
    빅토르 Hace 45 minutos


  • ryandika 375
    ryandika 375 Hace 45 minutos

    I hope I can get a beta test league of legends

  • Rohan Andrew
    Rohan Andrew Hace 46 minutos


  • Bao Buigia
    Bao Buigia Hace 47 minutos

    How about true damge akali Will akali joins true damge ? And don't care about k/da ?

  • نواف Jotrq
    نواف Jotrq Hace 48 minutos

    حنا عيال سلمان فكل مكان موجودين 🇸🇦🇸🇦✌🏼✌🏼💚🕋

  • Teppooh
    Teppooh Hace 48 minutos

    I am a K-Pop Fan, i don't play LoL but all i can see is... *This is on the next level*

  • Fachok Nigel
    Fachok Nigel Hace 48 minutos


  • Relax Chanel
    Relax Chanel Hace 49 minutos

    Ye ! Yasuo...

  • 포치
    포치 Hace 50 minutos

    둘이서 우르프 찍고 있는데

  • Spealder
    Spealder Hace 50 minutos

    All hail Immortal Joe!

  • Relax Chanel
    Relax Chanel Hace 51 un minuto

    Lol mobile :)lol pc

  • Mikki Mousie
    Mikki Mousie Hace 53 minutos

    KDA was legit one of the best things Riot could have given fans

  • hot anime
    hot anime Hace 53 minutos

    Hồi mới ra nghe như lone tự nhiên nay nghe hay vãi đái

  • Jump Scare
    Jump Scare Hace 55 minutos

    "So are you gonna die to day" Zilean: Excuse me, wtf?

  • bob chaser
    bob chaser Hace 56 minutos

    this is actually so good :O wtf?? :O

  • Jakhner Review
    Jakhner Review Hace 58 minutos

    Вот единственная игра из всех которые есть, а только в псн больше 2х тыс, где я готов донатить разрабам, постоянно что то придумывают новое, развивают франшизу, турниры, концерты, музыкальные клипы, видео, теперь и сериал, закину ещё немного денег в скины, желаю удачи во всех ваших начинаниях.

  • Ckienjay Carrera
    Ckienjay Carrera Hace 58 minutos

    Is this the most viewed video pf league of legends? 💖

  • melany gonzalez
    melany gonzalez Hace un hora

    So are you gonna die today? Tryndamere: *come again*

  • hoang em
    hoang em Hace un hora

    Có ai việt nam không ??

  • 이승현
    이승현 Hace un hora

    2:40 Earthbound?

  • XdaX
    XdaX Hace un hora

    I smell comeback

  • Kenji Kim
    Kenji Kim Hace un hora

    We need kda comeback riot

  • Mahmut İrfan DEMİRHAN

    Türke çevirisin yapan arkadaşın allah bin belasını versin demek isterim.

  • Kris Doyle
    Kris Doyle Hace un hora

    "I got you, firefly." The delivery on that, so breathless, so desperate, so "I'm trying to comfort you despite everything." It had me nearly in tears.

  • 남불안
    남불안 Hace un hora

    *WHY I’M CRYING...*

  • 계란버섯
    계란버섯 Hace un hora

    30:44 song name plz

  • Tuan Pham
    Tuan Pham Hace un hora

    KDA Lux, KDA Ashe, KDA Miss Fortune, KDA Sona, KDA Irelia pls riot

  • Last Breathe
    Last Breathe Hace un hora

    자연스럽게 새로운애 먼저 애니메이션을 통해 내보내고 그다음 챔피언으로 만들고 자연스럽고도 다양하게 캐릭터들 나오겟네.... 저런걸 만드는 롤이라는 게임이 참 대단하다 생각합니다.

  • 杨昌戈
    杨昌戈 Hace un hora


  • MIT
    MIT Hace un hora

    국뽕 !!

    BENCE KOMİKTİ Hace un hora

    bu sezon vadide SİKİŞ VAR SİKİİİİŞ

  • Juliszia
    Juliszia Hace un hora

    She looks like Imani from Paladins

  • K17_5UN3
    K17_5UN3 Hace un hora

    This is ok, but it barely compares to Rise or Legends Never Die.

  • Ainz sv
    Ainz sv Hace un hora

    K/da comeback is coming?

  • Marcin Ziajkowski
    Marcin Ziajkowski Hace un hora

    Faktycznie angielski dubbing ssie przy polskim

  • Just A Hero
    Just A Hero Hace un hora

    Sawano???? we just need a champion that transforms into a Titan now !!!

  • blinkeu nation
    blinkeu nation Hace un hora

    Omg rip ML 🤣😂

  • Kir Jack
    Kir Jack Hace un hora

    вейна жируха жаль очень жаль!!!!

  • Nu ma
    Nu ma Hace un hora

    Little girls are Jinx and VI ?

  • fef dawd
    fef dawd Hace un hora

    i see kda i click

  • Eqwil
    Eqwil Hace un hora

    What is this artstyle called? Has it a more specific name than just comic artstyle?

  • 전정국 사랑해
    전정국 사랑해 Hace un hora


  • Erdk Zakaria
    Erdk Zakaria Hace un hora


  • orhan kağan
    orhan kağan Hace un hora

    Jhin'den sonra şimdiye kadar izlediğim en güzel şampiyon tanıtım videosu!!!!

  • 3 bullet
    3 bullet Hace un hora

    Remember when i think the Q of kda evelynn is a car but not

  • Nosferatu Akad
    Nosferatu Akad Hace un hora


  • Jamez
    Jamez Hace un hora

    jhin thinks he's gonna hit her haaa

  • B B
    B B Hace un hora

    Riot music studio

  • Sebastien Vu
    Sebastien Vu Hace un hora

    En temps normal le grab de thresh aurait touché avec sa hitbox bugguée

  • Pdr Pydrus
    Pdr Pydrus Hace un hora

    Rito legend never die

  • Qwcxzd
    Qwcxzd Hace un hora

    Why xayah in the neeko's E don't was stuned more time if she is the second target

  • 라스네터
    라스네터 Hace un hora

    개발자 스케치 보고오신분??

  • Tyrant Games
    Tyrant Games Hace un hora

    I can imagine Mordekaiser just over the horizon coming closer, mace resting on his shoulder from 0:50 to 1:20

  • Ludvig .Samnøen
    Ludvig .Samnøen Hace un hora

    Imagine commenting this video like this, and get 1k+ likes on the comment..

  • Peut ツ
    Peut ツ Hace un hora

    I like Mako singing like this

  • 비둘기
    비둘기 Hace un hora

    와 라이엇이 여기 까지 왔을때 블리자드는 무얼 했는가....

  • KiLO
    KiLO Hace 2 horas

    Qiyana's learning curve is so hard

  • giorno giovanna
    giorno giovanna Hace 2 horas

    H artist allow us to *draw*

  • Kenjiro Lesondra
    Kenjiro Lesondra Hace 2 horas

    New K/DA song when??

  • dubber ph
    dubber ph Hace 2 horas

    Zoe is hot and badass

  • Kedhun
    Kedhun Hace 2 horas

    Jinx vi and cait?

  • James Fox
    James Fox Hace 2 horas

    DJ C Undertale remix is better but it’s not bad

  • 이름
    이름 Hace 2 horas

    I love it. Thank you so much for this video. The video itself is cute, funny and focused, and I was always curious about the background of the K/DA production. And growing up with Roll... It's a video that motivates people who want to get into Riot company someday. I'll have to ask the head office to make a lot of video like this. -from Korean

  • Kittin Peanaksorn
    Kittin Peanaksorn Hace 2 horas

    Even tho the game is trash AF, gotta compliment you guys on the music and art work of K/DA. Keep up the good work! Love seeing de put loves into their project.

    N1GTMARE Hace 2 horas


  • Mücahit Kibar
    Mücahit Kibar Hace 2 horas


  • Bing Tsu
    Bing Tsu Hace 2 horas

    I bet Senna transformed into a kind of shadow-ish body meanwhile her personality is between good and bad.