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  • Kira Minty
    Kira Minty Hace 3 horas

    you totally sold me!

  • LaMiss MUA
    LaMiss MUA Hace 3 horas

    Charlotte is a whole MOOD. 🤤😍💖🌟

  • IgglyPoof
    IgglyPoof Hace 3 horas

    Tati, I've had the blendiful for about a week now and I love it so much! Usually, I skip out on doing my makeup in the morning because of the time it takes, but since I've bought this I've been doing it almost every day! It makes my routine SO much faster and the look is FLAWLESS! I've never had my concealer or contour go on so smooth! Thank you for making such an amazing product!!!

  • Raaee C
    Raaee C Hace 3 horas

    Yas! I love the infallible foundation. It is amazing and looks so good! Ny daughter has recently started wanting to do makeup and I used that on her. Flawless!!! Thank you for that. When I was in the store I herd you in my head lol

  • Jas M
    Jas M Hace 3 horas

    I think it would be cool to win because I have always been interested in makeup since I was in elementary school (I’m in university now). It would be really cool to win as I don’t have any high end/expensive makeup and I would really like to expand my creativity when it comes to makeup as it is my passion (I love to practice makeup in my free time). If I were to win I would love to give back to my friends and family who also deserve this makeup. I think what you are doing is great, you are so kind and wholesome! Btw I have never entered in any giveaways before so, I just created my first instagram account. Good luck everyone!!!!

  • Denise Williams
    Denise Williams Hace 3 horas

    I’ve used the Elf foundation and found it works ok on my skin. Maybe it reacts to certain skin types I’m normal to dry

  • Tina Peterson
    Tina Peterson Hace 3 horas

    Amazing!! What about have Scott and Charlotte on together!?!

  • Suzi Hazlove
    Suzi Hazlove Hace 4 horas

    Hello, can you do a blond wig ? And makeup for blonds? Hehe... would love to win some freebies...🙏

  • Madison Moyer
    Madison Moyer Hace 4 horas

    Can you do a tutorial on over 50 ladies and crepe lids?

  • Hannah Rehm
    Hannah Rehm Hace 4 horas

    Tati! Do you still use a clarisonic? If you do what are your thoughts?!

  • Denisa Bogdan
    Denisa Bogdan Hace 4 horas

    Am I the only one who doesn't like the Infaillible 24h foundation from l'Oreal? It separates on my face very quickly and it smells unusually strong.

  • Karen Gloria
    Karen Gloria Hace 4 horas

    I don't know why I keep checking this page everyday. It's not like I'll ever win. I have the worst luck

  • XxGamer_GirlxX
    XxGamer_GirlxX Hace 4 horas

    Wow! I got this for Christmas and I wasn’t sure if I was using it right so I googled it and didn’t even realize this was Tati!

    R M BLAKE Hace 4 horas

    I think the color of the upper lip (the dupe), is more appealing than the lower lip. Is it just me?

  • D DJ
    D DJ Hace 4 horas

    *its the middle of winter* tati: it's fall

  • peach imiin
    peach imiin Hace 4 horas


  • April Enriquez
    April Enriquez Hace 4 horas

    she keeps staring at the view finder

  • Andrea Chaves
    Andrea Chaves Hace 4 horas

    Tati please review font eyeshadows and mascara

  • Hajar Lamine
    Hajar Lamine Hace 4 horas

    ur hair OMG O-O wooow sooooooo fab

    SYDNEY BARNES Hace 4 horas

    I love that foundation color on you!!!

  • Caroline Morgan
    Caroline Morgan Hace 4 horas

    Dish soap does a great job at removing makeup stains from my clothes! It’s a go-to for me. Works really well to clean very dirty/stained makeup brushes as well, it just melts everything away!

  • Irene Sierra
    Irene Sierra Hace 4 horas


  • Liv Chesy
    Liv Chesy Hace 5 horas

    Hi! Tati! I have your eyeshadows pallette and loving it. I also ordered the blendiful and I’m excited to get it. I’ve been watching tutorials on actual application. I’m just wondering if you’re going to do one in the near future? Please please do. Thanks!

  • Brandi Shafer
    Brandi Shafer Hace 5 horas

    You are one year younger than me and your skin is amazing I'm jealous

  • Rachel Clune
    Rachel Clune Hace 5 horas

    Omg u both look so stunning so flawless

  • Brandi Shafer
    Brandi Shafer Hace 5 horas

    The haters are just jealous

  • Gia Hart
    Gia Hart Hace 5 horas

    The palettes are crap and so it tati.

    NHLWIFE GOOILERS Hace 5 horas

    Is it me, or did anyone else know very little about Charlotte Tilbury, see her and think she was in her 50s or 60s? I seriously gasped when I googled her age and found out she's one year younger than me.

  • Blue Queen
    Blue Queen Hace 5 horas

    WOOOOOO!!! I just got my blendiful and it is mind blowing! I'm 48 and I just fell I'm love with makeup again!!!💖💖💖 Thank you Tati!

  • Alina Just
    Alina Just Hace 5 horas

    You can get a blanket made out of this material for 25$ from IKEA

  • Aquarian Queen
    Aquarian Queen Hace 5 horas

    Oh man, if only her products weren’t so expensive...they look incredible tho

  • Rachel Berman
    Rachel Berman Hace 5 horas

    Tati please review the new e.l.f. Hydrating Satin Camo Concealer! Love your videos :)

  • Yahoo Better
    Yahoo Better Hace 5 horas

    Looks like a lot of muck on the face

  • Crystal Wagner
    Crystal Wagner Hace 5 horas

    I got the Physcian’s Formula collection for Christmas to help me kick-start on using makeup. Now all I have left is get foundation, concealer, setting spray, etc.

  • Victoria Gonzalez
    Victoria Gonzalez Hace 5 horas

    Was anyone else completely distracted by her incredible hair the whole time? I’m obsessed

  • Lucinda Haasbroek
    Lucinda Haasbroek Hace 5 horas

    Great video ! 🙏🏼

  • Chesney Ducos
    Chesney Ducos Hace 5 horas

    What is on your lips Tati??? Please share

  • Joan Paquette
    Joan Paquette Hace 5 horas

    Maybe next time you could break out your recommendations into likes and dislikes when you list the products you reviewed? I would like to have taken a screenshot of your list but can’t remember which ones you liked!

  • Erica Chang
    Erica Chang Hace 5 horas

    I really hope that I can win this giveaway! Makeup is kinda expensive, so getting free makeup is my dream!

  • Bethany McCarl
    Bethany McCarl Hace 5 horas

    I want to put Charlotte in my pocket. She has the best personality and the two of you together is amazing! I want more!

  • M I C H A E L A R O S E

    Take a shot for every time you hear "darrrrling" 😆😂😝🥰

  • Jordan Pape
    Jordan Pape Hace 6 horas


  • Sierra Pipes
    Sierra Pipes Hace 6 horas

    I don't have Instagram or Twitter to contact you but I wanted to say your blendiful is the bomb. I'm a busy mom and don't always have a lot of time to do my makeup and it makes it super easy and fast to blend everything out! Also my skin looks so much smoother from previously using a beauty blender! Love you!! I'd love to meet you next time you come to Seattle! I live 25 minutes north of Seattle (without traffic lol)! Do a meet up!

  • alfredo cortese
    alfredo cortese Hace 6 horas

    The Mask

  • Carsy15
    Carsy15 Hace 6 horas

    Can you make a best of 2019 skin care? I would love to watch that!!!

  • Cindy Chandler
    Cindy Chandler Hace 6 horas

    I bought one and i really liked it . 3 days later i have a huge rip in it (followed instructions perfectly in cleaning it ) and they won’t replace it cause i don’t have the packing slip and bag it was shipped in . I sent 3 pictures and they kept saying they didn’t receive them . $18 for something to last 3 days isn’t a good deal . I’ll definetly think twice before buying from her company again .

  • Dru Champion-Payne
    Dru Champion-Payne Hace 6 horas

    Thank you Tati!!!

  • Omara Oliver
    Omara Oliver Hace 6 horas

    Blimey that chin is scary DAAAAHLING!

  • lebanonajjan
    lebanonajjan Hace 6 horas

    How did you depot the shadows from your palette? Or are they the samples when you developed the palette?

  • Dionne Garza
    Dionne Garza Hace 6 horas

    Im a hygienist and omg I appreciate md that he knew the terminology!!! Like yaaass!!!!(:

  • leela stoma
    leela stoma Hace 6 horas

    Geeezzeee so much yacking 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • eva gonçalves
    eva gonçalves Hace 6 horas

    Hi Tati, sending you some love from Portugal! I love you, you are a very talented makeup artist, you made me see makeup in a hole new light, I'm now having fun with It! I'm here for you, I believe in you, I'm proud of you!!!

  • Hannah Perle
    Hannah Perle Hace 6 horas

    micellar water will take it out of clothing

  • em.
    em. Hace 6 horas

    BAKING SODA it helps get the stubborn stains out i just mix it inside my washer and it works almost everytime EXCEPT with black eyeliner.

  • Valeria Matamoros
    Valeria Matamoros Hace 6 horas

    Your hair looks GORGEOUS!!!! 💕💕🌟🌟

  • Xristina Lo
    Xristina Lo Hace 7 horas

    Me me me me me please I like to use make up and all the beauty. I hope for a miracle

  • Kim Taeyeon is my everything

    Her caling me darlings gave me a confidence boost 😭

  • Diana Shelton
    Diana Shelton Hace 7 horas

    Hey Tati, hope you are off to a fabulous 2020!

  • Karin ka
    Karin ka Hace 7 horas

    Just saw this video in 2020. And i just feel in love with the "stay all day 16h long lasting make up" from essence! It's absolutely beautiful! Do you have it in the states? Do you know it?

  • lil chlo
    lil chlo Hace 7 horas

    I just tried this lip plumper and OH MY GOD !! Their reactions are real. This is soooo painful (lips look cute tho) 😂 but the PAIN GIRL

  • Rachel Grimaldo
    Rachel Grimaldo Hace 7 horas


  • Marta Leite
    Marta Leite Hace 7 horas

    Loved the video ...Tati can you do a video only reviewing a brand called Kiko Milano ☺️Its been my passion and they have such amazing products...❤️😘

  • Kalli Forsyth
    Kalli Forsyth Hace 7 horas

    "I need Spanx on my face" SAME

    YVETTE MILIAN Hace 7 horas

    Just ordered it. I’m so EXCITED!!!! You had me at Hello new launch 🚀 you go girl !

  • Nicole Miles
    Nicole Miles Hace 7 horas

    What about the Florence line at Ulta?? Any thoughts

  • Burcu Bingul
    Burcu Bingul Hace 7 horas

    CT is my idol in the beauty world! 11:00 so so true!

  • ᑑᕌᓗᒃ ᓇᑦᓯᖅ

    I need your hair dye

  • Taylor Joyce
    Taylor Joyce Hace 7 horas

    WHEN YOU FIND OUT THAT YOU AND CHARLOTTE TILBURY DO YOUR EYELINER THE SAME 😭😍❤️ legit thought I was so weird cuz I’ve been doing this since I started doing makeup 😅😂❤️

    DAKOTA Hace 7 horas

    Why you hatin on Milani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah Jenkinson
    Sarah Jenkinson Hace 7 horas

    That is flawless he has got to be the best in the business

  • Tisi Sandoval
    Tisi Sandoval Hace 7 horas

    OMG.....CharlotteTilbury seems like so much fun!!!

  • DFirst StAr
    DFirst StAr Hace 7 horas

    you talk a lot and your videos are long...!

  • Sarah
    Sarah Hace 8 horas

    Wow you two talk so much alike!

  • seatlegirl
    seatlegirl Hace 8 horas

    That Naked concealer was patchy though! Thank God for Scott's powder that made it look so much better

  • Regan Rider
    Regan Rider Hace 8 horas

    Can you review some Jentry Kelly makeup, recently it is been sold at the bougiest salon here in my little town and everyone is going bananas over it! Have you heard of it?!?

  • Habi Marohombsar
    Habi Marohombsar Hace 8 horas

    That feline fleek looks good on you Tati. ❤️🇵🇭 while I was watching this vid I was literally smiling till the end.

  • this is your mom's shit!!!

    Little late but you're pretty flipping awesome and very informative!

  • Camryn Pukesh
    Camryn Pukesh Hace 8 horas

    I love the way he reacts to everything

  • Wassan Soukarieh
    Wassan Soukarieh Hace 8 horas

    Gorgeous and spontaneous ladies👸🏼👸🏼 love the way she darling😍

  • Nelly An
    Nelly An Hace 8 horas

    Pre-filming isn't bad; it's that she was careless and made a mistake with the content. But the irregularity with which she has been posting (e.g. not posting today which is Wednesday; or posting on a Thursday last week) is what is frustrating. I've been waiting for a tutorial from her directly on Blendiful, and her customer service in answering product use questions is horrible. That's marketing 101 - if it's a new concept or tool that needs to be taught, then it needs to be before you sell the product. Frustrating :(

  • marie-elena Waldrip
    marie-elena Waldrip Hace 8 horas

    Love these women! Beautiful, talented and funny!

  • SimplySophisticated
    SimplySophisticated Hace 8 horas

    CT is a pure goddess. I’ve adored her for years. And her line. DROOOOOOL.

  • Ana Teresa Chabebe Edo

    Tati where is your blendiful video? Everyone from Allie Glines to Manny MUA has posted on it... but you’re the expert and I feel like your video will provide a lot of clarity as to why you chose to come out with it. We are interested, and confused.

  • greendaymeg
    greendaymeg Hace 8 horas

    I dont know if a winner was announced yet, but id love to win this. mainly because im a teacher for students with severe special needs and I teach life skills. i'd love to use these products with my students and teach them hygiene skills and daily grooming skills - both for boys and girls. it'd be so wonderful for them. thanks for even thinking of doing this tati, you're wonderful <3

  • Bea Bea
    Bea Bea Hace 8 horas

    Is Charlotte having multiple orgasms trying her make up? LOL I adore both!

  • naomitje130795
    naomitje130795 Hace 8 horas

    Hey tati, You probably won't see this, but I'm asking anyway. Could you try 50/50 make-up. It's a pretty new Dutch brand, but they do ship internationally. It's called 50/50 because they donate 50 percent of the profits to charity.

  • Kristi Marie
    Kristi Marie Hace 9 horas

    Something about the Physician's Formula case reminds me of the Fashion Plates toy from the 80's.

  • Arica Drezdzon
    Arica Drezdzon Hace 9 horas

    "...like I've got my life together...is how highlight makes me feel." honestly, same.

  • Sunshine Herondale
    Sunshine Herondale Hace 9 horas

    I am so glad my daughter showed me your channel. I am 44 and just now starting to really try new things with makeup and skin care. I would love to win to have more options to find the perfect products for me. I have purchased many things you have reviewed and just want you to know I enjoy all of your videos.

  • Sigita Švedė
    Sigita Švedė Hace 9 horas

    Wach real stories documentary homeless child instead of speding thousands of dollars for make up you will never use.. Material things only

  • Sherrie Bowden
    Sherrie Bowden Hace 9 horas

    I need the tutorial now, because I bought this, and lord it does not do anything good

  • Leigh Barry
    Leigh Barry Hace 9 horas

    11:18 I'm SUCH an IDIOT🙈 I thought she said...... BREAST FED....(*^*)... YUP I could have taken that with me to the grave and NO ONE would have known BuUuUuUuT NOP€🙄 I'm such a PooterTARD I just HAD to share my STUUUPIDITY with EVERYONE😁 you're welcome!!!

  • Barbra Jacobs
    Barbra Jacobs Hace 9 horas

    O M G Tati you look so beautiful next to Darling Charlotte I love her as much as you do I come from the U K too and feel so so proud of Charlotte I think she is stunning her personality is just so wonderful I have all her products and love her so much The video was just amazing I watched it twice My Love to you both and thank You Barbra U K X X

  • busy bee
    busy bee Hace 9 horas

    you can see the horror on tati's face on thumbnail 😂😂

  • Erica Vaughn
    Erica Vaughn Hace 9 horas


  • Lina Coy
    Lina Coy Hace 9 horas

    For foundation or concealer stains, apply a bit of alcohol and rub right away, and softly and if is an stubborn one or dry apply a drop of makeup brush cleaner

  • Stina Baby21
    Stina Baby21 Hace 9 horas

    There are these stainremovers specifically formulated for makeup stains from a variety of brands. And they all seem to work well for me. But I also pretreat with Dawns Platinum dish soap when I run out and it works just as well so long as I pretreat, blast with water and throw in the wash immediately

  • Elizabethann Ferrario
    Elizabethann Ferrario Hace 9 horas


  • Cindy Aguirre
    Cindy Aguirre Hace 9 horas

    love love love this video...she is so cool and bubbly

  • Rachel Boyle
    Rachel Boyle Hace 9 horas

    You are GORGEOUS