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Stray Kids "UNVEIL TOUR in USA"
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[CHOISKZ(초이슼)] EP.03
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[CHOISKZ(초이슼)] EP.02
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Stray Kids "TMT" Video
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[CHOISKZ(초이슼)] EP.01
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[CHOISKZ(초이슼)] Teaser Video
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Stray Kids "Chronosaurus" Video
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Stray Kids "Boxer" Behind Video
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Stray Kids "STEP OUT 2019"
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  • JJ_ Hyunjin0320
    JJ_ Hyunjin0320 Hace 3 minutos

    I'm so proud straykids

  • wonhunny 17
    wonhunny 17 Hace 6 minutos

    13:52 so precious omg

  • wonhunny 17
    wonhunny 17 Hace 6 minutos

    13:23 uwu Jeongin threatening Seungmin

  • wonhunny 17
    wonhunny 17 Hace 10 minutos

    10:28 again with the pineapple

  • wonhunny 17
    wonhunny 17 Hace 13 minutos

    8:25 why do I Stan?

  • JJ_ Hyunjin0320
    JJ_ Hyunjin0320 Hace 15 minutos

    Skz , you should go back here next year

  • wonhunny 17
    wonhunny 17 Hace 17 minutos

    4:51 uwu

  • Yessy Silver
    Yessy Silver Hace 17 minutos

    I wish I could hear 용서 못해 in full version from Changbin-nim trust me it'll make me cry😍 Fightinggggg💪

  • wonhunny 17
    wonhunny 17 Hace 20 minutos

    2:20 Seungmin is lowkey loving it and highkey judging felix

  • wonhunny 17
    wonhunny 17 Hace 20 minutos

    Question is why did Felix rip that tissue?

  • wonhunny 17
    wonhunny 17 Hace 21 un minuto

    1:08 does jisung need to look that goodM

  • wonhunny 17
    wonhunny 17 Hace 22 minutos

    1:05 so precious

  • safitriaaan
    safitriaaan Hace 23 minutos

    0:48 - minho : handsome 😁 and chan's appeared right after.. me : 😃😄😁😍

  • wonhunny 17
    wonhunny 17 Hace 23 minutos

    0:39 me at my friends

  • ilia
    ilia Hace 29 minutos

    11:28 seungmin wrote “Lee know ya” “I hate you the most :(“ “Hmph”

  • francine diana
    francine diana Hace 31 un minuto

    Bless that woojins shirt

  • Yumeko
    Yumeko Hace 33 minutos

    *Dans ma tête* Tiens si j'apprenai la danse de double knot *regardes la vidéo* *dans ma tête après la vidéo* Sinon les chores de Itzy c'est bien aussi

  • Mimmi Mi
    Mimmi Mi Hace 37 minutos


  • fangirluwu
    fangirluwu Hace 37 minutos

    changbin mukbang juseyo

  • fangirluwu
    fangirluwu Hace 38 minutos

    changbin's eating show

  • Greta Solafa
    Greta Solafa Hace 38 minutos

    Chan ,why you can be so much handsome.. I need boys like you in my life haha lol

  • zainab twice
    zainab twice Hace 40 minutos

    STAY 🥺 I love you 🥰🥺

  • Jeongin's Unicorn
    Jeongin's Unicorn Hace 49 minutos

    4:14 what you see: Hyunjin with a lip piercing 🤤🔥 What I see:Jisung in the background being a dumpling 🤫🤭

  • Ai Runa Luna
    Ai Runa Luna Hace 52 minutos

    Have y'all da dadada dadada da da today?

  • NicoleGrace Vibes
    NicoleGrace Vibes Hace un hora

    Whyy ??? Whyy Minhoe is always me Shouuutt

  • ngaubzvlogz OMGhee
    ngaubzvlogz OMGhee Hace un hora

    Why is Minho wearing a shirt inside?? I think its about time that he needs to let his abs free

  • ngaubzvlogz OMGhee
    ngaubzvlogz OMGhee Hace un hora

    No one: Literally no one: Absolutely no one: Me: oh my gashhhh hyunjinnnn my virgin eyessss

  • Kpop SpRiNkLe
    Kpop SpRiNkLe Hace un hora

    10 Million were coming!🤪❤️ Who's gonna push with me?

  • zainab twice
    zainab twice Hace un hora

    *We love uou SKZ forever ❤❤*

  • Natalie Cooke
    Natalie Cooke Hace un hora

    felix's absolute disgust when chan said he lived in belmore is peak aussie energy

  • Shy 01
    Shy 01 Hace un hora

    Me: Gonna watch Double Knot's Dance Practice cuz it is so cool... Me again: Distracted by Hyunjin's armpit ...HSHSHSHSHSHS

  • jheric morales
    jheric morales Hace un hora

    ( while listening ) Omo omo break your neck break your neck ( while watching ) omo don't try to be sexy in front of meh bcuz I am just 11 years old .

  • Oppa 352
    Oppa 352 Hace un hora

    *They never cease to amaze me*

  • niloo far
    niloo far Hace un hora


  • Putput 252
    Putput 252 Hace un hora

    if JYP is not proud of these kids... idk what to say...

  • Dori stan
    Dori stan Hace un hora

    I miss this Chan wearing long shirts. :'<

  • Boba Bear
    Boba Bear Hace un hora

    Ok but since when is an orange yellow?

  • hyunjin omg
    hyunjin omg Hace un hora

    no one : hyunjin : 👁👅👁

  • lita sirikanya
    lita sirikanya Hace un hora

    I love you stray kids

  • hyunjin omg
    hyunjin omg Hace un hora


  • Gamergirlxo
    Gamergirlxo Hace un hora

    nice <3

  • uwu owo uwu
    uwu owo uwu Hace un hora

    hyunjin be claiming laps this episode

  • Agnė V
    Agnė V Hace 2 horas

    6:08 when you turn away for a second and your friend eats all of your food😂😂

  • รัตนาพร ซับบา

    Changlix love 💕

  • ai ai
    ai ai Hace 2 horas

    So no one gonna talk about han in his messy hair like i-

  • lychee
    lychee Hace 2 horas

    sleeveless hyunjin had me dying

  • Javiera Loyola
    Javiera Loyola Hace 2 horas

    vIERON A MINHO EN EL MINUTO 14:25 ??!!! tio, pobresito xdxd hyunjin estaba en las piernas de jisung destruyendo el minsung :c y minho estaba muy serio... KAJSHDGFDHJKSDJFHGHJKLSAKJ porque son asi >:U pero me encanta >:3

  • kim Rym
    kim Rym Hace 2 horas


  • psychotic xx
    psychotic xx Hace 2 horas

    Still no subtitles😭😭

  • Sur 4 Raag
    Sur 4 Raag Hace 2 horas

    It's a week now.. I hope we'll be getting the subs sooooooooooooon!!!! 😖😑😑😑😑😑

  • Maria Tania
    Maria Tania Hace 2 horas

    i.n cute as always

  • I stole jungkook's banana milk yall.

    wait are they rapping outsider loner? 4:30.

  • Malu D.
    Malu D. Hace 2 horas

    did you guys get the slight spoiler there? at 3:58 chan is talking about a ritual of stray kids, which is tying your shoelaces twice before going anywhere. twice tied shoelaces are also called a double knot! arhhhhhhhhhgghhhhhhhhhh

  • Kim Debora
    Kim Debora Hace 2 horas

    Honestly, I first noticed *Han Jisung* in STRAYKIDS before because he looks very similar to my nephew which is older than me, *that's why i started loving Jisung, especially because of his skills*

  • seoh hyun
    seoh hyun Hace 2 horas


  • Malu D.
    Malu D. Hace 3 horas

    why is jisung so good in impersonating felix? for a sec i really thought it was felix who talked...

  • El Ulya
    El Ulya Hace 3 horas

    7:05 changbin try to sing with his wird face and gesture, meanwhile hyunjin reaction just - -" lol poor him

  • jams
    jams Hace 3 horas

    1:41 just so i can loop this perfection

  • GewoonEsmee
    GewoonEsmee Hace 3 horas

    They are handsome and cute... No joke

  • Chow Pei En
    Chow Pei En Hace 3 horas

    This song is WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO000000000000000000000000000000000000A

  • Catx
    Catx Hace 3 horas

    1:42 “Like a middle schooler pretending to be a grown-up” Damn he just called all of us out ngl

  • K-pop L over
    K-pop L over Hace 3 horas

    I think Felix's face is really pretty, but his voice is cool like a rocker. I Luv felix ❤

  • Irka jungharin
    Irka jungharin Hace 3 horas


  • Le Know My Boy
    Le Know My Boy Hace 3 horas

    why the vi3ws is so slow, keep str3amng stay

  • minfires
    minfires Hace 3 horas

    i got an ad of double know mv here... why?

  • Kim Kim
    Kim Kim Hace 3 horas


  • itz_alika's acc
    itz_alika's acc Hace 3 horas

    0:38 wow my kindergarten name was Montessori too! 😅

  • Chika Utami
    Chika Utami Hace 3 horas

    english sub pls!! :"

  • baby uwu
    baby uwu Hace 4 horas

    _jeongin uwu_

  • Multi Stan
    Multi Stan Hace 4 horas

    I'm so inlove with Seungmin's angelic voice, it sounds so manly. I can listen to him all day.

  • Veronica Park
    Veronica Park Hace 4 horas

    it would be better if JYP put eng sub on it. while I'm here want to know better about stray kids

  • mochei frappei
    mochei frappei Hace 4 horas

    4:54 two dads and their son, hyunjin

  • Blink Army
    Blink Army Hace 5 horas

    What the frick!!! I go to this park all the time!!!

  • mochei frappei
    mochei frappei Hace 5 horas

    changlix being alive again ?????? huhhhh

  • Prathna Deori
    Prathna Deori Hace 5 horas

    Stray kids, i acknowledge you and you have my heart now on. ❤

  • seungmin's day6 album
    seungmin's day6 album Hace 5 horas

    4:58 chan kicks out felix but chan gets chosen by school team rip aussie team

  • seungmin's day6 album
    seungmin's day6 album Hace 5 horas


  • Nouf Alshahrani
    Nouf Alshahrani Hace 5 horas


  • Priyanka Ridhorkar
    Priyanka Ridhorkar Hace 5 horas

    This song is so reassuring. It’s like a lyrical musical tight hug. I relate to this so much. I can’t listen to this song without tearing up. Stray Kids are my whole world. I’m so grateful of their existence. ♥️♥️

  • hwang cutties
    hwang cutties Hace 5 horas

    Cuttest leader

  • Pilar heredia
    Pilar heredia Hace 5 horas


  • Allia Pangan
    Allia Pangan Hace 5 horas


  • Herlian Pari
    Herlian Pari Hace 5 horas


  • snowann ann
    snowann ann Hace 5 horas

    Lee Know looks so pretty 😍 Love his voice ❤

  • Jackie Wong
    Jackie Wong Hace 5 horas


  • 비트위의루나틱
    비트위의루나틱 Hace 5 horas

    The ‘haaaaaaah” and the “귓가에 맴돌아” part the chorus keeps bringing me back to this video ;v;

  • Diksha Rana
    Diksha Rana Hace 5 horas

    The beat is awesome.... And the line "Listen to this victory song" gave me goosebumps... Loved it....

  • nevycn
    nevycn Hace 6 horas

    That moment when you weren't a stay yet when they performed here so you just *cry in vain*

  • Silni TheNordic
    Silni TheNordic Hace 6 horas

    9:18 if y'all make a plushie of the snake drawing I'd buy like 10

  • Soneun 소는Laiseu 라이스

    I’m sorry but is nobody going to talk about 1:51 Hyunjin saying “Fly High” that accent just stood on my coffin

  • R Z
    R Z Hace 6 horas

    I-STAY be like: Pretending to understand korean

  • Garret Burrow
    Garret Burrow Hace 6 horas

    Consider the landscape of KPop at the time of this song dropping....SuperM just dropped Jopping....BTS was just getting of vacation... most male KPop groups tend to smooth out their style at this point in their careers, a la Monsta X Jealousy........Stray Kids could have either did that, or just said fuck it and went HARD AF with their next comeback.....and, of course, Stray Kids did not disappoint....

  • T O X I C S U G A
    T O X I C S U G A Hace 6 horas

    Even tho this song will be old by the time I'm 19 ima play it for my 19 birthday :) Just 7 years...oof :/ I'll still remember it tho

  • T O X I C S U G A
    T O X I C S U G A Hace 6 horas

    These guys deserve more likes and subs...they do hard work on this!!

  • K-Pop Bomb TV
    K-Pop Bomb TV Hace 6 horas


  • yaegiyaa
    yaegiyaa Hace 6 horas

    i love you

  • Niraini Azahra
    Niraini Azahra Hace 6 horas

    I LOVE Hyunjin

  • Yuli Y
    Yuli Y Hace 6 horas

    Thumbnail : Hyunsung together... Me : *click*

  • ThIs iS kOrEa MaN! DOnt FoRgOt oKaY

    Changbin: /brings out two notes/ ayyyy bitch I'm rich hehe Felix: **brings out his wallet** Changbin: oh hyungnim ! **bows**

  • ThIs iS kOrEa MaN! DOnt FoRgOt oKaY

    0:46 _teach me how to be confident like you Lee Minho_