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At least 1 dead in Turkey flood
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When will the heat wave end?
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Actor Peter Fonda dead at 79
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North Korea test-fires 2 missiles
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  • James Donovan
    James Donovan Hace un hora

    I watched this until I saw Jesse Jackson.

  • chi-dog-o
    chi-dog-o Hace un hora

    Finished 5 under, today, eh?

  • Maskface
    Maskface Hace un hora

    If you come illegally, They will deport you legally.

  • Set You
    Set You Hace un hora

    All i saw was a bully talking sh*t to someone, a wife/mother of child and the father of the child protection his Childs mother from a stranger who followed them and them started a fight with a women. He is lucky the man was nice and only pushed him to the ground, he could have socked him and knocked him out and stomped his head in(and would not have been able to pull any weapon out), or fracture his jaw or bust out his eye socket, or knocked him so hard he gets brain damage. The guys chose to shove the man that was getting in his Wife / Girls face or attacking them all he sees is a man yelling and approchaing his Mother of his Child, other men would have beat that guy down instad of a push to the ground. So look at the fact he pushed the man instead of hitting him and maybe permanently damaging his brain from blows to the head.

  • matt9c1
    matt9c1 Hace un hora

    Great footage. I hope everybody is going to be ok.

  • Nate Karakorn
    Nate Karakorn Hace un hora

    Yo that’s my 5th cousin

  • Ziphron Elliot
    Ziphron Elliot Hace un hora


  • Nafisa Alam
    Nafisa Alam Hace un hora

    She is a real women right?? Like not trans??

  • Volodymyr Y
    Volodymyr Y Hace un hora

    Never look straight into camera kid and we’ll believe you

  • Kip McEwen
    Kip McEwen Hace un hora

    Still no evidence that Bolsonaro intentionally caused the fires, no evidence that he said he wants fires to industrialize the Amazon, and no proof other than a drier than normal year there and farmers and ranchers burning the forest for new land as they have done for a long time.

  • Antonio Renteria
    Antonio Renteria Hace un hora

    all troops around the world need to be mobilized

  • Al
    Al Hace un hora

    Jesus, i cant imagine horror of being in that situation

  • carbbedUp
    carbbedUp Hace un hora

    Go Trump! He is doing this not only for America but the world!! Bring some factories to other nations in Africa, Central America, and countless others! Many nations would love the opportunity to join the world market. Spread the wealth! I hope people can agree with trump on this... china is destroying the planet we all need to step up together in this bumpy road ahead!

  • John Syzlack
    John Syzlack Hace un hora

    Maybe if Europe didn't take in so many ra p e f u g e e s then their economy wouldn't be tanking right now? 🤔

  • Richard IV Cummins
    Richard IV Cummins Hace un hora

    If people don't like it, don't buy Chinese goods

  • Gloria Cook
    Gloria Cook Hace un hora

    He's an on time God yes he is hang in there young lady . I thank the people that came and show you love ❤️ . Tell me God ain't good .

  • Sal Ortiz
    Sal Ortiz Hace un hora

    This is one dumb man he said he was going to run the country like he does his businesses. No wonder were headed in a downfall

    • Sal Ortiz
      Sal Ortiz Hace un hora

      bjvip ICikonic this man has brought so much hatred to everyone

    • Jeff Smith
      Jeff Smith Hace un hora

      Nope it is because we have not flushed the liberal turds!

    • bjvip ICikonic
      bjvip ICikonic Hace un hora

      But so many are blinded because of their hate to humanity

  • Gacha Salem
    Gacha Salem Hace un hora

    Sometimes I wish minecraft was real so we can just turn off fire spreads and dump a crap ton of water on it

  • Shetasen
    Shetasen Hace un hora

    This is the type of news I like.

  • H Pn
    H Pn Hace un hora

    Trump rules! America first baby..

    • Hjsz Nsmsms
      Hjsz Nsmsms Hace un hora

      Right give him 4 more years lmfao

    • H Pn
      H Pn Hace un hora

      @Sal Ortiz not in my state.. I see growth. Sorry bud, I say it as I see it. Lots of good paying jobs.

    • Sal Ortiz
      Sal Ortiz Hace un hora

      H Pn. Have you been living under a rock can’t you see what Trump is doing is running this country into the ground just like he did his businesses. this man is a total disaster wake up!!!!!!

  • Dennis Anderson
    Dennis Anderson Hace un hora

    An entirely new blunder award has been created here. Take heed Hollywood it`s the Juicy Smallnuts Award. It will make anybodys backside pucker.

  • rmclarkjr
    rmclarkjr Hace 2 horas

    stay out of brazil business....Let brazilians handle their business in their own courts. These fires are controlled burns, not arson, to create farmland to help the economy. Fix the California fire problem which is arson related first before worrying about brazil fires. Next time brazilians will use chainsaws and machetes and no one will notice.

  • Childofearth
    Childofearth Hace 2 horas

    Anyone who doesn’t believe in global warming or that trees aren’t important needs to shoot themselves in the face! As a human I’m sick of the ignorance on this planet!

  • Gabe Bailey
    Gabe Bailey Hace 2 horas

    I wonder if this would cause a war it would be kind of funny if it did

  • Ezel Grier
    Ezel Grier Hace 2 horas

    He is a idiot!! The dumbiest person ever in WHITEHOUSE..such a liar.

  • Beto Gomez
    Beto Gomez Hace 2 horas


  • gutshot300mag
    gutshot300mag Hace 2 horas

    Without that nasty-gram, the ball would still be idle, someone’s opinion(be it one sided) brought light to a problem that needed a solution. Does that person now get credit? No, but think about it, a wrong made somethings right. Strange universe

  • Mike Perkins
    Mike Perkins Hace 2 horas

    POS POTUS. What an embarrassment.

  • Adriana Marshall
    Adriana Marshall Hace 2 horas

    She a good lady❤️

  • Ivan C
    Ivan C Hace 2 horas

    Inside job

  • Trista Turner
    Trista Turner Hace 2 horas

    This is love.

  • Gillis Marie
    Gillis Marie Hace 2 horas

    Things like this is what makes me so angry. I mean really! Who in their right mind would intentionally destroy a rainforest for money!? Just goes to show you how easily people can be corrupted by money.

    BEAN MACHINE Hace 2 horas

    whats more american then this 0:10

  • Adrian Andrade
    Adrian Andrade Hace 2 horas

    If it wasn’t for the rude letter. I think she wouldn’t had the help from the kind strangers.

  • dee anne grace alcaide

    how fire came

  • givingnobreaks fuckniggas

    I Gov started this,for oil. Sad

  • ?.? ?.?
    ?.? ?.? Hace 2 horas

    Jeww 🔯

  • william Johanns
    william Johanns Hace 2 horas

    Millions people vaping over the world with no problems. Why is this happening now in America? Ask yourself why.

  • ?.? ?.?
    ?.? ?.? Hace 2 horas


  • Martes Marsden
    Martes Marsden Hace 2 horas

    Another Psychopath who wants to destroy the rain forest in the name of the economy . Step down please and let the people continue to care and respect Mother Earth .

  • Thobi Mickrow
    Thobi Mickrow Hace 2 horas

    please attack india

  • luis guerro
    luis guerro Hace 2 horas

    He don't have to be a doctor he makes millions with his mechanic shop. He don't even have to work he's set for life.

  • Mehmet Güçlütürk
    Mehmet Güçlütürk Hace 2 horas

    Sayılabilecek her şeyi saydım. Muhteşem bir cümle. Teşekkürler güzel insan.⚘

  • Monkey
    Monkey Hace 2 horas


  • Brucev7
    Brucev7 Hace 2 horas

    God is Awesome!

  • Mai Waifu
    Mai Waifu Hace 2 horas

    Them firefighters are brave❤

  • Jack Jackson
    Jack Jackson Hace 2 horas

    But like a typical black guy, thinks it's ok to just go push a white person to the ground.

  • M W
    M W Hace 2 horas

    Cop is a hero. Real Americans support him.

  • carforumwanker
    carforumwanker Hace 2 horas

    Ok...From a very very good source. lets just say that in the last12 hours Princess Ann had a "Family meeting" and she 'was not amused" . To the Point of walking out. Now who would be regarded as the most HONEST AND DECENT Royal other than the Queen ? yep.....Ann.

  • Gojeed2.0
    Gojeed2.0 Hace 2 horas

    Just turn fire spread off 🤦‍♂️

  • bonanza 2000
    bonanza 2000 Hace 2 horas


  • Cheeky
    Cheeky Hace 2 horas

    We’re all god’s children. It was never supposed to be this way. There’s only one race: the human race.

    ABUNDANT WRAGE Hace 2 horas

    Money is not the root of all evil. Rather it is the sum, and the rest of the chaos follows. Moreover, the manifested chaos (antithesis) will invariably be followed by forms of order (synthesis), engineered or otherwise. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Do you see? when you put enough of them together they really do resemble chains.

  • Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

    Let it TANK.

  • Vanessa Nguyen
    Vanessa Nguyen Hace 2 horas

    Goodbye future resources.

  • Edward Gutierrez
    Edward Gutierrez Hace 2 horas

    That does mean a lot. That’s nice.

  • R D
    R D Hace 2 horas

    Take that trump. This is what Makes America Great! No the hate of the hater who wrote that note. But God took what was meant for her harm and made it her blessing. So thank you stupid heartless worm for the note that made her family’s better and proving there is still good people out there.

  • Chase Hensley
    Chase Hensley Hace 2 horas

    using your car to ram into others is justified deadly force... I would have shot the guy too if he rammed into numerous patrol car's while trying to escape

  • Daniel Gaming
    Daniel Gaming Hace 2 horas

    I thought the company amazon went on fire, guess i was wrong

  • sandy
    sandy Hace 2 horas

    Amazing how the fates bring joy and love in a world that is so nutty. Thanks!

  • steph marie
    steph marie Hace 2 horas


  • LaTosha Stanfield
    LaTosha Stanfield Hace 3 horas

    I need help with my home repairs. Lord knows I ain't lying. God bless the family and her "army".

  • Backpacker One64
    Backpacker One64 Hace 3 horas

    Dr Carl can really take care of those that get into _car accidents_ . He'd repair both the people and the cars.

  • Abby
    Abby Hace 3 horas

    People can be brutal - I feel their pain! I lost my son to the same tumor and I got blamed of not getting up and supporting myself and my daughters. With no family to help u or friends to support u; u feel ur drowning - I advice her to spend every minute w her child - but I pray he gets cured!

  • Mladen Stefanovic
    Mladen Stefanovic Hace 3 horas

    No human rights no more for nobody. Those people that they lost everything know that there’s no way back. Thanks to all American presidents, they take credit for killing the earth.


    Wow you guys think you’re so cool because you skip going to the whitehouse

  • Bisola
    Bisola Hace 3 horas

    This is heart breaking...Nigeria govt has turned every youth to fraudster. So sad!!

  • Ayden
    Ayden Hace 3 horas

    link to full video???

  • Frost 101
    Frost 101 Hace 3 horas

    I though the middle student killed someone

  • English Grammar
    English Grammar Hace 3 horas

    I think in Russia they have greater freedom to criticise Putin than we have in Britain to criticise the monarchy. The Prince Andrew story about his association with Epstein has only very reluctantly been covered here in the UK. Opinions and comments from the general British public are either not allowed or severely moderated. The Daily Express has allowed no comments, and though the Daily Mail does allow some comments on the story, they are very censored with more comments from Americans published than from British people. Perhaps, the British people aren't interested in the story but I doubt it somehow. Even though there are some critical comments published in the Daily Mail, from people like: sunilnat, Crazytown DC, United States, "God save the Queen." 1723 up votes and 350 down votes, and he is obviously being sarcastic there but this is way too subtle for the average, barely literate, British reader of the Daily Mail to notice and understand. No, for the average naive British reader it reads literally as "God save the Queen!"

  • Coral Day
    Coral Day Hace 3 horas

    This is America.

  • sandy
    sandy Hace 3 horas

    I am a flood of tears. You never know the story behind the cover. Lesson for all.

  • Amelia N
    Amelia N Hace 3 horas


  • Noralyn Liquigan Callueng

    Trees are crying Animals are dying Can we hear them screaming? No, because we choose to pretend deaf and blind on what is really happening. The real world now is away different From green and blue(s) Turns into gray, black and ashes and We humans let that happen? What ashamed. If only animals and nature can speak they probably say ; HUMANS ARE UNFAIR!. “Animals and trees are voiceless, Be the voice for them”

  • adil kanouni
    adil kanouni Hace 3 horas

    Am sure i sound crazy for many pips reading this... I wish the parents could use this best solution for that beautifull angel. Parents make donations and help those who in need most... And nost importantly their donation.must be kept secret betweet them and the creator (lord).after each donation make prayer towers our savior..... Miracle little secret to get best from above. I have seen this recipe done twice from two diffrent people. Doctors said no way... God made ways.

  • Chaitanya Vinnakota
    Chaitanya Vinnakota Hace 3 horas

    Wow wow simply wow. Pure god’s grace

  • carmeles spasm
    carmeles spasm Hace 3 horas

    Bravo! He makes me proud.

  • just havin some fun
    just havin some fun Hace 3 horas


  • Alicia Reyes
    Alicia Reyes Hace 3 horas

    Open up of business??busiinneszz??you got to be kidding me..😠😠😡

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Hace 3 horas

    She got what she was looking for 🤣😂😹🐽🐖🐷

  • Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor


  • Arr Jee
    Arr Jee Hace 3 horas

    “WE LOVE YOU DADDYYYYY”!! Man that almost brought a tear to my eye! Certainly made me yell out loud while by myself! 😊

  • Anomaly XVII
    Anomaly XVII Hace 3 horas

    The police chief is a liar just like the mayor, they both need to go. Vote mayor turner out in November and get this trash out of Houston.

  • Leon Corriveau
    Leon Corriveau Hace 3 horas

    How about a tuition free education! WTF we give those to all the ungrateful immigrants like u.S. Rep. Illan Omar and her Brother husband(look into that scam) WHY NOT OFFER EQUAL SUPPORT TO TRUE NATIVES OF THIS NATION FIRST OR EVEN ALSO?

  • Svenulf Skjaldbjörn
    Svenulf Skjaldbjörn Hace 3 horas

    Great hat!! can understand wanting the rope back. A good lasso rope is expensive!!

  • invest broker
    invest broker Hace 3 horas


  • The Mastema
    The Mastema Hace 3 horas

    I have just ONE question... why the damned SUBTITLES for this kid... his english is...better than most american accents... you know what I call this? DESCRIMINATION...

  • Dejota Júnior
    Dejota Júnior Hace 3 horas

    I'm from Brazil,my home is so far from Amazon . But we need help of all, USA Government help us to save our forest rain

  • Doc Holiday
    Doc Holiday Hace 3 horas

    That's cool... ,😍,

  • Oscar B.
    Oscar B. Hace 3 horas

    Damn she or it is one ugly creature

  • Vanessadora Hill
    Vanessadora Hill Hace 4 horas

    The earth is tired of white folks,I know I am.

    • Jaylen Mosner
      Jaylen Mosner Hace 3 horas

      @Vanessadora Hill Ok, but you said the comment like it was a fact when it wasn't.

    • Vanessadora Hill
      Vanessadora Hill Hace 3 horas

      I dont care about your feelings,I mean what I feel.

    • Jaylen Mosner
      Jaylen Mosner Hace 3 horas

      Your comment was unnecessary.

  • Moss Pat
    Moss Pat Hace 4 horas

    Of all the parasites and critters on this Earth, we humans are by far the worst. 😭

  • Dangerkid Playz
    Dangerkid Playz Hace 4 horas

    Islam means peace the people who trow other people from the roof is wrong I agree I'm a muslim my self and not all muslims are evil there is a lot of bad people from all religious but the media went for muslim people.

  • Romiti100
    Romiti100 Hace 4 horas

    Every year that happens over there. Now with a little help from leftist sabotage. This year of drought, the fires are smaller than in previous years. Who says it is INPE. The rest is fake news.

  • johnboy matt
    johnboy matt Hace 4 horas

    Hurray keep vaping its safe dont stope VAPE MFS,😂😂😂😂😂

  • Chris C
    Chris C Hace 4 horas

    If the criminal was shot and killed by the cops the comment section would be noting but call them Racist white Cops

  • Amigo Rigo
    Amigo Rigo Hace 4 horas

    Press: How will you help the economy Trump: Econo- what?

  • Megi 1991
    Megi 1991 Hace 4 horas

    Dear France, why you allowing this?

  • Reniah Hitchen
    Reniah Hitchen Hace 4 horas

    We have same name

  • BUZ1952 Z
    BUZ1952 Z Hace 4 horas

    They say suicide is painless.