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Un an de FAM | Ubisoft Canada
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  • Mau Pac
    Mau Pac Hace 21 un hora

    The song is the legend of julia brown, for those who have been looking for it.

  • Aaron Gossage
    Aaron Gossage Hace 21 un hora

    Invasions suck! Just do away with them

  • R amirez
    R amirez Hace 22 horas

    Malakas!!!! 😆😆😆😆 Thanks kassandra & Alexios

  • Savage Playa
    Savage Playa Hace 22 horas

    Love learning news on this game. Cant stand it being delivered to us by Beta males though

  • chris pytko
    chris pytko Hace 22 horas

    “Because I play on controller”- THEY ADMIT IT

  • N7Bane12000
    N7Bane12000 Hace 22 horas

    This series is so stupid

  • BurtLikesGaming
    BurtLikesGaming Hace 22 horas

    14:17 Start - you're welcome

  • Andrew Shee
    Andrew Shee Hace 22 horas

    anyone else get completely distracted by the guy's nail polish?

  • Colin Cupid
    Colin Cupid Hace 22 horas

    what about the hunters and there story.

  • Jo Mo
    Jo Mo Hace 22 horas

    Well I'm hyped. Can we have it now, 🤗

  • Spectrum Chord
    Spectrum Chord Hace 23 horas

    This is literally represent when you're solo matchmaking

  • Diamond 74
    Diamond 74 Hace 23 horas

    When will the new season begin? anyone know?

  • Thorn Black
    Thorn Black Hace 23 horas

    So what happened to Sarah??? I need answers 😭😭😭

  • Sibernetika
    Sibernetika Hace 23 horas

    I feel guilty attacking the 1st wave agents considering that the division abandoned them and they did whatever they could do to survive.

  • D S
    D S Hace 23 horas

    Still no Steam version. So, no deal.

  • D S
    D S Hace un día

    No Steam, no deal.

  • Nagi Senpai
    Nagi Senpai Hace un día

    Wow that's was longer video on division info

  • H0 PE
    H0 PE Hace un día

    Hype is crazy high, Massive surely can hype. Wish the content wouldn't lack so badly on a long run, like now in division2, episode 3-4.

  • Daniel Dakmiakura
    Daniel Dakmiakura Hace un día

    Keener: Ima destroy the Division D1 and D2 Characters, Now you see, I'm gonna do what's called a Pro gamer move

  • H0 PE
    H0 PE Hace un día

    Don't feel guys that these events are once in a lifetime events. these will be back next year, and later. Don't worry, same with Division 1 you can replay Global Events too.

  • DanPH77
    DanPH77 Hace un día

    Reading the comments does justice to understanding why trash games come out and are plagued with MTXs...dumbasses...everywhere I look.

  • j k
    j k Hace un día

    that vid was awesome they need to make a division cartoon

  • Dx Gaskin
    Dx Gaskin Hace un día

    Bring it me and my Facebook friends are comin I comin they ready

  • Saif khan
    Saif khan Hace un día

    Awesome video

  • TitanOfFire 04
    TitanOfFire 04 Hace un día

    Shout out to the animators on this on, looks beautiful 👌

  • Robert Palacios
    Robert Palacios Hace un día

    That soundtrack sounds more beautiful

    FOX MANS Hace un día

    You guys should add ghost recon operators (Holt)

  • Mark Sevastipol
    Mark Sevastipol Hace un día

    Smoke:whats in the canni... Me:DC-62!

  • H0 PE
    H0 PE Hace un día

    New character slot? Does DLC owners receive additional character slot?

  • TheGoodJalapeno
    TheGoodJalapeno Hace un día

    *u actual cant tell me that all the females in that aren't hot, and you know it*

  • William Legate
    William Legate Hace un día

    But its worse. Because after reactivating the SHD network. Ellis saw the location of every SHD agent in the country. And Black Tusk has a huge supply of assets.

  • Dani Ken
    Dani Ken Hace un día

    2:23 "¡mierda..!" Sounds like Resident Evil 4?

  • William Legate
    William Legate Hace un día

    All this, because Keener had Tchinco, and the SHD Network was down due to True Sons and Black Tusk.

  • J D
    J D Hace un día

    Pre ordered on the back of this, looks great. Great work guys

  • Spiderboy Zubayer
    Spiderboy Zubayer Hace un día

    Why is it an aged video while nothing is inappropriate

  • SpiritOfTheWarriors 6,24

    It really sucks that they kind of switch at that very last moment for halloween and decide to delay quarantine perhaps 2020. I seriously hope they bring quarantine to a new level

  • bostonianful
    bostonianful Hace un día

    how much you wanna bet that ubisoft is gonna pull a destiny 2 and make this game free to play?

  • dknight xs
    dknight xs Hace un día

    I wish division 3 on next gen consoles get cel shaded visuals like this

  • J Feldhacker
    J Feldhacker Hace un día


  • BigMoney 750
    BigMoney 750 Hace un día

    We gonna ignore that there where 2 ops on the same teams

  • PsychedSE
    PsychedSE Hace un día

    Man, Ubisoft sure can make nice animations.. WHY CANT YOU MAKE BETTER GAMES? :(

  • CounterStriker013009
    CounterStriker013009 Hace un día

    use mine to make the story line. use heart to make animation AND use potato to make the server

  • Ajaws2414
    Ajaws2414 Hace un día

    Damn Pulse went nuts

  • Jonathan Sng
    Jonathan Sng Hace un día

    Him getting left once. Me: left for the 16th time

  • RaginAsian Gaming
    RaginAsian Gaming Hace un día

    Did anyone else notice how mike and grace acknowledged each other ? Thought that it was good to build upon the last cinematic.

  • JSPumpkinKing
    JSPumpkinKing Hace un día

    basically Jesus is protected by a bunch of Lawbringers.

  • Chase Howard
    Chase Howard Hace un día

    I always hoped to go against keener. Glad for this dlc

  • Samurai Ultimate
    Samurai Ultimate Hace un día

    Season is like destiny seasons what the deal

  • udit fartyal
    udit fartyal Hace un día

    Love this anime-esque animation style.

  • Athena
    Athena Hace un día

    I hope they survival again it was really fun.

  • TopNotch CrocDoggo
    TopNotch CrocDoggo Hace un día

    You guys can find the trailer song on my channel

  • Abdullah irshadalam
    Abdullah irshadalam Hace un día

    Ezio my fevret assassin

  • Love Bumps
    Love Bumps Hace un día

    Anyone else hoping they'll bring this back this year?

  • Addison Morse
    Addison Morse Hace un día

    From what I've seen of Destiny, this seems like too much content for it to be time-locked. The seasons seem like they have so much to do in such a short time frame (with some stuff only lasting a single week) that if you aren't 100% committed to the game, you will miss out on content.

    • Onyx Citadel
      Onyx Citadel Hace un día

      As I have been delving into Division 1 more recently (as a newbie-- 350hours in so far) I could say this is much like the GE events of Division 1 to me. At least I hope it to be.. and sure I don't get all the commendations or finish all the activities related to GE events..but they eventually rotate back (well hopefully.. as I have only done 3 GE events in Div 1 so far-- I hope they continue doing GE events for Division 1 as well). Then I can finish the ones I missed things in like GE event Ambush.

    • Onyx Citadel
      Onyx Citadel Hace un día

      i think they addressed this in the SOTG.. and also elsewhere previously.. where for one they stressed that players should not feel compelled to do everything.. this is unnecessary.. as you can get those rewards later on through regular caches.. possibly textiles as well. The second part to that.. it these GE events..or seasons will most likely rotate back to us later on. So my POV is that this creates more things to do for a much longer forseeable time. I hope that helps. Trick also did mention what it should take to finish the seasons leveling in terms of time 51:17 (50 to 100 hours for a more active player).

  • E G G
    E G G Hace un día

    Interesting hentai plot.

  • Fadem
    Fadem Hace un día

    The Division is one of my all time favorite games. I'm very excited for this expansion and all of these new things to do in game!!! I love that I can choose what I want to complete and earn the rewards! Personally, I love earning back pack trophies and apparel, all the cosmetics are my thing! Sick masks too! Damn I'm loving it and excited to get playing March 3rd! Also fellas, can we please get some new items in the ubisoft shop like what you guys have on the shelves in your SOTG office? I want some more cool things for my room to go with my Tommy the Teddy Bear!

  • Lillie X Satoshi
    Lillie X Satoshi Hace un día

    It makes sense that she has a copy of IQ because she does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  • read more
    read more Hace un día

    I push my Max when I lift weights to this

  • Jon Paradero
    Jon Paradero Hace un día

    Bloody hell if I ever saw my brother beaten up like that I'd go Thatcher straight in a heartbeat. Hell I'd even add a little Your Highness Lord Tachanka on it just to make these sorry sods apologize for beating me brother up.

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J Hace un día

    “We need back up” Division 2 player search:............. 3 hours later ..........

  • Franklin Padilla
    Franklin Padilla Hace un día

    I’ve been playing since it came out and I’m so excited to March 3rd! The update is amazing and so far so good! I am having some issues with my load outs sometimes my weapons don’t switch properly: anyone else having issues?

  • Jose Aguilar
    Jose Aguilar Hace un día

    I'm not the only who thinks that intro music is baller right?

  • dannguyen47
    dannguyen47 Hace un día

    Comments: 30%: "Pulse is a simp" or "He nearly gets that ace" and people have to explain that he and Hibana are dating. 30%: "There’s always next year" jokes. 40%: Other jokes. 0.006%: Me.

  • Nathan Morriss
    Nathan Morriss Hace un día

    Do I'm still standing by Elton John

  • Toufiq-Ul- Alam
    Toufiq-Ul- Alam Hace un día

    wtf!! horror?

  • Kioni Sua
    Kioni Sua Hace un día

    0:27 huh. Ex-LMB working for the JTF now, thats pretty darn cool :o Thanks goes to the folks at the Division Fandom website for pointing this out to me, i had to come and see for myself. Damn thats interesting x3 wonder if we'll get audio logs explaining this? I do love stories

  • Jacob Cisneros
    Jacob Cisneros Hace un día

    what is the music

  • Lameduck 1
    Lameduck 1 Hace un día

    Ubisoft, you have to extend Unity's story line! Make Arno chase his dad's killer!!! Assassinate Shay!

  • NIMA 24x
    NIMA 24x Hace un día

    dok elite

  • berva
    berva Hace un día

    This was actually a great assassins creed game in my top 3.

  • Migfunny
    Migfunny Hace un día

    thatss a lie, no one plants in the open , always go behind something

  • Rizvi Malik
    Rizvi Malik Hace un día

    Hdr is not work wildland.

  • Jokers_wildbill Stanfield

    I think in each room in the haunted house there's a place that you can stand where you see a green turn on when you're standing in the right spot try going with a full squad and doing a zen pose on "one leg" in each room and do it at night... 🙃

  • Wayne Kelly
    Wayne Kelly Hace un día

    Man all I wanna know is the so called new dlc gonna be free for yr one pass owners . With all the lies n broken promises I really don't trust what these idiots say . Because the devs will lie n 4 eyes will swear to it . I will believe this game has gotten better when I see it . Because they are known for lying it's what they do .

  • Instant Crush
    Instant Crush Hace un día

    Who’s here after the outbreak of corona 19?

  • Jokers_wildbill Stanfield

    at 1:11:36 they are dropping hints about coney islands 2nd secret boss

  • GodIsMyFuel
    GodIsMyFuel Hace un día

    they need a samurai assassin game in like the dynasty area.... AC: Dynasty??

  • Jonathan littlejohn
    Jonathan littlejohn Hace un día

    One step behind destiny today acknowledged seasonal content needs a update. Js

  • Bryce Koehn
    Bryce Koehn Hace un día

    They should do a second one that takes place AFTER the peggies take over.

  • gsamalot
    gsamalot Hace un día

    Brothers always look out for one another even when one of them does something stupid.

  • Gogetanator
    Gogetanator Hace un día

    I honestly hope Lara would appear in Smash.

  • I AM Batman
    I AM Batman Hace un día

    I know I'm late but I wasn't able to get the Lone Wolf outfit in this game mode because there is always an insufficient number of players so I'm wondering if you could add another way to unlock this outfit, I mean I earned it the second I completed Operation Oracle so why wasn't that outfit included in the Year 2 Pass like the Splinter Cell one?! I'd be really grateful if you Ubisoft could do something about that or at least if 7 players who have Wildlands on PS4 could be so kind as to play just one Mercenaries match so I can unlock that outfit. P.S thanks in advance

  • anan 121
    anan 121 Hace un día


  • Adrian Orr
    Adrian Orr Hace un día

    MORE OF THIS PLEASE. The biggest lacking this far from the Division is Character Depth. Like the only NPC I can name is FAYE LAU and not for good reasons.

  • Ryan _
    Ryan _ Hace un día

    Very cool Ubisoft!

  • Mello. Gee
    Mello. Gee Hace un día

    Here come that bullshish,I knew when I saw the guy with the pink fingernails,💩 was going to be Bad. Massive please don't f this up🙏🙏

  • Camy02mix
    Camy02mix Hace un día

    Just Dance Unlimited (New Songs) March 12, 2020: * Irish Meadow Dance (JD2016) (Free) March 19, 2020: * ??? (Exclusive) April 16, 2020: * ??? (Exclusive) * Giddy on Up (Giddy on Out) (JD3) April 23, 2020: * ??? (Exclusive) * Disturbia (JD4) April 30, 2020: * ??? (Exclusive) * Electric Boy (JDWiiUJP) Please!

    xWAR-CHIEFx Hace un día

    Looks overwhelming, but awesomeness!!

  • Camy02mix
    Camy02mix Hace un día

    Just Dance Unlimited (New Songs) March 12, 2020: * Irish Meadow Dance (JD2016) (Free) March 19, 2020: * ??? (Exclusive) April 16, 2020: * ??? (Exclusive) * Giddy on Up (Giddy on Out) (JD3) April 23, 2020: * ??? (Exclusive) * Disturbia (JD4) April 30, 2020: * ??? (Exclusive) * Electric Boy (JDWiiUJP) Please!

  • Camy02mix
    Camy02mix Hace un día

    Just Dance Unlimited (New Songs) March 12, 2020: * Irish Meadow Dance (JD2016) (Free) March 19, 2020: * ??? (Exclusive) April 16, 2020: * ??? (Exclusive) * Giddy on Up (Giddy on Out) (JD3) April 23, 2020: * ??? (Exclusive) * Disturbia (JD4) April 30, 2020: * ??? (Exclusive) * Electric Boy (JDWiiUJP) Please!

  • Camy02mix
    Camy02mix Hace un día

    Just Dance Unlimited (New Songs) March 12, 2020: * Irish Meadow Dance (JD2016) (Free) March 19, 2020: * ??? (Exclusive) April 16, 2020: * ??? (Exclusive) * Giddy on Up (Giddy on Out) (JD3) April 23, 2020: * ??? (Exclusive) * Disturbia (JD4) April 30, 2020: * ??? (Exclusive) * Electric Boy (JDWiiUJP) Please!

  • Nathan
    Nathan Hace un día

    I remember Wow baron rivendare mount. That undead mount was the coolest death knight love :)

  • om3n456
    om3n456 Hace un día

    please give the rogue division wave 1 agent top from div1 as an apparel item PLEASE

  • Atomic '
    Atomic ' Hace un día

    Quick question, is this dlc free to all players?

  • cirro stratus
    cirro stratus Hace un día

    "teams from across the globe" only shows ten operators

  • Kyl Ced D
    Kyl Ced D Hace un día

    1:13 is that the Last Man Battalions

  • theTommyT
    theTommyT Hace un día

    I feel like if ya'll drop the game for free, there would be more players.