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Billie Eilish - xanny
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Billie Eilish - bad guy
Vistas 729 MHace 10 meses
Billie Eilish - bury a friend
Vistas 305 MHace un año
Billie Eilish - hostage
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Billie Eilish, Khalid - lovely
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Billie Eilish - watch
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Billie Eilish - my boy (Audio)
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Billie Eilish - watch (Audio)
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Billie Eilish - Bored
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Billie Eilish - Bored (Audio)
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Billie Eilish - Bellyache
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  • Honzik Vojíř
    Honzik Vojíř Hace 14 minutos

    Shitty song as Fuck Bitch @billiellish

  • Axel fernando Orozco mendez

    Bad guy uwu

  • Messenger
    Messenger Hace 14 minutos

    Gosh is all this for dramatic effect ? The fire and the scary words. People cheering for this hell crap?? My gosh. “Lord I pray that you bless them for they don’t know what they are doing. They listen to idols and keep it. It’s not just music. I pray that everyone who listens to this song just turns away and knows it’s against you lord . Amen God bless you all

  • TSM i360NoScopedJFK
    TSM i360NoScopedJFK Hace 16 minutos

    Why does she always have something smeared on her face in every video

    TJ TUBER Hace 17 minutos

    i'm the bald guy *were you searching for this comment??*

    • llama LT
      llama LT Hace 15 minutos

      Yes Ok fine no

    • llama LT
      llama LT Hace 16 minutos

      Yes. Ok fine no.

  • Eriko K
    Eriko K Hace 17 minutos

    A lot of her songs are about her and love but then again she has no bf?! I mean, how u gonna go to the Grammys girl?

  • Messenger
    Messenger Hace 18 minutos

    This is upsetting. People listen to this. Young people. As a Christian this is just scary to think about. This girl doesn’t know what she is saying. She makes her music as dark as possible for emo people or something like that. Sorry to say. Actually I’m not. This is wrong information that no parent would allow or anyone. I’m sorry God for this

  • techno_2007xGHOS_ yt
    techno_2007xGHOS_ yt Hace 20 minutos

    Demasiado billie eilish para ti

  • abel azurin
    abel azurin Hace 21 un minuto

    Cada vez me da más miedo sus videos

  • F E R
    F E R Hace 22 minutos

    CoPyCaT trYna cOp MY GLAMUR

  • F E R
    F E R Hace 22 minutos

    BiDe ThE wAy!!?!#(_!'?!"!*!$!"!!'

  • Lego Motion TV
    Lego Motion TV Hace 22 minutos

    Im the bad guy. See please my channel. I Russian


    I'm ivan guy

  • abel azurin
    abel azurin Hace 23 minutos

    Hola yo soy uno q habla español y solo digo q la música es chevere pero no se q le pasa ella tiene q hacerse ver los ojos xd

  • Forever Young .
    Forever Young . Hace 25 minutos

    I had a dream.. but then I woke up and realized he still ain’t shit.

  • ༄cozy potato༄
    ༄cozy potato༄ Hace 26 minutos Check out this cover! You will love it!

  • ლeileen toi la papaლ
    ლeileen toi la papaლ Hace 27 minutos

    Que hermoso xdd what bautiful xdd

  • Sayazhan Zhusubekov
    Sayazhan Zhusubekov Hace 28 minutos

    Супер Казактар барма?

  • Taylor Nelson
    Taylor Nelson Hace 31 un minuto

    The flowers I almost cried

  • I Am Weird
    I Am Weird Hace 32 minutos

    When you start crying the same time she does in the music video: 👌🏼👁👄👁 💧

  • Patrick Beardsley
    Patrick Beardsley Hace 32 minutos

    At least 100M of the views is just to see the comment

  • Jonathan Gomez
    Jonathan Gomez Hace 33 minutos

    Los girasoles bailando

  • Ruben Elias
    Ruben Elias Hace 34 minutos

    she looks like a young Nancy from the movie The Craft at 1:27

  • Your Channel
    Your Channel Hace 34 minutos

  • kuba murten
    kuba murten Hace 35 minutos

    Am I the only one who Noticed Girls dancing on fire at the end?

  • El Alfredo :3 xd
    El Alfredo :3 xd Hace 39 minutos

    when the womens took over the world and the boys are ded women= im the bad guy

  • Zimpothe
    Zimpothe Hace 39 minutos

    Idk why it’s so hard to believe that I’m the same age as Billie. Why am I not successful loll

  • FBI is after me
    FBI is after me Hace 42 minutos

    I be crying like Billie when an anime ends horribly

  • StayInYøurLaneBøy !
    StayInYøurLaneBøy ! Hace 43 minutos

    This reminds me of the spider mom at the end of Coreline

  • Olayera Jesuferanmi
    Olayera Jesuferanmi Hace 44 minutos

    She's just singing over what the DJs playing... I like her and the song but tbvh this was a terrible performance and no she doesn't get a pass cause she's 17😪

  • Mr Visix
    Mr Visix Hace 44 minutos

    29 tết 23/1/2020

  • Random Person
    Random Person Hace 45 minutos

    Producer: how long do you want your chains? Billie: long enough to jump rope with them Producer: say no more

  • борис остроухов

    I love you you are the most beautiful best, and your songs it just can not be conveyed in words 🌈🥰🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Thank you for everything🥺❤️❤️🌈

  • Pachemaz
    Pachemaz Hace 48 minutos

    Mujeron, Arte, Chulada, Divina, Preciosa, Encantadora, Perfecta, Linda, TODOOOOOOOO.

  • Sofia Forbes
    Sofia Forbes Hace 48 minutos

    if I'm being honest then I'll say I love the lyrics, the video was artistic, although I personally would love to know why I can't stop listening to this.

  • Squirrel
    Squirrel Hace 48 minutos

    Oh my God

  • Rafael Andrade
    Rafael Andrade Hace 49 minutos

    Viciado nessa música

  • Іrina B
    Іrina B Hace 52 minutos

  • Chuck Iringtwice
    Chuck Iringtwice Hace 52 minutos


  • Abdullah Raza
    Abdullah Raza Hace 56 minutos

    Not everyone but girls like you so leave this illumnaties as soon as possible God is real and hell is also so as heaven So dont deal this world with heavens for sure it's a wrong decision. Billie u know you absolutely what I mean STOP DOING THIS you are weak tou body is weak we are humans Created weak tou cannot bear the pain of grave and hellfire ao leave this rituals

  • TheTangyMango
    TheTangyMango Hace 57 minutos

    god she’s so weird but i love it

  • Morena261 JAJA
    Morena261 JAJA Hace 57 minutos


  • Марина Гарбуз
    Марина Гарбуз Hace 59 minutos

    Русские есть?

  • deon reed
    deon reed Hace 59 minutos


  • Chuck Iringtwice
    Chuck Iringtwice Hace 59 minutos


  • love billie br
    love billie br Hace un hora


  • Bear Worthy
    Bear Worthy Hace un hora


  • Angie Jude
    Angie Jude Hace un hora

    God and Lucifer fight over me false prophet you hope god gets us I don't know

  • Argie Fag
    Argie Fag Hace un hora

    Roast beef

  • Aulani Tafoya
    Aulani Tafoya Hace un hora

    Everything she says.. defines a true Sagittarius 💀😂

  • Camilly Vitória
    Camilly Vitória Hace un hora

    Helo billie eilish eu vou no seu show

  • Jere Sitko
    Jere Sitko Hace un hora

    This song is hauntingly beautiful!!

  • sad noodlez
    sad noodlez Hace un hora

    *am I the only one that gets chills listening to this ?*

  • WoundedFox
    WoundedFox Hace un hora

    I want to be her friend

  • Asa Goy
    Asa Goy Hace un hora

    can someone please tell me why tf SethEverman got so many likes honestly this is the highest. no one has ever passed it

  • happy_ chicken_nugget
    happy_ chicken_nugget Hace un hora

    Love this song♥️ the video tho...weird BUT AWESOME!

  • Foster kid
    Foster kid Hace un hora

    The ppl that says her emo songs is good they have not heard of three days grace

  • Piffy Cloud
    Piffy Cloud Hace un hora

    This is such a beautiful performance

  • Dick Foru
    Dick Foru Hace un hora

    I love this song i cant stop playing it 👺👹💀🖤👻 ITS TO GOOD OF A SONG!!!!!!

  • Ang Spi
    Ang Spi Hace un hora

    Billie elvish is the best singer omg the world

  • christina gonzalez
    christina gonzalez Hace un hora

    she is very cool i love this song its the best

  • Savage Rex pinapple
    Savage Rex pinapple Hace un hora

    Your dumb

  • Варвара Перфильева

    I love you Billie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Shawn Lil
    Shawn Lil Hace un hora

    all the good girls go to hell!

    YAPOSHKA Hace un hora


  • ꧁༺࿐Pɭɑყεɾ 2.0 GT༻꧂

    Are u a iluminati

  • Hakim Azli
    Hakim Azli Hace un hora

    Nice voice

  • Äřiâ Ĥāŷ
    Äřiâ Ĥāŷ Hace un hora

    Everything i wander

  • Trent Fort
    Trent Fort Hace un hora

    2:39 When the Pepsi hits to hard

  • 이유찬
    이유찬 Hace un hora

    축하합니다! 당신은 한국인의 댓글을 보셧어요~~ 와 샌즈

  • Aina
    Aina Hace un hora

    I'am rich guy.....DuH

  • Aina
    Aina Hace un hora

    I'am rich guy

  • Chase Morissette
    Chase Morissette Hace un hora

    They should give people that are suicidal something to walk towards on the other side of the bridge, something worth living for.

    • Chase Morissette
      Chase Morissette Hace un hora

      The bridge should be made to part the land and give a haven to those who seek it.

  • Aina
    Aina Hace un hora

    fans: how You can go crazy billie: I'm not crazy just because I want to be crazy You're so great, I love you so much I

  • ToXiC Esports
    ToXiC Esports Hace un hora

    Who just came here to check how many likes "i' m the bald guy" comment got?

  • If I only had a Brain
    If I only had a Brain Hace un hora

    Billie: Bad Guy Seth: Bald Guy Cookie Monster thinkin deep: Without my cookies I am just a monster

  • telmen telmen
    telmen telmen Hace un hora

    good song

  • Mr Muglitin
    Mr Muglitin Hace un hora

    I’m literally here to see how much likes seths comment got

  • Lesley Mitchell
    Lesley Mitchell Hace un hora

    When she said Don’t hide away I always thought of keeping my feelings open about how I’m sad about my friend dying

  • Maudy Go Crazy
    Maudy Go Crazy Hace un hora

    Don’t lie your high right now

  • Iara Aylen Angel
    Iara Aylen Angel Hace un hora

    How is this so beautiful. I can’t handle it

  • Huqe
    Huqe Hace un hora

    Apparently she doesn't do any drugs? Then why does she look like she's on drugs 24/7? :>

  • Anjel Morales
    Anjel Morales Hace un hora

    3:01 Me encanta

  • Boring Brianna
    Boring Brianna Hace un hora

    I love you Billie you inspire me

  • Allan TheLimiterUS
    Allan TheLimiterUS Hace un hora

    So I was listing to Unsainted by slipknot and this came up under recommendations. Idk why but this song wasn’t to bad.

  • Elene Namchevadze
    Elene Namchevadze Hace un hora

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  • Banuherang 2019
    Banuherang 2019 Hace un hora

    ewean yuu

  • Nelcy Galindo
    Nelcy Galindo Hace un hora

    🥰 chulada

  • potato4 gaming
    potato4 gaming Hace un hora

    Half the people who went to this video just wanted to see SethEvermans comment I was one of them

  • Ahibhuja Prasad
    Ahibhuja Prasad Hace un hora

    Initially the inflammable fluid was not there through the wings...

  • Aero J
    Aero J Hace un hora

    I think her burning herself represents the self hate she used to feel around this time (see interview with Genius). I'm so glad her mental health has improved lots since

  • Abi NRivera
    Abi NRivera Hace un hora

    I love it

  • Jesus Olalde
    Jesus Olalde Hace un hora

    no entiendo nada

  • Jesus Olalde
    Jesus Olalde Hace un hora


  • Jessica de la Rosa
    Jessica de la Rosa Hace 2 horas

    I love you songs

  • im Dash
    im Dash Hace 2 horas

    Morras de 14:oh Dios esto es aterrador The Devil In i:sosten mi cerveza

  • Bertrand Desir
    Bertrand Desir Hace 2 horas

    I always loved her songs like if u agree 👇🏻

  • Matthew Withum
    Matthew Withum Hace 2 horas

    It sounds like she is trying to sing ASMR.

  • Michelle Boone
    Michelle Boone Hace 2 horas

    2:10 or 2:11 is when I started to hear the other person