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  • Grayson Salvatore
    Grayson Salvatore Hace 2 horas

    mega pickles

  • Che Noble
    Che Noble Hace 2 horas

    Where can I get that T-Shirt.

  • evil Person
    evil Person Hace 2 horas

    Lol your old pics look like joe fierri

  • Alvaro Toledo
    Alvaro Toledo Hace 3 horas

    You don't need to explain yourself bro. Let the haters hate. You have over 2.5 mil subscribers. Been seeing your videos since the early days and still watch them. Keep doing you.

  • Little Monkey Learning

    Hey what keyboard is that? looks like a great setup!

  • Noime Tayaban
    Noime Tayaban Hace 3 horas

    Apple puts a lot on the quality rather than advertisement...

  • Sara Ansari
    Sara Ansari Hace 3 horas

    i love your videos because as someone who overthinks everything especially because i want my future career to be based around media and tech, you really help make it clear on what version of things works better for me and why. you take away my tech anxiety!! thank you

  • AttnJack
    AttnJack Hace 3 horas

    I think the camera array looks great.

  • Kp Navaneeth
    Kp Navaneeth Hace 3 horas

    My iphone XS Max getting frozen screen 😑😑😑....why this is happening...anyone help

  • Debjit Banik
    Debjit Banik Hace 3 horas

    You speaked your heart out i can feel that ❤️

  • Horacio Varela
    Horacio Varela Hace 4 horas

    Slofies 😂 I’ll just leave this here

  • Sandro Jeanpiere Moreno Garay

    Why did you deleted the video of the women singing? ☹️

  • OrincyWhyteDesigns
    OrincyWhyteDesigns Hace 5 horas

    Omggggggg this was so freaking cute!!! I almost didn’t watch the video 💜💙♥️💖 i have a 2011 macbook pro im about to upgrade!!! Waiting on Amazon

  • Ryley Halliday
    Ryley Halliday Hace 5 horas

    1:53 he said mega pickles wtf

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips Hace 5 horas

    Lots of tech ES-pl'rs are part of Apple Performance Partners. We all know people get paid to review other things. So by you saying that other people have paid you, but not Apple. Is hard to believe.

  • Kyle19
    Kyle19 Hace 5 horas

    Don’t let anyone tell you that you are a bad person, I love the way you make your videos so much!

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips Hace 5 horas

    Then how do you explain that all these unboxings today, 99% of them are the green phone.

  • Tubagus To Be True
    Tubagus To Be True Hace 5 horas

    Jonathan is just a guy that can afford those stupid-priced things from apple, he doesn't need to think about price at all that most of us do

    • Tubagus To Be True
      Tubagus To Be True Hace 5 horas

      BewareTheIdes yeah pretty sure that's true. I just think that he's not a good reviewer for most of us

    • BewareTheIdes
      BewareTheIdes Hace 5 horas

      He doesn’t make videos on ES-pl for fun. He spends money on those expensive products because he will make 10 times that amount in Ad revenue from ES-pl when you watch his videos.

  • Mohammed Hossam
    Mohammed Hossam Hace 6 horas

    iPhone xs max or iphone 11 ?

  • Carlos Raul Canelon
    Carlos Raul Canelon Hace 6 horas

    I really enjoy this desk setup videos

  • Howard Skeivys
    Howard Skeivys Hace 6 horas

    I used to own an 8 plus. Suited me just fine, until my service provider offered the 10S max for just £5 extra a month. Well, I’d have been silly not to! I’ve grown to love this beast. Face ID a bit unreliable. Face ID on my iPad Pro is brilliant and there is no botch, so I’m a little disappointed the notch remains on the 11 Pro. I would also prefer a less elongated screen aspect ratio. I have no plans to upgrade, but who knows what enticements my service provider may offer to persuade me and as my daughter knows she’d inherit the 10S max the two of them may be an unstoppable force.

  • Goobfilm cast
    Goobfilm cast Hace 6 horas

    The verbal "typos" (vypos) were included to see if you were listening.............SLOFIES 4eVER !!!!!!

  • Ashley Liu
    Ashley Liu Hace 6 horas

    "Tim Apple" is really catching on lol

  • chancho00
    chancho00 Hace 6 horas

    One have to be a cuck to care about how the other person hears you over a phone call, i want my sound quality on music, the others have to deal with it how they hear me.

  • Rudie Obias
    Rudie Obias Hace 6 horas

    When I was a film critic, many of my readers believed movie studios paid me for good reviews and when a movie got a bad review from me, the studio didn’t pay me enough. I quit being a full time movie critic because the money’s lousy! Haha!

  • Jason Levine
    Jason Levine Hace 7 horas

    Now ask Dave2D how much he has been paid by various Android companies because he lays it on pretty thick.

  • TheShade247
    TheShade247 Hace 7 horas

    Was the windows pirated?

  • Erick Bracamontes
    Erick Bracamontes Hace 7 horas

    He said “mega pickle” instead of mega pixel lmao😂

  • Garrett Yu
    Garrett Yu Hace 7 horas

    Much respect I love your videos!

  • Hareen P
    Hareen P Hace 7 horas

    Which camera are you using to film your videos?

  • As Sd
    As Sd Hace 7 horas


  • peter iddqd
    peter iddqd Hace 7 horas

    700 and LCD display you can fk off apple no mercy and take notch into ass too

  • Michelle Alexandria
    Michelle Alexandria Hace 8 horas

    funny he mentions being paid by Samsung and Google and not ONE comment about that but all the Apple Haters are obsessed with him supposedly getting paid by Apple! Hypocrisy at its finest

  • Gamer Galaxy
    Gamer Galaxy Hace 8 horas

    Subscribe to me please because I only have 15 or 16

  • Timren1
    Timren1 Hace 8 horas

    That makes it even worse how brainwashed Jonsheep iMorrison is.

  • Michelle Alexandria
    Michelle Alexandria Hace 8 horas

    he said he was biased towards apple. Why do you people feel a need to keep mentioning that? The man is allowed to like whatever he wants. What part of that is hard for some of you to understand?

  • Michelle Alexandria
    Michelle Alexandria Hace 8 horas

    People waste their life complaining and not appreciating how far tech has come in just 15 yrs.

  • Galactic Vixen
    Galactic Vixen Hace 8 horas

    Give them some text to read, not watch videos. Then you will see difference.

  • Wild Wolf
    Wild Wolf Hace 8 horas


  • Archchill
    Archchill Hace 8 horas

    When are you going to review the iPhone PROfit and the iPhone PROfit MAXimized

  • BBS
    BBS Hace 8 horas

    Sorry 😐 man you can’t work with pens and keyboard all in uncomfortable 🥵.

  • Dajour Livingston22
    Dajour Livingston22 Hace 8 horas

    The new iPhones look ugly with that 3 camera crap. I'll get the iPhone 10R

  • Duc Nguyen
    Duc Nguyen Hace 8 horas

    Still an apple shill

    WHAT THE FOOD Hace 9 horas


  • Schoolboy 219
    Schoolboy 219 Hace 9 horas

    My idea was to go and but both the Mac mini and the new iPad pro

  • Malik Barfield
    Malik Barfield Hace 9 horas


  • kermit1
    kermit1 Hace 9 horas

    1:52 megapickles LOL

  • Jay B.
    Jay B. Hace 9 horas

    What happened to your latest video on the iPhone 11 multiple camera views?

  • americanv8ss
    americanv8ss Hace 9 horas

    Kudos to Apple for allowing you to make this video.

  • Zortoxon
    Zortoxon Hace 9 horas

    Only deep respect sir!

  • americanv8ss
    americanv8ss Hace 9 horas

    You can't be trusted.

  • Elias Tussetschlaeger
    Elias Tussetschlaeger Hace 9 horas

    Fun challenge

  • Allen LLeshi
    Allen LLeshi Hace 9 horas

    Good luck Getting Ripped Off

  • Karl Jo
    Karl Jo Hace 9 horas

    I'm excited about its price

  • Benjamin Cutting
    Benjamin Cutting Hace 10 horas

    Thanks for being honest. This is great insight!

  • Mr Music
    Mr Music Hace 10 horas

    Jon, you seem sad. Haters are gonna hate. You wouldn't have over 2M subs if you wern't doing something right. Keep looking at the sky :)

  • Gianni
    Gianni Hace 10 horas

    Why are iphone so much more expensive in europe

  • Jxyden_ o
    Jxyden_ o Hace 10 horas

    How much does it cost because I like that iphone

  • Vincent Fodor
    Vincent Fodor Hace 10 horas

    Blue yes thats good :) Thanks :)

  • applepearhero
    applepearhero Hace 11 horas

    who's here after the new music video got deleted

    • Antonio Diaz
      Antonio Diaz Hace 10 horas

      @BewareTheIdes The video is a acustic song called your side of the bed, filmed on a iphone 11 pro max

    • BewareTheIdes
      BewareTheIdes Hace 10 horas

      What was in that video. And you are talking about the video titled “iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max...” right? It was in my recommended video on the ES-pl homepage. I went to click it and it said it was deleted. Now I’m overtly curious.

  • Dennis Kristensen
    Dennis Kristensen Hace 11 horas

    Love your content man! Don’t listen to all the haters! They need to respect your work, the fact people can have different opinions and actually like using Apple products, even if they don’t enjoy them themselves. Your Peter André hair was awesome though 😆

  • infinity
    infinity Hace 11 horas

    Long live SLOFIES

  • Tom Ramsay
    Tom Ramsay Hace 11 horas

    Set the thumb wheel control on your mouse to volume, worked for me for years...

  • mkr10001
    mkr10001 Hace 11 horas

    Maybe stop using a shitty Mac?

  • Glacid Rumble
    Glacid Rumble Hace 11 horas

    should i upgrade my iphone XR to iphone 11 PRO

  • Alexson212
    Alexson212 Hace 11 horas

    Wtf you all go crazy with cameras at your phones..Go get yourself a camera man..

  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM Hace 12 horas

    I REALLY want to buy the case itself.

  • ImperfectNinja
    ImperfectNinja Hace 12 horas

    None, no one is paid by Apple to do anything can’t say the same for google or samsung

  • Ryan K
    Ryan K Hace 12 horas

    1:53 mega pickles-

  • King Flex 305
    King Flex 305 Hace 12 horas

    I'm just getting the iPhone 11 for the Slow-fies.

  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM Hace 13 horas

    0.02 seconds in, had to pause it, my phone picking up the key bloody words ARGH how do I stop this....Please silence the HEY GOOGLE, type it instead.

  • Dave C
    Dave C Hace 13 horas

    1:53 megapickels

  • Joel Sage
    Joel Sage Hace 13 horas

    Am I the only person who doesn’t want USB-C on iPhones? I like being able to charge my phone, keyboard, and air pods with the same cable 😞

  • Nalinda Dilshan
    Nalinda Dilshan Hace 13 horas

    What’s so wrong with calling it a slowfie ?? 🙄🙄🤷🏻‍♂️ it’s kinda fun

  • Goku Junks
    Goku Junks Hace 13 horas

    You don’t need to explain us jonathan.. we know you.. Just because some morons disagree with you that doesn’t mean everyone is like that.. People nowadays just wanna hear negative reviews about apple products.. They like every other smartphones except iphones.. Haters gonna hate.. do what your heart says

  • spacenoke
    spacenoke Hace 13 horas

    Please apple make your display full 1440p this is the only thing holding me back from trying out an iphone and im so bored with android but that samsung display is so good when i compared irl. My s7 looked better than my moms xs so i bought a s10. And the notch looks so bad as well

  • Edgar Kinyanjui
    Edgar Kinyanjui Hace 13 horas

    They must have paid you to make this video

  • Mon Rodriguez
    Mon Rodriguez Hace 13 horas

    Slofie 😛

  • Sunny Benipal
    Sunny Benipal Hace 13 horas

    you nailed it thanks to u sharing the true facts about tech

  • Up Dog
    Up Dog Hace 14 horas

    Are those the new fender in ear monitors?

  • Stephen M
    Stephen M Hace 14 horas

    I'd want Google to be voiced by Samantha for the movie 'Her'

  • DanielTsachev
    DanielTsachev Hace 14 horas

    Great 👍🏻

    RECON BABY Hace 15 horas

    Love the Gramatik reference

  • Allen S
    Allen S Hace 15 horas

    So I will miss the 3D Touch on the keyboard, and i will have to get use to how it works on the XR HOWEVER as a tech support guy over the phone I am so glad deleting and app will be easier haha

  • Allen S
    Allen S Hace 15 horas

    Funny thing ... iPhone 11 is reduced by $50 ^_^

  • DMC
    DMC Hace 15 horas

    The Max is as heavy as a brick and it still has that stupid wedge !

  • daniel kinney
    daniel kinney Hace 15 horas


  • daniel kinney
    daniel kinney Hace 15 horas

    iPhone 15 will be as big as an iPad mini and iphone 19 will be as big as an iPad Pro.

  • Vishwas Ravindran
    Vishwas Ravindran Hace 15 horas

    5:51 he likes pickles.

  • HGG Savagod
    HGG Savagod Hace 15 horas

    This is one of the phones that samsung thought eh lets make a phone and apple was really dedicated so..... SAMSUNG FOR THE WIN

  • PhatBoyTrashGamer
    PhatBoyTrashGamer Hace 15 horas


  • Jose Arizmendi
    Jose Arizmendi Hace 15 horas


  • Amin.Vlogs
    Amin.Vlogs Hace 15 horas

    I love the midnight green but I’m thinking of sticking with the space grey... this is the hardest decision ever

  • pineapple
    pineapple Hace 16 horas


  • Junhui Lin
    Junhui Lin Hace 16 horas

    Does anyone know if the iphone 11 has the dual (physical) sim card function?

  • Socoolgirl Arnold
    Socoolgirl Arnold Hace 16 horas

    How much is the I phone 11 pro max

  • Laurens Saltoc
    Laurens Saltoc Hace 16 horas

    Maybe apple will also adopt the word megapickles in their next innovation of iphone.

  • tariq mahmood
    tariq mahmood Hace 16 horas

    Fuck you lair

  • j l
    j l Hace 16 horas

    Well why people are jugging a ytb. Day Have to review a thing to lat all of you to know that this gajet is worth it to buy or not to buy well I know that he Review allot of Apple products but it's not meant that apple is paying money or sponsor not like some other people got sponsor until every video is appel product