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20 Superstars’ first losses ever
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The Usos’ biggest wins: WWE Playlist
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  • Alfred Lampkin
    Alfred Lampkin Hace un hora

    I'm starting to feel sorry for him not consummating marriage busty fine woman I would have been done in by 90 times by now

  • dFuZe Raven
    dFuZe Raven Hace un hora

    R truth,Carmella,Drake Maverick, And Drake Mavericks Wife are carrying WWE Right now

  • apna mulkh
    apna mulkh Hace un hora

    I'd love to see a fatal 4 way for this title. Roman Reigns Vs Randy Orton Vs Drew Mcyntyre Vs Samoa Joe

  • lorenzo m
    lorenzo m Hace un hora


  • V.A.L.
    V.A.L. Hace un hora

    Cody rhodes victim in number one spot? All great combos but pedigree assist wasnt a good one. Any of those RKOs are devastating.

  • WWE KID 1
    WWE KID 1 Hace un hora

    Book it for a 6-man tag team winner take all match at night of champions!

  • ultimate Spiderman
    ultimate Spiderman Hace un hora

    What about eclipse off of bruan strowman

  • Christian torres
    Christian torres Hace un hora

    Dala laik.

  • Drift
    Drift Hace un hora

    Donald Trump will win the 24/7 Title Next 😂😂😂

  • John Paul Soberano
    John Paul Soberano Hace un hora

    WWE on FOX this October...

  • Brendan YouTube
    Brendan YouTube Hace un hora

    Does this mean we won't see this title again?

  • killer cross34
    killer cross34 Hace un hora

    R truth recreating the Jordan logo😂😂

  • Akshith Arvind
    Akshith Arvind Hace un hora

    Retired Awful Wonderers

  • NIGHTMARE 999 4
    NIGHTMARE 999 4 Hace un hora

    I love how Brock leaner had to tell Paul Heyman why they were chanting she said yes and then he got very happy

  • Coy Jim
    Coy Jim Hace un hora

    Freaking Eddie knows how to turn a crowded any ways he wanted rip Eddie.lie cheat and steel 4ever no one til this day can turn a crowd like Eddie

  • Firdaus Halim
    Firdaus Halim Hace un hora

    Ladies and gentlemen here's your winner and still reigning defending undisputed heavyweight 24/7 champions r-truth.

  • chris carnes
    chris carnes Hace un hora

    it won't last she isnt right for seth its a train wreck for sure love seth can't stand becky shes to arrogant and rude

  • Kuribohchaos8
    Kuribohchaos8 Hace un hora

    Banned until king of the ring. Yea....ight

  • MontySVK
    MontySVK Hace un hora

    guys ? shild is END ? my English is bad :D ...yes or no ....coment pls :)

  • Rextar... and Everything Under

    Am i the only one bored of Truth and Maverick all over the title

  • Geeta Jangra
    Geeta Jangra Hace un hora

    Conceptualization 47m subscriber Ho Chi Minh City Hall

  • Ziad Khaled
    Ziad Khaled Hace un hora

    @3:16 always wondered who the hell's that black bald guy in nexus

  • Μ_ Σ
    Μ_ Σ Hace un hora

    Outro music?

  • Arya Asylum
    Arya Asylum Hace un hora

    R-Truth is the 🐐.

  • Crazy Jojo
    Crazy Jojo Hace un hora

    Height means nothing it's about power

    TOKIO GHOUL Hace un hora


  • thays de oliveira
    thays de oliveira Hace un hora

    I didn't even know this show existed, I came for a meme about what happens when you catch your friends eating Hall's in schooll hidden and they didn't offer you. That's it.

  • Eddy Pearson
    Eddy Pearson Hace un hora

    R-Truth is now a 14X 24/7 CHAMPION. He is now one more title away from tying Ric Flaire and his childhood Hero John Cena's record title Reign

  • Wong Kong Ming
    Wong Kong Ming Hace un hora

    Where is "The Field" Bray Wyatt get the 24/7 Championship of Fear !

  • adrian richards
    adrian richards Hace un hora

    Have to be wwe wrestler

  • Jose Mourinho
    Jose Mourinho Hace un hora

    Rey Mysterious has zero haters which is very rare for any wrestler

  • Akshith Arvind
    Akshith Arvind Hace un hora

    I guess everyone likes Roman reigns Because they keep on saving him

  • Shid Jwan indian
    Shid Jwan indian Hace un hora

    Gus SD NV skGenDzb j BBC

  • hustle thru
    hustle thru Hace un hora

    Hhh was so so so mad 😠 o would do the same thing like hhh

  • حلات وتس عثمان

    💪جون سينا😍💪

  • حلات وتس عثمان

    جون سينا😍😘😘😘😘

  • Edgar Hernandez
    Edgar Hernandez Hace un hora

    I'm still dissapointed the evolution lost to the shield

  • Dan Williams
    Dan Williams Hace un hora

    Perhaps if Matt was a little more “woken,” he’d get the title back in no time.

    THE SHIELD Hace un hora


  • Roger T
    Roger T Hace un hora

    They never rang the bell for the match with Yokozuna. Shouldn't count.

  • Matteo Mochi
    Matteo Mochi Hace un hora

    The Reviving RKO has arrived

  • fLapdaJackS
    fLapdaJackS Hace un hora

    Technically he didn't win because its supposed to be anyone off of the Raw or Smackdown roster

  • Dontavian Smallwood
    Dontavian Smallwood Hace un hora

    @wwe can you guys do the 6 pack challenge for the wwe championship

  • SwAggyMcD00chE
    SwAggyMcD00chE Hace un hora

    R Truth 79 times Hardcore on a pole champion

  • ChadLRico
    ChadLRico Hace un hora

    Most entertaining thing in WWE right now.

  • Ladynaye
    Ladynaye Hace un hora

    24/7 title is the greatest title ever.

  • BozzSA
    BozzSA Hace un hora

    this belt is fun man.....I LOVE IT!!

  • Zelio Balkania
    Zelio Balkania Hace un hora

    Better bring back The Great Khali vs Lesnar, and not Rollins !

  • Jeuz Llorenz Colendra Apita

    1:53 Drax forgot to yell "THANOS!!" 😂😂😂

  • Brian Pratts
    Brian Pratts Hace un hora

    That’s crazy

  • Raju
    Raju Hace un hora

    WWE is fake....

  • Ant Francis
    Ant Francis Hace un hora

    Let's get technical here, R-truth should still be champion cos he wasn't beaten by a wrestler right? Or doesn't that matter with the 24/7 title? Afterthought: R-truth will soon be on par with Ric Flair & john Cena title wins.

  • Kamen Rider Blade
    Kamen Rider Blade Hace un hora

    That poor leather jacket

  • Chun hin Lee
    Chun hin Lee Hace un hora

    This video is PAINFUL to watch

  • KowT
    KowT Hace un hora

    No Zig Zag Claymore, no Mysterio splash from Big Show? okay then

  • Edgar Hernandez
    Edgar Hernandez Hace un hora

    Bruh that hit me listening to Christian music and Jeff music to 😭

  • SatsukiSama6
    SatsukiSama6 Hace un hora

    I'm perfectly ok with this ... lol

  • esther Caballero
    esther Caballero Hace un hora

    Sincara I mit have to move out of town I got a another job offer out of town Tatar’s I am loving it single and loving it next month I see

  • Manny Vazquez
    Manny Vazquez Hace un hora

    Anyone can be a WWE champion now hilarious!!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Santi Camacho
    Santi Camacho Hace un hora

    9:40 JohnCena.exe has stopped working

  • V.A.L.
    V.A.L. Hace un hora

    This is World Wrestling Entertainment at its Finest. (But where was elias? Should of gotten back in the mix.....)

  • Sean
    Sean Hace un hora

    .....Shield powerbomb?...

  • Pegasis Aviation
    Pegasis Aviation Hace un hora

    R TRUTH just threw a ball in the basket ball hoop lol

  • King Sports
    King Sports Hace un hora

    Matt lernarit n Reggie bush trip r-truth those damn cheating usc players

  • Realluz Rodríguezwee
    Realluz Rodríguezwee Hace un hora

    Ohh yeah you Becky and your boyfriend

  • Esteban0314
    Esteban0314 Hace un hora

    That "Tombstone with the Undertaker" looks terrible when you're used to the "Meltzer Driver / Indytaker" from the Young Bucks

  • Tha Apex Predator
    Tha Apex Predator Hace un hora

    1:36 Jason Jordan gets a pop ?

  • Joel Lee
    Joel Lee Hace un hora

    Congratulations to R-Truth for winning back his championship. 🙌

  • Mohamad Rizal
    Mohamad Rizal Hace un hora

    I see CM punk in many wwe videos

  • Nahuel Agustín Vera
    Nahuel Agustín Vera Hace un hora

    Me parece genial que hayan vídeos en español, pero no puede ser que cometan un error de ortografía tan simple como "a regresado". Espero se den cuenta rápido y cambien el título del video.

  • Randy Orton
    Randy Orton Hace un hora

    This title is Awesome

  • The Game Synergy
    The Game Synergy Hace un hora

    I’m I The Only One Who Thinks When They Scream “He Won’t See The Sun Again For Years To Come” It Sounds A lot Like Chester Bennington From Linkin Park?

  • - Anonymoose -
    - Anonymoose - Hace un hora

    Ngl i really want a ricochet and ali tag team now

  • Johanthan Morejon
    Johanthan Morejon Hace un hora


  • Ale M
    Ale M Hace un hora

    We The People. Fail. No for usa and for this mach is important.

  • HaMeRuu
    HaMeRuu Hace un hora

    R-Truth will be like the record holder for multiple times champion within the year

  • Hunter Lewis
    Hunter Lewis Hace un hora

    2:15 I didn’t know the title was velcro? 😂

  • inza cisse
    inza cisse Hace un hora

    Yo no hate but these latters are fake and not steal because big show is not that strong