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My Family Vacation *DISASTER*
Vistas 2 570 862Hace 13 días
PRANK WARS! *Cinnamon vs Tootsie*
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School Dance! *HUGE DISASTER*
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Best Friend Sleepover *TRUTH or DARE*
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Rumors In High School *So Embarrassing*
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MOM vs DAD *Strict Parents*
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Types of Students IN AN Exam!
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ADULTS vs KIDS During Christmas
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Types Of People On Christmas
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WORST Date Ever!
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Types Of People At The Mall!
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FIRST KISS *7 Minutes in Heaven*
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50 Types of People on HALLOWEEN
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If Disney Princesses Were YOUTUBERS
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Driving With Brown Parents!
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Different Types Of Crushes!
Vistas 2 723 362Hace un año
When There Is A New CUTE Guy In School
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50 DIFFERENT Types of Students
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WORST First Day of School!
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Different Types Of People In The Summer
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Best Friend Vs Best Friend
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When Your Enemy Is Hotter Than You
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Different Types Of Siblings!
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Worst Times To See Your Crush
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When Your Best Friend Goes On A DATE
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How To Get Your Crush To Like You Back!
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Types of People At Amusement Parks
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Types Of People At The Movies
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If Students Were HONEST With Teachers
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When Your Best Friend Gets A Boyfriend
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Types of People At The Grocery Store
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First Date Guys Vs. Girls
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White Girls Vs. Brown Girls
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When You Go See A Psychic
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When You See Your Ex In Public
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How Girls Get Ready For A Date!
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50 Different Types of Girls
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Couples Vs. Singles on Valentine's Day
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We Are Getting Married?!
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When You Have A Hot Teacher
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Brown Mom vs White Mom
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What If Google Judged You
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Types Of Girls At The Gym
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Types Of Customers!
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How Girls Act On Their Period
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Brown Christmas Vs. White Christmas
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73 Questions with Tootsie | Vogue Parody
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How Girls Act When Guys Are Looking
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Filming With YouTubers In LA
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How To Impress A Guy On A Date
Vistas 1 478 984Hace un año
When Your Parents Hate Your Bestfriend
Vistas 2 447 145Hace un año
When Girls See Hotter Girls
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Types of People In Restaurants
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Blindfolded Shopping Challenge!
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Boy Friend Gets Waxed!
Vistas 153 692Hace un año
Vistas 2 683 222Hace un año
How Psycho Jealous Girlfriends Act
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Trying In-N-Out For The First Time!
Vistas 437 997Hace un año
Types of People On Social Media!
Vistas 5 023 701Hace un año
Things You Should NEVER Say To A Guy
Vistas 1 334 068Hace un año
The Most EPIC Indian Wedding Ever!
Vistas 1 410 294Hace un año


  • Luna Glanzberg
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    Looks like Kandy will overrule that sassy little Cinnamon

  • Kia Vang
    Kia Vang Hace 2 minutos

    "Cinnamon, cinnamon, CINNAMON TIRED TO KILL ME!" "I SAID, "CINNAMON TRIED TO KILL ME!" -GloZell Green

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    Kamala gacha life 778 Hace 4 minutos

    I thought u guys had tik tok

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    Yes please a 2nd part

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    Dolphin Boy 1st Hace 6 minutos

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    Kakes Cupcake Hace 7 minutos

    Types of parents

  • Bre Gotthejuice
    Bre Gotthejuice Hace 8 minutos

    Make kandy and cinnamon fight and become friends with tootsie and riya

  • Kakes Cupcake
    Kakes Cupcake Hace 8 minutos

    And if you hated it give it a big huge 👍👍👍👍👍👍

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    Make tootsie and Riya friends with Kanys the new girl

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    Mine is blue

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    I met a lot of you. At vidcon

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    Diana Gutierrez Hace 19 minutos

    I want to see toois and raya &kandis become bff and cinaumin trys to make them jealous by hiding of their crushes but failing

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    Lili _San XD Hace 20 minutos

    Omg I love bts !?!? Hehehehe!

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    I used to have the same top as Jenny and Penny

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    Riya is so beatiful

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    Pls i want to ser the tryouts

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    shelby reptile lover Hace 21 un minuto

    I LOVE THE NEW POPULAR GIRL i so think she needs to be friends witj tootsie and ria and TAKE CINNAMON DOWN

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    Amutha Mathan Hace 22 minutos

    I love watching your you videos keep going

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    Maliqa Ali Hace 22 minutos

    I would like to see the chearleadin video n also I think tootc should have a chance to be popular n then cinamon begs to be friends xxx

  • Who doesn't love chocolate

    Make the new girl popular and cinnamon unpopular and lose her boyfriend and nobody likes her anymore and then they both have a fight

    AVA DOMINGUEZ Hace 23 minutos

    I really want to see cheerleading tryouts

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    Sunflower Happines Hace 24 minutos

    When Rhubarb asked where Riya got her looks from because she liked Riyas dad I was like um Rhubarb he is riya

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    is it just 2 people being 294873 characters?

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    May 22

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    11:40 my bff is a cheerleader and she says it’s really really hard for her. She’s still on level 3 and she almost wants to quit

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  • Johnmichel Distor
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