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[EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) @ SNL
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Winter Bear by V
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BTS (방탄소년단) 2019 FESTA Trailer
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ARMYPEDIA : '좋아요' (SUGA Cam)
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  • roxana cecilia chavez reyes
    roxana cecilia chavez reyes Hace 24 segundos

    Disculpa no entiendo sus canciones y no me gustan los coreanos

  • Uma Army do Toddynho
    Uma Army do Toddynho Hace 42 segundos


  • Estefany
    Estefany Hace 53 segundos

    Joder, es que estan guapo, me encanta ❤😍

    INSFIRES MAN SWAG Hace un minuto

    MY HEARTUE ahhhhhhh

  • 이이힛힛
    이이힛힛 Hace un minuto

    와 분위기 미쳣네 ㅠㅠ

  • Karol Gamer
    Karol Gamer Hace un minuto

    Es tan hermosooo 😍

    VIA JOYCE Hace un minuto


  • jasmin reyes
    jasmin reyes Hace un minuto

    Handsome baby tae😍😍

  • Ayu Yoursik
    Ayu Yoursik Hace 2 minutos

    Bang V lebih berisi😍😙😙

  • Y
    Y Hace 2 minutos


  • Btsboys._. Army
    Btsboys._. Army Hace 2 minutos

    Me to my friends / bts is normal and smart 7 humans . . . Also BTS / ...... . . . Me / i DON’T know them ...!!👀🌚

  • Taehyung-Kato-Aboly Yeptholimy

    OK! 😆🤩 GOD make Taehyung with a little bit of cute,boxy smile,Handsome,Attractive,Soft,Sweet And sexy💋😁😁 I'm in Love🤩😍😘💜💜💜

  • AJ Tom
    AJ Tom Hace 3 minutos

    He is so sexy by just doing a lazy dance.

  • Jung hoseok
    Jung hoseok Hace 3 minutos

    O jin não resiste aos meus toques hehe 🌚😁

  • Aesthetically Milk tea
    Aesthetically Milk tea Hace 3 minutos


  • seokjesus
    seokjesus Hace 3 minutos

    the way they get even more beautiful each year makes me smile 💗

  • swe Hye
    swe Hye Hace 3 minutos

    Why haven’t I seen this photo shoot pics before!! Looks so extra lol!! Lovin’ it and tae is ready for a opera show

  • SaMtha BTS
    SaMtha BTS Hace 3 minutos

    Can we have the 3 dance line do a remake of this? Please.

  • Maria Ximena Romano
    Maria Ximena Romano Hace 3 minutos

    Justo cuando pensaba que la voz de Tae no podia ser más sensual llega este video..

  • Thamy Veloso
    Thamy Veloso Hace 4 minutos

    This video was made for the sole and exclusive purpose of driving ARMY crazy. I JUST DON'T KNOW WHERE TO LOOK.

  • Beatriz Morales
    Beatriz Morales Hace 4 minutos

    V tae 😄😄😄

  • Bob Carne
    Bob Carne Hace 4 minutos

    Boys beatiful

  • C EMI
    C EMI Hace 4 minutos

    0:44 kill me!!! Wow~Beautiful eyes!!! Taehyung, u are so charming!!!I love u^^

  • Konnor Hafen
    Konnor Hafen Hace 5 minutos

    Boy was really feeling his oats

  • •hey animadas!•
    •hey animadas!• Hace 5 minutos


  • oleg ruabyhin
    oleg ruabyhin Hace 5 minutos

    Что я блять здесь делаю?

  • los riber Gómez castorena


    SHOSHO Hace 6 minutos

    ايش كمية الروقان هاذي يا شيخ ابو شوشه زرقه

  • sofi
    sofi Hace 7 minutos


  • gorro de chapita del suga

    Yo solo escucho Ay mi amorrr Ay mi amorrrr

  • Pamela Corrales diaz
    Pamela Corrales diaz Hace 7 minutos

    Para la próxima a taehyung le toca pagarme el cardiólogo 🤭🤭😍😍😍❤

  • Vale BTS
    Vale BTS Hace 7 minutos

    La voz de tae es tan aaffkdks sin palabras 💘💘💘💘💘😍😍😍😍

  • Tae Army
    Tae Army Hace 7 minutos

    Valla, hay muchos comentarios en español, me siento en casa :3 Por sierto, dónde están las tae biased? :3

  • Claire S
    Claire S Hace 8 minutos

    To the 1K people who disliked this video... are y'all blind or just jealous? 🤔

  • Kim Anushka
    Kim Anushka Hace 8 minutos

    Ayeee hayeeee hum to mar he gaye. He's so fucking hot and cute ahhhh my sona 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • marlisse corz
    marlisse corz Hace 8 minutos

    estan bien bonitossssssssss los amoooooo bebesssssssss

  • Gummy Bear
    Gummy Bear Hace 8 minutos

    2:37 jungkook peeking jimin abs 3:04 jungkook funny head bobbing 3:14 jin tying his shoelace 3:26 jimin bumping into jungkook

  • Israa Majid
    Israa Majid Hace 8 minutos

    guy with gray shirt ??name plz

  • Lunar Pawz
    Lunar Pawz Hace 9 minutos

    My stunning man V bias wrecking my life again, I love taehyungiee~

  • Your Local Trash
    Your Local Trash Hace 9 minutos

    ARMYs: Can we get Engli- Bighit: *no*

  • Patricia AS
    Patricia AS Hace 9 minutos

    2019 IS ART BTS

  • Ahlam mo
    Ahlam mo Hace 9 minutos

    The back ground song is "One last time" by Summer Salt

  • tht tht
    tht tht Hace 9 minutos

    태 당신은 노래하는 나의 꿈이고 당신이 멕시코에오고 싶어 내가 당신을 사랑 v

  • ;;— ChimChim
    ;;— ChimChim Hace 10 minutos

    No mAan, me castigan y cuando veo TREMENDA BELLEZA jaJsfajafauwhwdqehw

  • Jocelyn Flores samerón
    Jocelyn Flores samerón Hace 10 minutos

    0:42 acaso quieres matarme Kim Taehyung ?!?

  • Reyna
    Reyna Hace 10 minutos

    0:00-0:50**dances sings** aweee fancy and lovely 0:50- till the end💀💀 **stares at the camera, biting his lips, dancing so sexy** 😍😝🥵💜💘💀💀I dies in happiness 1:11 gosh😍🤭

  • 샤궁
    샤궁 Hace 10 minutos

    잘가요 메이크업~ 나에겐 수정이란 없죠🤣🤣🤣😭😭

  • •MosHi•
    •MosHi• Hace 11 minutos

    I like the way he look at the camera in 0:43 He is s handsome;I purple you💜

  • Trisha May Tadeo
    Trisha May Tadeo Hace 11 minutos

    0:42 let me calm myself!!!! My heart is beating trillion times 😍 taehyung why do u have to stare like that I was so biased wrecked 😻💯 how can you be so elegant, as well as expensive at the same time? Gosshhh! Ido missed you all so muchhh my OT7 💕

  • Ilusão Kpoper
    Ilusão Kpoper Hace 11 minutos


  • Julva Roj
    Julva Roj Hace 12 minutos


  • Let’s get this bread
    Let’s get this bread Hace 12 minutos

    Ok but Jhope powerfully dancing when it was only practice

  • Mika Yuu
    Mika Yuu Hace 13 minutos

    Omg Taehyung your voice, hair color, outfit, and a handsome look all in one power!! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Shade' Evans
    Shade' Evans Hace 13 minutos


  • My Hearteu
    My Hearteu Hace 13 minutos

    Two words: I'm pregnant

  • Lia Frank
    Lia Frank Hace 13 minutos

    I luv you V

  • Lorena Barbaran
    Lorena Barbaran Hace 14 minutos

    Llorare, porque me llega la notificación después de 5 dias😭😭

  • shining shine
    shining shine Hace 15 minutos

    Super sexy damnnn.... bts is the best thing in this world andi think god have created such beautiful cute+ hot+ handsome etc boys with lot of patience.. who are bts boys..

  • 최재형
    최재형 Hace 15 minutos

    일상인듯. 신경도 안쓰는 슈가. 태형이 부르니까 공손하게 가버리는 태형.ㅋ

  • Valentina
    Valentina Hace 15 minutos

    ¿POR QUÉ EL ES TAN JODIDAMENTE SEXY? POR DIOS, estoy en Jungshook. Mi lado shipper está activado. TEKOOK TUS PATRONES nenasss.

  • Panquecitoh Soft
    Panquecitoh Soft Hace 16 minutos

    1:01 seduceme papuh uwu

  • Sharon Holmes
    Sharon Holmes Hace 16 minutos

    All the members are fantastic dancer's but wow I didn't really notice at first but RM can dance amazingly well. This video just makes me purple them even more especially RM.

  • FATE_78hrs
    FATE_78hrs Hace 16 minutos

    I feel like I haven’t heard this in years, also I love 3:22 so much I do it everyday

  • bts army
    bts army Hace 17 minutos


  • Ferii Gamino
    Ferii Gamino Hace 17 minutos

    Taehyung acaso me quieres matar ..!!!? 💕💕💙

  • LORii
    LORii Hace 17 minutos

    0:52 u-uh e-excuse me!?

  • Sarahi juarez
    Sarahi juarez Hace 17 minutos

    I can Whit you tae is very funy More Whit good bye make up

  • Sara r
    Sara r Hace 17 minutos

    Summer salt playing in the back. My heart.

  • Wolverine Logan012
    Wolverine Logan012 Hace 17 minutos

    I’m confused

  • Cat
    Cat Hace 17 minutos

    I remember when this was released, lost my damn mind. jikook vocal legends

  • I’m dumb I don’t know anything-yoongi

    Is nobody going to talk about how CUTE they where younger like my heartu

  • Livia is a penguin
    Livia is a penguin Hace 18 minutos

    Only Tae can still look great with blue hair, in a purple turtle neck and a green vest. Other people will just look like a weirdo with an awful sense of fashion

  • BTS On Top
    BTS On Top Hace 18 minutos

    Oh gosh! His groove, his sexiness. ARMY&STAFFS: Waaahh Stop that, it's killing us. YOONGI: I'll kill you 😂😂😂

  • Priya Reang
    Priya Reang Hace 19 minutos

    Sexy V 😅🥰

  • K9L0v3 600
    K9L0v3 600 Hace 19 minutos

    How tf my own bias gonna bias wreck me....

  • Maria Victoria
    Maria Victoria Hace 19 minutos

    No entiendo qué dice pero me encanta

  • Ronilo Cruda
    Ronilo Cruda Hace 19 minutos


  • Un My
    Un My Hace 20 minutos

    Kíp chan nha Army

  • Katie M
    Katie M Hace 20 minutos

    Who else had a heart attack?

  • Trash_caN
    Trash_caN Hace 21 un minuto

    0:44 his presence is so strong I felt it through the screen😳

  • Anisha Baruah
    Anisha Baruah Hace 22 minutos

    is it just me, or does V look super sexy dancing? like OMFG! 0:50-0:53! I CANT!

  • Min Ji
    Min Ji Hace 22 minutos

    Buồn cười quá ha 😝

  • siapa ya?
    siapa ya? Hace 22 minutos

    Untung Suga nggak nampol😂

  • Allison Bates
    Allison Bates Hace 22 minutos

    I didn't ask to suffer today but here we are

  • Yamir Naranjo
    Yamir Naranjo Hace 23 minutos


  • Anggun Rahayu244
    Anggun Rahayu244 Hace 23 minutos

    Jhope 😁😁

  • minshooki Stan
    minshooki Stan Hace 23 minutos

    did someone scold at him at the end of the video?..that's why when tae look back....and i think that's suga😂🤣

  • Aiperi mirlan kyzy
    Aiperi mirlan kyzy Hace 24 minutos

    Каков красавчик

  • I don’t have a name I don’t have a name

    I love BTS my entire life but I really want to meet them that’s my dream

  • Asia's Animations
    Asia's Animations Hace 24 minutos

    As if I'm not bias wrecked enough by this man. 😰

  • Anggun Rahayu244
    Anggun Rahayu244 Hace 24 minutos


  • Shekinah Kim
    Shekinah Kim Hace 24 minutos

    Every time I listen to this song, I don't know the reason but it reminds me of my grandfather who passed away a few years ago 😳💙 I love this song 💖 Dear Grandpa, I dedicate this beautiful song to you.....I miss you 😢😘

  • Amel Amel
    Amel Amel Hace 24 minutos

    Taehyung is so precious.

  • mick fick
    mick fick Hace 25 minutos

    Por qué es premium

  • jin.whirls
    jin.whirls Hace 25 minutos

    If we finna make a song I call dibs on wearing that pink weave you got because you got the blue weave V LEMME GET THE-THE PINK ONE- AYE YO- Idk what I’m doing 🤡

  • Briannanita Ramirez
    Briannanita Ramirez Hace 25 minutos


  • Anna Rayda Fil
    Anna Rayda Fil Hace 25 minutos

    Tae Tae Taehyuuuung i love you so much,, -kiss love@😊😊

  • ARMY G
    ARMY G Hace 26 minutos

    TATA in his Appa t-shirt

  • Anjali
    Anjali Hace 26 minutos

    This boy is my bias and he came here and wrecked me. The power I-

  • Gaby Laboy
    Gaby Laboy Hace 26 minutos

    That "oh baby yea" from jimin....are ya'll hearing this??? he just fxcking sang in cursive...