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  • Amritanshu Mukherjee
    Amritanshu Mukherjee Hace 8 horas

    we love you, you're our team and you will cotinue to make us proud, GO TEAM USA!

  • emilee younglao
    emilee younglao Hace 8 horas

    butterfly is the most exhausting stroke of all time, just 50 meters of that shit and you want to off yourself. i remember doing 200 butterflies as a youngin and if it wasnt for the mcdonalds i was getting afterwards, i would have straight up killed myslef shoutout micheal phelps

  • Helen coe
    Helen coe Hace 11 horas

    Metcalf goes on a crying rant again

  • neosapiens
    neosapiens Hace 12 horas


  • PepperTwist Gacha
    PepperTwist Gacha Hace 13 horas

    Replay Button= 1 like 0:21

  • purple prince
    purple prince Hace 16 horas

    why do wrestlers always wear those huge jogging pants?

  • jupiter is a bean
    jupiter is a bean Hace 19 horas

    this woman is unreal

    PGTT MCR Hace un día

    Announcer: Just about perfect Me:🖕🏿

  • Sydney Heberer
    Sydney Heberer Hace un día

    this dude seems so cocky and self centered

  • Pamela Backer
    Pamela Backer Hace un día

    My left knee buckles, when I walk.

  • earthsky0017
    earthsky0017 Hace un día

    I want to smell and lick his armpits. Can i?

  • Adrion Mannausau
    Adrion Mannausau Hace un día


  • Nancy J
    Nancy J Hace un día

    Wow! We are so blessed in America to have such great athletes representing our country! Thanks for all of your dedication to the sport!👍

  • Adrion Mannausau
    Adrion Mannausau Hace un día

    Greg Louganis

  • goatnelo alvarezgoatronaldo

    Hes a golden globe winner in boxing

  • Francis Nguyen
    Francis Nguyen Hace un día


  • peter melian
    peter melian Hace un día

    Quid opus sunt copiae musculorum parvo veretro ostendando.

  • BelleJaneKidaBarbieZeldaSamus

    00:47 *MONEY*

  • Alain Bruno
    Alain Bruno Hace 2 días

    She is so talented. What an inspiration 💪

  • Christopher Thorkon
    Christopher Thorkon Hace 2 días

    Hot damn. I'm in love.

    CERTIFIED BASHER Hace 2 días


  • Lawrence Thompson
    Lawrence Thompson Hace 2 días

    Damn great gymnast. Good looking guy

  • Larisa Maksimova
    Larisa Maksimova Hace 2 días


  • Brooke Brooke
    Brooke Brooke Hace 2 días


  • emilee younglao
    emilee younglao Hace 2 días

    everything went downhill after this

  • Lilianna Maloney
    Lilianna Maloney Hace 2 días

    I love you Alex

  • Josh Geee
    Josh Geee Hace 2 días

    Hes so fucking hot

  • Lsx Powered Racing
    Lsx Powered Racing Hace 2 días

    Anyone know if rulon has a Facebook or ES-pl channel?

  • Daniel Embree
    Daniel Embree Hace 3 días

    That dude is built

  • Inanna Lynn
    Inanna Lynn Hace 3 días

    I could totally do that routine. NO problem. I just don't feel like it most days.

    LA TONYA STOUDMIRE Hace 3 días

    I Totally Love this Tribute.

  • Liquid
    Liquid Hace 3 días

    It's old but right now it's USA v Scotland and - like John Adams said- it is curling night in AMERICA!!1

  • Kian Guarzo
    Kian Guarzo Hace 3 días


  • Kelsey Vincent
    Kelsey Vincent Hace 3 días

    I also want to be like you when I grow up so that's why I am training every day and working as hard as I can to make USWNT and I am rooting for you guys! Go USA

  • Cristobal Cruz-Salinas

    Wow there almost on par with oklahoma kudos!!

  • Елена Коваль

    Где грудь?

  • Zac Burley
    Zac Burley Hace 3 días

    Truly Elite

  • Slim Gem
    Slim Gem Hace 3 días

    Love her leotard

  • Ardita Ferrari
    Ardita Ferrari Hace 3 días

    Oh, her flexibility got so much better! 🥰

  • utaka78
    utaka78 Hace 4 días

    She‘s inhuman 😱

  • saira daily foods share

    Plzzz visit my Chanel ...from Pakistan Punjab

  • saira daily foods share

    Plzzz visit my Chanel.... From Pakistan punjab

  • Dragoslav Vega, Vega
    Dragoslav Vega, Vega Hace 4 días

    His not American, his polish

  • Clint W
    Clint W Hace 4 días

    What up Mr.fields it's all about the horse power haha we all know that 1st. To the corner your gunna podium every time!!! Much love man I'm Kristian Cooper's father same class as you Corbin and others we all know who's fast you just kept the motor rolling amazing job man...go for gold this year!!! All I can say is go fast and send it!!! Much love....

  • Shook Boi
    Shook Boi Hace 4 días

    he made them look so slow lol

  • Madelynn Rawleigh
    Madelynn Rawleigh Hace 4 días

    Is nobody going to comment she made history!?

  • Muhammad Saqeeb
    Muhammad Saqeeb Hace 4 días

    and it all crashed down when he smoked that dank.

    KEEPINGITRILL Hace 4 días

    USA dominated them lmao

  • Mariya Bel
    Mariya Bel Hace 4 días

    Зато Россия на допинге🤣 а здесь натур продукт на успокоительных ага🤣😂

  • VGP let’s play Gaming

    I love how it’s a girl because I play basketball and am a girl

  • Bailey Duryea
    Bailey Duryea Hace 5 días

    Aren't there laws against being this attractive?

  • Tung NGUYEN
    Tung NGUYEN Hace 5 días

    Congratulation Alex Morgan baby boy all girl

    FLAREBLITZ1771 Hace 5 días


  • GAMECHANGER8819 Burnett

    My state!!!

  • Claire Bear
    Claire Bear Hace 5 días

    Your my favorite soccer player it’s my dream to meet you!

  • Claire Bear
    Claire Bear Hace 5 días

    Alex morgen your Amazing! I’m actually wearing your jersey right now!

  • Emanuela Kelechi Okafor

    That landing got my heart running♥

  • Алекс DIZA
    Алекс DIZA Hace 5 días


  • Keno Noke
    Keno Noke Hace 5 días

    Awesome !!!! It’s my dream came close but ... who’s to say I can’t still 🤔🤫

  • Lily Weaver
    Lily Weaver Hace 5 días

    Tyler Downs

  • DreamiClouxFluff
    DreamiClouxFluff Hace 6 días

    Is anyone watching this for school .?

  • Kyle Joultz
    Kyle Joultz Hace 6 días

    sam is fit as fuck

  • Mar Gal
    Mar Gal Hace 6 días

    This woman has a great marketing teem, she's not so good as media pretends. 0:15, 0:55...only to point two of her imprecisions, and everybody sais she's great? I don't think so, besides she's arrogant 😖

  • jbyxxx
    jbyxxx Hace 6 días

    I can show him perfect finish in the bed ;)

  • Jose Armando Venegas Cortes

    the best will always be Nastia Liukin

  • Carol Knight
    Carol Knight Hace 6 días

    That is THE BADDEST girl on the planet!!

  • greatmemes92
    greatmemes92 Hace 6 días

    Had no idea Cody Miller was in this final lmao crazy

  • Calista Yasmin
    Calista Yasmin Hace 6 días

    OMG imagine being this talented doing flips on a little stick in front of thousands and thousands of people, gymnasts are amazing

  • B Chavez
    B Chavez Hace 6 días

    Could’ve used different music.

  • Mostafa Mostafa
    Mostafa Mostafa Hace 6 días

    حبيبي وينر اموت على عير ك حبيبي اموت على خصيانة ظرطة حبيبي الل الف الف مبروووك حبيبي اموت عليك احبك حبيبي ط حبيبي مصطفى من عراق اموت عليك احبك حبي🇮🇶🇪🇬🤾‍♂️🇸🇦🇺🇸🇸🇦🇺🇸🗽🕋

  • Францеска Финдабаир

    перекаченная...прям мужик

  • Timetodiddl
    Timetodiddl Hace 7 días

    In the national anthem it says "that our flag was still there" well this is what it means. After being though alot, it's still there. God Bless America!

  • tf W
    tf W Hace 7 días

    Ohno better go to HOLLYWOOD instead! LMFAO

  • Work Horse
    Work Horse Hace 7 días

    I dont know if my hands are greasy or if my teammates just throw bad passes but they keep slipping out of my hands

  • Robb Hunt
    Robb Hunt Hace 7 días

    OMG!!!! Yeap totally cute!!! Got my attention!!! 😋😘😍😎

  • Edward Williams
    Edward Williams Hace 7 días

    Michael Phelps is the Lebron of the NBA and Tom Brady of the NFL. He is great but the media doesnt give any other guys credit

  • Astrid Schlegel
    Astrid Schlegel Hace 7 días

    This must be trick photography it's insane. How is it that a human being can do this. She is a goddess

  • Ляззажан Момынбаева

    She looks like she is not a woman.

  • Augh Bable
    Augh Bable Hace 7 días

    How the freaking dang she do that... Plusss coach at 1:38 is cute

  • mackenzie fox
    mackenzie fox Hace 7 días

    She do be vibin tho

  • haroldbekkeer
    haroldbekkeer Hace 7 días

    My baby husband 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓🤴🏽💓🤴🏽🤴🏽🤴🏽🤴🏽🤴🏽🥰🥰🥰😘

  • Welerson Ferreira
    Welerson Ferreira Hace 7 días

    Nadia Comaneci / Man??? Awsome performace!

  • DodgeCity111
    DodgeCity111 Hace 7 días

    If he'd keep his gob shut I'd give him more respect. On drugs anyway.

  • Scott Pappas
    Scott Pappas Hace 7 días

    Wow! Hot, hot, hot! Check the basket! DAMN! Men are so hot!

  • Gabby B
    Gabby B Hace 7 días

    This is so incredible. I can’t even imagine doing this. I wonder who thought, “Let’s have people do incredibly challenging aerobics on a three-inch rectangle.” She is Impressive beyond words!

  • Katherine Warren
    Katherine Warren Hace 8 días

    Interesting to watch her. In terms of athletics - the jumps, turns, flips - she cannot be matched. There is literally no one who can match her athletically. However, there is a flow, a grace, a blending from move to move that I really find lacking. It's very much like figure skating in that regard. The focus, what is seen as most important is the athletic side of the sport and the grace, the litheness of movement from trick to trick, expressiveness is shoved aside. I would like to see the two qualities equalized so that it is not only athletic but has that artistic flow that just makes it unbeatable.

  • Andre Seward
    Andre Seward Hace 8 días

    where da lips at

  • Unloaded91
    Unloaded91 Hace 8 días

    We are so excited! Let’s go USA!

  • Israel Seja
    Israel Seja Hace 8 días

    I Thas he has boyfriend yet

  • Kristara Plummer
    Kristara Plummer Hace 8 días

    Simone biles is the goddess of gymnastics

  • eva phernanda
    eva phernanda Hace 8 días

    Go Team USA!

  • eva phernanda
    eva phernanda Hace 8 días

    Great great video!!

  • eva phernanda
    eva phernanda Hace 8 días

    This video felt longer than two minutes

  • Francis Nguyen
    Francis Nguyen Hace 8 días

    Let's go team USA Softball!

  • Francis Nguyen
    Francis Nguyen Hace 8 días

    Go win it, Sydney!

  • kudos2ya37
    kudos2ya37 Hace 9 días

    funny how metcalf was lifting those weights not how ur supposed to lift weights its about slow controlled movements is how you lift weights.. that shit does nothing but, pull muscles out of joints. I lift weight religiously & i'm 52 yrs old i put these young guys to shame at my local Y the high school wrestlers try to peacock around me & have nothing on me, not knowing i'm 52yrs old..

  • Freddy Cooks International SoulFood

    If I could write Simone's Olympic beam routine: 1. Mount: Triple wolf turn 2. Front Ariel + Split jump + Straddle jump 3. Arabian + wolf jump + punch front tuck 4. Back hand spring stepout + back layout stepout + back layout step + corbut 4. Switch leap + Switch leap + half, back pike 5. 180 split jump 6. Dismount: full double tuck since unless they were to adjust the value to the appropriate "I " as it should be. ***Can somebody send this to Cecil!?

  • will segen
    will segen Hace 9 días

    photo finish? wrong video?

  • eva phernanda
    eva phernanda Hace 9 días

    YAY YESSSS!!?❤️❤️🥳

  • john doe
    john doe Hace 9 días

    Dude was so jacked in the thumbnail I thought he was an amateur wrestler.