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  • Joshua Gossman
    Joshua Gossman Hace 19 horas

    9:53 We gonna ignore this bit?

  • Peppiepro Gamez
    Peppiepro Gamez Hace 19 horas

    If you go on your phone in your car in the Netherlands, you are screwed, you need to pay more than €100

  • [CGM] Sleo
    [CGM] Sleo Hace 19 horas

    *oh hi mark*

  • jayaram hemachander.
    jayaram hemachander. Hace 19 horas

    What if he filled helium in all his balloons at 6:38

  • Fix Me
    Fix Me Hace 19 horas

    Pee pee on pool mean bad

  • Angele Queja
    Angele Queja Hace 20 horas

    That just makes me want to eat a burger( although i already ate a burger )

  • Pēteris Zvirgzdiņš
    Pēteris Zvirgzdiņš Hace 20 horas

    Corona beer lol

  • Xardas105
    Xardas105 Hace 20 horas

    WHAT?! Bill Gates said "Now that's light years away from what they used to make" But that's a measure of distance, not time. OH no bill my dude ;:(((

  • 8Honey- Rose8
    8Honey- Rose8 Hace 20 horas

    Its all fun and games until they freeze the sand while somebody is under...

  • Martin Hecht
    Martin Hecht Hace 20 horas

    Wouldnt price increase if demand curve shifts to the right?

  • wolfe dima
    wolfe dima Hace 20 horas

    Imma go for the Neanderthal look. "Eat meat now! I make hurt people! Stay miles away"

  • GrandiosaV4
    GrandiosaV4 Hace 20 horas

    8:20 this reminds me of the goe in super mario sunshine

  • Blutadler
    Blutadler Hace 20 horas

    Pee is sterile, while still in the bladder.. But when it goes through your gender specific canals, it get's contaminated

  • Jack Hamm Hammer X
    Jack Hamm Hammer X Hace 20 horas

    you missed the original rocket powered golf driver. The Hammer X Driver! Doesn't even need a rocket!

  • Pranshu Gupta
    Pranshu Gupta Hace 20 horas

    Except for nasa YOU actually wasted 3 bucks of a bloody thumbnail!!!

  • fr0sti
    fr0sti Hace 20 horas

    jeff bezos not the richest?

  • KJH Customize
    KJH Customize Hace 20 horas

    Wish I can go bed in that pool

  • Abi Colavita
    Abi Colavita Hace 21 un hora

    I live in Canada and it’s winter . I REALLY wish I could plant some but 2-3 months ago me and my friends always walk down a path and pick up garbage

  • Shubham G
    Shubham G Hace 21 un hora

    09:28 Random baby pics *Mr Bean baby pic* appears

  • omerasimijaz
    omerasimijaz Hace 21 un hora

    3:19 obviously

  • Tobias
    Tobias Hace 21 un hora

    A plant based diet is more efficient, yet more expensive. The footage before the bill gates meeting was ppl just saying how they can't tell the difference between plant-based burgers and meat ones, and then bill gates just says "it's getting better", a positive way of saying 'its ok, but not the same'. Atm, these plant based diets just sounds like hot air

  • Sentro
    Sentro Hace 21 un hora

    how would the orbee's size affect he results?

  • Yoni Sadovay
    Yoni Sadovay Hace 21 un hora

    what about cheese and milk though

  • Efthimios Vampertsis
    Efthimios Vampertsis Hace 21 un hora

    i will never stop eating meat never

  • Daniel Logan
    Daniel Logan Hace 21 un hora

    Is the caronavirus worse then whatever he said? Is it?

  • Pinkdogisnotalongname _
    Pinkdogisnotalongname _ Hace 21 un hora

    Should we be concerned that fish oil looks identical to urine?

  • Brandon Y Domingo
    Brandon Y Domingo Hace 21 un hora


  • Antigone
    Antigone Hace 22 horas

    How did they do the clean up after?

  • Fazebear 09
    Fazebear 09 Hace 22 horas

    It’s like a tornado siren

  • Elena 22
    Elena 22 Hace 22 horas

    With the rope one I usually turn upside-down and climb further, idk why, but it works (for me)

  • Daniel Logan
    Daniel Logan Hace 22 horas

    And this is why I’m a vegan

  • Shivank Bhadauria
    Shivank Bhadauria Hace 22 horas

    Who else watch this bcz it was satisfactory

  • PhiloBot
    PhiloBot Hace 22 horas

    I expected a plastic toy burger when I saw the title.

  • Protik Hazarika
    Protik Hazarika Hace 23 horas

    How is it going to be affordable ? Vs real meat

  • Waefr
    Waefr Hace 23 horas

    Tip no 6. : use corona bottle

  • v CNBL
    v CNBL Hace 23 horas

    plants and well a whole lot of soy, ew

  • shiva k
    shiva k Hace 23 horas

    Dang It

  • BunnyTClub
    BunnyTClub Hace 23 horas

    either way this is so amazing that you can actually create something that taste like a meat but is not meat ^^

  • BunnyTClub
    BunnyTClub Hace 23 horas

    mmmm burgers

  • The Tatted gamer
    The Tatted gamer Hace 23 horas

    I'll take 10

  • Simon Naoum
    Simon Naoum Hace 23 horas

    Mark: exists Also Mark: *wholesome 100*

  • Kairos
    Kairos Hace 23 horas

    he just ate a sandwich off the ground...

  • Shaun Ross
    Shaun Ross Hace 23 horas

    What about the effect of soy on gents? Estrogen issues... I don't mean to be sounding against this, I really want to try this kind of thing, but I do my best not to go near any soy products for this reason. Soy also negatively impacts thyroid function which can lead to gaining weight due to lower metabolism (small, but present effect.)

  • Alexandria Cheah
    Alexandria Cheah Hace un día

    For the people who wanted to skip seconds:

  • Adeyemi Deborah
    Adeyemi Deborah Hace un día

    What is that white thing behind his ear

  • Akira Kurusu
    Akira Kurusu Hace un día

    When I saw grant my heart dropped. </3

  • Super Saiyan
    Super Saiyan Hace un día

    You are a LEGEND, Mark. What a thoughtful person.☺

  • Teen Pilot
    Teen Pilot Hace un día

    i did this experiment in school but smaller

  • Shimrah Muhammad
    Shimrah Muhammad Hace un día

    I feel sorry for his nieces.

  • Keandre Gil Ducot
    Keandre Gil Ducot Hace un día

    I love how this guy is casually friends with the richest man in the world and never asks him for money

  • oopsitsdeleted
    oopsitsdeleted Hace un día

    Imagine if somebody put a 0 instead of a 1 in the code and it crashed

  • Please don't mind my really long name, thank you.

    We value life too much honestly.. ever think about that snail you just stepped on? Or that ant? Or that roach? No? That's really how little our lives mean.. it's great to see how much we've accomplished as humans and all but it's never good to stress over climate change and things you can't control as one person.. just live your life the best you can and be happy..

  • SafiKing1 Pro
    SafiKing1 Pro Hace un día

    I’ve played this game

    MEME MEKER MACCINE Hace un día

    Damn i Love your Videos :)

  • Danielle Rose
    Danielle Rose Hace un día


  • Danielle Rose
    Danielle Rose Hace un día


  • Sahil Sharma
    Sahil Sharma Hace un día

    This has been my make these kinda drones all by myself!....This wud be so awesome

  • zeebreh
    zeebreh Hace un día

    Just wondering. Does this include fish or other seafood?

  • Danielle Rose
    Danielle Rose Hace un día

    3:03 Goku ain’t got nothing on that

  • Camilia Moto Rider
    Camilia Moto Rider Hace un día

    i gotta get one of these jaja this is so cool :D

  • QuantumS1ngularity
    QuantumS1ngularity Hace un día

    The most important thing about really hooking your kids with these science projects is that it will teach them to think outside of the box and develop their problem solving skills. And this would help them much more in life than anything else. Cause it's not only about asking the questions, it's the way to test it and prove it or disprove it. Us people, we are not just born smart and wait for the moment to show it. Guys like Mark got NASA smart not by being born that way. He got hooked on science and learnt his brain to follow the scientific footprints and clues. Like a crime scene investigator but for science questions. And if you nudge your kid into science and he turns out have the potential 20-30 years later he'd be either a great scientist or a notorious criminal, because that's where most people with the highest IQ and up.

  • MR. Shazam
    MR. Shazam Hace un día

    The next pandemic is here @markrober

  • john miller
    john miller Hace un día

    the sharks are out smarting you

  • Shay Leanne
    Shay Leanne Hace un día

    Breathing (to save the world)

  • kakman1958
    kakman1958 Hace un día

    So I decided to try the experiment myself. Tracked down some Beyond Burger patties here in Australia and cooked them up. The good news is they taste fine - genuinely couldn't tell the difference and would happily eat them. The bad news is they worked out to $53 a kilo against beef mince which is $9 a kilo. I want to help the planet but six times the cost is just crazy. I'd probably be willing to go double the price but until manufacturing can be scaled to reduce the price it's just a dream to be eating this instead of real meat.

  • Alex Lightning
    Alex Lightning Hace un día

    WAIT WHAT?!?!?!!!!!! THIS IS WHY I HAVE ASMA?!?!?!!????? !11!!!1111!!!1111

  • MadPotty01
    MadPotty01 Hace un día

    What's with the backwards cap?

  • Joshua Casbol
    Joshua Casbol Hace un día

    I may not get a strike. But. My lean game is strong.

  • Zyrus Samar
    Zyrus Samar Hace un día

    Is there water in mars or living organism?

  • SpecOps 121
    SpecOps 121 Hace un día

    If grant were still here I wonder who would win in creativity and ideas

  • h maldaner
    h maldaner Hace un día

    u could also make it twirl so it slows down

  • Naiem Mia
    Naiem Mia Hace un día

    Why don't you talk about fishes? Fish is more sustainable, or not?

  • AnGe2K8 TV
    AnGe2K8 TV Hace un día


  • Dr. Kahkashan Hasan
    Dr. Kahkashan Hasan Hace un día

    3:00 did anyone else see the rocket that NASA sent?

  • clair jones
    clair jones Hace un día

    The disease bit from plage ink

  • Challe Gaming07
    Challe Gaming07 Hace un día

    Can you Try to make a working baymax

  • Andrew12064
    Andrew12064 Hace un día

    Ohhhhhh thats goooood

  • xDakem
    xDakem Hace un día

    How did he make the "in car" videoshots?

  • Ryan Syahputra
    Ryan Syahputra Hace un día

    Nasa: lets go to mars Mark:lets fix the earth

  • Yadumani Ghimire
    Yadumani Ghimire Hace un día

    Ngl this guy could make millions if not billions

  • Veaceslav BARBARII
    Veaceslav BARBARII Hace un día

    10:22 That proves sharks have a good memory and if you piss them off, they I'll never forget it.

  • The Girl
    The Girl Hace un día

    We are taking down forests to make plant based food and we are torturing animals to get meat. Whatever we do we loose the game of life

  • Fury Bolt
    Fury Bolt Hace un día

    I've never seen so much research done on a simple game🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • CamoDog
    CamoDog Hace un día

    You should also try the meat they grow in factory’s but it’s like real meat!!!!

  • Darren Tan AKA SubSamurott Neko

    I literally cannot tell if he’s joking or being serious

  • Bryan G
    Bryan G Hace un día

    My idea, instead of glitter, use cat or dog poop so it will splatter it over and mess up their car.

  • Kalebjcool 2
    Kalebjcool 2 Hace un día

    Actually Boston dynamics use cgi so the not abusing robots

  • skysnightmar3
    skysnightmar3 Hace un día

    I love how he makes the Jedi finger wag to make it look like he opened the automatic door

  • Nguyen Jayson
    Nguyen Jayson Hace un día

    Just like my project I did in my school

  • Rex Mine09
    Rex Mine09 Hace un día

    1:54 didn’t he die cuz of a paramotor accident

  • UmmYeahOk
    UmmYeahOk Hace un día

    When I was a kid, I would always win the jackpot at the cyclone within no more than 5 tries at my local Chuck E Cheese. I would then wait an hour for the jackpot to increase again, and win once more. I found the machines elsewhere however and could not for the life of me win. I guess whoever managed the Chuck E Cheese back then set it to easy. I mean, it was still a challenge for many.

  • Lauren Pinkie Pie
    Lauren Pinkie Pie Hace un día

    also lab grown meat

  • 09 FishyTunaPlayz
    09 FishyTunaPlayz Hace un día

    What a legend even im watching in 2020

  • Aldrid Romo
    Aldrid Romo Hace un día

    Can't you make a pool of slime

  • Kevin Hoang
    Kevin Hoang Hace un día

    Forbidden slushees

  • Frank Ramirez
    Frank Ramirez Hace un día

    You believe everything is great and that provides hope to the world

  • jacob defibaugh
    jacob defibaugh Hace un día

    Actually Jeff bezos is the richest man in the world

  • Rohit 7
    Rohit 7 Hace un día

    Change Uranus from UrPEAnus