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Best Matches at the 2020 ATP Cup!
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Serbia Wins the ATP Cup!
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Marcelo Rios Best-Ever ATP Shots
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The Story of the 2019 ATP 500s!
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  • Najwa Omahmed
    Najwa Omahmed Hace 3 horas

    My bold prediction , novak Djokovic will win all the grand slams this year, remember that 😉😆

  • Shane Bond
    Shane Bond Hace 3 horas

    How many veterans are still active as of 20th January '20 ?? These are the veterans whom I know are still active :- Federer (age 38.5) Kohlschreiber (age 36) Djokovic (age 32) Nadal (age 33) Del Potro (age 31) Tsonga (age 34) Monfils (age 33) Karlovic (age 40 , birthday coming up in February) Gilles Simon (age 35) Murray (age 32) Isner (age 34) You may add names to this list ..

  • Bartek Latawiec
    Bartek Latawiec Hace 3 horas

    We will keep on hearing the same thing over and over for the next couple years, yet it'll still be rafa and nole winning majors

  • Златан Чолаков

    Calendar Grand Slam for DJOKOVIC!

  • Markel Villapalos Diez

    Nick is going to win the australian open and wimbledon

  • Nicholas Katsoulas
    Nicholas Katsoulas Hace 4 horas

    My bold prediction: Zverev will be outside the top 10 or just sneak in at the last minute (unless he stops looking at himself in the mirror too much and sorts himself out)

  • vaibhav mishra
    vaibhav mishra Hace 4 horas

    They all have said we hope....

  • Enes asdfgh
    Enes asdfgh Hace 4 horas

    best comments from zverev

  • Abhishek Artwani
    Abhishek Artwani Hace 4 horas

    Tsitsipas or Thiem against Big 4, giving us one of the best matches of this Year

  • IWasMilk-Minecraft
    IWasMilk-Minecraft Hace 4 horas

    And then the big 3 wins all the majors

  • Berk Arslan
    Berk Arslan Hace 4 horas

    I will list my predictions and reasonable lusts 1. Rafa to win AO and defend world no.1 2. Good results in 500s and 1000s for Thiem, Tsitsipas and Djokovic and bad results for Rafa 3. Djokovic to be world no. 1 4. Rafa to win Roland Garros and be the world no. 1 again 5. Federer to win Wimbledon (I hope) 6. Nextgen to win everything except USO 7. Djokovic to win USO 8. World no.1 nextgen

  • Subhajit Biswas
    Subhajit Biswas Hace 4 horas

    No different grand slam winners ...... Mark my word #Rafa #Novak

  • east born
    east born Hace 4 horas

    Rublev 🇷🇺 -> top 10

  • Bruce Bogtrotter
    Bruce Bogtrotter Hace 4 horas

    Hurkacz will win the Australian Open

  • Rockin' Records
    Rockin' Records Hace 4 horas

    Dominic, Daniil or Stephanos eventually

  • Rockin' Records
    Rockin' Records Hace 4 horas

    Fognini always the same clown joking with bad things like injuries. He should seriously understand what they meant for Rafa or Del Potro

  • Lazar Radojcic
    Lazar Radojcic Hace 4 horas

    2:07 how dare you Fabio 🤣🤣?

  • Lazar Stjepanovic
    Lazar Stjepanovic Hace 4 horas

    For 100 percent Australian Djo French Nadal Wimbledon Medvedev Us open ?

    • Cristhine J
      Cristhine J Hace 4 horas

      @Lazar Stjepanovic maybe, but I don't think Nadal will defend the title. I hope we have a different grand slam winner this year, maybe Medvedev or Thiem

    • Lazar Stjepanovic
      Lazar Stjepanovic Hace 4 horas

      @Cristhine J I don 't think so Medvedev will play too much matches I Think he would not have enough Power to do this.

    • Lazar Stjepanovic
      Lazar Stjepanovic Hace 4 horas

      @David Aleksidze That was the old Medvedev

    • Cristhine J
      Cristhine J Hace 4 horas

      There is no way Medvedev will win Wimbledon. I think he will win the US open

    • David Aleksidze
      David Aleksidze Hace 4 horas

      Medvedev crashed out at R1 last year at Wimby. Bit too much of a jump.

  • Ronnie James Osbourne
    Ronnie James Osbourne Hace 4 horas

    Stan throwing some shade at Roger... I hope he proves him and everyone else wrong AGAIN.

    • Zafferung
      Zafferung Hace 4 horas

      Fucking insecure loser.

  • Kiran Kumar
    Kiran Kumar Hace 4 horas

    Djokovic wins the golden grand slam in 2020 - 1st man & second after Steffi Graf in 1988

  • vbgggfff
    vbgggfff Hace 4 horas

    Stan the Man keeps it real.

  • Don Vitto
    Don Vitto Hace 4 horas


  • Nanas 62
    Nanas 62 Hace 4 horas

    In fact, most think it will be a new and young winner ... after that, there are so many surprises right now that we don't really know ...

  • soager009 69
    soager009 69 Hace 4 horas

    Medvedev winning Grand Slam this year sounds reasonable.

  • Lubomir Radev
    Lubomir Radev Hace 4 horas

    Rafa breaks his leg I guess

  • Masterdoctorgenius14
    Masterdoctorgenius14 Hace 4 horas

    Rafa wont win a slam in 2020

  • son of god
    son of god Hace 4 horas

    federer wins two slams rafa won't win roland garros us open has clearly new gs winner and i agree to roger we will see three different number 1, they are rafa,novak and roger after winning wimbledon

  • Κρίστη Μελάνου

    Huge Nole's fan here...I think Novak will take AO and Wiblendon.Rafa or Thiem the RG and Medvedev the UO.Let's see!!!

  • abhishiek veeravilli
    abhishiek veeravilli Hace 4 horas


  • achu4195
    achu4195 Hace 4 horas

    My bold prediction which is obviously gonna be the reality- Stan is always right.

  • Milos Tomic
    Milos Tomic Hace 4 horas

    Here's my picks for season: AO - Djokovic. RG- Nadal/Thiem. W - Djokovic. US- Medvedev. It would be hilarious if Federer can win one more GS, let's say Roland Garros.That would be absurd.

  • Soundof Silence
    Soundof Silence Hace 4 horas

    Andy wins Wimbledon.

  • achu4195
    achu4195 Hace 4 horas

    Next-gen: we will win! We will win! Nole to Rafa in 2050 : Next gen is very slow. Unbelievable.

    • achu4195
      achu4195 Hace 3 horas

      @KASIbc2003 😄

    • KASIbc2003
      KASIbc2003 Hace 4 horas

      achu4195 Rafa: Very umbelibable, no?

  • Luca 00
    Luca 00 Hace 4 horas

    unfortunately rafa will not win the roland garros

  • Sultan Mahmud
    Sultan Mahmud Hace 4 horas

    Roger will win two slams

  • AnxiousJoe
    AnxiousJoe Hace 4 horas

    "I've played well on clay as well" Zverev why you always gotta talk about yourself lol

    • Hari Govind
      Hari Govind Hace 3 horas

      Hes won 2 masters on clay, beating Djokovic and Thiem in finals and gave a major scare to Rafa on another one's final. So yeah he does play well. But he dosent have much chance in Best of 5.

    • Ajinkya Karpe
      Ajinkya Karpe Hace 4 horas

      I was waiting for this comment 😂😂😂

    • vaibhav mishra
      vaibhav mishra Hace 4 horas

      That Must be making him happier,but that's a good part he is original not faking it.

    • SwissBliss
      SwissBliss Hace 4 horas

      Lol what? Why wouldn’t he say that hes not bad on clay?

    • Аугу́сто Пиноче́т
      Аугу́сто Пиноче́т Hace 4 horas

      Why not?

  • George Constantinou
    George Constantinou Hace 4 horas

    Roger Federer winning Grand Slam No21.

    • Achilles94627
      Achilles94627 Hace 4 horas

      I'm a huge Federer fan, but that's a very bold statement..

  • Mark FatMan
    Mark FatMan Hace 4 horas

    Feder as always came with something different - smartest guy on tour.

  • Sethu Pathy
    Sethu Pathy Hace 4 horas

    Me:Rafa will win the Melbourne, Tokyo Olympics and Wimbledon 🏆💪 Rafa:Umbelievable😄😜

  • Аугу́сто Пиноче́т

    Why outside top 4? Is this a hint that Medvedev will not win? Tsitsipas fuckin moron

  • Berk Arslan
    Berk Arslan Hace 4 horas

    0:06 seems like both Fabio and Mateo

  • John Nartey
    John Nartey Hace 4 horas

    rublev will make top 2 and novak and rafa will win 2 slams

  • g h
    g h Hace 4 horas


  • Alkool Smoker
    Alkool Smoker Hace 4 horas

    Wawrinka is right guys.

    • Clarence G
      Clarence G Hace 3 horas

      Yop most experienced player to say so lolz

  • Sandeep Kumar
    Sandeep Kumar Hace 4 horas

    Zverev: me

  • Flea bitten
    Flea bitten Hace 4 horas

    Fognini thinks Rafa is going to break his leg in 2020, he must have mafia connections.

    • Javi ZC
      Javi ZC Hace 4 horas

      Maybe her son will die with cancer... Its my bold prediction

    • Paolo Bianchi
      Paolo Bianchi Hace 4 horas

      I’m italian but this comment Made me laugh a lot ahahHaha

  • mounir sanni
    mounir sanni Hace 4 horas


  • Muddassir Ahmed
    Muddassir Ahmed Hace 4 horas

    Rafael Nadal

  • omer rasiuk
    omer rasiuk Hace 4 horas

    Sinner will beat a top 10 player

  • Andre
    Andre Hace 4 horas

    Everyone: new grand slam winner Top 3: 1:44

  • Gary Miller
    Gary Miller Hace 4 horas

    Loved the video and the question! I think Medvedev wins a Slam, and Rafa and Novak win the rest.

  • tarun rohit
    tarun rohit Hace 4 horas

    Theim Winning french open

  • Tommaso Schena
    Tommaso Schena Hace 4 horas

    Everyone: a new slam winner Me: just bet 50€ on Djokovic winning all 4 Slams.

    • Sethu Pathy
      Sethu Pathy Hace 4 horas


    • Tommaso Schena
      Tommaso Schena Hace 4 horas

      @Adam Cang let's make this season a little bit more exciting.

    • Adam Cang
      Adam Cang Hace 4 horas

      Tommaso Schena easy money

  • Wishcraftian
    Wishcraftian Hace 4 horas

    Why do they keep saying top 4? Medvedev is currently 4th and Thiem is currently 5th and neither of them have won a Grand Slam.

  • Olly Paton
    Olly Paton Hace 4 horas

    Rafa will get the GS record in 2020 ❤️

  • Julian 47
    Julian 47 Hace 4 horas


  • Aditya Sathish
    Aditya Sathish Hace 5 horas

    4:39 Lol. It's like a Charlie Chaplin scene.

  • Ismet Čehić
    Ismet Čehić Hace 5 horas

    This was 2017 Federer... Just unplayable

  • Edgarzim memphisDepay 11

    Indian Wells, Barcelona, Kiltzbuel, Bejin, Vienna, WHAT A YEAR 💪🇦🇹

  • T F
    T F Hace 7 horas

    Greatest forehand I’ve watched

  • level 3 neural network
    level 3 neural network Hace 11 horas

    federer s the goat but nadal is better

  • Samuel Lalhmingsanga Pachuau

    Matt Berrettini is such a good looking guy!Other good looking guys from the current and past ATP Players(for me) are: Borna Coric, Dmitrov, Fognini, Feliciano Lopez, Zverev, Andy Roddick, Benoit Paire, Patrick Rafter, Mardy Fish, Marat Safin, Verdasco, Arnaud Clement....

  • Mark Thomson
    Mark Thomson Hace 14 horas

    My Lord...that Fokina forehand at 6'35"...Incredible.

  • Some Guy You Don’t Know

    He looks like he's playing badminton

  • Nihal
    Nihal Hace 15 horas


  • Claudio Alfaiate da Costa freitas

    I love Federer

  • Ruben Kogel
    Ruben Kogel Hace 17 horas

    no meltdown, good sportsmanship. Paire had some highlight worthy shots but Ugo is a level above in terms of consistency.

  • C0COT3X_ Vzla
    C0COT3X_ Vzla Hace 17 horas

    JAJAJAJA 3:10

  • Javier Cortes Rojas
    Javier Cortes Rojas Hace 18 horas

    La mejor mano de la historia del tenis

  • Fernando Concha
    Fernando Concha Hace 18 horas

    Dislike because this video is too short

  • JL
    JL Hace 19 horas

    Moutet is on his way to be a clay expert.

  • MrJohnnyblazed
    MrJohnnyblazed Hace 19 horas

    How is it possible that these guys are only 1 year apart???? Safin born 1980 Fed born 1981

  • Vukan Simic
    Vukan Simic Hace 21 un hora

    One of the best matches i have ever seen!!!

  • Mark Kostornov
    Mark Kostornov Hace 22 horas

    Сезон начался как надо! Спасибо всем

  • Manny Zooster
    Manny Zooster Hace un día

    A moment of silence for all the lost gen(s) players: Year born: 1988: Ernest Gulbis, JMDP (kinda), Marin Cilic (also kinda) 1989: Kei Nishikori 1990: Milos Raonic, David Goffin 1991: Grigor Dimitrov 1992: Jack Sock 1993: Dominic Thiem (there is still a chance) 1994: Lucas Pouille 1995: Nick Kygrios (given up) This is so sad, Alexa play Despacito

  • sebastian arellano
    sebastian arellano Hace un día

    Everything happened in Paris

  • Samuel Aldrey
    Samuel Aldrey Hace un día

    Rublev, Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Medvedev and Thiem for me.

  • RickeGnool
    RickeGnool Hace un día

    For me Cueves's was the shot of the decade.

  • qubitz
    qubitz Hace un día

    Whats David Goffin's worst nightmare - Grigor Dimitrov.

  • Lukas Helmhart
    Lukas Helmhart Hace un día

    Everyone but noway kyrgios

  • Table Tennis Tennis Community

    If you are wondering who 1:31 is it is Taylor Dent

  • QuaeroChannel
    QuaeroChannel Hace un día


  • Анастасия Бубнова

    What about Medvedev-Nadal at the US Open final? Medvedev-Djokovich in Cincinatti also was the great match

  • kavor Joseph
    kavor Joseph Hace un día


  • Jkan2001
    Jkan2001 Hace un día

    I see paire loses in title I gotta click

  • martin van Rossum
    martin van Rossum Hace un día

    nr 8 - 3 -1 thsnk u :-)))

  • Antti L
    Antti L Hace un día

    Has anyone else noticed how one dimensional the Paire forehand is? He seems to be comfortable at hitting the cross court drive FH but other than that he has no variety nor confidence in it.

    • Antti L
      Antti L Hace un día

      The point at 3:15 is a perfect example. Humbert knew 100% that Paire is gonna hit it cross court.

  • Lucio Hermans
    Lucio Hermans Hace un día

    Great highlights

  • Julian Barth
    Julian Barth Hace un día

    Rublev reminds me so much of David Ferrer. Hopefully he will have a similar career

  • Philipp Federle
    Philipp Federle Hace un día

    Best Second serve: Zverev: I probably would put me in there because I am only making 20 double faults per match

  • Noman Khan
    Noman Khan Hace un día

    What does maiden title mean?

  • 2Majesties
    2Majesties Hace un día

    Rublev: talented player, obnoxious grunt.

  • Soleh Hudin
    Soleh Hudin Hace un día

    The big three rusia man Kachanov, Medvedev, and rublev

  • Bogi Goo
    Bogi Goo Hace un día

    You... shouldve gone for the backhand crosscourt... *snap*

  • hanpeter25252500
    hanpeter25252500 Hace un día

    السـلام عــليكم مــحتاجه110 مشــترك علـشان اكــمل الشــروط والــله مصـــدر ـــرزق لـــيا محدش يتجاهل تعليقـــي الوتساب الخاص بي 00212620570789

  •  Hace un día

    Rublu in fine form going into the AO. 😋

  • Golden Set
    Golden Set Hace un día

    zverev has the most randomest answers ever

  • Jose Luis Romero Tapia

    Buenísimo video! Gran aporte a quienes estuvimos despiertos horas y horas para ver partidos del Chino!

  • EhCloserLook
    EhCloserLook Hace un día

    Anyone else not a fan of Rublev's grunting???

  • Kyle H
    Kyle H Hace un día

    "Tough as a woodpecker's lips"..this guy (forget his name) has been the best tennis commentator before he was born and his enthusiasm & ebullience & excitement is unparalleled