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Tyler Perry Presents: The Oval
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  • girl flexx
    girl flexx Hace 4 minutos

    Shes a problem and so unproblomatic all at the same time 💪🏾

  • Madam A
    Madam A Hace 7 minutos

    Bet she got money for it

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle Hace 7 minutos

    I thought Lil Baby was Offset at first smh

  • DG Filming Production
    DG Filming Production Hace 9 minutos

    I didn’t like Obama and I didn’t vote for him and I’m black. He ain’t nothing for the blacks for real! He gave the gays more rights and legalized gay marriage how can you respect him for going against the Bible

  • Yarg Robby
    Yarg Robby Hace 23 minutos

    Missing jr writer verse missing method man missing a 4 biggavel lol who else

  • dopey swag
    dopey swag Hace 24 minutos

    Rick Ross a dope rapper but lol he need to chill with the weight lost he owt there looking like a Turkey

  • Hineyman
    Hineyman Hace 36 minutos

    Somebody tell phora u gets no tough points for dissing Akademiks and lil zan that’s corny

  • Tulio Ramirez
    Tulio Ramirez Hace 39 minutos


  • Aaron Sargent
    Aaron Sargent Hace 40 minutos

    What am I watching ES-pl

  • Hineyman
    Hineyman Hace 44 minutos

    Cas freestyling shows y ny was behind 69 smh 🗑

  • NUNE 242
    NUNE 242 Hace 51 un minuto

    🙋 Here for it Tyler!

  • giovanna G
    giovanna G Hace 52 minutos

    Flawless 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • ReD ReaVeR
    ReD ReaVeR Hace 53 minutos

    Whoop that trick, presidential style

    SENSATION Hace 55 minutos

    Why does lil baby always sounds like he just woke up

  • 花 光
    花 光 Hace 59 minutos

    2:42 it’s the Gregory bros

  • Aireey
    Aireey Hace un hora


  • TheLeah2344
    TheLeah2344 Hace un hora

    I use to spend a lot of money on hair products because I didn’t know what worked for me when I first went natural but now I don’t. On average, I spend around $35 on oil and Shea butter only because the Shea butter I get is expensive but it works for my hair. My shampoo and conditioner lasts for a long time and I only spend $16 on it which counting the shampoo and conditioner will be about $51 dollars all together on hair products. I only spend more than that when I protective style and I go to a stylist who doesn’t over charge. I pay around $90 for cornrows and $120 for faux locs and when I protective style I don’t need to buy hair products often besides oil. I would definitely not spend over $300 for a weave. That is ridiculous!

  • Leather Neck
    Leather Neck Hace un hora

    This n lying

  • Radu Laurentiu
    Radu Laurentiu Hace un hora

    50 ur are in the wrong place 😂😂😂

  • Christian G
    Christian G Hace un hora

    Where is his shirt from?

  • Saone Dixon
    Saone Dixon Hace un hora

    Squat baby baby baby, show me that throut baby. 😄 duval a fool!

  • Lucia Ralepobe
    Lucia Ralepobe Hace un hora

    He..... He on the knee 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ProvidingResources
    ProvidingResources Hace un hora

    Lil Kim did her than but she needs to work on her cardio so she continues to perform well. Junior Mafia hit the stage like whooo. I missed the show but love that I was able to watch the clip on ES-pl. My old butt dancing around the living room like I am 24. Heyyy, but the moves never left. I got down there but struggled to get back up. :) :) I came to life when she said "Wanna rumble with the bee...throw a hex on your whole family." Ohhh shyttee.. that brought back some real memories. Seems like everyone was lip-syncing but I still enjoyed the performance. The audience was hyped to the fullest and enjoying the performance like I was. Teyana Taylor was hyped and she made me more hyped.

  • john smithe
    john smithe Hace un hora


  • R35
    R35 Hace un hora

    If you sign a contract you have to produce music the industry wants. Be independent produce music you want to

  • Lucia Ralepobe
    Lucia Ralepobe Hace un hora

    I lost to Puffy

  • Jukwa Yaba
    Jukwa Yaba Hace un hora

    Dopest medley

  • Jukwa Yaba
    Jukwa Yaba Hace un hora

    Stay schemin

  • Clif Brohn
    Clif Brohn Hace un hora

    Instrumental? What’s the name?

  • Jukwa Yaba
    Jukwa Yaba Hace un hora

    Deeper than rap is a real classic hit.

  • Jukwa Yaba
    Jukwa Yaba Hace un hora

    Is it me or Ross lost weight?

  • 876ME
    876ME Hace un hora

    $40,000 a year to wear someone else’s hair?!?! I’m sorry, that is embarrassing and shameful on so many levels! I could not listen to the video after she said that bullshit!

  • olivia glover
    olivia glover Hace un hora

    Omg they need to stop crying. They’re so butthurt. If the men can talk about superhead in all their songs she can talk then period they started it. And the other girls are acting like such prudes all they have to say is we’re not all the same. They come off as major haters.

  • Mr Jiggly
    Mr Jiggly Hace un hora

    (4:01) Nice..

  • Nelly
    Nelly Hace un hora

    Lord help me to hold on to You.

  • Boygenuis1
    Boygenuis1 Hace un hora

    Chingy a legend

  • Hamza Turan Kubilay
    Hamza Turan Kubilay Hace un hora

    50 cent with spiderman suit should be a Mortal Kombat DC character.

  • ♨️freddytayam♨️

    Looks like a child, carries himself of age tho👀👀👨‍💻

  • Terek Southerland
    Terek Southerland Hace 2 horas

    The performance was lame af they sitting down for a reason😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Peacemaker
    Peacemaker Hace 2 horas


  • Hamza Turan Kubilay
    Hamza Turan Kubilay Hace 2 horas


  • Mesha Capone
    Mesha Capone Hace 2 horas

    To be honest I could hear Mario on “Bed” over Chris. I could definitely hear Omarion “Suffocate” him of August Alsina (of course I know Aug wasn’t out then but still).

  • Pub Zero
    Pub Zero Hace 2 horas

    This is what 8 mile should’ve been

  • TaEDoN24o6
    TaEDoN24o6 Hace 2 horas


  • Viv R
    Viv R Hace 2 horas

    He looks like an annoying little feck around the house, but in a hilarious way😆

  • Marianne Baskerville-Hilliard

    Nivea your awesome!

  • Natasha Yolanda
    Natasha Yolanda Hace 2 horas

    Ummmm 🤤🤤🤤💚

  • Donnie Brazzersco
    Donnie Brazzersco Hace 2 horas

    Her voice nasty af live. All hits tho, but damn wtf happened to her? She was hot already and she fucked up herself.

    WOODY MCCLAIN #1 FAN Hace 2 horas

    Dayuum Ron. Smooth as hell still lol

  • Chester Fann
    Chester Fann Hace 2 horas

    WhY iS 13:25 nOt A mEmE!?

  • Michael
    Michael Hace 2 horas

    Sarkodie ur the best

  • Miss Blassy
    Miss Blassy Hace 2 horas

    She just made me cry 😢

  • Breezy Bre
    Breezy Bre Hace 3 horas

    I love her voice and she’s pretty, I love her whole vibe.

  • Yasmani Tristan
    Yasmani Tristan Hace 3 horas

    This guy has so much hate for Em is actually pitiful. Can’t wait for Shady to him no love!

  • illy TgMuzik
    illy TgMuzik Hace 3 horas

    Fye baby

    KiNGBERRi Hace 3 horas

    Both of them are genius.

    KEVONTRA HARRISON Hace 3 horas

    He got a lisp like a mf

  • Phumzile Sinorita Nyawose

    I'm willing to give it a try

  • Darkside Rydah
    Darkside Rydah Hace 3 horas

    Not that he didn't earn it, but I watch battle rap and this crowd is catered for DNA style. Even his basic bars go hard on here. Bet is weak.

  • Tomislav Milić
    Tomislav Milić Hace 3 horas

    That's an awfully hot coffe pot

  • Adi Murenzi
    Adi Murenzi Hace 3 horas

    What a trashy beat😱

  • LbyhustlinVEVO
    LbyhustlinVEVO Hace 3 horas


  • Shannon Pollard
    Shannon Pollard Hace 4 horas

    I'll still listen to Big Pimpin in 2019.

  • Kardel X
    Kardel X Hace 4 horas

    if you don’t recognize your own bars i’m gonna assume you don’t write your own lyrics 😂

  • Shadia and the City
    Shadia and the City Hace 4 horas

    Donald did the song and seems woke but in real life when he isn't performing he seems awkward, disengaged and uncomfortable....probably just the artist in him...but he is definitely peculiar

  • Mark Bartoszek
    Mark Bartoszek Hace 4 horas

    Hold up! What's that white guy doing at 2:39? Is he lost?

  • Paris Esco
    Paris Esco Hace 4 horas

    H Town the hoes was haten Megan

  • Kofi Ashiadey
    Kofi Ashiadey Hace 4 horas


  • Kofi Ashiadey
    Kofi Ashiadey Hace 4 horas

    *S A R K.*

  • J. Quan
    J. Quan Hace 4 horas

    What Does Tyler Perry Studios Do For Our People?? You Can't even Live in it and S/O too my Mexicans that Build it

  • Dayna Potato
    Dayna Potato Hace 4 horas

    Her voice gives me ASMR, eye-

  • roxanna mavakanian
    roxanna mavakanian Hace 4 horas

    I just watched Rythm + Flow show on Netflix Watching T.I. And Nipsey together :(((

  • xAspect_ YT
    xAspect_ YT Hace 4 horas

    Wtf is he saying?????

  • Alhaji Musa Kamara
    Alhaji Musa Kamara Hace 4 horas

    Sarkodie is a legend on the mic

  • Abudo Ainadine
    Abudo Ainadine Hace 4 horas


  • l Death Wlsh l Gaming
    l Death Wlsh l Gaming Hace 4 horas

    Thank you for spreading the word on how corrupt you news station really are

  • Biannca Jones
    Biannca Jones Hace 4 horas

    Maybe it's just me but it seems like every year the audience is dead during the performances at the Hip Hop Awards. Honestly, it's irritating.😬😬🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • senseiLeebri
    senseiLeebri Hace 4 horas

    Y’all slept on that “Lester the court jester” bar man I loved that movie lmao

  • Tomika Adams
    Tomika Adams Hace 4 horas

    Everytime I watch this I skip to Method Man prt. He definitely represented NYC ! That man is FINE WINE 🍷!!!

  • Lando Polaroid
    Lando Polaroid Hace 4 horas

    Even Rihanna was shook at how shook she was

  • The BRIDGE 54
    The BRIDGE 54 Hace 4 horas

    How can we as a people capitalize on what we consume? That’s the question that to be ask, answered and solved.

  • Egyptian Cotton
    Egyptian Cotton Hace 4 horas

    Just that last 1:38... when she roach back and told the truth.. Power

  • Richard Lewis
    Richard Lewis Hace 5 horas

    Keep ur head up kim.....the war has started

  • salma ahmed
    salma ahmed Hace 5 horas

    She cannot dance😭😭

  • Deguy Deman
    Deguy Deman Hace 5 horas

    Trump hate is soo four years ago

  • PassionFashions
    PassionFashions Hace 5 horas

    There were a lot of great female rappers but lil Kim was the female Biggie. It don’t get no better than that.

  • Ronald Petters
    Ronald Petters Hace 5 horas

    LYNWOOD 211ST....fucc the other side!!

  • Savagebootybuilder
    Savagebootybuilder Hace 5 horas

    This motivated me to push for my own dreams even though I don't aspire to sing

  • Ronald Petters
    Ronald Petters Hace 5 horas

    LYNWOOD 211ST...

  • uuuhh hi
    uuuhh hi Hace 5 horas

    I made it sound like this, "stop f*ing crying"

  • Angie B
    Angie B Hace 5 horas

    That bartender MADE ALL THAT UP...LOL flaming that glass was EXTRA as hell

  • PassionFashions
    PassionFashions Hace 5 horas

    She deserved it. You wanna bumble wit da Bee huh?

  • Michael Medina
    Michael Medina Hace 5 horas

    See Lizzo can play the flute however Katy Perry cant

  • Paulo West
    Paulo West Hace 5 horas

    RICH forever boss Rozay ❤️

  • Sascha Müller
    Sascha Müller Hace 5 horas

    He has already hit the core in such a young age. many have heard his words but forget these words to live. now in 2019 his words are more relevant than ever but we have much less time.

  • Kyle Ramey
    Kyle Ramey Hace 6 horas

    Kevin look like that nephew trying to fit in at the family reunion

  • Adamir Diaz
    Adamir Diaz Hace 6 horas

    why he yelling at the mic?

  • Lliioonn Heart
    Lliioonn Heart Hace 6 horas

    They not boys anymore lol

  • Kenny Crockett
    Kenny Crockett Hace 6 horas

    About time, Lil Kim should of been honored awhile back

  • New Mafucca
    New Mafucca Hace 6 horas

    The nino brown and g money of comedy lol