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Young Dolph - Chill (Audio)
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  • Amarson 232
    Amarson 232 Hace 26 minutos

    You better be right you reddit leaker about this song being in gta 6 reveal trailer

  • Reggiano Da Don Davis
    Reggiano Da Don Davis Hace un hora 🍇🦍🦍🦍

  • Chadric Robertson
    Chadric Robertson Hace un hora


  • Trill Smith
    Trill Smith Hace 2 horas

    Go to the show when these boys come to your city!! Dolph and Glock put on a🔥🔥🔥 show!

  • Trill Smith
    Trill Smith Hace 2 horas

    Went to the show in SATX last night! That bitch was LIT AS FUCK! Thanks to the whole P.R.E.!

  • Toron Jr
    Toron Jr Hace 2 horas

    Juicy yeah

  • Trill Smith
    Trill Smith Hace 2 horas

    I just went to my first P.R.E. show last night in San Antonio and it was lit as FUCK! DOLPH & GLOCK put on a supa 🔥🔥 show & my city showed OUT!

  • Vipboy Williams
    Vipboy Williams Hace 3 horas

    Eddie king not cane 🤣💀

  • Tojuan Reed
    Tojuan Reed Hace 5 horas

    Out here

  • caleb prewitt
    caleb prewitt Hace 5 horas

    Anyone else think Dolph sound like yung gravy on the chorus?

  • Kevin Chapman
    Kevin Chapman Hace 12 horas

    On God this one of the hardest videos of 2019 & it doesn't have enough views 🤙🏼

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson Hace 15 horas

    Nipssy deader than disco rip💪💪💪🔥

  • Gabriel De avila
    Gabriel De avila Hace 16 horas


  • Nelear Walls
    Nelear Walls Hace 17 horas

    2020 ❤🐬

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf Hace 19 horas

    The dolphins in the sand was dope as fuck !!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • fireewheels6.2
    fireewheels6.2 Hace 19 horas

    IT'S DOLPH!!!! Still banging in 2020!!

  • Sannika Rhodes
    Sannika Rhodes Hace 20 horas

    2020 and beyond💯

  • Imam Mahdi
    Imam Mahdi Hace 22 horas

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  • Skinny Man
    Skinny Man Hace 22 horas


  • Nu Mny
    Nu Mny Hace 23 horas

    Big hu$$le like Nipsey🏁🏁🏁

  • george Smith
    george Smith Hace 23 horas

    The best part when he said it's Dolph 3x i felt that

  • ccmonkey100
    ccmonkey100 Hace un día

    Young Dolph you’re the best song maker ever and I am only eight years old I don’t know why am listening to this

  • Omar Lindo
    Omar Lindo Hace un día

    Standard..procedure yea get me

  • Omar Lindo
    Omar Lindo Hace un día

    Hit me up u know i come n look for u if ur about

  • Omar Lindo
    Omar Lindo Hace un día

    I made two songs when i was In school a long long time ago it played on the radio a few times...🤓

  • Omar Lindo
    Omar Lindo Hace un día

    I got stacks too...

  • Omar Lindo
    Omar Lindo Hace un día

    Yo Warrgwarrn dolph 🐬 is ballerman.... Come.n flex wit me.. I can do that come n make a video with me...i can flex...u know.... I can rap...

    3TRERUSSELL Hace un día

    Whats the song at 3:39

  • Casimir Deaver
    Casimir Deaver Hace un día

    Security!! Come get this nigga off stage.

  • Alice Chambers
    Alice Chambers Hace un día


  • Kaden Hinton
    Kaden Hinton Hace un día


  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore Hace un día

    Chocolate bitch, supa thick inna camouflage thong! #Word

  • Gian
    Gian Hace un día

    He contradicts himself so much In this song but still it's still a good video .

  • Gian
    Gian Hace un día

    Women life = recruiter mode.

  • ͔
    ͔ Hace un día

    I'm sorry but what language are this people speaking....? Sure ain't English.

  • AgostinoOpazz
    AgostinoOpazz Hace un día

    This song makes me wanna buy some bishes

  • Donnie Black
    Donnie Black Hace un día

    OshaBadAzz copy an paste her name

  • Omar Lindo
    Omar Lindo Hace un día


  • Omar Lindo
    Omar Lindo Hace un día

    Love the way u came.bk when mans hollered u.

  • Omar Lindo
    Omar Lindo Hace un día

    Hey its r.baller man from England..... represent..... I love it... It's

  • Omar Lindo
    Omar Lindo Hace un día

    Yesesseehhaaa. Do u remember.meh....??? From England Birmingham.....yeah

  • John Moblack
    John Moblack Hace un día

    If this beat was a woman I'd be married to it

  • Robert Ochoa
    Robert Ochoa Hace un día

    Fucking slaps 🥵🥵🥵🥵

  • fireewheels6.2
    fireewheels6.2 Hace un día

    Still banging in 2020. I can't wait to play this in my Hellcat. Let's get it!!!

  • Trina Alexander
    Trina Alexander Hace un día

    Whole gang going crazy

  • Mark  Davis
    Mark Davis Hace un día


  • mike mike
    mike mike Hace un día

    dude inna beginning had me dying 😂😂😂

  • Nygeria’s World
    Nygeria’s World Hace un día

    2020 still rocking

  • Salvador moreno
    Salvador moreno Hace un día

    Lately i feel like spazzing out

  • Eliseo Justo
    Eliseo Justo Hace un día


  • Kristina 11ONEVISUALS
    Kristina 11ONEVISUALS Hace un día

    #GroveHero with the jokes

  • Long Life
    Long Life Hace un día

    All them beautiful black women 😍

  • Jason Billings
    Jason Billings Hace un día


  • Kelly Thurmond jr
    Kelly Thurmond jr Hace un día

    20 20th bitch in the loop so wavy baby

  • Aaliyah Nelle
    Aaliyah Nelle Hace un día

    I heard you a VAGINA BUYER...."TRICK" HA!!

  • Ricky Strong
    Ricky Strong Hace un día

    This song goes out 2 the girls fine ass hell

  • Amine bUggati
    Amine bUggati Hace un día


  • Jacobi Panama
    Jacobi Panama Hace un día

    this my shit

  • Jacobi Panama
    Jacobi Panama Hace un día

    Dolph Land, TN

  • Abel Castro
    Abel Castro Hace un día

    grovehero haha 😂

  • Joe Anderson
    Joe Anderson Hace un día


  • WouldAnyoneElse LikedToBeHeard

    I,I,I’ve been drinking cough syrup like kook aid

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez Hace un día


  • fng gang
    fng gang Hace 2 días

    Break the bank bitch 🏦

  • River Adams
    River Adams Hace 2 días

    The first verse is straight fire 🔥

  • Chadric Robertson
    Chadric Robertson Hace 2 días

    Trap villan,but he playing REAL LIFE MONOPOLY...✍✍✍

  • Jorge Lopez
    Jorge Lopez Hace 2 días

    Juice wrld then kobe now smoke, 😥🤧 issa cold world. Bow your head, its time to pray🙏💯🖤

  • Cole Vulcan
    Cole Vulcan Hace 2 días

    God damn, I love both these rappers. How you miss a whole 100 shots?

  • Donte Coleman
    Donte Coleman Hace 2 días

    I need 2 link wit dolph & get $igned...lotu$$

  • FitLife 120
    FitLife 120 Hace 2 días

    Hardest shit STILL!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Shawn Hass
    Shawn Hass Hace 2 días

    2:35 I think i luv er

  • Goods Oofmann
    Goods Oofmann Hace 2 días

    Yooooo who else think they sound the same lol

  • Cecil Murray
    Cecil Murray Hace 2 días

  • Cecil Murray
    Cecil Murray Hace 2 días

  • Cecil Murray
    Cecil Murray Hace 2 días

  • Cecil Murray
    Cecil Murray Hace 2 días

  • Acxito Nine
    Acxito Nine Hace 2 días

    Cam never play Young Dolph at a Motive cos every damn song gotta long ass skit

  • BigThunderXT
    BigThunderXT Hace 2 días

    Key Glock ill bro! Flame!

  • Daniel Odinma
    Daniel Odinma Hace 2 días

    0:51 when you just finished getting heavenly head

  • Almighty Tãÿ
    Almighty Tãÿ Hace 2 días

    When you and your friends have a car meet on GTA

  • Yung Ceez
    Yung Ceez Hace 3 días

    Just saw dolph & glock yesterday on his no rules tour here in denver, it was lit af 🐬 + 🔑🔫 = 🔥

  • Choptimus Prime
    Choptimus Prime Hace 3 días

    @5:47.Heads up, there is smoke in the basement. Thats when you know the Loud is too loud.

  • Kris Scot
    Kris Scot Hace 3 días hit dat MF for me thanks Dolph 🔥


    Okay, I like it.

  • A_a_ron B
    A_a_ron B Hace 3 días

    This should never have dislikes period ....his moms kilt dem keys.

  • Mikey Mike
    Mikey Mike Hace 3 días

    This is best album of 2019 no question Dolph is the hardest 💯💯

  • King Leo Gaming
    King Leo Gaming Hace 3 días

    Can't have a song about gettin high without Snoop

  • Armando Vigil
    Armando Vigil Hace 3 días

    Instead of drinking caffeine to wake up I just play this track and I get all my shit done in 0.5 seconds of a millisecond

  • Brandon Murphy
    Brandon Murphy Hace 3 días

    Got goosebumps bless song

  • Angelique Citchen
    Angelique Citchen Hace 3 días

    Baby daddy mad say i live like a bachelors

  • Big dady Deathseeker
    Big dady Deathseeker Hace 3 días


  • Matt Warner
    Matt Warner Hace 3 días

    Dolph real af

  • Robert Carrillo
    Robert Carrillo Hace 3 días

    I Told Rhianna Let's Go Spend Hafe A Million On Rodeo

  • Darlene Wilson
    Darlene Wilson Hace 3 días

    Hello @youngdolph @keyglock came outside Today un un mansion party Got dam laughing a hundred Millie I look at the;

  • Lee Miller
    Lee Miller Hace 3 días

    They mad let them madder😂

  • Lee Miller
    Lee Miller Hace 3 días

    He hard asf🔥🔥

  • Lina23 Milano
    Lina23 Milano Hace 3 días

    Se láctea tu eres loco

  • My Number G
    My Number G Hace 3 días

    I felt this one

  • King Anthony
    King Anthony Hace 3 días

    Awww Dolph letting Gotti ride with him for a day lol 😂

  • anakin vi
    anakin vi Hace 3 días

    It sounds like he sampled bruce Faulconer “cell returns” theme. Look it up and tell me it doesn’t sound similar!