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I painted on a 12 hour flight
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I bleached my hair
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How to Crash a Wedding
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I graduated from high school
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A day in the life: high school edition
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I DIY'd Prince's Blue Cloud Suit
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Oops I'm in New York
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Study with me ft. Senioritis
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WeLcOMe tO mY wORkoUT rOutiNE
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Meanwhile, in Canada
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I painted A Starry Starry Night
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Dear Mom, give me a dog
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It is exam season.
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I painted the Mona Lisa
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Merry Chrystler from the Ceddia Family
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Playing A Horror Game
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URGENT: Hair Tutorial
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The room tour you've all been waiting for
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A (very late) Halloween Spooptacular
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Waxing and Ranting: ASMR Edition
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Turning Myself Into the Cookie Monster
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Following a Rob Boss painting tutorial
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Waxing and Ranting: the sequel
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Making a homemade pizza for idiots
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How to overpack: a tutorial
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I drew Tana Mongoose crying
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  • venuelisa
    venuelisa Hace 8 segundos

    so is it shrek or hulk

  • Keno Dressel
    Keno Dressel Hace 9 segundos

    My throat is killing me, continues to talk for at least 15 minutes

  • Timey Wimey
    Timey Wimey Hace 56 segundos

    can we be friends please

  • hecc fricc
    hecc fricc Hace 56 segundos

    For everyone with small boobs: i love small boobs even more than big boobs they're so gorgeous just know that not everyone hates smol bobs

  • esmecristal
    esmecristal Hace 5 minutos

    how do you wax your legs without SWEATING IN PAIN ???

  • DSTY
    DSTY Hace 6 minutos

    Katie Hopkins looks old for her age.

  • Jennifer Silva
    Jennifer Silva Hace 7 minutos

    Omg I do physics too!!

  • Maia Rose
    Maia Rose Hace 7 minutos

    John cena I sincerely don’t apologise for having a bad throat and giving it to you through my screen and into your throat

  • Zara Fatima
    Zara Fatima Hace 8 minutos

    THANK YOU JOANNA FOR SAYING DONT CALL ME ANGEL is acc horRibLe and overhyped 🙄

  • Savvy714
    Savvy714 Hace 8 minutos

  • vbvideo
    vbvideo Hace 12 minutos

    Great Video! I like you. :)

  • Lauren
    Lauren Hace 12 minutos

    Joana is smart for staying home for uni.

  • Fran Rod
    Fran Rod Hace 13 minutos

    Admire your attitude, humor and spirit! You're on the right track kiddo. Best of luck @ college but surely beware of the pickle zone! O.O

  • cristalcute gacha kat
    cristalcute gacha kat Hace 13 minutos

    I kinda like my hair when it's long I mention you still can do what you want to do in your hairstyle anything what and are you scared on dark press like if you don't or comment 👇

  • Lauren
    Lauren Hace 14 minutos

    Joana is a vsco girl... brb I'm gonna cry :'(

  • Karolien van der Louw
    Karolien van der Louw Hace 15 minutos

    I get your opinion about Percy Jackson, and it is one of my least favorite series by Rick Riordan. BUT the series called Magnus Chase by the same author. You should read. The story? Heartbreaking! The characters? So different. And then the best part of the books. THE SARCASM. I really recommend reading it babyyyy.

  • Chris Cabrera
    Chris Cabrera Hace 15 minutos


  • it’s cloud
    it’s cloud Hace 16 minutos

    “when you walk out of my vajayjay” - joana cedia 2019

  • priscilla guzman
    priscilla guzman Hace 17 minutos

    The caption to this video triggered me and gave me flashbacks like ok mom 😂👏🏽

  • Jeffrey Sherman
    Jeffrey Sherman Hace 17 minutos

    12:26 Wait. Since when are there 100 seconds in a minute? 😝 I wonder if anybody else caught that.

  • Emilie Austnes
    Emilie Austnes Hace 17 minutos

    this video is recommended for me.. whelp

  • Lily & Ian
    Lily & Ian Hace 19 minutos

    i love you. i regret not submitting my question, gosh darn it.

  • Fat Pretzel
    Fat Pretzel Hace 20 minutos

    Joana : we all know my favourite colour is shrek Also Joana : shows picture of hulk

  • Nadra D
    Nadra D Hace 21 un minuto

    **im sorry okay**

  • foca foxxi
    foca foxxi Hace 21 un minuto

    8:39 me when my favorite songs on/when I bored

  • Lizz Moore
    Lizz Moore Hace 21 un minuto

    I cant 5:06 "yea social media is a toilet" true facts true facts 🤣🤣

  • Xiyomi
    Xiyomi Hace 21 un minuto

    Brad fixed your hair and you're doing nothing with it ever since. Why go to Brad then? Just for YT content?

  • Mom come pick me up im scared

    I don't know what she's doing for 3 million subscribers because she already made 3 million cookies when she reached 2 million subscribers because she made 1 million cookies for her 1 million subscribers and 2 million cookies for her other 1 million subscribers and if everyone gets 1 cookie that means she has 1 million cookies left for when she hits 3 million subscribers.... Ps. This sounds like Joanna is in one of those school math problems 😂😂

  • j m
    j m Hace 22 minutos

    🤦‍♂️😏 you like me. I don’t got any friends. I am trying to get back to college. 🤔

  • xGlitter Rosesx
    xGlitter Rosesx Hace 23 minutos

    are you gonna make a shrek tattoo on ur head

  • angrydynamite
    angrydynamite Hace 23 minutos

    As a fan of Percy Jackson, I totally agree with you. Like I cannot express how much I agree with you

  • Lizz Moore
    Lizz Moore Hace 23 minutos

    Timestacmp 4:47 (also cant figure out the exact link thingy) "lots of things up my sleeves if you know what i mean?!" Dying ova here 🤣🤣

  • Orbital cum Stain Oscar
    Orbital cum Stain Oscar Hace 24 minutos

    Spank me mommy

  • Ground Control
    Ground Control Hace 24 minutos

    thank you for bein,, you. i really look up to you. i know thats a lot to hear but

  • Hannah sui
    Hannah sui Hace 25 minutos

    Nice hair colour you look good

  • Rhea Hany
    Rhea Hany Hace 26 minutos

    I love youuu❤️❤️

  • Artomic
    Artomic Hace 27 minutos

    Omg i too had the same reaction with Carl's death. I tried watching a few more episodes but had to give

  • Kala Tran
    Kala Tran Hace 27 minutos

    I really wanted her to answer my question

  • Amber B
    Amber B Hace 27 minutos

    Omg happy early 3 MILLION (0.5k *away* )!!!!

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    Alourus Outloud Hace 28 minutos

    You have found the devil of all food TOMATO

  • marianne herrera
    marianne herrera Hace 28 minutos

    the way she's so serious talking about having mature out the womb kids lmaooo I love it

  • Emily OHalloran
    Emily OHalloran Hace 28 minutos

    Is the Joanna Ceddia fan base just called “My Doods?” (Like Anthony Paddila’s ‘Padildos’, I cant think of any other fan base names, etc)

  • sara hassan
    sara hassan Hace 30 minutos

    you would've looked better in the beginning with your sunnys on

  • TheLastRun AMV
    TheLastRun AMV Hace 30 minutos

    Joyce Cedric:4 words per second which means i have to write 400 words per minute. me: she studies physics.

  • L A
    L A Hace 31 un minuto

    “We all know my favourite color, its shrek” *posts a picture of hulk* I love this girl

  • Ashton Kotz
    Ashton Kotz Hace 32 minutos

    I feel the same way about the percy jackson book series but i always get shit for not liking it lol

  • Stella Swift
    Stella Swift Hace 33 minutos

    "My throat hurts, I don't know why" Dear mr. John Cena, as someone in her 4th year of uni I can confirm with 103% certainty that you have the freshman flu. Also, you will get it again next september even if you arent a freshman anymore. Its a bad deal, worst deal everr made in history. But we cant escape it.

  • Chetana Manchali
    Chetana Manchali Hace 34 minutos

    About the Percy Jackson plot point at 11:40 It becomes relevant at book 4 or 5 of that series ( I don't remember which one)

  • Demelza Smith
    Demelza Smith Hace 34 minutos

    Omg Carl’s dead?! 😱😢😭😡🤬

  • JessieCazam
    JessieCazam Hace 34 minutos

    I didn’t get my license until a week ago. I’m about to turn 20 so don’t feel so bad.

  • Isabel Alexander
    Isabel Alexander Hace 34 minutos

    12:30 are you sure

  • Cats3to2
    Cats3to2 Hace 35 minutos

    From someone with more experience, friends at college come from living there. You want to become a philosopher, take philosophy classes. Your hair needs fillers. Go to a licensed proofreader for that. Do that before it all falls out. To show that you have not had a baby, show your skinny hips and short feet. Pregnancy makes your feet longer and your hips wider. It also gives you a bigger top. Do not become a engineer or you will stop being able to spell anything. Spell check is wonderful. So is math and Physics. I still have my book.

  • Ya Queen
    Ya Queen Hace 35 minutos

    "We all know my favourite colour,it's Shrek" *shows a picture or the hulk*

  • JadeXBlues
    JadeXBlues Hace 35 minutos

    Im sorry john. Are you not raiding area 51?! YOU HAVE TO WE NEED U THERE

  • No Thx
    No Thx Hace 36 minutos

    I like this video, and I’m glad she didn’t name the video Q&A because I would’ve yeeted over it even if I love her so much

  • Joseph L
    Joseph L Hace 36 minutos


  • Ahmad Albayati
    Ahmad Albayati Hace 36 minutos

    Do you know Sssniperwolf?

  • Ahmad Albayati
    Ahmad Albayati Hace 37 minutos

    Byeee :3

  • TheDreamingTurtle
    TheDreamingTurtle Hace 37 minutos

    I love you joana! I’m literally so happy and impressed in what you do. I just started uni also, and it’s the third week so far? And I’m already breaking down from all the assignments, but you’re literally balancing it all so well, like ES-pl, school work, working out, etc. I just wanted to say I enjoy watching your videos and you put a smile on my face! Keep it up!

  • A A
    A A Hace 37 minutos

    2:03 Yeah that happened to me too

  • Luise Ozsváth
    Luise Ozsváth Hace 38 minutos

    Literally one of my favourite Joana-videos ♥️♥️

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    Ahmad Albayati Hace 38 minutos

    My aunt always says yes to the dress XD

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    danielisntreal Hace 38 minutos

    2:15 ariana grande is quaking

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    Ahmad Albayati Hace 39 minutos

    Soo.. Im your biggest fan also i sub.. If your throat hurts stop talking and be quite and no screaming take medicine i hope you feel better! Do you have tiktok?.. Btw me and my friend love your channel your so funny you act visco girl.. XD

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    Judgy Judy Hace 40 minutos

    *at least we’re sick together* 💀✌🏼

  • Brandt Kids
    Brandt Kids Hace 42 minutos

    Person: what is your opinion on VCSO girls? Joana: *pulls out hydroflask* LeT mE eXpLain!

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    Wait....did you just spoil the walking dead for me....😶

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    cloudanimal Hace 43 minutos

    I’m starting college soon as a commuter and this gives me bravery

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    Deniz.C Hace 43 minutos

    this was good background noise for my maths homework

  • Wolfdog1110
    Wolfdog1110 Hace 44 minutos


  • yadidameng
    yadidameng Hace 45 minutos

    I like this one because it didn't give me motion sickness 🙂

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    Emma x Hace 45 minutos

    no YOU'RE in trouble.

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    Sharifa Bano Hace 46 minutos

    I am not first I am not last But when Joana uploads I click fast

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    The title actually got me so scared wtf

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    Jah The Great Hace 48 minutos

    is the video shaking or is it my phone? if so im scared now

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    ca rgo Hace 48 minutos

    unsubbing until you start using dark mode.

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    grace marie20 Hace 48 minutos

    So close to 3 million cockies😂🍪

  • •pillowplane• ;-;
    •pillowplane• ;-; Hace 49 minutos

    4:24 when you finished the question an ad about a new burger at bk came up so it looked like you got sick from that burger lol

  • Just Your Typical Duck
    Just Your Typical Duck Hace 50 minutos

    Ive been here since 2k 😔

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    Carolina Alves Hace 50 minutos

    Can I just say, I freaking love this side of our John Cena!! 💗

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    It's pizza time

  • Sasha Joy
    Sasha Joy Hace 51 un minuto

    HEY I’M SO SORRY TO BE THAT PERSON BUT REGARDING THE PERCY JACKSON SEGMENT: The Lotus Casino is actually relevant to the plot of the future books and the character plot of Nico and Bianca di Angelo!! SPOILERS: Nico and Bianca were stuck in the casino for decades for prophecy related reasons and all that, so the Gang ending up there was foreshadowing those characters!

  • justluis
    justluis Hace 51 un minuto

    Shane Dawson collab!!!

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    Young Rookie Hace 52 minutos

    Shrek looks buff

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    FaithxoxoMiami 1 Hace 53 minutos

    2.95 million, get those arms ready for cookie making John with the sore throat😂

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    julie ! Hace 54 minutos

    why does the title of the video sound like my mom when she scolds me for snorting baby power 😔

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    Adriela Fage Hace 54 minutos

    Dad walks in* ExUsE yOu

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    Amanii Xo Hace 54 minutos

    Joan’s Verdi’s being the funniest crackhead

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    Amelia Tatafu Hace 56 minutos

    Lol my question was the Logan Paul vs ksi WhAt iS wRoNg wIth tHe wOrlD We don't need a rematch

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    Luna_does_Makeup_ 22 Hace 56 minutos

    Oh god Joana thats so many cookies.

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    Charlie Mcguire Hace 57 minutos

    You have 3 mil and say you have no idea what to do after uni

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    Thoughts on fellow-Canadian you tuber Jordan Peterson? 😅.

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    Jazzy Studios Hace 57 minutos

    2.95 million subscribers later

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    Jennifer Murdock Hace 57 minutos

    God-schnaapp Joana!! What camera do you have?? That zoom in to the pigeons was impressive!!

  • Ko Jiaxin
    Ko Jiaxin Hace 58 minutos

    Joana Ceddia, I have a message for you Please read it Joana Ceddia.. You are funny You are gorgeous You are artistic You are especially a very talented one I adore you And I am you’re new subscriber 😊

  • I am Shooketh
    I am Shooketh Hace 58 minutos

    Joana: “I don’t really react to the goods” Also Joana: *makes 2M cookies for 2M subscribers*

  • PHN 3054
    PHN 3054 Hace 59 minutos

    HI, JCC. Great Q&A Video. I have another question for you: Did you receive the Funko PoP Vinyl Figures of PRINCE & BOB ROSS I sent to you?? Or has my package been sent to Canadian Post Prison for being awesome?

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    Ricey rice Hace 59 minutos

    i'm sick too ;(

  • Amanii Xo
    Amanii Xo Hace un hora

    09:25 when I had to mute the video so my mother wouldn’t hear 😂😂😂😂