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  • 850617and
    850617and Hace 47 minutos

    Let her shoot for heavens sake.

    DOOKEY B Hace 5 horas

    🎶 Rocket Man 🎶

  • Colin 120
    Colin 120 Hace 7 horas

    By implication, I take it that Mr. McEnroe sees Serena as some sort of role model. For examples of Serena in action take a look at videos of the 2009 and 2018 US Finals. The only worse behaviour I have witnessed is from JM himself and there were many instances when he should have received a ban for his conduct. Serena is a great tennis player but in addition to her petulance she is adept at using gamesmanship to beat opponents, for instance that intimidating, unladylike roaring. Margaret Court was a true sporting hero in every respect and is now lambasted for expressing, not her views, but those of God. Anything God says is for the good of humankind, including those with a same sex attraction. Well done Margaret Court for expressing the courage of your convictions.

  • kev carpenter
    kev carpenter Hace 8 horas

    I watched this on TV when it happened. Still incredibly awesome

  • naf naf
    naf naf Hace 10 horas

    St Johns ambulance lady talking to the referee like hes 4 years old. Did he get a spiderman plaster after aswell for being brave ?! LoL I love this ref btw, hes such a jolly fella !

  • kossogol
    kossogol Hace 17 horas

    Lovely Steffi...

  • Andy Perry
    Andy Perry Hace 18 horas

    This is the skill about snooker. What seems like such a basic shot, and doesn't seem that spectacular makes all the difference. I've seen much better positional shots but as Jimmy says, there wasn't really any leg room otherwise break over

  • Thanos Papantonopoulos
    Thanos Papantonopoulos Hace 20 horas

    2020 shout out .Last game of the day!!! Referee try to stop Ronnie because of a foul on touching the black ball while shooting for a red in a close setup. Bad luck the table camera had a close shot while playing and thousands of viewers see that too!!! I guess beloved boys can have mistakes forgiven? In the same day few matches earlier a player who's i don't recall the name admitted a foul that the referee didn't noticed and gave his turn. That's called FAIR PLAY!!! Billiard or pool or whatever you call it is a gentlemen s game!!!!

    • BDávid19
      BDávid19 Hace 5 horas

      Ronnie would never done this on purpose watching him for many- many years, I know that.. It did happen at the same time as he hit the cue ball, so he didn't feel it with that awkward cueing. The ref , if she did see anything needs to call it LAUDER, because it is the SHOOTOUT, we are talking about, everything happens in a blur, there is no time for hesitation or whatever.. Also, Ron didn't win that game with that break, instead, McManus had so many clear chances, just he missed them... Like that pink to to middle.. One more thing... That black just moved as little as the red in one of the Previous tournament in the Ronnie- vs Selby match. You did see it on the TV, but there no one did, and that cost Ronnie the match there.

  • Jovan P
    Jovan P Hace un día

    You can't copy the rocket...

  • Sandokan marijana
    Sandokan marijana Hace un día


  • Pedro rocha
    Pedro rocha Hace un día

    She screams very well...

  • MastPow
    MastPow Hace un día

    Ok ES-pl but I will not download 8 Ball pool again

  • Hysterical Wolf
    Hysterical Wolf Hace un día

    Andy: About 7 O'clock, 6 O'clock would you say? Ronnie: uhh I don't know uhhhh yeaa something like that Classic Rocket.

  • Theodore Yuen
    Theodore Yuen Hace un día

    That miscue gotta hurt, the few shot after that looks so bad. Feel sorry for her

  • Budimir Drincic
    Budimir Drincic Hace un día

    Kakav Bog. Nole, brate nas.

  • lee van cleef
    lee van cleef Hace un día

    Let's hope she's better at washing dishes then her awful snooker...

  • Tigergamer 2880
    Tigergamer 2880 Hace un día

    Thiem is the best tennisplayer on the world

  • bojan milenkovic
    bojan milenkovic Hace un día

    1:46 at that moment everybody knew.they f up

  • neki vamo
    neki vamo Hace un día

    What a match, what a man

  • Clive Neill
    Clive Neill Hace un día

    Why no commentary

  • Peter O'Malley
    Peter O'Malley Hace 2 días

    God Ronnie your so boring, constantly telling us you don't care and can't be bothered. Just give the game up then no one is forcing you to play. Your not as good as you once were, maybe you have come to realize this and it's easy to say you don't care farther than except your best days are behind you. Thanks for all the wonderful moments you have gave us but give it rest with all this BS you numpty.

  • Boo Hoo
    Boo Hoo Hace 2 días

    Not a snooker fan per se, however when I see Ronnie listed as a player, I always watch!

  • Zoran Arsovic
    Zoran Arsovic Hace 2 días

    Very easy for Novak, Federer is always scared! Serbian pride 💪😎🥰

  • SiliuS
    SiliuS Hace 2 días


  • AKEL, ESCOLA de Jesus Cristo & Universidade EX

    É isso aí! Vejam o vídeo sobre Snooker e A Cabala com AKEL para entender a origem de tudo.

  • Jiin_
    Jiin_ Hace 2 días


  • Dejan Vasic
    Dejan Vasic Hace 2 días

    DISGUSTING Highlights. Eurosport is locked from NOW! what the hell you have to do this so? Is that objective Journalism? NO it isnt!

  • MoLetalis
    MoLetalis Hace 3 días

    What was Soderling thinking, going to the net all the time with such weak approaches? Fed king.

  • Darkazon
    Darkazon Hace 3 días

    When the Czechs and Canada scored those quick goals(1-1 and 2-1), the annoucer must have been thinking like "Good damm you, would you let me finish, please"

  • Harry Banks
    Harry Banks Hace 3 días

    Everyone on eurosport must have a lisp.

  • Red Lavish
    Red Lavish Hace 3 días

    I love her attitude but she ain’t winning no more slams, she ain’t that great.

  • Storm Woods
    Storm Woods Hace 3 días

  • Bass Town Ncs
    Bass Town Ncs Hace 3 días

    big up

  • Storm Woods
    Storm Woods Hace 3 días

    Declan White Declan White 17 hours ago Really was an insight, how Kyren apologized to the crowd about the match, an insight into Kyren's outlook. It was out of place. He was speaking for Murphy there and the crowd. He should only speak for himself. But like I say, inflated self-perception. He is struggling to deal with all the attention he gets

  • Storm Woods
    Storm Woods Hace 3 días

    Declan White Declan White 17 hours ago I think the media and celebrity has gone to Kyren's head, an age old problem. He talks too much about his fans, explains the importance of the crowd and good money to the media. All of that is inflated self-importance. He needs to get a handle on all of that. That will be the work of three years probably. Ageing is part of altering that perspective.

  • Storm Woods
    Storm Woods Hace 3 días

    Declan White Declan White 1 day ago When Kyren apologized to the crowd, it immediately struck a false note, they didn't react, and Murphy registered the false note as he said, in his speech, that he was not sorry at all. Kyren was rather presumptuously taking it upon himself to apologize for a failed match. It wasn't a failed match, just his part in it. Kyren, like almost any young man, has all the unconscious egotism of youth. I'm sure that match knocked some of it out of him and he's wiser. He mentioned in an interview the day before that, win or lose, he would enjoy the final. Well, he has had to eat those words. He didn't enjoy that match. He is struggling to find the right attitude toward competition because he is one of the most competitive players, one of the hungriest, but his game still needs some work. All this talk of crowds, enjoyment whether win or lose. No, he must be honest with himself if he is to compete ruthlessly: he wants to win, pure and simple, and for himself, not his fans or crowd or kids or family yada yada.

    • Storm Woods
      Storm Woods Hace 3 días

      @Declan White..Kyren apologizing to the crowd for not putting on a show was cringe worthy .....Kyren i know you;ll be reading this...Guess what?U don't have it in u to put on shows...Ur definitely not a Ronnie,Neil or Trump to put on shows...Have u ever heard Kyren that u cant make a silk purse from a Sows ear?Well u heard it now!So stick to your limitations coz u will be remembered at the end of your career for exactly that.....We understand u have a family to support so just concentrate on QF and SM...That's how far u will get in your entire career and that too wont be frequent...There will be fluke finals for u down the road with u losing 9 out of 10 times...U were a likeable character until u lost your head.......LMFAO...

  • Storm Woods
    Storm Woods Hace 3 días

    Declan White @Storm Woods Murphy wasn't unplayable. Kyren displayed a lot of his trademark courage in the last couple of weeks, beating Judd, Neil Robertson, and Ronnie. Nobody has an inexhaustible supply of courage and, when Kyren's courage is naturally short on some occasions, his ordinary game does not carry him through against an opponent on form. As Neal Foulds says, Kyren has to 'go to the well' for every match. One major point Kyren has to learn, which he may do so but only with time, is not to be considering his role with the crowd. He apologized to the crowd. The crowd don't care, and certainly don't care for apologies. And the crowd had a great time watching Murphy demolish Kyren. Kyren needs to learn he is not important to others. His game is important to him, and that is it. Less talk about people 'paying good money' - whatever that means. Is he a head of state or something? It is pompous and he doesn't realize it. But he is young. Maybe Kyren will peak by the time he is 35 and will be a true contender for world champion at that time. Who knows, maybe sooner. But the things he says shows his head is in the wrong place. He is complicating it all too much and talking about what the audience mean too much. The audience can look after itself and, as I say, ultimately they don't care and Kyren is not responsible for entertaining a whole crowd. Rather clueless, all that side of his mindest.

  • CueBald
    CueBald Hace 3 días

    Ronnie = G.O.A.T

  • Storm Woods
    Storm Woods Hace 3 días

    Big mouth Kyren got hammered 9-1...Well done Shaun!

  • Trap Town xyz
    Trap Town xyz Hace 3 días

    Good! Keep it up! Would you like to be ES-pl friends? :)

  • Trap Town xyz
    Trap Town xyz Hace 3 días

    Great stuff :) Would you like to be ES-pl friends? :)

  • Trap Country
    Trap Country Hace 3 días

    Quite good video, awesome! Would you like to be ES-pl friends? :)

  • Storm Woods
    Storm Woods Hace 3 días


  • Arusha Tanzania Times
    Arusha Tanzania Times Hace 3 días

    The ref would be a decent barman at a Wetherspoons haha

  • Arusha Tanzania Times
    Arusha Tanzania Times Hace 3 días

    Ronnie's in a hurry because his IBS is about to kick in. His "Incredible Ball Sinking", that is. Is there any superlative left unused to describe this particular break and his legendary status within snooker?

  • MrMcfly1605
    MrMcfly1605 Hace 3 días

    goat god of tennis forever

  • Boris One
    Boris One Hace 3 días

    NOVAK DJOKOVIC the greatest of all Time!!!

  • JongleurJ10
    JongleurJ10 Hace 3 días

    Reanne is so beautiful and lovely person, I love her Brummy accent. And she is TOP CLASS at snooker 😍

    • Lee Redford
      Lee Redford Hace 4 horas

      @Andy Perry ohhhhhh right ok i see lol... yes, i suppose if your not from wigan, few of the phrases we use, me especially... can be hard too understand lol...

    • Andy Perry
      Andy Perry Hace 4 horas

      @Lee Redford lol nowt, I'm from there myself. Just find it hard to translate some people so must be hard for others 😁

    • Lee Redford
      Lee Redford Hace 4 horas

      @Andy Perry whats up with wigan accent you twonk lol...

    • Cowmilker98
      Cowmilker98 Hace 18 horas

      @Andy Perry I love most northern accents (Yorkshire, Lancashire, Manchester even Geordie!), a remit under which Wigan falls I think. Also, scouse comes in at second worst to brummy for me!

    • Andy Perry
      Andy Perry Hace 18 horas

      Lol have you heard the Wigan accent? Then again, the scouse accent...the list goes on. I guess regional languages in the UK must be horrible to outsiders

  • MarcusGL
    MarcusGL Hace 4 días

    11 years later and the guy is still playing in the Top 3 , lol

  • Travis Bickle
    Travis Bickle Hace 4 días

    can someone create a new video from this match,where djokovic win more point...what is this here

  • giorgos papadopoulos
    giorgos papadopoulos Hace 4 días

    nadal es un payaso y nada mas...

  • JJ
    JJ Hace 4 días

    Nobody else gets a shot when Jimmy is around. Felt a bit sorry for her truth be told

  • everyday learning
    everyday learning Hace 4 días

    Just me BUT...😖 When the presenter slams Black ball back onto spot, is wrecking cloth and indenting the slate beneath cloth. No-one has explained to not do that, surprising.

  • JohnDaWhale3
    JohnDaWhale3 Hace 4 días

    1997 version of Ronnie O'Sullivan is hotter than any version of Brad Pitt.

  • Zinedine Zidane
    Zinedine Zidane Hace 4 días

    The ball at 2:23 was in.

  • Uluvu
    Uluvu Hace 4 días

    Subtitles? Really???

  • Dr Oetker
    Dr Oetker Hace 4 días

    Now you all know who is real goat...

  • Hussein Hussein
    Hussein Hussein Hace 5 días

    Yes people say Ronnie is an idiot sometimes and what he says about lower ranked players...but the love and respect he has for Alex stands out a mile...yes and of course Alex did wrong sometimes...but what he left behind can never ever be measured,a trailblazer and an original in a world of imitators...he truly is missed

  • Mark Munro
    Mark Munro Hace 5 días

    4 Grand Tours for Bernal. There are too many Evenepoels, Van Aerts, Pogachars, Froomes, Roglics and Nibalis still about to prevent him from setting many records.

  • TheMarathonomahos
    TheMarathonomahos Hace 5 días

    John and Martina needs to pull their heads in. I am a gay man. We have fought for years to have our right to speak out, and granted the rights heterosexual people have. By trying to in some way disallow Margret to have her say, you are no better than those we fought against to gain our rights to speak. Trying to silence one side of an issue is no better than a dictatorship. So John, shut the F up

  • Obinna Patrick
    Obinna Patrick Hace 5 días

    The GOAT, period

    ZAGOR TE-NAY Hace 5 días

    Nole Goat

    ZAGOR TE-NAY Hace 5 días

    Nole retired Roger "40-15" Federer 😂😅

  • Filip
    Filip Hace 6 días

    Why did you not put poens when djokovic makes 😂

  • s baxter
    s baxter Hace 6 días

    Who caught the chalk?

  • Follower JC
    Follower JC Hace 6 días

    God created Adam and Eve, NOT Adam and Steve. End of argument.

  • Darya Zaitseva
    Darya Zaitseva Hace 6 días

    Медведева- умничка! The best!!!!!!!!

  • katerina love
    katerina love Hace 6 días

    Eurosport like europe and federer sucks SUKS

  • Lasha Kvatashidze
    Lasha Kvatashidze Hace 6 días

    Georgia loves you SERBIA

  • jebestakonesto
    jebestakonesto Hace 6 días

    yeah,... all fine, but Novak is about all this people have to identify themselves with as Serbs, ... pretty sad what is left from once great nation,... great people ,....

  • everyday learning
    everyday learning Hace 6 días

    Great player to watch but a monster to play against I'd say..

  • Zeno Sama
    Zeno Sama Hace 6 días

    Super tournois de R.Federer Apres avoir battu tommy hass en 5 set / Del potro / et soderling en finale. Il a vraiment mérité ce titre la.

  • Azar A
    Azar A Hace 6 días

    i’m better than her, let’s be honest if she was a man you’d say hecwas completely rubbish but because it’s a woman she’s really good. She shouldn’t be playing against me

  • Foucault Pascal
    Foucault Pascal Hace 6 días

    Énorme champion mr novak

  • jordan harding
    jordan harding Hace 7 días

    Definitely did that on purpose 😂

  • Damon Wayans
    Damon Wayans Hace 7 días

    Weak era champ got given this FO

  • Danny Westcott
    Danny Westcott Hace 7 días

    Thanks for the subtitles

  • Jozef Sadlon
    Jozef Sadlon Hace 7 días

    It's amazing how he's able play against the tennis players and against public obviously west public who are deeply hate Djokovic. This is the west culture just hate people form eastern Europe because they thinking we are the best people on the planet. But they forget that Russia and Serbian its not easy defeat remember on world war Russia and Serbia were undeefet countries. This is problem for their hate against humanity

  • Harish AS
    Harish AS Hace 7 días

    mats philander:during trophy presentation.May be this will loosen him up(rafa)

  • Shone Votajuv
    Shone Votajuv Hace 7 días

    Djokivic GOAT!! 👌👏👍🙏❤💃😎

  • Stevan Melentijevic
    Stevan Melentijevic Hace 7 días


  • Stealth Attack
    Stealth Attack Hace 7 días

    The man is a legend.

  • Dendzi Dendzi
    Dendzi Dendzi Hace 7 días


  • Pablo Sevilla
    Pablo Sevilla Hace 7 días

    Bro he looks so dead lol

  • RM 1985
    RM 1985 Hace 8 días

    John Virgo could boss that shot back in the days of Big Break. Back in the good old days before the snowflakes did away with good old boys like Jim Davison.

  • zile zile
    zile zile Hace 8 días

    Federeru je samo ovo i ostalo od tenisa da se tesi 😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Lawrence
    Michael Lawrence Hace 8 días

    A great speech from a legend too another legend.Who is unfortunately not here with us RIP IN PEACE KOBE YOULL BE MISSED.

  • marius molac
    marius molac Hace 8 días

    from saint Tihon of Zadonsk's departure (blessed woman disciple of saint Matrona, disciple of saint Tihon) till 26th oct 2019 ... 7x37 x 333 = 7x37 x 9x37 ... from the day when exorcism prayers of saint Basil the Great and John Chrysostom were posted (the site I found them) till 28th jan 2020 ... 3 x (John) 937

  • It's All good
    It's All good Hace 8 días

    Wow... how exciting!! Now I’m going to watch paint dry!

  • Алінка Парафілка

    But Rafa has the passion!

  • Mike C
    Mike C Hace 8 días

    When the French was still watchable. Great days!

  • Elia kanaan
    Elia kanaan Hace 8 días

    Novack is the Stronger player for all time.

  • Paul Little
    Paul Little Hace 8 días

    Without doubt the finest break ever, no other snooker player that has ever lived could of made that break

  • Morgan Waffle
    Morgan Waffle Hace 8 días

    Ah yes, don’t you just hate it when clubs spend money. How ridiculous of them.

  • hassan Waleed
    hassan Waleed Hace 8 días

    Funny ronnie couldnt hut the shot but other dude nailed it

  • B B
    B B Hace 8 días

    Unbelievable final win by Djokovic. This is the first time in grand slams Nadal lose in 3 straight sets.

  • Kishen Parekh
    Kishen Parekh Hace 8 días

    Federer is one lucky guy. Soderling beating Nadal, kept federer in the goat debate. Imagine winning 19 slams but not completing the career slam

    • Miguel Vazquez
      Miguel Vazquez Hace 5 días

      @Maxime Probably because Nadal is never planning to reach his peak form so early in the year. He is always physically weaker between November and March.

    • Brian Mannion
      Brian Mannion Hace 6 días

      @liam89th Federer is one of the best ever. But Nadal and Djokovic would have been as dominant without Federer and either one of Nadal or Djokovic especially Djokovic during those years. You can't just rely on slams when Federer won practically half of them against other players when Nadal and Djokovic were just up and coming.

    • liam89th
      liam89th Hace 6 días

      @Brian Mannion So seeing as you think Federer was "weak era champion" you can't really regard Nadal 's victories against him as that impressive I guess, right?

    • Brian Mannion
      Brian Mannion Hace 7 días

      @Maxime I think Djokovic is the best player actually even though I'm a Nadal fan but Nadal got to four AO finals outside his AO win in 2009 and was injured playing in the 2014 final. The others he was playing against either Djokovic or Federer. Just good competition. That's the reason he still has only one. Doesn't mean that's a weakness. It means he can play on HC slams with the best even pushing to five sets in 2012 and 2017 finals. Back when Nadal beat Federer in A0 09 12 and 14 he was at his physical peak being younger.but there was other competition. Then when Nadal can't beat federer in certain periods like the AO 17 there was nobody else but Nadal as competition. therefore Federer won the slam itself. Federer has not even won a US open in 12 years since 2008. Won five in a row! Then won none since then! That's called competition mate. Federer got most of his achievements from 04-07 where the competition was weaker. Apart from Safin in AO there was only bums and very yoing and inexperienced Nadal and Djokovic

    • Maxime
      Maxime Hace 7 días

      Brian Mannion so why Rafa hasn’t win more Grandslam in Melbourne if the surface is almost the same as NY ? If i was stupid I ll say that without clay Rafa has only 7 Grandslam... but it has no sens. That was my last answer to you... you don’t seem to understand what I’m saying. The only thing you re saying is that Rafa is the best and Roger and Novak doesn’t even exist. If Rafa Is the best for you ... it’s your right and it’s quiet normal! Consider to his career. But I don’t understand why you discredit so much Roger and Novak🤓

  • furkan goncuoglu
    furkan goncuoglu Hace 9 días

    Who is this commentator?

  • szöszmötölj tovább, fiam

    Oh, Sullivan

  • archie Wilson
    archie Wilson Hace 9 días

    My girl:if I beat you at snooker I can go through your phone Me: