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  • Thomas Velthuis
    Thomas Velthuis Hace 10 horas

    Brailsford has ruined this sport for the last decade

  • Glywnnis Wells
    Glywnnis Wells Hace 13 horas

    Roglic is the most talented grand tour GC rider currently

  • Toni Calabrese
    Toni Calabrese Hace 18 horas

    Great froome, colombia love you 😎

  • Ilan Vardi
    Ilan Vardi Hace 19 horas

    One of the greats by one of the greats

  • Elliot
    Elliot Hace 20 horas

    get well mate

  • mandyala
    mandyala Hace 20 horas

    Ein Traum auf dem Eis. Überirdisch schön!

  • johnd1466
    johnd1466 Hace un día

    Matt Stephens British Road champion 1998, GCN Legend... come back to GCN Matt

  • johnd1466
    johnd1466 Hace un día

    Bring back Laura Mesegur, Awla voice is awwwwwful

  • Rocky Slay
    Rocky Slay Hace un día

    Since this interview MvdP won a bunch of MTB races and 3 stages and the GC in the Tour of Brexit. I am starting to doubt if he should win the World Champs in a couple weeks. If he wins that already in his first real (half) season on the road it's going too good too fast. I guess he will lose a bit of hunger for the victory..... Ever seen his drama race at the World Cyclocross in 2017?? Mathieu was the favorite but due to the sharp stones had 4 flat tyres! 4 flat tyres! So he became 2nd behind W.Van Aert and cried his eyes out. BUT after this race he won almost EVERY race till today including Worlds Cyclocross. _Tears means Passion!_ Check:

  • MrACangusyoungDC
    MrACangusyoungDC Hace un día

    Last 11m8s are 10m avg 411w then 30s 220w then 25s in avg660w then sprint with 13s avg1222w and 1400w peak

  • Finley Currie
    Finley Currie Hace un día

    Looking forward to a mano-a-mano battle between Roglic/Jumbo Visna and Ineos in next year's Tour de France.

  • Oliv Kwet
    Oliv Kwet Hace un día

    Ça me fait vraiment plaisir de revoir ces gars discuter ensemble !👍😊

  • Ayomide George
    Ayomide George Hace un día

    Deserved put up with attacks left right and centre and lost two team mates on the way

  • Bruce Colonel
    Bruce Colonel Hace un día

    my name is also primož, roglič is best primož out there, cheers bro, go slovenija! čestitke tudi tadeju, vsaka čast, za 20 let si noro dober :P

  • Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt Hace un día

    Damn, that chick is a smoke show

    • johnd1466
      johnd1466 Hace un día

      Joe Dirt What... if you mean hot/sexy ... I must ask... do you not hear that awful voice noise

  • The Norbert
    The Norbert Hace un día

    Sajnok great guy

  • Bogdan Tomin
    Bogdan Tomin Hace un día

    Roglic’s interviews are the most boring videos on yt 🙈 but id always like to see him winning tour instead of team ineos

  • Kibicowsko ze Stadionow

    Respect from Poland

  • Krištof Pirc
    Krištof Pirc Hace un día

    Breakaway crew, are you going to continue with show in 2020? It would be great

  • Zvonko Dimitrioski
    Zvonko Dimitrioski Hace un día

    Bravo Primoz, bravo Slovenci !!!

  • Randy Mayfield
    Randy Mayfield Hace un día

    Great line at the end here. "What happened yesterday happened". The race moves on

  • Un Ciclista contra el Sistema

    this guy wins nothing against Froome, Dumoulin, Thomas or Bernal

    • Cosmo Wood
      Cosmo Wood Hace 7 horas

      @jordy ver LOL Bernal has not one ONE RACE in his life against Roglic

    • Aleš Lipovšek
      Aleš Lipovšek Hace 12 horas

      Don't smoke and post...

    • Glywnnis Wells
      Glywnnis Wells Hace 13 horas

      Un Ciclista contra el Sistema He will beat all them

  • 10k sub without any videos

    Great job Primoz. We want you at the Giro

  • Cronulla Sharks
    Cronulla Sharks Hace un día

    thank you thank you thank you all.

  • Antonio Paolino Cagnoni LVCCA1933

    awesome team keep it up

  • Antonio Paolino Cagnoni LVCCA1933

    just red bar tape red saddle and red helmet

  • Antonio Paolino Cagnoni LVCCA1933

    very trad from Roglic no red bike and just a red jersey

    • Antonio Paolino Cagnoni LVCCA1933
      Antonio Paolino Cagnoni LVCCA1933 Hace un día

      Yes but regardless of the brand of bike the winners of Grand Tours have had the team paint their bike the colour of the jersey for the final stage. They have been wearing a kit in the colour of the jersey also.

    • johnd1466
      johnd1466 Hace un día

      Antonio Paolino Cagnoni LVCCA1933 Red Bianchi is only available in past cheaper models. Which is good, a Bianchi has to be Celeste or black /some dark grey

  • walterwaltersen
    walterwaltersen Hace 2 días

    Thanks Eurosport Team. Followed on ES-pl and it was an absolute joy. Hope this excellent team continues in 2020. Have a nice offseason.

  • braking falied
    braking falied Hace 2 días


  • TheMightyDave_1
    TheMightyDave_1 Hace 2 días

    Roglic got sick in Giro, thats why he couldnt drive as good as in first two weeks.... ( roomate drop out of that race due of sickness but Primoz didnt..) he didnt blow out, he just couldnt eat as he should and that was it (still finished the race in 3rd place..)

  • Kamol Hengkiatisak
    Kamol Hengkiatisak Hace 2 días

    The host lady is marvelous for the past 3 weeks as well as all the commentators. I do enjoy, and thanks.

  • sriganesh2005
    sriganesh2005 Hace 2 días

    čestitke Roglic!

  • BornAgainTriathlete
    BornAgainTriathlete Hace 2 días

    Thank you for your amazing commentary throughout the Vuelta - it's been a lot of fun to follow!

  • Shari M
    Shari M Hace 2 días

    Thanks Eurosport Team for the great coverage. Watching Breakaway was pure enjoy, congratulations.

  • nildex34
    nildex34 Hace 2 días

    Chapeau the Breakaway !

  • CJ Charleston
    CJ Charleston Hace 2 días

    Congrats to Orla and the entire team The Breakaway has been fantastic enjoy the rest see you next year. Cheers CJ.

  • Doug Harvey
    Doug Harvey Hace 2 días

    Orla are you guys covering the Worlds ?

  • dolenjska news
    dolenjska news Hace 2 días

    Bravo, Primož, bravo Eurosport - fantastic ;)... bravo Tadej Pogačar...

  • Bartholomeus Clever
    Bartholomeus Clever Hace 2 días

    no standard replies from roglic, lol

  • Emanuel Peric
    Emanuel Peric Hace 2 días

    Breakaway and Eurosport commentators are just fantastic! Pleas keep up the great work!:)))

  • Minty 1106
    Minty 1106 Hace 2 días

    Orla goes out with a bang 🐆😍😍😍

  • le duch
    le duch Hace 2 días

    and bouchard got the dotted jersey 2 years ago he was working in a bike shop not bad for a frenchman hé hé! but its not important ! njoylife

  • Eurosport
    Eurosport Hace 2 días

    Due to rights restrictions, we can only post three-minutes of highlights from today’s race. For full coverage, live racing, news, videos and photos, make sure to check out Eurosport:

  • J NR
    J NR Hace 2 días

    First...... what am I going to do until the Giro? Let’s hope the worlds and Lombardia are epic.

    • milan mulderij
      milan mulderij Hace un día

      J NR watch the classics!!

    • Bartholomeus Clever
      Bartholomeus Clever Hace 2 días

      the worlds road race is my favourite race ... i first start pondering after lombardia

  • Michael Richards
    Michael Richards Hace 2 días

    I for one have enjoyed the commentary from Carlton Kirby and Sean Kelly

    • Ryan Sharp
      Ryan Sharp Hace 20 horas

      Sean Kelly has seemed much more informative

  • Kevin Skipper
    Kevin Skipper Hace 2 días

    Brian, cycling news' enfant terrible.

  • The Car
    The Car Hace 2 días

    Congrats Primož Roglič!!!! 🇸🇮👏

  • devri kalacoş
    devri kalacoş Hace 2 días

    is it b twin 900 AF alu bike.52x36 and 11x28.good bike from b twin

  • Justin J
    Justin J Hace 2 días

    The worst Vuelta in memory, clueless team tactics by most teams handing the red jersey to a good rider who hardly had to ride. And they wonder why team Inios always wins the tour.

  • Minty 1106
    Minty 1106 Hace 2 días

    Mountain top finishes are no good for seeing orla in sexy gear. Canny wait to see her in Madrid the morra 😍😍

  • Michele Graham
    Michele Graham Hace 2 días

    It would be great to see all teams with the same budgets. Big budget teams can buy the cream of the crop while everyone else has to sign up riders at the end of their careers who can’t get contacts anywhere else.

  • holland tobias
    holland tobias Hace 2 días

    on their bikes lol

  • holland tobias
    holland tobias Hace 2 días

    absolutely love this lady presenter ..she drives the boys on her roaD :)

  • Hurricane Matt
    Hurricane Matt Hace 2 días

    What the hell is Orla wearing. Chav tastic tracksuit

  • Daniel Grigg
    Daniel Grigg Hace 3 días

    A 39 year old and a 20 year old on the podium. Wow.

  • F S
    F S Hace 3 días

    Not done yet. A movistar cyclist may ”accidentally” cause a crash in front of Roglic. Then Valverde puts his team to ride like idiots to try and win the vuelta. I don’t trust Alejandro ”doping” Valverde.

  • Sead Biberović
    Sead Biberović Hace 3 días

    Slovenian conquest Espania Congratulations this is glorious year for Slovenia Greetings from South Korea

  • RS3tuber
    RS3tuber Hace 3 días

    I am just bumping this topic. Nadal won his 19th grand slam and he is only one behind roger Federer and also Rafa Nadal is 5 years younger. You do the math!!!

  • Tine 007
    Tine 007 Hace 3 días

    🇸🇮sLOVEnia🇸🇮 destroyed💣 COLOMBIA

  • Jianto Tomo
    Jianto Tomo Hace 3 días

    Kompak rek....

  • Karen Jaquish
    Karen Jaquish Hace 3 días

    Thank you Eurosport for being the voice of reason

  • johnd1466
    johnd1466 Hace 3 días

    Bora ( boring) killed a possible great attack today, Valverde might have stole it... I wish Hatch would stop his over pronunciation of names, he’s getting more fkin annoying, even said Pogocar as though it’s was a Spanish name with emphasis on Rrrrrr,

  • le duch
    le duch Hace 3 días

    valverde rolling master and who s that guy wearing the dotted jersey oh! just a french man not interesting for eurosport bouchard.primoz its the first and last grand tour win if he win.pogacar will win poker dot next year in a grand tour .thank to eurosport for monopolisation des retransmitions njoylife

  • 1234aaaa100
    1234aaaa100 Hace 3 días

    Remember the name!!! Tadej pogacar. podium in his 1st GT

  • Jeremy Matthews
    Jeremy Matthews Hace 3 días

    Have enjoyed The Breakaway in the USA!

  • owen Vermeulen
    owen Vermeulen Hace 3 días

    I think you all are very wrong. I respect what you've done as cyclists but as for calling this stage you suck.!

  • will smithola
    will smithola Hace 3 días

    Tao is so laid back he's almost vertical

  • theicnot
    theicnot Hace 3 días

    Bravo Slovenci,,,cestitke iz USA. Jos da i Melanija posalje pozdrav,,,,Pobjeda i to samo nakon 6 godina profesionalnog treninga, strasan talent

  • Kazi Mamaseitov
    Kazi Mamaseitov Hace 3 días

    Распустить команду некчемную, не стоит денег...

  • owen Vermeulen
    owen Vermeulen Hace 3 días

    I disagree, I think Valverde as World Champion and shot caller of the peloton, he should gone to the front and neutralized the bunch right away!!! First off it would have shown class and at that point there would've still been 50+km to go, plenty of time to still make moves. But instead, he and Movistar started pushing on hard with no help from others making no friends in the process and when they finally sat up there was not enough km's left to properly create gaps or make any real separations in the GC. So Movistar was terrible today, ethically and tactically.

  • AJ MAN
    AJ MAN Hace 3 días

    thanks for the highlights :)

  • Tim Kuss
    Tim Kuss Hace 3 días

    And Sepp Kuss comes from Slovenian roots. His grandfather Slovenian

    • Iztok Janezic
      Iztok Janezic Hace un día

      @Tim Kuss You're wellcome, it' s small and cute, also very close to Venice (100 miles) :) <3

    • jane freeman
      jane freeman Hace 2 días

      @Tim Kuss Wonderful! 😊

    • Tim Kuss
      Tim Kuss Hace 2 días

      Thank you. I really want to visit Slovenia some day.

    • Tim Kuss
      Tim Kuss Hace 2 días

      Oh yes, we are. Durango is a huge cycling town. He's all over the local news. It's awesome.

  • Miljan Stojiljkovic
    Miljan Stojiljkovic Hace 3 días

    ' We all know of Brian's expertise in bicycle polo ' How did you even say that with a straight face Orla hahhahahaha

  • Eurosport
    Eurosport Hace 3 días

    Due to rights restrictions, we can only post three-minutes of highlights from today’s race. For full coverage, live racing, news, videos and photos, make sure to check out Eurosport:

  • joze skufca
    joze skufca Hace 3 días

    Rogla legenda si

  • Plippersrock Bikecross


  • F S
    F S Hace 3 días

    I hope Valverde falls next stage and nobody waits for him, so that he will not be on the podium. Valverde is a doping cyclist 💉💉💉

  • Tomjrf
    Tomjrf Hace 3 días

    I like all three of them, Fedex and Rafa slightly more than Novak, but I gotta give it to him, he's clearly the best recently.

  • tom chernota
    tom chernota Hace 3 días

    Highlights put together by bunch of imbecile flow of logic for what is on display..

  • Evanswood Central
    Evanswood Central Hace 3 días

    The only member of the Eurosport team with any brains is Sean Kelly. All the others know full well they would have been furious had Roglic and Jumbo Visma done to Movistar what they did to Roglic. Orla should go back home to do some housework. Brian should go back under the pre-historic rock he crawled out of. As for Bradley Wiggins, he should be replaced by someone with more class such as Chris Boardman.

  • niko nemec
    niko nemec Hace 3 días

    Movistar Manager admitted later it was not worth to keep attack further given UCI decided to help Roglic and Lopez. If Movistar plan was to start attack at that point of race, isn't it a perfect coincidence that a rider falls down just in front of JV Team and stops them ? How can Roglic be already 3rd time involved into accident - stage1 water on track for JV after Movistar passed and with losing time and strongest Teammate, Andorra with stage with motorbike putting Roglic down .. what kind of race is this becoming and now even these commentators follow ?

  • Adrrej Hanželj
    Adrrej Hanželj Hace 3 días

    Hats off for Jumbo the way they improved and signed deals with the riders for the future. They believe they now have the strongest team for GC of all.

  • Daniel Grigg
    Daniel Grigg Hace 3 días


  • René Olsen
    René Olsen Hace 4 días

    Come on Eurosport . . . is this the level of "expert" commentary you going towards (could they at least watch the race, so they comment on fact). . . .Time to reconsider my subscription

  • javier S.P.
    javier S.P. Hace 4 días

    Que bonito era el ciclismo en mis tiempos. Cuando a alguien le daba una pajara, se le castigaba metiendole 20 o 25 mins, sin piedad. Si alguien se caia, no se le esperaba, era como una etapa de abanicos, salvese quien pueda y si algun grande se queda rezagado que se haga cargo su equipo de intentar traerle de vuelta al grupo o amortizar tiempo. Si llegaba la montaña y el lider quedaba solo, se le castigaba, era todos contra el. Ahora hay que esperar a la gente, esta mal visto atacar, lo normal es que el equipo del lider legue con 5 o 7 hombres al ultimo puerto y si llega solo le aparecen aliados que pelean por la 7º plaza o peor... Ya no volveran aquellos tiempos nunca mas en el ciclismo, por eso seran siempre leyendas gente como Jalabert, Rominger, Zulle, Indurain, Chiapuchi, Pantani, Virenque, el Chava etcetc...., Desde la epoca de Armstrong se empezo a jod.r el ciclismo, y ahora mismo no vale nada

  • josee alpamayo
    josee alpamayo Hace 4 días

    lopez carabobo llorica

  • Squizzy Taylor
    Squizzy Taylor Hace 4 días

    Agree with Brad..

  • Nuno Bértolo
    Nuno Bértolo Hace 4 días

    sólidas & consistentes melhoras aos ciclistas.

  • Bill Hicks
    Bill Hicks Hace 4 días

    Won't be taking any lessons on morality in sport from the likes of Sir doper of Wiggins.

  • daarpe17
    daarpe17 Hace 4 días

    The best outfit for the girl 😍 señorita waoo

    • Minty 1106
      Minty 1106 Hace 3 días

      Only thing that will top this is for her to wear a bikini tomorrow 😁

  • Kjeld Van Veen
    Kjeld Van Veen Hace 4 días

    valverde wasnt in front before the crash, it was quickstep. movistar went past the crash

  • andysnat
    andysnat Hace 4 días

    It's sad that on these extra special editions, the director doesn't do full justice to the "talent"; Still the best ones though.

  • votli hrast
    votli hrast Hace 4 días

    Bradley Wiggins and Valverde were both involved in doping scandal, so Wiggins backing up Valverde was expected.

  • Ayomide George
    Ayomide George Hace 4 días

    If u watch the race live u would of been going crazy

  • Sasha Tromsa
    Sasha Tromsa Hace 4 días

    Stop defending Movistar, they and Valverde in particular should know better. They did know what happened, after 10 min for sure. The only reason for them to ride LIKE HELL at that point was "Roglic down, Roglic down!" in their headsets. Racing is racing, but hiding behind "we didn't know!" is stupid.

  • Benjamin Auer
    Benjamin Auer Hace 4 días

    yeah bradley dont talk it down, they abused the situation and then felt guilty and pressured to sit up

    • sriganesh2005
      sriganesh2005 Hace 4 días

      Agreed, that's what he was doing. Orla knew they were going to get hammered for that.

  • Toni Lužar
    Toni Lužar Hace 4 días

    OMG these 3 are Eurosport experts? By the way SIR BRADLEY WIGGINS you said that it is racing no need to wait? Hehe you would not win Tour 2012 if Froome wouldn't wait for you!!! And Orla you are not a fan of gentlemen agreements? OMG what a reporters... sad sad sad

  • sriganesh2005
    sriganesh2005 Hace 4 días

    Movistar taking advantage of the!!!

  • Calvin Chang
    Calvin Chang Hace 4 días

    This highlight sucks. Learn from gcn racing okay?

  • henry vega diaz
    henry vega diaz Hace 4 días

    Miguel Ángel López..if You hace a Crash un the last 50km,o in sprint?can do You want?repet the stage ir sprint?????😂😂😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂You are stupid man....jjjaajajajaja

    • henry vega diaz
      henry vega diaz Hace 4 días

      @stef Bruinsthe Corrector.babyyyyy.😁😁😁😁my fingers ok

    • stef Bruins
      stef Bruins Hace 4 días

      Your english is so bad I don't even know wich side you are on

    • henry vega diaz
      henry vega diaz Hace 4 días

      @Toni Lužar 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂📆📆😂😂😂😂

    • Toni Lužar
      Toni Lužar Hace 4 días

      no, you are stupid henry, because they start to attack after the crash.If they would attack also before a crash it would be a different story but this is dirty spanish racer/team.

    • Jurij Tavčar
      Jurij Tavčar Hace 4 días