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R Kelly's Masterpiece
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Everyone Was Wrong About This Game
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The Best Walmart Freakout
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The Greediest Streamer on Twitch
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Best Dog Competition
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Horrible Preacher
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Police Hate Swear Words
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Moist Meter | Bad Boys for Life
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DBZ Kakarot Is An Easy Game
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Epcot Food Is Awful
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Onision vs Chris Hansen
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Masterchef Rage and Fury
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I Stay Greasy
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Motivational Joker Community
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Dragons' Den Is Wild
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Cats From Hell
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Washing Machines Made Me Horny
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Justin Bieber Is Desperate
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Moist Meter | 1917
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First Cockroach Encounter of 2020
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There Is No Killer Bean 2
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Fanciest Restaurant In Florida
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Anime Obsession
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Police Find World's Drunkest Cow
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The Most American Theme Park Ever
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The Grudge Is Horrible
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Lego Is For Real Men
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Escape From Tarkov Is An Easy Game
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Legoland Is Better Than Disney
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6 Teens Try To Find Boomer
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I Own The Rarest CD Ever Made
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Seaweed Is A Billion Dollar Industry
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Moist Meter | Vinland Saga
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Reylo Fandom Has Gone Insane
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Decade Review
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The Worst 5 Games of 2019
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The Best 5 Games of 2019
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Hot Sauce Doesn't Hurt Me
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New York Christmas Experience
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Moist Meter | The Mandalorian
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The Worst 5 Movies of 2019
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Weird Hobbies
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The Best 5 Movies of 2019
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Being a Mall Santa Is Dangerous
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Unlikely Heroes
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Police Pursue Minecraft Cosplayer
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Performance Art Is Bad
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I Am The Grease Machine
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Bad Horror and Gordon Ramsay
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Masterchef's Worst Nightmare
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Cats is Horrible
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Masterchef Is Wild
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Worst Robbery of the Year
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Arguing on Twitter is Useless
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VR Makes Me Sick
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Moist Meter | Dr. Stone
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Police Search For Slenderman
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A New Strand Type Game
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The Game Awards Were Wild
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Youtube Just Got Much Worse
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Police Find A Ton of Sex Toys
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Influencers Are Bad
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Atlantic Rim
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Motel Fight
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Halo Reach Mods Are Wild
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Shopping Cart Police
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Youtube Rewind Is Dead
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Halo Reach Is An Easy Game
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Police Found the Poop Bucket
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Your Worst Enemy
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Horrible DJs
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83 Year Old Tinder Guru
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Breaking The Magicians Code
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The Best Slapping Tournament
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  • solum
    solum Hace 34 minutos

    bruh numb nut doesn’t know how the system works.

  • cloudy rain
    cloudy rain Hace 35 minutos

    my favorite part was the midget

  • Sae What Productions
    Sae What Productions Hace 35 minutos

    i haven't got a sub in 5 years.

  • Andrew Elie
    Andrew Elie Hace 36 minutos

    to be fair, the behavior of the zenomorphs is brand new. sort of. there was a single typo in a file that basically lobotomized them on release, and it was only fixed years later

  • Gibyvn Gaming
    Gibyvn Gaming Hace 36 minutos

    @penguinz0 i will sub to you if you make a endorsement video for andrew yang.

  • Not Reck
    Not Reck Hace 37 minutos

    Made that man vampire proof 😂😂😂

  • Nathan Ross
    Nathan Ross Hace 37 minutos

    Margaret need to pray to lose some of that mf weight 🤣

  • KendoruSlink
    KendoruSlink Hace 38 minutos

    Just another day at Wal-Mart, mothurfuckur

  • Ar1law
    Ar1law Hace 38 minutos

    South Park had an episode about that song, It's amazing.

  • Eddwardo Chesterfield
    Eddwardo Chesterfield Hace 39 minutos

    Thank You #bringbackbrendan

  • Moonlight.Rider1000
    Moonlight.Rider1000 Hace 39 minutos

    I can die in peace now, thank you charlie, my life would have been incomplete.

  • ReKx
    ReKx Hace 39 minutos

    Jesus Christ CW has made some bad shit but this is just garbage I mean it just looks fucking awful... I wouldn’t even compare it to the power rangers at this point.

  • drake
    drake Hace 40 minutos


  • Nathan Ross
    Nathan Ross Hace 40 minutos

    Fuck Erin

  • Oro
    Oro Hace 40 minutos

    Just lay him down.

  • CinmarRS
    CinmarRS Hace 40 minutos

    anyone know the vod of the reaction to trapped in the closet?

  • Shane_Kai
    Shane_Kai Hace 40 minutos

    How many times is he gonna use different terminology about a guys butt

  • Tom Morris Music
    Tom Morris Music Hace 41 un minuto

    I live in Florida and I miss Philadelphia, genuine people and unique musicians

  • James Briggs
    James Briggs Hace 41 un minuto

    Damn i was lucky enough to watch the video before it was taken down. But im still a beta bc i missed the stream

  • Nathan Ross
    Nathan Ross Hace 41 un minuto

    Someone need to punch that little blonde bitch in the mouth

    JREAMY Hace 42 minutos

    The train looked like a dildo of stitch the alien.

  • Captin Crud
    Captin Crud Hace 43 minutos

    2:29 you know something about free entertainment, IT'S FREE YOU DUMB SHI.T, if you want to yell about your average salary, do it where people won't want to try and flush you down a toilet, I'd rather sit through 5 ads for the revenue than to hear you say 1 letter about how free entertainment is not free. Now what, if America is free but there's taxes, I'd rather pay taxes than listen to your, and you don't even deserve a penny, I'd rather live in North Korea if I had to deal with you.

  • jeova0sanctus0unus
    jeova0sanctus0unus Hace 43 minutos

    Ok,t infoil hat on.: There arent actually and human Mods, the way they behave seems to me like like a bad machinelearning algorythm.

  • S.C. Wood
    S.C. Wood Hace 43 minutos


  • Zion Zix
    Zion Zix Hace 44 minutos

    Is that thumbnail your cum face?

  • Cold Truth
    Cold Truth Hace 44 minutos

    I’m assuming no one knows who the streamer is right lol

  • Mauro Molinero
    Mauro Molinero Hace 44 minutos

    Godzilla bear fucked me in the ass

  • S1PP3R
    S1PP3R Hace 44 minutos

    "This guy sticking his whole fist in his chocolate starfish was classier than this chicks streams combined" never a more true statement said. That's my 2020 set!

  • Tom Morris Music
    Tom Morris Music Hace 44 minutos

    The tall blonde with short hair is actually attractive tho. And u can use her undergarments as a backup parachute

  • Glen McGregor
    Glen McGregor Hace 45 minutos

    Number 15 Burger King ass pickles

  • Ederd Stark
    Ederd Stark Hace 45 minutos

    Imagine a kid watches a kid prank another kid with itching powder and replaces it with this powdered acid.

  • FrostyStormz
    FrostyStormz Hace 47 minutos

    At least the multiplayer in this game was meh.

  • Chaud314231
    Chaud314231 Hace 47 minutos

    Wouldn't the speaker constantly hear you scraping the pen against some paper?

  • Wepenizd Autism
    Wepenizd Autism Hace 48 minutos

    This makes me exited for world war III

  • Biscuit Boy
    Biscuit Boy Hace 48 minutos

    I don't think she realises swearing is also a sin

  • Joseph Giordano
    Joseph Giordano Hace 48 minutos

    Saying "the devil rapes your children" in front of young children is EXTREMELY INAPPROPRIATE. Very irresponsible adult.

  • FrostAether
    FrostAether Hace 48 minutos

    Did he kill his whole family with a 9mm Beretta?

  • Mike R
    Mike R Hace 48 minutos

    I love trapped in the Closet

  • Elizabeth Johnson
    Elizabeth Johnson Hace 49 minutos

    Whatever these poor walmart workers are being paid it's not enough

  • Incogneto
    Incogneto Hace 49 minutos

    Twitch has become a cesspool.

  • Captain Ed Mercer
    Captain Ed Mercer Hace 49 minutos

    She reminds me of the evil grandma in the beginning of legion. Creepy

  • lazr DAN//DAN
    lazr DAN//DAN Hace 49 minutos

    bruh she really living on recruit difficulty🤧

  • Not Reck
    Not Reck Hace 52 minutos

    For tha boiiszzz

  • And then they said
    And then they said Hace 52 minutos

    6:05 this man pornhubs. I seen the video where a girl eats cereal out of another girls gaping ass.

    • Wepenizd Autism
      Wepenizd Autism Hace 43 minutos

      And then they said I seen the one with the golf ball....I was curious

  • EbonMaster
    EbonMaster Hace 52 minutos

    I'm proud to say that my god father is the dude that played Chuck.

  • MotleyProductions
    MotleyProductions Hace 52 minutos

    Is it “SLAP” or “SLAPP?” Either way John Oliver did a take on those types of lawsuits and it’s literally just an intimidation lawsuit that big companies use to scare people. You did the right thing Charlie, you probably would’ve spent a ton on lawyer fees.

  • The Lone Assassin
    The Lone Assassin Hace 53 minutos

    I don’t know if he’s making fun of it or that he actually enjoyed it?

  • karlmarcs31
    karlmarcs31 Hace 53 minutos

    "A form of entertainment they want to support." Well there in lies the problem sweetheart. You're not entertaining and they don't want to support your ass.

  • chris mann
    chris mann Hace 54 minutos

    At this point I'm sure everyone knows this little cunts name

  • Lord Shockwav
    Lord Shockwav Hace 54 minutos

    That must have been some butthole you watched for $20.00 .

  • Pursuit of Purpose
    Pursuit of Purpose Hace 55 minutos

    Just brilliant.

  • Kaf
    Kaf Hace 55 minutos

    Still best vid in yt

  • Guy Arzola
    Guy Arzola Hace 56 minutos

    She's talking about how her viewers have so much time it won't even spend $5 bitch hold the fuck up why the fuck are you complaining the last time I checked why the fuck do you have so much time playing fucking Jack schitt and ask him for $5 for a shit ton of hours bro at that point I would get a fucking job

  • Ederd Stark
    Ederd Stark Hace 56 minutos

    I know Penguinn could have said "Trapped in a closet" sounds like a gay sob story but he didnt want to. With his creativity that was a sad lost opprotunity for something hilarious.

  • hookah time
    hookah time Hace 56 minutos

    I thought I dreamed this it took me forever to find it again

  • Zion Zix
    Zion Zix Hace 57 minutos

    That's not a genuine smile... can tell by looking her in the eyes, fake as shit

  • basincreep
    basincreep Hace 57 minutos

    2:39 holy fuckin shit yo

  • Frazer Shipway
    Frazer Shipway Hace 58 minutos

    It will kell

  • Connor Tremblay
    Connor Tremblay Hace 59 minutos

    oh boy, those last two especially made me so relentlessly uncomfortable.

  • Ruestar-Juice
    Ruestar-Juice Hace 59 minutos

    That shit eating grin at 11:45... dun dun dunnnnnnnn...... unleash hell!!!!!!

  • Based Beanus
    Based Beanus Hace 59 minutos

    Look up “crazy meijer lady” critikal. There is at least 7 videos of this woman. she’s been terrorizing people like this all over Michigan. Not all of it has been filmed and I just realized I’ve seen this woman before at a meijer. Think a smaller scale Walmart that’s all over the midwest. I saw her almost get knocked out at a McDonald’s. I didn’t want to say anything till I was sure this was her and not some crazy meth head like her. It’s her 100% this took place in new haven Michigan at a meijer. She’s made her way all over the state somehow and she has done this every time.

  • Wolfgang Von Odio
    Wolfgang Von Odio Hace 59 minutos

    When he cut through that pig I littrally shouted "HOLY FUCK "

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel Hace 59 minutos

    wheres the rolex lebowski???

  • Brandon
    Brandon Hace un hora

    Please Charlie watch ImJayStation's video on his girlfriend's death. I can't believe people actually buy into this, and they literally hand this man money to be scum.

  • howl
    howl Hace un hora

    How has it taken me 31 years to find out you can bake mayonnaise!? Thank you Kay for opening my eyes to the possibilities of mayonnaise

  • Robert Bradshaw
    Robert Bradshaw Hace un hora

    SHAMELESS squadW

  • DecimusYna
    DecimusYna Hace un hora


  • Worgy
    Worgy Hace un hora

    watching this all i can think of is the fact that with my boyfriend for valentines day, we're just ordering pizza and having a star wars marathon lmao

  • Pavle Marković
    Pavle Marković Hace un hora

    My virgin 12-yeqr old eyes were scared

  • zombiesingularity
    zombiesingularity Hace un hora

    She manipulates the hell out of Mike sadly.

  • Cody Mcclain
    Cody Mcclain Hace un hora


    D3DSHOT Hace un hora

    In the central prison of Sofia, Bulgaria (my home town), which people regard as one of the toughest in the world, a high level prisoner once walked out the front gate in broad daylight and the only person to chase him was one of the cleaners with her mop. xD

  • Morbid Angel is better than Death

    American Dad's version Trapped in the Locker is equally funny.

  • pilotdragoon940
    pilotdragoon940 Hace un hora


  • presmadagascar
    presmadagascar Hace un hora

    this isn't how you get away with findomming on twitch. you need to pretend to have tourettes

  • Greengrass
    Greengrass Hace un hora

    greetings mutherfocker!

  • Juke
    Juke Hace un hora

    “And so I *PULL OUT MY GUNNN* “

  • ProwseOfficial
    ProwseOfficial Hace un hora

    Nah you could fuck someone up with that finger lol seriously

  • maxsKi Moose
    maxsKi Moose Hace un hora

    4/10 begs 13 year olds for money

  • AnnoyedArt1256
    AnnoyedArt1256 Hace un hora

    or watch asmr

  • MrJBleedge
    MrJBleedge Hace un hora

    She's a """""""""""""""""""""content creator""""""""""""""""""""

  • KenjiSan
    KenjiSan Hace un hora


  • vιnegar
    vιnegar Hace un hora

    I don't dislike videos but this was just lazy. I get you're making content cause you enjoy it and I do love it but please don't shove shit out like this where you run your persona into the ground during a video.

  • 187onaPigeon
    187onaPigeon Hace un hora

    I hate the word incel but those "men" really are incels. Also fuck her.

  • Tasenova
    Tasenova Hace un hora

    someone had to of recorded that stream? anybody ;(

  • Deezapples Unkown
    Deezapples Unkown Hace un hora

    Yoda: bitch she must be

  • 4chan Hacker
    4chan Hacker Hace un hora

    Funny thing is... Shes actually Jewish.

  • IAmVenom
    IAmVenom Hace un hora

    Trapped in the cupboard

  • Maddie whatever
    Maddie whatever Hace un hora

    Actually, my grandfather worked as a cop and the reason a butterfly knife/switch blade is considered to be illegal is because it's ability to do real damage to people who didn't even know someone had it. Like the reason most people don't carry a fucking knife around is because it's uncovered. Army knives solve this, but you can see it's a knife. Switch blades can be hidden and pop out real quick, butterfly knives are similar but work better to more experienced handlers. They're also a very easy weapon to illegally sell and purchase.

  • karim .mkm
    karim .mkm Hace un hora

    Hey, R.Kelly's Management, F U

  • Tyler Abner
    Tyler Abner Hace un hora

    DC is just forcing a universe to fight off marvel but it’s not working well and won’t be until they make better connections with movies in a post endgame world

  • Leon Timberlake
    Leon Timberlake Hace un hora

    Her vaginitis smells like piss, not cedar.

  • pilotdragoon940
    pilotdragoon940 Hace un hora


  • Big Brain 147
    Big Brain 147 Hace un hora

    when this got taken down I watch it

  • Coco
    Coco Hace un hora

    “Look at this flimsy fuck right here. What can this even fuck? It’s dirty, moldy and fuck.”

  • D - Luuxx
    D - Luuxx Hace un hora


  • 42 65 6E
    42 65 6E Hace un hora

    2:44 the kid who farts in class

  • Potty Snatcher
    Potty Snatcher Hace un hora


  • weetheboys
    weetheboys Hace un hora

    As a Christian, I can confirm this is NOT how we share the love of Jesus Christ ¬_¬

  • Giri
    Giri Hace un hora

    1:04 the way he runs back after that vague threat 💀