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  • Phùng Thanh Phương
    Phùng Thanh Phương Hace 4 minutos

    This guy skillset is crazyy

  • ultimaxization
    ultimaxization Hace 7 minutos

    Jordan demolished sri lanka

  • ultimaxization
    ultimaxization Hace 11 minutos

    R E K T

  • Freeeak!
    Freeeak! Hace 13 minutos

    Eto ba yung team na pinaiyak ng mga college players galing Pinas? Diba ito yun?

  • loco mixer
    loco mixer Hace 21 un minuto

    referees decided this match

  • TassoSchwabenpower
    TassoSchwabenpower Hace 31 un minuto


  • Hasan Hüseyin Keskin
    Hasan Hüseyin Keskin Hace 39 minutos

    Ben de diyom medyada niye sonucu görmedim.

  • Persian Soldier
    Persian Soldier Hace 41 un minuto

    Congrats Lebanon 🇱🇧 from Iran 🇮🇷. Good luck Iraq 🇮🇶.

  • Hasan Hüseyin Keskin
    Hasan Hüseyin Keskin Hace 46 minutos

    What a game

  • munga Chakma
    munga Chakma Hace 47 minutos

    India team needed a ball handler from mizoram💯

  • Тирам Исуeдов
    Тирам Исуeдов Hace 50 minutos

    Путин какашка.

  • 洪振銓
    洪振銓 Hace 51 un minuto

    Didn't know our team is capable of making this kind of difference!!!!

  • Gema Esa
    Gema Esa Hace 58 minutos

    Arki, banyakin makan aja ki gausah ngegym wkwk

  • I quit Youtube
    I quit Youtube Hace un hora

    I was there!

  • Samuel Hu
    Samuel Hu Hace un hora

    It‘s a pity that they didn’t even shoot the last shot

  • Edgar Galvis
    Edgar Galvis Hace un hora

    ARGENTINA, sin nivel, sus tres figuras ya estan fuera nocioni, scola y Manu, ahora le toca fajarse como los buenos, venezuela sin Guillen, Echenique, sin los vargas, sin Nestor colmenarez, Venezuela jugo con un equipo alternativo. merecida victoria.

  • Viltė Šimkaitė
    Viltė Šimkaitė Hace un hora

    Wp Belgium. Where is no excuse for this loss. I dont care if this was our 3rd team we didnt played against Spain, Serbia, Italy or France it was fckn Belgium even our u18 has better chanses to win


    Bravooo bosnia and Herzegovina

  • hariawan agung
    hariawan agung Hace un hora

    Maaf ya, kaya gini mau ikut kejuaraan dunia. Untung ga kaya bola langsung lolos

  • Enel Theorist
    Enel Theorist Hace un hora

    congrats japan from canada

  • Dan Méndez
    Dan Méndez Hace un hora

    Vine por el meme a ver cuanto quedaron

  • Fragmancı
    Fragmancı Hace un hora

    B team of Turkey. Congratulations anyway.

  • Adytama Syahsar
    Adytama Syahsar Hace un hora

    arighi ga maenn :(

  • Libanesen De
    Libanesen De Hace un hora

    Lebanon win

  • Jai Bhagwan
    Jai Bhagwan Hace un hora

    Rebound toh lete hii nhi Bhai yeh

  • Cumhuriyet 1881
    Cumhuriyet 1881 Hace un hora

    Congrats netherland


    Nice fight mabro just perfect on ur 3 Pointer shooters n i swear we'll be the conquers of all time

  • Jawors Castillo
    Jawors Castillo Hace un hora


  • Revolt Movement
    Revolt Movement Hace 2 horas

    That PR team is wack

  • Jungie Montemayor
    Jungie Montemayor Hace 2 horas

    Sri Lanka needs more exposure to be more competitive not just in Asian but in World Basketball.

  • Johnny Hong
    Johnny Hong Hace 2 horas

    The management of Indonesia Basketball team just make it worse!! Too much reaction for this one. Obviously some thing wrong with this team and this country basketball health. Too much drama.

  • Eser Rese
    Eser Rese Hace 2 horas


  • Dexter Bagalay
    Dexter Bagalay Hace 2 horas

    Balkman play for Puerto Rico but seemingly left his heart in mighty Philippines

  • Eser Rese
    Eser Rese Hace 2 horas

    Nice game

  • Jeffry Yap
    Jeffry Yap Hace 2 horas

    Malaysia basketball la. If we Win game give voucher only that's why they bring the weak squad to play

  • Random Mobile Gaming TV

    is that matic coaching india?

  • Joonoh Capre
    Joonoh Capre Hace 2 horas

    Haiti Haiti Haiti 🇭🇹 🇭🇹

  • WeiZhong Cao
    WeiZhong Cao Hace 3 horas


  • 錒邱
    錒邱 Hace 3 horas

    缺一個歸化中鋒 不然台灣真的有機會跟日本55開

    SNOPEDUCKS GAMING Hace 3 horas


  • Sahar Levy
    Sahar Levy Hace 3 horas

    Most of the whole Raining champion of European championship u21 playing here so no doubt Israel will be a good team.

  • CloveHitch Club
    CloveHitch Club Hace 3 horas

    Nice one NZ Tall Blacks... Congrats... 👏👏👏

  • Michael Paras
    Michael Paras Hace 3 horas

    Ice cold.

  • TheDesta82
    TheDesta82 Hace 3 horas

    Basketball is not popular in malaysia

  • Dimas Prasetyawan
    Dimas Prasetyawan Hace 3 horas

    Arki knpa masih dmainkan masih bagus main ank SD

  • comercio exterior Foreign trade

    Uruguay pasa verguenza inútilmente por no tener un entrenador como debe. Y además su selección debería tener un promedio de 23 años y no es asi

    • Efrain Cordero
      Efrain Cordero Hace 21 un minuto

      No jugaron mal, para tu quieres un equipo sin experiencia 🤦🏻‍♂️ y al parecer tienen bn dirigente porque jugaron bn no se dejaron ganar tan fácil así que no se de qué hablas 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Jihan Sigar
    Jihan Sigar Hace 3 horas

    Gak setuju dan gak sependapat itu biasa, omongan abraham uda bener tapi sayang attitude nya gak oke apa lagi pada saat presscon.. Itu aja sih..

  • Venezuela Honor
    Venezuela Honor Hace 3 horas

    Vamos VENEZUELAAAAA. No le resta méritos a este triunfo BOLIVARIANO el hecho de que Argentina no haya alineado a sus mejores hombres, problema de ellos subestimar al rival, NO creo que los gauchos sean tan masoquistas de querer perder adrede con Venezuela en un partido OFICIAL, no fue un juego de exhibición, señores--------

  • hasan mucahit özdoğan

    Cedi furkan korkmaz Ersan ilyasova neden yok ?

    • Baran Bök
      Baran Bök Hace 2 horas

      nba de oynuyorlar şu anda gelemezler

    • Black Hawks
      Black Hawks Hace 2 horas

      Nba takımları göndermedi

  • jadi gini oh gitu
    jadi gini oh gitu Hace 3 horas

    South Korea basketball channel

  • Carmen Rodríguez
    Carmen Rodríguez Hace 3 horas

    Lastima que no juega por Puerto Rico

  • Silvina Giovanni Dewi
    Silvina Giovanni Dewi Hace 3 horas

    Buat coachny hargai aja kenapa sih usaha tim kamu sendiri, toh strategi kamu sendiri yg buat aneh ada y coach kayak gini, respect abraham sih intinya dia ngerasa apa yg mau dibanggain sama point pribadi dia sendiri pasti dalam benaknya dia pengen timnya terbaik

  • Ankit Verma
    Ankit Verma Hace 3 horas

    The clutch defense was a trash 3 men on the same line you are leaving shooters open right at clutch moments you have to work on defense and free throws can be a bad one but offense and defense have to be improved but above all it's tight moments like this anything can happen hope a great future for India Go India Go We are with you always...

  • Mi 霜糜 Cream
    Mi 霜糜 Cream Hace 3 horas

    0:53 這二運了吧……

  • Jeft Dominique Sabile
    Jeft Dominique Sabile Hace 3 horas

    Qatar 3x3 - Powerhouse Also Qatar 5x5 - Never mind

  • Nazri Jais
    Nazri Jais Hace 3 horas

    Walaupun menggunakan pemain pelapis 2 tetapi tu bkn alasan utk kalah mcm ni..ia sgt memalukan..taiwan hanyalah no 5 dia asia..blm lgy jumpa china,jepun korea dan iraq..

  • Clickbait
    Clickbait Hace 4 horas

    Thanks for the great production FIBA. India could really use some pick and roll and better off the ball offense. Really gotta make those easy layups and jumpers.

  • pakistani rapistscums
    pakistani rapistscums Hace 4 horas

    Who notice the snub of Ezinne Kalu by Ogwumike??

  • britiw
    britiw Hace 4 horas

    Macedonia, naturalise some more foreigners to win

  • Maki Agustin
    Maki Agustin Hace 4 horas

    i'm surprised both teams are REALLY good than before. They improved a LOT !

  • C Molles
    C Molles Hace 4 horas

    a girls high school basketball team could beat sri lanka

  • Nata
    Nata Hace 4 horas

    Pernah lihat mereka latihan, songongnya minta ampun, gak saling support, gak saling instrospeksi diri, kan mampus karma wkwk

  • matej štefanič
    matej štefanič Hace 4 horas

    Shame for slovenia

  • CloveHitch Club
    CloveHitch Club Hace 4 horas

    Kuya Renaldo Balkman 💪❤

  • ugie88
    ugie88 Hace 4 horas

    Ni salah pemain ke salah coach ni haha. Xpe kte cube lg. Asah bdk2 bru dr kecik. Start balik

  • savage fnck
    savage fnck Hace 4 horas

    Oh thats why i don't hear ISIS in the news anymore because they've been busy playing ball, now i know why.

  • Syaiful R Hidayat
    Syaiful R Hidayat Hace 4 horas

    Krisis bigman, banyak turn over bigman indonesia dan lemah fisik untuk kelas internasional.

  • bosshaft vevo
    bosshaft vevo Hace 4 horas

    🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 ⚪️⚪️⚪️🌲⚪️⚪️⚪️ 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴

  • savage fnck
    savage fnck Hace 4 horas

    A video that you can smell.

  • savage fnck
    savage fnck Hace 4 horas

    Japan will turn these aussies to ashes. Mark my words. 🇯🇵💪

  • Ryan Mercado
    Ryan Mercado Hace 4 horas

    You destroy our Malaysian brothers!!!well see if we play against each other to the next round,,Our Gilas pilipinas destroy you

  • savage fnck
    savage fnck Hace 4 horas

    Australia, land of convicts! Go New Zealand.

  • Scuad
    Scuad Hace 4 horas

    This qualifier would be unpredictable but depends on their next move

  • TheUnknownNumber9
    TheUnknownNumber9 Hace 4 horas

    Πάμε γερά Ελλαδάρα💪💪💪

  • Nate Apostol
    Nate Apostol Hace 4 horas

    College team?

  • mus tanir
    mus tanir Hace 4 horas

    Attitude nya bro kontrol kontrol

  • Bayu Sanjaya
    Bayu Sanjaya Hace 4 horas

    North or South?

  • Doni Sitorus
    Doni Sitorus Hace 4 horas

    Well, u just can't do that in the press conference. It's just unprofessional. But, the punishment was just exaggerated.

  • Muhammad Novriansyah
    Muhammad Novriansyah Hace 4 horas

    yah kalah

  • Hüseyin İŞ
    Hüseyin İŞ Hace 4 horas

    4:40 ta Melih koşmaya bile teşebbüs etmiyor😤 YAZIK

  • Kharisma Tumbelaka
    Kharisma Tumbelaka Hace 4 horas

    Coachnya niih doi cuman bicara jujur indonesia indonesia aduuuuh

  • Girish vaddanapu
    Girish vaddanapu Hace 4 horas

    Nice game guys...proud of you

  • tepani lim
    tepani lim Hace 4 horas

    Disini sayang banget sama sikap sang coach, kalopun gua jadi Abraham, gua juga bakal ngelakuin hal yang sama, ibarat kata lu udah latihan sampe berdarah-darah tapi ga dipandang sama pimpinan lu, dan malah pimpinan lu menyalahkan ada pemain yang ga bisa main dan jadi kalah.

  • avancevenezuela vc
    avancevenezuela vc Hace 4 horas

    Argentina jugó con el equipo g

  • Resi Agr
    Resi Agr Hace 5 horas

    Jadi inget pernah denger orang ngomong di belakangku pas IBL "kalau timnya menang tuh yang menang timnya, kalau timnya kalah tuh yang kalah pelatihnya"

  • Fahmi Prasetiawan
    Fahmi Prasetiawan Hace 5 horas

    Player basketball malay is AFK?

  • marky Ong
    marky Ong Hace 5 horas

    Because of Kiefer Ravena the Indonesia upsets Gilas Pilipinas,, upset of the decade

  • TigerMeadows
    TigerMeadows Hace 5 horas


  • Jennifer Hunter
    Jennifer Hunter Hace 5 horas

    Yes, what you need🎉

  • Troy
    Troy Hace 5 horas

    Even the announcer was confused

  • Mahmoud Talal
    Mahmoud Talal Hace 5 horas

    الله يلعن ابو اسرائيل

  • John Ron Tangaro
    John Ron Tangaro Hace 5 horas

    Kai sotto 17 years old vs haddadi old man hahaha.

  • Wilkson Vitor
    Wilkson Vitor Hace 5 horas

    Israel is the best

  • ernieball20
    ernieball20 Hace 5 horas

    Wow!! Belgium player No.15!! Who is he?? Anybody pls tell me 'bout him

  • ben Hollingsworth
    ben Hollingsworth Hace 5 horas

    I was there!

  • Denny Isa
    Denny Isa Hace 5 horas

    Mgkn kesalahan hanya pada gestur dan etika aj,mgkn dia lagi capek fisik dan capek pikirannya.GK sengaja emosi kebawa saat wawancara.tidak perlu dibesar besarkan.jika kok Abraham dipecat dari timnas hanya karena maslah ini,sayang bgt Indonesia kehilangan Abraham,justru anak muda slenge'an tuh malah mental paling kuat saat bertanding.hehe.bagi Abraham jika kok ada sangsi berat tidak masuk TImnas Lg,gpp suatu saat anda jd bintang diclub.jgn mau dipanggil timnas lagi,yg penting rejeki anda lancar diClub,rejeki dibasket utk Keluarga.tidak harus masuk timnas.

  • Tal Ya
    Tal Ya Hace 5 horas

    Timnas indonesia need bigger player not 5,"10

  • Jayson Martin
    Jayson Martin Hace 5 horas

    labanan ng Anghit, Luge ang Gilas dyan kapag di sila nagtawas

  • Forcev
    Forcev Hace 5 horas

    Well deserved win Belgium! Congratulations from a lithuanian :)

  • Paulo Cabrera
    Paulo Cabrera Hace 5 horas

    Go Balkman