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WIN IN THE STORM (easy wins)
Vistas 5,046,501Hace 2 días
gamebreaking glitches in chapter two
Vistas 4,946,782Hace 3 días
Vistas 5,034,712Hace 4 días
Vistas 5,739,188Hace 4 días
Vistas 5,667,639Hace 9 días
my battle..
Vistas 4,261,377Hace 11 días
Vistas 3,200,900Hace 13 días
my girlfriend dies.. the video ends
Vistas 5,378,984Hace 14 días
*WTF* Minecraft Mods
Vistas 4,984,154Hace 16 días
The Best Update EVER!
Vistas 5,805,841Hace 21 un día
Going ABOVE THE NETHER in Minecraft
Vistas 5,638,349Hace 22 días
Vistas 6,815,246Hace 24 días
Raiding AREA 51 in FORTNITE
Vistas 7,419,560Hace 27 días
Minecrafts Most BROKEN Mods
Vistas 6,015,397Hace 29 días
this prop glitch is gamebreaking
Vistas 5,150,749Hace un mes
fortnite memes are back
Vistas 4,017,932Hace un mes
minecraft but it rains creepers
Vistas 5,501,438Hace un mes
I flew straight for 12 hours
Vistas 5,971,390Hace un mes
Vistas 6,057,406Hace un mes
I built a NUKE in Minecraft
Vistas 7,092,861Hace un mes
i cheated in a $50000 tournament
Vistas 4,945,622Hace un mes
bad photoshops (minecraft edition)
Vistas 7,079,806Hace un mes
Club Penguin is BACK
Vistas 4,855,580Hace un mes
10:02 of gamebreaking memes
Vistas 5,977,031Hace un mes
I went one direction for 6 hours
Vistas 5,930,857Hace un mes
I bred a PANDA ARMY in Minecraft
Vistas 6,582,047Hace 2 meses
I tamed a PANDA in Minecraft
Vistas 5,021,042Hace 2 meses
Unboxing STRANGE AMAZON Products
Vistas 7,381,431Hace 2 meses
Destroying 1000+ MECHS (dumb science)
Vistas 4,348,959Hace 2 meses
Vistas 6,232,795Hace 2 meses
Dont Get STRIKED Challenge
Vistas 5,554,884Hace 2 meses
i saved SEASON 10
Vistas 4,847,664Hace 2 meses
Vistas 5,655,749Hace 2 meses
SEASON 10 REACTION (epic content)
Vistas 6,480,362Hace 2 meses
Vistas 7,377,272Hace 2 meses
MONSTER vs ROBOT (best event ever)
Vistas 9,287,869Hace 3 meses
this gun is cursed
Vistas 6,092,006Hace 3 meses
i became a minecraft GOD (part 2)
Vistas 7,818,119Hace 3 meses
clickbaiting my GIRLFRIEND (Q&A)
Vistas 6,741,826Hace 3 meses
actually playing minecraft (part one)
Vistas 5,618,819Hace 3 meses
FORTNITE videos i never uploaded
Vistas 7,028,911Hace 3 meses
sorry ninja
Vistas 7,214,852Hace 3 meses
Vistas 5,760,274Hace 3 meses
i beat NINJA in fortnite
Vistas 12,423,566Hace 3 meses
this weapon isnt fair
Vistas 5,254,527Hace 3 meses
Vistas 10,860,474Hace 3 meses
pretending to be THE STORM
Vistas 5,230,172Hace 3 meses
fortnite has disabled building
Vistas 6,798,904Hace 3 meses
absolutely awful PHOTOSHOPS
Vistas 9,028,387Hace 4 meses
can we get minecraft #1 TRENDING
Vistas 4,655,753Hace 4 meses
Winning IN THE STORM (Storm Flips)
Vistas 9,370,432Hace 4 meses
Spamming STORM FLIPS (unbeatable)
Vistas 6,963,275Hace 4 meses
leaving the map and winning games
Vistas 7,114,285Hace 4 meses
Vistas 4,383,188Hace 4 meses
pls vault the new BURST SMG
Vistas 5,491,575Hace 4 meses
the YEET META is unbeatable
Vistas 7,232,636Hace 4 meses
Riding & Trapping LOOT DRONES
Vistas 6,562,720Hace 5 meses
building GIANT MEMES in actual games
Vistas 4,593,654Hace 5 meses
JOHN WICK ONLY challenge (dog jokes)
Vistas 6,935,219Hace 5 meses
The NEW TACTICAL AR in Fortnite
Vistas 5,425,296Hace 5 meses
Vistas 6,592,563Hace 5 meses
dumb memes in SEASON 9
Vistas 6,874,325Hace 5 meses
Vistas 7,432,785Hace 5 meses
this deathrun took 96 HOURS to beat
Vistas 5,830,817Hace 5 meses
5 DRUMGUNS at once is overpowered
Vistas 6,985,057Hace 5 meses
Vistas 5,737,244Hace 5 meses
fortnite added SPOOKY GRENADES
Vistas 4,411,034Hace 5 meses
fortnites greatest update ever
Vistas 9,677,170Hace 5 meses
i completely broke this game..
Vistas 2,687,612Hace 5 meses
500,000M ABOVE THE MAP (dumb science)
Vistas 7,356,804Hace 5 meses
Overpowered THANOS vs AVENGERS
Vistas 11,957,276Hace 5 meses
Winning Without HUD (map/guns/health)
Vistas 4,251,777Hace 5 meses
Vistas 8,718,673Hace 5 meses
playing minecraft for ad revenue
Vistas 5,891,866Hace 6 meses
PLANES ARE GOOD NOW (best update)
Vistas 8,699,823Hace 6 meses
trying the 100 LEVEL DEATHRUN
Vistas 13,496,312Hace 6 meses
RESPAWN LOOT ONLY (very dumb video)
Vistas 5,554,270Hace 6 meses
Vistas 4,427,717Hace 6 meses
Vistas 6,774,098Hace 6 meses
Vistas 6,945,300Hace 6 meses


  • Haber Zone
    Haber Zone Hace 32 minutos

    But I am 12

  • Mryeeter Yeet
    Mryeeter Yeet Hace 32 minutos

    I didn’t get a crossbow when I was 5 I’m sad 😞

  • Most Subs No Vids
    Most Subs No Vids Hace 32 minutos

    Who else is happy to see Lazarbeam actually enjoying fortnite?

  • Liam Eden
    Liam Eden Hace 32 minutos

    You took 84 slime testicals

  • The Gaming Brit
    The Gaming Brit Hace 32 minutos

    The good thing about having bad graphics is that your game runs faster

  • M & B Nation BELLA&MEME
    M & B Nation BELLA&MEME Hace 33 minutos

    Do a no cussing Fortnite vid

  • Crystal Grove
    Crystal Grove Hace 33 minutos

    make a fox moat!

  • Alex Ritchie
    Alex Ritchie Hace 33 minutos

    anyone watching in 2019 like if you are

  • Jakob Lyons
    Jakob Lyons Hace 34 minutos

    **ARE NOT OKAY**

  • Xava Ya_King
    Xava Ya_King Hace 35 minutos

    I support you cause your the best youtuber and I gave you money cause I bought flipping sexy while supporting you

  • login scooter
    login scooter Hace 35 minutos

    Welcome to the ThunderDome

  • Zedrick Lebron
    Zedrick Lebron Hace 35 minutos

    Son it's a shark let's catch it i have a bait you son

  • drdileep verma
    drdileep verma Hace 35 minutos

    How many times he said goddammit

  • Alex Ritchie
    Alex Ritchie Hace 36 minutos

    lazarbeams my favorite youtuber

    SIR T NUGGETS Hace 36 minutos

    Dantdm biggest minecraft youtuber

  • Shadow_NightTail_ Playz
    Shadow_NightTail_ Playz Hace 36 minutos

    We did it boys (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿) #1 trending

  • Alex Ritchie
    Alex Ritchie Hace 36 minutos


  • Alexander Welsh Welsh
    Alexander Welsh Welsh Hace 37 minutos

    We getting cubes in chapter 2?

  • LionZ
    LionZ Hace 37 minutos

    What happened when the meteor crashes into loot lake and we go into a black hole and the games GOOD AGAIN

  • Alex Ritchie
    Alex Ritchie Hace 37 minutos

    next time drive the ship off the ramp

  • GrimReaper 1000
    GrimReaper 1000 Hace 37 minutos

    Lannon: I'm not going to move. Also Lannon: (Moves) Me: Whaaaaaa?

  • Jimmy Pie
    Jimmy Pie Hace 38 minutos

    I berrley even 11 years old

  • X4O
    X4O Hace 38 minutos

    I searched what brazzers means. It didn't end well

  • Ahmed 7846
    Ahmed 7846 Hace 38 minutos

    “Who is better” “Like for Bodhi” “Comment for ninja” -Comments 2019

  • Jerry Minor
    Jerry Minor Hace 39 minutos

    Three challenges at once 1. No killing 2. No weapons 3. Win in the storm

  • Alex Hernandez
    Alex Hernandez Hace 39 minutos

    You're the best

  • Franz Guinum
    Franz Guinum Hace 39 minutos

    My cousin is 6 and he can do 180s

  • Camzz Z
    Camzz Z Hace 40 minutos

    You can yeet people and it even says yeet

  • Dennys Wallace
    Dennys Wallace Hace 41 un minuto

    3:24 mentira? (for brazil)

  • Zero - Fortnite
    Zero - Fortnite Hace 42 minutos

    I’am actually the first 8th age to get a victory royale.

  • Lego Master Films
    Lego Master Films Hace 42 minutos

    Whos watching in chapter 2

    THOMAS AM Hace 42 minutos

    2 years ago today

  • I’m Fear
    I’m Fear Hace 42 minutos

    That’s when playground was a hour limited who misses it ? I do

  • Josh Jackson
    Josh Jackson Hace 43 minutos

    Sowon Fuckin died

  • Caden Chu
    Caden Chu Hace 43 minutos

    Is that doing the protest busters in hK ?

  • Inkys Gaming videos
    Inkys Gaming videos Hace 43 minutos

    And that is when Lisa broke up with Lennon

  • Deedge YouTube
    Deedge YouTube Hace 44 minutos

    10:27 “Thats no wucken’ forries.”

  • ***DB_Shotty35 ***
    ***DB_Shotty35 *** Hace 44 minutos


  • Ruby Siljanoski
    Ruby Siljanoski Hace 44 minutos

    2:20 the background is literally made of hexagons

  • Noah Wollberg
    Noah Wollberg Hace 45 minutos

    Lol who's watching this in 2019

  • jodie keynes
    jodie keynes Hace 45 minutos

    2:22 you'll see ;)

  • Sophia Bozzo
    Sophia Bozzo Hace 46 minutos

    Like if surpreme should be removed and 2019 anyone

  • Slow Apple
    Slow Apple Hace 46 minutos

    Ok I am getting my squad and getting that world record

  • I don't play no games 92
    I don't play no games 92 Hace 46 minutos


  • Not My Name
    Not My Name Hace 46 minutos

    Lazar St is in ohio

  • CreeperLord568ツ
    CreeperLord568ツ Hace 47 minutos


  • JJ Skeen
    JJ Skeen Hace 47 minutos

    Oh crikey

  • Clay Sweepsweepsweep
    Clay Sweepsweepsweep Hace 48 minutos

    Fortnite sucks

  • Patrick Henry
    Patrick Henry Hace 48 minutos

    Sorry I forgot to use code lazer in the item shop when I bought the banner shied.

  • kingmercy 89
    kingmercy 89 Hace 48 minutos

    "i like trains.." -asdf movie

  • Misterchicken
    Misterchicken Hace 49 minutos

    lzerbeam hits the snow man then lazar noticed gg then his nose started bleeding [SNOWMAN [DONT MESS WITH SNOWMEN OR YOUR NOSE IS GONNA BLEED BITCH] man lm stupid

  • Lisa Hibberd
    Lisa Hibberd Hace 49 minutos

    Lannan in fortnite: I LOVE EATING FISHH

  • Super John
    Super John Hace 49 minutos

    He completed it with less than half Health

  • Kristen Westrate
    Kristen Westrate Hace 49 minutos

    I didn't win if you didn't like v

  • YaDa
    YaDa Hace 49 minutos

    Ali a intro whatttt

  • Thomas Mckay
    Thomas Mckay Hace 49 minutos

    Easy wins Proceeds to take hours to get a single win

  • Lisa Hibberd
    Lisa Hibberd Hace 49 minutos

    Lannan in Minecraft: im soo vegan

  • lemya magzoub
    lemya magzoub Hace 50 minutos

    Me: opens the new channel Lady on the news: breaking news a gingerbread man who goes by the name of lazarbeam is kidnapping sweats the police are asking that any information on him should be delivered to them Me: WTF

  • HaydenDoes Gaming
    HaydenDoes Gaming Hace 50 minutos

    At 6:37 it looks like she's praying to the cactus

  • PlugZ -yt
    PlugZ -yt Hace 51 un minuto

    Who else remembers when lannan says gooday gooday u bloody legends in the intro

  • Doctor Llama ッ
    Doctor Llama ッ Hace 51 un minuto

    Everyone* 1974: Flying cars. 2019:Did I hear flyingboats? me: more like flying shopping carts.

  • nuke
    nuke Hace 52 minutos

    Subscribe I have 7 sub's use code lazar

  • Umar Ashraf
    Umar Ashraf Hace 52 minutos

    when will you play minecraft

    JARRED PLAYS Hace 52 minutos

    You suck Halloween and its funny cause you do dumb shit😂😂😂

  • VloggyGames Matty
    VloggyGames Matty Hace 52 minutos

    Lannan Make a wheat Farm for bread

  • benagl
    benagl Hace 52 minutos

    Lannan: "This skin looks like booger." Me, not a native English speaker: "Bugha ?"

  • Shelley Maynard
    Shelley Maynard Hace 52 minutos

    Fortnite: Adds Rusty Can Lazar:Gimme 50 of them

  • SpamClikr
    SpamClikr Hace 53 minutos

    this is how many times he said fresh ya boy 👎

  • lemya magzoub
    lemya magzoub Hace 54 minutos

    Person: picks up lazarbeam Lazarbeam: I hate being kidnapped

    MATIC _KRALJ Hace 54 minutos

    Is fredy briches Your grandfather in war

  • Odin Bullock
    Odin Bullock Hace 54 minutos

    Do you more Minecraft I love the series

  • Max KoLoKoY Gaming
    Max KoLoKoY Gaming Hace 55 minutos

    on your iphone

  • Johnny Ragy
    Johnny Ragy Hace 55 minutos

    For April fools they should unvault planes and mechs

  • Max KoLoKoY Gaming
    Max KoLoKoY Gaming Hace 56 minutos

    Hey lazar I recommend you playing mobile legends

  • That one white boy Gavin
    That one white boy Gavin Hace 57 minutos

    In the game he looks like the Scout in Tf2

  • NFN Fatality
    NFN Fatality Hace 57 minutos

    No offence thats pretty sad i havent played the game in seasons and i played my first game this season and got 15 kills the win and did some memes also love lazarbeam ur my fav memer also stick to MC fortnites gay

  • Keith
    Keith Hace 58 minutos

    What happened to Vegan life?

    Tim HOUSTON Hace 58 minutos

    this is not working

  • Dat random Oreo
    Dat random Oreo Hace 58 minutos

    You are El pescador *google translate: The fisherman

  • not wolf dog
    not wolf dog Hace 58 minutos

    Lazerbean I better

  • jollyman423
    jollyman423 Hace 59 minutos

    This exploit needs to be fixed

  • PurpleNova
    PurpleNova Hace 59 minutos

    I am gingys son because my name is Frank and that's how it works.

  • X leap X
    X leap X Hace 59 minutos

    my brother killed fortnite for me so I'm going to do it to him

  • TitoniumYT
    TitoniumYT Hace un hora

    I thought this was quakity video but this is better

  • Sogge24 ,
    Sogge24 , Hace un hora

    3:39 eats mic like a penis

  • LoveCrush Thomas
    LoveCrush Thomas Hace un hora

    Maybe you need a sniper rifle

  • Tamicheal Prettyboy
    Tamicheal Prettyboy Hace un hora

    I love the patriots I am a fan

  • Kerith Nicholson
    Kerith Nicholson Hace un hora

    We got 100k on this vid we’re is the fuck you soot

  • Rocco Smith
    Rocco Smith Hace un hora

    I seem this vid and i loved it so I watched it 10 times straight

  • ThunderMountain
    ThunderMountain Hace un hora

    2:26 why thee doggo must show thy puppy eyes 😿😿💔💔💣💣💥💥💥

  • Nelson
    Nelson Hace un hora

    Atleast daniel ricciardo isnt the only aussie doing the shoey

  • Umut Atsiz
    Umut Atsiz Hace un hora

    Joogie is Alive 🤩🤩😯🤯🤯🤯

  • Psycho Trigger95
    Psycho Trigger95 Hace un hora

    My fav part was this one 7:23

  • Kieran Kanters
    Kieran Kanters Hace un hora

    I use code LAZAR all the time

  • Michael Beaton
    Michael Beaton Hace un hora

    Make bohdi a support creator code like to agree

  • The silent majority 51

    If that kid did that with an ar-15 he’d be American

  • Gage Lundstrom
    Gage Lundstrom Hace un hora

    Says "I don't want potatoes I'm vegan" but potatoes are vegan 5:56

  • Jay's World
    Jay's World Hace un hora

    4:16 aparently this is swety

  • Cielo Melecio
    Cielo Melecio Hace un hora

    It’s like so cool

  • Idin Zah
    Idin Zah Hace un hora