Asus ROG Phone 2 Review: The Spec King!

  • Publicado el 13 sep 2019
  • ROG Phone II has a world class spec sheet. But how does that translate into real life?
    Asus ROG Phone 2:
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  • Genas Gamer video
    Genas Gamer video Hace 50 minutos

    Sexy chupe fuk you

  • Roborav
    Roborav Hace 9 horas

    120 hz 60hz who cares it's all bullshit and these reviewers are morons always going on about that.

  • Parakeet05 gaming
    Parakeet05 gaming Hace 23 horas

    What about the accessories that can be applied to the rog phone 2

  • Awsaf Uzzaman
    Awsaf Uzzaman Hace un día

    Can you do a review on the bold n1

  • Azhureus
    Azhureus Hace un día

    Asus Phone for €1400 Vs my PC for €3000. Is that kind of era where phone gonna be compared to Consoles and PCs.

  • Kevin Van hoof
    Kevin Van hoof Hace un día

    And feel how big it is....... thats what she said😂😂😎

  • Marcus Kapoor
    Marcus Kapoor Hace un día

    This fucking phone is basically useless on all networks in the US. None of the networks officially support it and ASUS is being a bitch about certification.

  • Moonshine
    Moonshine Hace 2 días

    Galaxy S20 got slapped

  • Banga Gorilla
    Banga Gorilla Hace 2 días

    Asus rog 2 first gen hyperphone

  • ThE 1 BarbariaN
    ThE 1 BarbariaN Hace 2 días +1

    It really annoys me when phones do not go dim, even on my s10e, which goes reasonably dim, I wish I could dim the screen even more at night

  • stephenie Z
    stephenie Z Hace 2 días

    If i bought this phone I prob wouldn’t charge it for a week! My moto one zoom lasts me 3 days.

  • Studio VM
    Studio VM Hace 2 días

    If the display, as well as the cameras on this phone were up to par with the best out there.....It just wouldn't be fair for anyone else...... You had me at "I came home after 10pm and still had 50 percent."
    Perfect review, sir.......Preshiate it.

  • Rocky Syafti
    Rocky Syafti Hace 2 días


  • Daily dose Of Joy
    Daily dose Of Joy Hace 3 días +1

    *being serious
    Marques: "that's what she said"

  • pecfree
    pecfree Hace 3 días

    Is it water resistant??

  • Billy Idol
    Billy Idol Hace 3 días

    tell your neighbors to stop bangin upstairs

  • Akash Mishra
    Akash Mishra Hace 3 días

    ROG 2 is the Supra/Skyline of Phone

  • GarV
    GarV Hace 3 días

    Name of that weather forecast app??

  • DeskepticalTV
    DeskepticalTV Hace 4 días

    to feel how big it is, thats what she said, lol

  • YMJ 0210
    YMJ 0210 Hace 4 días

    I will quit using iphone for this tho.

  • Steven
    Steven Hace 4 días +1

    And That's how kids, it dominated the smartphone awards 2019!

  • Prakhar Jain
    Prakhar Jain Hace 4 días

    Indian variant have glass back.

  • Matthew Dela Merced
    Matthew Dela Merced Hace 4 días

    Watching this on my ROG 2. 😀

  • Lizzette Hernandez
    Lizzette Hernandez Hace 4 días


  • Sarjan s
    Sarjan s Hace 5 días

    @3.00 You Naughty Boy...

  • Tropical Kandi
    Tropical Kandi Hace 5 días

    Dooooooooood 🤘🏼Subbed along with 10.2 million others .

  • Mr.K lifestyle
    Mr.K lifestyle Hace 5 días

    How about the typing sms ? Is it smooth and accuracy same like iPhone ? I’m really interesting on this ROG 2. Excited after watch your ES-pl video

  • Hoop Hooped
    Hoop Hooped Hace 5 días

    HAhahahahaha Marques you're my favorite perv of 2019 haha 2:56

  • ramaraju palla
    ramaraju palla Hace 6 días

    Liked the BGM. Can some one tell which album that is ?

  • cookie monster
    cookie monster Hace 6 días +1

    "that's what she said"😂😂😂💯

  • Aayush Singh
    Aayush Singh Hace 7 días

    In my opinion this was the best smartphone of 2019 right along with the OnePlus 7 pro.

  • Aryamann Bisht
    Aryamann Bisht Hace 7 días +1

    "Thats what she said " noice lmao!!!xD

  • Justin S
    Justin S Hace 7 días +1

    "I brought this to the Apple event."
    Matthew 10:16 - '"Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves;'"

  • GamerboyAli
    GamerboyAli Hace 7 días +1



  • Umai Hamza
    Umai Hamza Hace 8 días

    Jake gyllenhaal

  • Ashvanth Sridhar
    Ashvanth Sridhar Hace 8 días

    2:58 -- Me: Is he gonna do it
    MKBHD: resists the urge to say "that's what she said" but gives in!! LMAO

  • Rayray
    Rayray Hace 8 días

    they should buy pixels camera

  • Hanan Abujawayed
    Hanan Abujawayed Hace 8 días

    I still prefer the iPhone 11 for gaming, better apps and games optimizations ,a better chipset for gaming and flawless audio and video quality and killer cameras with longer software support etc.

  • Ghana Videos
    Ghana Videos Hace 8 días

    Samsung and Apple should learn from MKBHD and Asus......
    we want phones like this, full screen phone= your hands will still cover some screen, two front facing speakers that’s awesome, Samsung please make a phone like this

  • Christopher Bird
    Christopher Bird Hace 9 días

    OMG! LOL!!!! "That's what she said!" That alone made this best review for this phone! Great job bro!

  • - BiOHZRD -
    - BiOHZRD - Hace 9 días

    is the 8GB RAM version good enough since i dont have enough money to buy the 12 gb version.. would love to upgrade from my pocophone hope you guys can help me out on this

  • William Goring
    William Goring Hace 9 días

    I just got off the phone with a couple hours ago but I was working out so I couldn't get this right away to you or to anybody that reads this the Asus Rog phone 2 does support Verizon you can get Verizon on this phone it takes a little bit of setup what if you dial 611 you get online with Verizon or call Verizon they can set it up for you sweet

  • Klein Conejos
    Klein Conejos Hace 9 días

    I don't care about Wireless Charging. I don't get the idea of Wireless Charging because phone literally has to be on a pad. What's the point in making a wireless mechanism when that has less range than the wired one?

  • Kid Perfect
    Kid Perfect Hace 9 días +2

    That’s what she said

    Marques 2019

  • Formally Informal
    Formally Informal Hace 9 días

    You might have to see it or hold it in person to really feel how big it is. That's what she said!
    I am dying, lol lol

  • Samourai trading
    Samourai trading Hace 9 días

    I have question for you when you chacking your Rog 2 did you ear some rattle inside de phone like some lousse part ????

  • S Gill
    S Gill Hace 9 días

    If only it had a bigger screen. 7.2 inches like the Mate 20x which is a better gaming device imo. All those specs can't beat a bigger screen.

  • Joshua K
    Joshua K Hace 10 días

    No attachments ??

  • Mohd Amaan
    Mohd Amaan Hace 10 días

    "that's what she said"

  • ConmanTheGreatest
    ConmanTheGreatest Hace 10 días +1

    More specs than my pc : p

  • get2choppa
    get2choppa Hace 10 días

    1:45 you hear that apple?

  • cHaiTU SJK
    cHaiTU SJK Hace 10 días

    He says 1 TB.. But I see only 8+128GB version everywhere. Why is it so???

  • Deonte Moore
    Deonte Moore Hace 11 días

    Does it have wireless charging ?

  • RhyZe UK
    RhyZe UK Hace 11 días

    Had it for a month and to be honest it's damn heavy! The UI will be a shock for anyone moving from Samsung and also the integrated phone app sucks ass. No caller ID or Wi-Fi Calling either.
    Also kinda realised I'd rather just get an A90 5G and just play games on my iPad with a Ps4 Controller lol. 4G connectivity is really the worst I have experienced on any mobile, where I could hardly ever get it and then the power button became loose. After that the sound from the left speaker became distorted and started to do it throughout calls, which made it hard to hear people.
    Had enough so I sent it back... Was psyched for everything else but a phone must be a good 'phone' first and foremost....

  • GioSh
    GioSh Hace 11 días +2

    I heard that this phone is honorary member of the PC Master Race

  • Stiaan Kruger
    Stiaan Kruger Hace 12 días

    Its a gamers phone, just like gamers PC's, its specs to the max, processors overclocked, RAM stacked to double what you think should be more than enough, cooling system a thermodynamic masterpiece on full throttle, power supply with juice aplenty to run it all, data transfer speeds at the speed of light...........its.........its........ absolutely marvelous, fantastic, awesome, that is who this is for

  • Pay loads
    Pay loads Hace 12 días

    Hi, can someone tell me..does rog phone 2 has Face unlock? Sorry if wrong grammar. English is not my main language.

  • Sala Togia-Mahoney
    Sala Togia-Mahoney Hace 12 días

    That’s what she said😂

  • Zigor Campos McGregor
    Zigor Campos McGregor Hace 12 días

    That’s what she said. I thought it, he said it