Can You Have TOO Many CPU Cores?

  • Publicado el 10 dic 2019
  • Are there situations where having lots of processor cores can actually hurt performance?
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Comentarios • 1 574

  • Mr Stick
    Mr Stick Hace 10 días +1

    Too many cores spoil the broth.

  • Alphahydro
    Alphahydro Hace 11 días

    In an age where processor manufacturers are starting to throw more cores at a processor for the heck of it, I had to ask myself. Is upgrading a CPU to the latest and greatest even necessary? Is my 6 core Ryzen 1600 obsolete now? I mean it transcodes videos in a third of the time it took my Phenom 9750 to, and I’m not professional content creator, but as long as my motherboard supports the latest technology, isn’t that good enough?

  • no Way
    no Way Hace 19 días

    Have you heard of the Adepteva multicore processor from eight years ago? It was a kickstarter campaign to create a crazy multicore chip with 16 to 32 cores that promised a "supercomputer for everyone". Here is the wikipedia article
    I would love for you to get a hold of one of these oddities and test it out.

  • Clank Celer
    Clank Celer Hace 20 días

    But setting the different Core usage should sove these problems huh? Dunno how in Win10, but in WinXP Task manager, you could tick what CPU core you want to use, for what task.

  • Keltik55
    Keltik55 Hace 20 días

    2:03 gets me everytime

  • ConmanTheGreatest
    ConmanTheGreatest Hace 22 días

    I have 2, a laptop grade i5 and a HDD as the boot so I have the opposite problem

  • dmulvey2
    dmulvey2 Hace 23 días

    So could be me...probably is me...but those "you can learn more about that up here" video boxes, are not clickable for me. If I click them, the video pauses. It doesn't go anywhere.

  • Dennis Sødal Christensen

    Make the CPU bigger....

  • unluckybrando
    unluckybrando Hace 24 días

    You look like that dude from Linus tech tips

  • William of Baskerville
    William of Baskerville Hace 25 días

    "64 cores ought to be enough for anybody." - Bill Gates 2020.

  • Jeremy Blanco
    Jeremy Blanco Hace 27 días

    0:48 is that the MGS chaff grenade noise?

  • Nick Chamberlin
    Nick Chamberlin Hace 27 días

    Brilliant is shit

  • Noah Moore
    Noah Moore Hace 28 días

    I have 2
    But nasa has 200

  • Alice Osako
    Alice Osako Hace 28 días

    What, no inset picture of Uma Thurman (which is then quickly crossed out) when you brought up UMA? You missed a trick there, Linus.

  • Untermensch
    Untermensch Hace un mes

    tl;dr yes. 99% of the people here are just normal gamers. 6 cores 6 threds is enough. rather have high clock speed ( 5ghz + ) .

  • v3xman
    v3xman Hace un mes

    Commenting here to acknowledge the reference to one of the first viral video of the internet 😏

  • T S
    T S Hace un mes +2

    Yea don't buy threadripper because you are a intel fan boi.

  • IraQ Nid
    IraQ Nid Hace un mes

    Aside from this video when was the last time you saw LTT go nuts over a CPU with less cores? Or used low core count server CPUs to run games? :)

  • TampaWTF TechCorner
    TampaWTF TechCorner Hace un mes

    Finally a worthy video of what I have been telling my fellow gamers and community for years ,more isnt always better or worth it *depending on what you are doing ..

  • wysetech2000
    wysetech2000 Hace un mes

    The chat is full of 15yo fanbois. What a shit show!

  • Karthik Chandrashekaran

    Please do a video on Intel different "lake" series cpu, it will help viewers decide on which chipset to buy for their laptops.

  • entertainment muzic
    entertainment muzic Hace un mes

    400k right here chipping fast 👍

  • danwemet
    danwemet Hace un mes

    that numa numa reference was perfect

  • This Is
    This Is Hace un mes

    Didn’t read the other comments, but I think more videos going more into depth with numa and uma effects of system performance. Both theory and maybe just a few examples.
    A computer work station is becoming an increasing part of my life productivity now and using these machines for work is requiring me to know more about configuring and building them for my specific applications.

  • whiteandnerdytuba
    whiteandnerdytuba Hace un mes

    It’s funny cause ya’ll never mention these downfalls when reviewing amd

  • One dimension
    One dimension Hace un mes +1

    Linus in recommend
    64 cores EPYC CPU holy $hit

  • Akshay som
    Akshay som Hace un mes

    I need dark mode for techquickie videos, I mean to avoid bright background 😁

  • None Available
    None Available Hace un mes +1

    The human ear can only smell 13 cores

  • wendy brown
    wendy brown Hace un mes

    Linus I have a question. Purchased a Aorus B450 wifi MOBO to use with Ryzen 2600, which I took out of my ASRock MOBO. Cpu red light comes on. So tried 3 More of the same MOBO and all gave me the same red light for CPU on the MOBO.
    Did all the trouble shooting, took back to the store and they tried a working CPU and it didn't work in the Aorus motherboard so I exchanged it. Got a tomahawk board now and still the same issue. So I contacted Ryzen will send that it. No pins are damaged. So I purchased another CPU Athlon 200GE and guess what that is giving me the same issue of a red CPU light on the Tomahawk Max board. What the hell is the issue? Please help.

  • Jtzkb
    Jtzkb Hace un mes

    Yo, guys. When you link a vid, put the link in the description.

  • Love Kush
    Love Kush Hace un mes

    More CPU cores more Powerful CPU / More Cuda cores more Powerful GPU

  • Tor Bruheim
    Tor Bruheim Hace un mes

    Hmmm. I have watched your video carefully, and listen your your explanation of how a CPU handles cores and memory. Threadripper gen 3 since to have addressed this issue to a certain extend:

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro
    Lawrence D’Oliveiro Hace un mes +1

    2:10 German equivalent of “Nana”.

    Just thought I’d throw that in there ...

  • audigex
    audigex Hace un mes

    The big question for me is why Intel/AMD have never made a CPU with 1 or 2 fast cores for single-threaded games, plus a bunch of smaller cores. Mobile chips do it, and it would make perfect sense for enthusiasts. I understand that we've mostly hit a limit on how fast a single core can be at somewhere around 5GHz... but it should be standard for every chip to have a couple of 5GHz cores plus whatever else they want

  • yumri4
    yumri4 Hace un mes

    For consumers with consumer chips 8 on 1 die or split into 2 chiplets is around where you should stop for HPC and HDT computers consult an IT professional about your use case.

  • Fractured Raptor
    Fractured Raptor Hace un mes

    Doing a new build with a 9900k to pair it with the 2080 ti I bought. 9900k is overkill for gaming but I see it as future proofing. I don't want to have to upgrade for a good long while. Rather spend now and have it done so I can simply install and play for many years to come.

  • Sultan Singh
    Sultan Singh Hace un mes

    Cinebench could only see Half of the AMD FX cores !

  • Thomas Winovich
    Thomas Winovich Hace un mes +1

    numa numa yay

  • En' Peacee Shekelstein

    I'm still running 4 cores...... Mostly because I'm to cheap to upgrade until i absolutely have to.

  • Max Marx
    Max Marx Hace un mes

    Wonder what PUMA Has to offer

  • Jason VanOsdol
    Jason VanOsdol Hace un mes

    So here is a bad idea: On a dual cpu motherboard, can you use two different types of cpu. One with high MHZ and one with more cores. I understand the sockets would be the same, but we are at a point with a large variety of CPUs for one socket type.

  • Frank Mill
    Frank Mill Hace un mes

    nice video

  • TheJooomes
    TheJooomes Hace un mes

    ...while I'm sitting here on a dual core.

  • AvangionQ
    AvangionQ Hace un mes

    4 cores are enough for what I'm doing ... one core each for dealing with: whatever Windows is doing, what my torrent app is transferring, all my background apps, and my foreground app.

  • Max Waterman
    Max Waterman Hace un mes

    makes me think of ccNUMA
    I think you should wave your hands around more

  • Nathan Hamman
    Nathan Hamman Hace un mes

    Depends on your work loads

  • Leah96xxx
    Leah96xxx Hace un mes

    Vrei să pleci dar nu mă, nu mă iei
    Nu mă, nu mă iei, nu mă, nu mă, nu mă iei
    Chipul tău și dragostea din tei
    Mi-amintesc de ochii tăi
    Vrei să pleci dar nu mă, nu mă iei
    Nu mă, nu mă iei, nu mă, nu mă, nu mă iei
    Chipul tău și dragostea din tei
    Mi-amintesc de ochii tăi

    Ma-i-a hi
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    Ma-i-a ha-ha...

  • Vinmango B
    Vinmango B Hace un mes

    At 128 cores, the cpu becomes self aware, June 23 2023.

  • Voidtron111
    Voidtron111 Hace un mes

    Linus wants you to buy less cores now, so you will have to upgrade to more cores later.. typical sales men's pitch.. always buy as many cores as you can afford, so you have to upgrade less.. simple.. stop it Linus..

  • Dizy Tizy
    Dizy Tizy Hace un mes

    Or when running a chiller :-) As Intel demonstrated. I still wana get me a chiller, they should have had a company in the booth next door selling CPU chillers.

  • shawn shan
    shawn shan Hace un mes

    So after you smash Intel, you lick back their sponsor? Linus and being a paid Intel shill goes hand in hand.

  • TheJuggtron
    TheJuggtron Hace un mes

    no. my workload scales 100%

  • Kyle Shebilske
    Kyle Shebilske Hace un mes

    I Have 9,999 Cores In My Laptop!

  • gunjan patel
    gunjan patel Hace un mes

    I'm playing the Witcher 3 right now and when he said uma, i was like OOO UMAA!!
    Missed opportunity linus.

  • MazeFrame
    MazeFrame Hace un mes +7

    When you have too many cores, you are just lacking tasks.

  • Gary Cameron
    Gary Cameron Hace un mes

    You can always halt unusued cores, and any modern OS does exactly that.

    And Linux handles NUMA properly, unlike Windows. Threadripper on windows is crippled.

  • Cuban3000
    Cuban3000 Hace un mes

    No ur wromg more cores is always better choice for everything gaming, programing, 3d studio, etc. That why we have intel core i 7 and amd ryzen. If no we keep the old pentium 4. Single core processor. Lol I remember playing AOE and have to shutdown all process of windows to play smooth. Good times, very slow PCs. So I will keep more cores thx.

  • 1Post Daily
    1Post Daily Hace un mes

    Wait what if you are building apps and dealing with front and back end processes on the same PC?

  • Claudiu Grigore
    Claudiu Grigore Hace un mes +1

    AMD Vishera, FX-8320 3.5GHz 8 core !!! still alive ... and the new generation is not in the plan yet lol. yeaaaaaa . lol . maybe 2025 maybe lol .... gen 2 maybe !!! AMD Vishera, FX-8320 3.5GHz still alive . until then still alive lol .

  • CimbaMuzics
    CimbaMuzics Hace un mes

    I only know floating point as this thing that makes minecraft act up when u teleport to far out😅