A Tragic Love Story | The Other Prince William (Royal Family Documentary) | Timeline

  • Publicado el 7 ene 2020
  • The romantic yet tragic story of Prince William of Gloucester: the Queen's playboy cousin reminiscent of real-life James Bond. Prince William had a forbidden love affair with the glamorous Zsuzsi Starkloff whom he met in Tokyo, but unable to choose between his lover and his duties, he died in a place crash, aged only 30.
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  • Geri Crouch
    Geri Crouch Hace 11 horas

    Beautiful story of love and sacrifice

  • Liz Aldam
    Liz Aldam Hace 17 horas

    So sad.

  • Jeanine Wallace
    Jeanine Wallace Hace un día

    So sad and she is still a beautiful woman

  • adela sapien
    adela sapien Hace 2 días

    SO SAD.

  • Revil Dee
    Revil Dee Hace 2 días


  • Shady Linton
    Shady Linton Hace 3 días

    look at 30.58 -31.14................rotfl

  • Shady Linton
    Shady Linton Hace 3 días

    Funnily enough I can see the current Prince William in him!

  • Deborah Williams
    Deborah Williams Hace 3 días


  • Sbl Lpz
    Sbl Lpz Hace 3 días

    so handsome....not like the actual prince bold and ugly

  • Mary Jones
    Mary Jones Hace 3 días

    Beautiful story ❤️❤️

  • Alison Anderson
    Alison Anderson Hace 4 días

    Accident by decree or suicide

  • Leza De La Cruz
    Leza De La Cruz Hace 4 días

    No one could top this. Beautiful thank you

  • princesspratu
    princesspratu Hace 4 días

    It’s really good editing but the placement of the ads is sooo bad that it ruins the whole editing

  • Annie Hall
    Annie Hall Hace 5 días

    What a beautiful sad love story. I am so sorry they did not marry due to William's tragic death, he was 4th in line, and would have never been king, so why did the royals were opposed to them getting married? Makes no sense. She was beautiful then and is still beautiful. They truly loved each other. Sad.

  • Gypsy Forever
    Gypsy Forever Hace 5 días

    This is an absolutely heartbreaking love story! One can still see the spark in this beautiful woman's eyes light up as well as the sorrow speaking about her love!

  • Waterliliesbymonet
    Waterliliesbymonet Hace 5 días

    So heartbreaking... 💔

  • Kathy Mack
    Kathy Mack Hace 5 días

    Yet we ve never heard of him

    BLUE BIRD Hace 5 días

    www.afr.com/life-and-luxury/fashion-and-style/how-an-accident-prevented-another-mrs-simpson-scandal-20150826-gj8adi Gives more information.

    BLUE BIRD Hace 5 días

    A very poignant and tragic story. To me, the biggest thing is the DIFFERENCE between Zsuzsi and Wallis Simpson. Zsuzsi was no social climber, party girl, and the love between them was a beautiful thing. If she had been in that plane, chances are she would have died with him, because the plane stalled. It amazes me how many people have died in those planes - Mike Todd, leaving Elizabeth Taylor absolutely devastated, Carol Lombard leaving Clark Gable so broken-hearted, John Denver and lots more.

  • Trudy Saint Clair
    Trudy Saint Clair Hace 5 días

    I wouldn't put it past the royals to murder him.They murdered Princess Dianna

  • Beverly Ann
    Beverly Ann Hace 6 días

    When Royal fall in love pls leave them alone

  • Vanessa Paquete
    Vanessa Paquete Hace 6 días

    My admiration for Prince Charles was increased . Must PPL Saw that he named William after this Prince William . What you Dont know is that the full name of this Hidden Prince is William Henry .... This means that One of The hidden stories of Royalty is that William and Harry ( is real name is Henry ) were named By Diana and Charles ( Royal Family didnt wanted specially Prince Philip and the Queen Elisabeth ) regarding this tragedy . Both ( Diana and Charles ) promised that their sons would marry for love and do whatever They wanted on their future lives ( can you know understand why Prince Charles supported Harry and even the Queen ? ) This Hidden story came to light right now and revealed us past feelings that moves us utterly !

  • Marlene Boyd-Wilson
    Marlene Boyd-Wilson Hace 7 días

    Tragic ending of a young life and of a fine romance. Nobody won in the end. Glad the couple had precious time together. The lady is not in any way at all remotely similar to Wallace Simpson. Instead she was a true keeper.

  • elly Sardi
    elly Sardi Hace 8 días

    this story make me cry.she is super georgeus woman,just like kate middleton.beautiful,classy and so sweet

  • Sylvia Valdez
    Sylvia Valdez Hace 9 días

    How sad. They were both good looking and in love.

  • Peter Duncan
    Peter Duncan Hace 10 días

    Duke of Sussex isn't the first one

  • Claudette Hanson
    Claudette Hanson Hace 10 días

    Call me skeptical... there is an air of manipulation and opportunistic feeling to her story.. I’m not doubting the love... but... we are only hearing her side😏

  • Rebecca Farley
    Rebecca Farley Hace 10 días

    Jimmy Savile was another of charlie's idols, both pedophiles. Now they have Meghan Markle, they must be so proud. Must not wanted him to upstage charlie. Phillip wants to come back in another life as a virus to kill 10s of million people. Those royals are scum, I just hope she outlives charlie to keep him from the throne. That poor woman, to have to see that.

  • Lauren King
    Lauren King Hace 10 días

    The entire British monarchy is a joke.

  • meylania25
    meylania25 Hace 11 días +1

    What an amazingly beautiful documentary !! well done

  • immortal
    immortal Hace 11 días

    his aircraft was sabotaged they probably wanted both of them dead especially her but didn’t turn out that way.

  • Senja Hawks
    Senja Hawks Hace 11 días

    So sad for her

  • Senja Hawks
    Senja Hawks Hace 11 días

    You van see how much she still loves him. She's os still so pretty.

  • Jab Myers
    Jab Myers Hace 11 días +1

    What a beautiful love story! Thank you for sharing it. May God bless Zsuzsi with peace in her memories.

  • Maribel Cortez
    Maribel Cortez Hace 11 días

    BEAUTIFUL STORY. SHE Wasn't seeking wealth, fame, power,. Not a megain ,..

  • Zaphod Bebelbrox
    Zaphod Bebelbrox Hace 11 días

    I noticed that your most recent video, "Fires of the Spanish Inquisition" had been blocked on my notifications list. I'm sure that I would have enjoyed that, as I do the rest of your lineup. Thank you and God bless.

  • Jeanette Davis
    Jeanette Davis Hace 12 días

    You learn something new every day

  • carol King
    carol King Hace 13 días

    A story that breaks my heart. How cruel and even wicked that such deep love is put aside for protocol. At this time it seems crazy. In the long term who cares that much for the royal family of a little country when all that truly matters is love.

  • Aidankiwi
    Aidankiwi Hace 13 días

    Why oh why do documentary narrators (and it has to be said Royalty and Royal commentators) continue to refer to the United Kingdom as England? This is a documentary about a Prince of the Realm, that realm being the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. England hasn’t been a realm or sovereign nation since 1707.

  • penny g
    penny g Hace 13 días

    A tearjerker love story indeed but is the lasting love as claimed by Zsuzsi true? Why did she wait 47 years to share her story? Monetary incentive? It was reported that the last time they met was two years prior his death and that in the 70's he had began a relationship with a British woman, Nicole Sieff who also laid a wreath at his funeral.

  • elena yamaguchi
    elena yamaguchi Hace 13 días

    It's my first time to heard there's another prince Willam and his tragic fate...really breaks my heart.💔...for me he is the most handsome prince face in the British royals ever.

  • Laura Shelton
    Laura Shelton Hace 13 días

    It is SO obvious that she still loves him deeply.

  • Totsy Smith
    Totsy Smith Hace 13 días +2

    I am praying for Maghan and Harry God cover them and their son!!

  • Banco Oeste
    Banco Oeste Hace 13 días


  • Christian Cruz
    Christian Cruz Hace 13 días

    Love that is a wrong time and wrong place because faith is the hindrance, but it was sad. They had absolutely beautiful love story.❤

  • Andy Le
    Andy Le Hace 14 días

    Are all them ads necessary?!

  • De-De Esquero
    De-De Esquero Hace 14 días


  • Juli New
    Juli New Hace 14 días


  • sallie6
    sallie6 Hace 15 días +2

    what a beautiful lady...I'm wondering if William's plane was tampered with to make it look like an accident - another problem solved for the royals! The queen will go to her death knowing so many family secrets!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Being Adopted Sucks
    Being Adopted Sucks Hace 15 días

    WAY, WAY TOO many commercials AND VERY RUDELY PLACED.

  • sue wills
    sue wills Hace 16 días

    So sad and yet so beautiful.William lives on god bless you. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story.

  • Luna fraga
    Luna fraga Hace 17 días

    Ellen is magnificent 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Colin Amondson
    Colin Amondson Hace 17 días

    Wow what a story and so sad and a lovely lady God bless her

  • Free-fly BE
    Free-fly BE Hace 17 días

    OMG; he's gorgeous & so is she...I had no idea William was named after his cousin

  • Tami Reese
    Tami Reese Hace 17 días +1

    love the love story... never heard of this prince, and it's a shame. he too is part of the monarchy history! thank you for sharing!

  • Sylvia King
    Sylvia King Hace 18 días +4


  • Jacqueline Ringersma Mager
    Jacqueline Ringersma Mager Hace 18 días +1

    I wonder if the plane was tampered with... a possibility.

  • Mebrat L. Abraha
    Mebrat L. Abraha Hace 18 días

    My mixed feeling overwhelmed me by a 100000 thoughts through my head & my heart as a lightning causes some one in to collapsing status. & Even I come to know this butyful Ledy still alive 😍 & happy as she mansioned 🤗 what do I need as a person with comensanse more than this💐 I am so happy & previlaged to hear your butyful story 🎈🎈🎈🥰🥰🥰

  • Marion H
    Marion H Hace 19 días

    How very sad.and yet beautiful....seize the love while you can ....because you just never know the ending..

  • M
    M Hace 19 días

    He looks like his uncle, George, Duke of Kent.