Mom tells transgender woman not to use women’s bathroom | WWYD

  • Publicado el 24 ago 2019
  • A mother becomes uncomfortable when she hears a transgender woman asking where the ladies’ room is.
    Special guest Jazz Jennings steps in to play a friend of our transgender customer, who is targeted by our worried mother for wanting to use the ladies’ room. What will people think?
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Comentarios • 24 518

  • lepetitprince
    lepetitprince Hace 4 minutos

    im angry cause im a transgender

  • jlj bfe
    jlj bfe Hace 26 minutos

    I would slap that old old guy

  • Classy Cass
    Classy Cass Hace 38 minutos

    guy: “you don’t know what i am. you’re just assuming what i am”

  • Classy Cass
    Classy Cass Hace 49 minutos +1

    the trans woman actress is absolutely stunning though!!! like she is beautifullll!!!

  • alberto navarro
    alberto navarro Hace un hora

    They should make a separate bathroom for them because best believe some trans both going to get fucked up 😂

    • CShield
      CShield Hace un hora

      No need for a separate restroom when transgender women use the women's restroom, and transgender men use the men's room.

  • Hugh Egg
    Hugh Egg Hace un hora

    I think we should definitely let little girls who identify as a boy go into a mens truckstop bathroom.

    • CShield
      CShield Hace un hora

      Little girls and little boys shouldn't be using truckstop bathrooms by themselves, dumbfuck.

  • Leilani Price
    Leilani Price Hace un hora

    Trans ppl be u use your bathroom dont let any one tell u other wise

  • Andrew Dwyer
    Andrew Dwyer Hace un hora

    XX and XY is how you identify gender

    • CShield
      CShield Hace un hora

      That's how you identify sex, not gender. What gender are intersex persons?

  • emma mccoy
    emma mccoy Hace 2 horas +1

    SHE is beautiful

  • Nvm Sosa
    Nvm Sosa Hace 4 horas

    k but why is that girls bagel the size of my head

  • Lavender Rose
    Lavender Rose Hace 4 horas

    So according to sexist mum, they can't go to the girls bathroom and they get teised if they go to the boys bathroom, because they look like a girl
    WHAT IS THIS LOGIC!?!?!?!! 😅

  • Hornbeam274
    Hornbeam274 Hace 4 horas

    They're actually accepting perverseness? How could WWYD be so rotten and treacherous to accept unnatural things and pedophiles?

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 4 horas

      Who's accepting pedophiles, freak?

  • vianca
    vianca Hace 5 horas

    Jazz looks more like a girl than I’ll ever be 😞 my mom tells me I look like a boy 😅

  • basil !
    basil ! Hace 6 horas

    in the first 7 seconds karen called her "sir" and i could feel my body about to explode with rage

  • b19-brumcity
    b19-brumcity Hace 7 horas

    transgender pussy is the best

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 7 horas

      Get help for your obsession with other people's genitals, freakshow.

  • Ava The weirdo
    Ava The weirdo Hace 7 horas +1

    Why does it matter?its a bathroom!😑

  • Zora Celeste
    Zora Celeste Hace 7 horas +1

    We all close the door when we go to the bathroom anyway.

  • Niwar • 10 Years ago
    Niwar • 10 Years ago Hace 7 horas

    4:45 she said women but it's a DUDE

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 7 horas

      Woman, sweetheart.

  • Niwar • 10 Years ago
    Niwar • 10 Years ago Hace 7 horas

    I would not the trans going into the bathroom but I wouldn't speak out as long as I'm in there with (HIM)

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 7 horas

      Transgender women use the women's restroom, transgender men use the men's restroom, just like they always have. You're kind of a whiny little crybaby, aren't you, sweetheart?

  • Niwar • 10 Years ago
    Niwar • 10 Years ago Hace 7 horas

    Its MA'AM

  • Niwar • 10 Years ago
    Niwar • 10 Years ago Hace 7 horas

    1:41 dont u mean his

  • Niwar • 10 Years ago
    Niwar • 10 Years ago Hace 7 horas

    I don't even care tho. If ur a man, stick with mens washroom, u arent biologically a women so yeah bruh

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 7 horas

      Transgender women are women, and they use the women's restroom. Transgender men are men, and they use the men's restroom. Easy peasy.

  • Poppy The Poop Karma Will Come

    _Try_ to change my mind. 😼

    • Sleepy Psori
      Sleepy Psori Hace 5 horas +2

      No point because i agree
      If they arnt happy being male or female they can do what they want
      So long as it makes them happy
      Whos life?
      Whos choice?
      Whos business?
      Nobodys but theirs
      Other people can get there big nose out of it
      (Not talking about you but about people like the mum)

  • jaina the lich
    jaina the lich Hace 8 horas

    i still think its not safe to let trans to woman bathroom
    cuz they are bad people in this world who ll became trans just to rape women

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 8 horas

      Literally no one will "become trans" just to rape somebody. You're a full-on dumbass for thinking so.

  • Bi Cycle
    Bi Cycle Hace 12 horas

    Can we just have unisex bathrooms everywhere.

  • Diana Nissan
    Diana Nissan Hace 12 horas

    My name Diana h heheh

  • Lopez Rafael
    Lopez Rafael Hace 13 horas


  • A C E
    A C E Hace 15 horas

    I’m now a girl now btw I’m gonna start watching woman pee

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 8 horas

      There are laws against you being a peeping Tom, moron.

  • amy reddacliff
    amy reddacliff Hace 17 horas

    but like what happens when its a pedofile dressed like a woman and goes into a womans changeroom?

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 8 horas

      Then he gets arrested. 🙄 Idiot.

  • Leland Brown
    Leland Brown Hace 17 horas

    If I was the owner of the resterant I would walk over to the rude mom and ban her from my resterant for 18 months. For being so dam rude and discrmnating

  • Let’s Fall In Love
    Let’s Fall In Love Hace 17 horas

    *me yawns*
    John: WhAt WoUlD yOu Do?

  • MrYo888779
    MrYo888779 Hace 17 horas

    Good on the old man! proud of him for standing up to all these crazy SJW's (and this is coming from someone who's a liberal). nut jobs

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 8 horas

      You're not a liberal, you're an asshole.

  • lotusflower8989
    lotusflower8989 Hace 18 horas +1

    Any time progress is made and discriminatory practices are coming to an end, there’s always some old mofo saying BLaMe ObAmAaAa

  • Milk
    Milk Hace 20 horas +1

    “You don’t know what I am, you’re assuming what I am !”

  • Kyle Hanna
    Kyle Hanna Hace 20 horas

    Transgender people should be illegal!!!! You are born female or male. You can’t change your gender. Your look doesn’t change your gender nor does how you feel. You are what you are born as and can’t change that.

    • poi
      poi Hace 17 horas +1

      bro shut the fuck up.

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 20 horas

      A human should be "illegal"? What's wrong with you? Gender is fluid, princess. Get help for your obsession with other people's genitals.

  • Gabby & Makenzie
    Gabby & Makenzie Hace 21 un hora

    Jazz cute af 😍

  • Mon A
    Mon A Hace 22 horas +1

    *Okay, but she's really pretty*

  • Joe Rose
    Joe Rose Hace 22 horas

    Nadia and Jazz are so beautiful!!!!

  • Joker
    Joker Hace 23 horas

    Jazz is so cute

  • sewing artest
    sewing artest Hace 23 horas

    The Tea is "We All Pee The Same Color!"

  • Yeetus Kreetus Cleetus
    Yeetus Kreetus Cleetus Hace 23 horas

    Wow a biological man amazing

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 23 horas +1

      Transgender woman. No need for you to be an asshole.

  • Dannie Halfbreed
    Dannie Halfbreed Hace un día

    I'm a Christian too & think that a transgender woman has genitals that man shouldn't see at all even tho I view transgender as a sin.

  • Tessa Verelst
    Tessa Verelst Hace un día +5

    Just stop separating toilets. Everyone wanna be on the same level. Than make it on the same level. Let anyone be who they wanna be. As long as what your doing is making u happy and not harmful to anyone keep doing what you do. Enjoy life. 😘

  • Mr E143
    Mr E143 Hace un día

    I am all for transgender people no problem with them. I do have a problem with Self ID. Jessica Yaniv and others is a reason with women should always feel safe in womens only spaces. I am glad there is transgender people speaking out against self ID. There was a case in Fife in Scotland a transgender woman tried to attack a mum and 10 year daughter in a women's public toilet. Another case of a transgender masturbating in a womens public toliet. People need to see people are not attacking trans but standing up for womens rights.

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 8 horas

      @Mr E143 A cup a Bleach will cure your transphobia, you fucking asshole.

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 8 horas

      @Mr E143 No, they don't have equal rights, asshole. Stay home, bitch. Get help for your disgusting obsession with other people's genitals, freakshow.

    • Mr E143
      Mr E143 Hace 12 horas

      @CShield Ps whats your views on Jessica Yaniv? Claims to be transgender but wants to have swimming parties with 12 year olds topless, messaging underage girls with sexual comments. faking people being ill to pretend to be in a wheelchair. Thats a guy pretending to be a woman to gain the system to abuse real women. But you lot will ignore it to push your own agenda you make me sick the lack of caring about women that are voicing their issues with Self ID just to push pro nouns down peoples throats fuck off! Its a fucking name that none of us own! SJW babies thats what you lot are! Stop being butt hurt because someone wont bend a knee to your pish agenda

    • Mr E143
      Mr E143 Hace 12 horas

      @CShield Bullshit they do have equal rights. Are they less human than you or i? Fuck off i told you here in Scotland in Fife there was a case of a transgender who attacked a mother and 10 year old thats fact but you ignore it claiming it's not happening is disgusting no wonder people wont consent to self ID when toy have assholes ignoring the problems. I wont have my wife or mother ,sister live in fear of men dressing as women attacking them in womens only spaces

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 23 horas

      @Mr E143 They currently don't have any equal rights. People are disgustingly free to discriminate against them. People pretending to be transgender just to break the law doesn't happen, and peeping on or assaulting someone is still against the law. Transgender people have a much greater risk of being victims of violent assault when they're forced to use the restroom that *doesn't* match their gender. It's not rocket science, just mind your own genitals. Stop worrying about what someone else has in their pants. Transgender women have always used the women's restroom, and transgender men have always used the men's restroom. Always.

  • Sabertooth2121
    Sabertooth2121 Hace un día

    So many people could learn from this video. We don’t all have to agree, we just have to be respectful of others beliefs. Don’t get mad when someone has a different opinion than you🙏🏼🙌🏼

  • Brian lema
    Brian lema Hace un día

    james charles

  • Saar Dudez
    Saar Dudez Hace un día +1

    My god, im trans and this hits hard

  • K & M
    K & M Hace un día

    i do definitely understand a mother’s perspective however it is 2019 and things are changing🏳️‍🌈❣️

    • K & M
      K & M Hace 11 horas

      Mr E143 i have yes, im only saying this because if somebody pretended to be transgender they could get into the opposite sex bathroom where children could be however i support transgender people 100% and i think they should be using their chosen bathroom but i see where a mother or father would think that it could be dangerous

    • Mr E143
      Mr E143 Hace un día

      You heard of Jessica Yaniv?

  • Zero Equals Me. Nothing
    Zero Equals Me. Nothing Hace un día +1

    As a trans guy, this is great ❤❤❤

    • Tom tdh
      Tom tdh Hace 3 horas

      Zero Equals Me. Nothing
      Fair enough - that makes a lot of sense. It’s a risk due to predatory men who will take advantage. I don’t mind actual trans people who appear like their chosen sex. It’s the weirdo who is basically impersonating a trans person.
      Bottom line I think all of this is way of done and has become really political. It’s sad how kids are getting pushed into this when all they need is a bit of confidence and reassurance that they’re who they were born to be. Most will not go on to be trans which is something.

    • Zero Equals Me. Nothing
      Zero Equals Me. Nothing Hace 8 horas

      @Tom tdh we don't just "tell everyone" We tell people we trust.

    • Zero Equals Me. Nothing
      Zero Equals Me. Nothing Hace un día +1

      @Tom tdh why do you think it's a risk? It doesn't really affect you if your not transgender

    • Zero Equals Me. Nothing
      Zero Equals Me. Nothing Hace un día +1

      @Tom tdh we're just happy because we see people standing up for people like us and want to show our pride, I used to get beat up whenever I tried to go into the men's room and now, seeing people being accepting to people like us makes us happy and proud, so we want to tell people about it (: another factor of this is that we're on the internet and no one can beat us up or try to harm us for being trans through a screen. In real life for example, I wouldn't tell anyone about my gender. If I'm passing that's the end of it. But then somtimes people notice and get into big arguments like the mother and the woman for example. So we basically say it through the Internet because we're happy ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ that's really all to it. Because we relate to it and stuff.

    • Tom tdh
      Tom tdh Hace un día

      If you can pass as your chosen sex why tell anyone.
      I do think this whole rest room thing is a risk.

  • Amina _02
    Amina _02 Hace un día

    I don’t like jazz she is bare acting up

  • Hello peoples
    Hello peoples Hace un día

    Tbh no hate thou I though that the mom was the lady who was trans and the lady who was actually trans was the mom

  • My Koaツ
    My Koaツ Hace un día +1

    Wait...please don't take this wrong but I'm confused...was jazz born a girl or a boy..?

  • Esme Headley
    Esme Headley Hace un día

    How do you even know she’s trans?
    Or if she’s already transitioned you can literally not have a problem with it.

  • NXT FN
    NXT FN Hace un día

    I hate transgender stuff, if you are born a boy, you are a boy who even had this idea in the first place. When I was born I didn’t say I was a elephant.

    • dancingmoons
      dancingmoons Hace 23 horas

      being trans isnt a choice. trans people have gender dysphoria. look it up, dumbass.

    • CShield
      CShield Hace un día

      What you are is an asshole.

  • A Non
    A Non Hace un día +2

    And this is what the brainwashing has done to people. A biological man should use the men's room, a biological woman should use the women's room. Don't push the sickness of some onto the majority of the sane.

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 8 horas

      @A Non Put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger. Assholes like you are worthless.

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 8 horas

      @A Non Yes they have always used the restroom that matches their gender. Fuck you and stay home. Society doesn't need perverts like you who are obsessed with other people's genitals.

    • A Non
      A Non Hace 18 horas +2

      @CShield Actually, they haven't "always" as you say, so stop making things up as you feel like it. Those people have a mental disorder and I do not care for them to be forcing their beliefs on me by using the same bathroom when they are pretending to be the opposite sex.

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 23 horas

      @A Non Transgender women use the women's restroom, always have. Transgender men use the men's restroom, always have. Stop obsessing over someone else's genitals, pervert.

    • A Non
      A Non Hace 23 horas

      @CShield how so?

  • Shandell Smith
    Shandell Smith Hace un día

    Dude I literally couldn’t even tell lol. The women just looked so feminine and beautiful.

  • B0D3Y
    B0D3Y Hace un día

    *Ricky Gervais has entered the chat*

  • Molly A
    Molly A Hace un día +3

    The green hair girl: Everyone has to pee
    Me : DYING 🤣😆🤣

  • Smoothie 12
    Smoothie 12 Hace un día

    How about

    Transgender restrooms

    • dancingmoons
      dancingmoons Hace 23 horas +1

      big disagree. that will make trans people even more dysphoric. all men, cis and trans, use mens rooms, and all women, cis and trans, use womens rooms.

    • Ginger Whinger
      Ginger Whinger Hace un día

      How about gay and straight restrooms? What about black and white restrooms? If we're segregating we might as well go all out.

  • Tom tdh
    Tom tdh Hace un día +3

    If you have balls then you use the mens. It’s that simple.

    • CShield
      CShield Hace un hora

      @Tom tdh How will you know someone else has balls unless you look? You're obsessed with other people's genitals, freak. Get help.

    • Tom tdh
      Tom tdh Hace 3 horas

      CShield haha how does that make me a pervert? A small number of men are actual perverts. If they can go into the ladies unchallenged it’s a problem. Why should adult men who are physically Male be able to use the ladies?

    • CShield
      CShield Hace un día

      How will you know, pervert?

  • TheBlue_ Serpent
    TheBlue_ Serpent Hace un día +1

    If I were in this situation I would say
    "Woman its 2019, gay and trans people are everywhere, just respect them"

    • Mike Lennon
      Mike Lennon Hace un día +2

      Yes! I like your attitude. I'm glad there are still people like you

  • Default
    Default Hace un día

    She not wrong tho.

  • 2 Cool
    2 Cool Hace un día

    Fuck all transgender people around the world here in Philippines were not allowed gay use female bathroom fuckin americans

    • dancingmoons
      dancingmoons Hace 23 horas +1

      LMAOOO.... imagine thinking gay and trans people dont exist. fuck you.

  • Kam w
    Kam w Hace un día

    I always find these weird cause the Trans Actresses they choose in these segments are very passing (a Trans term). So when some random lady that's the other actress out of nowhere is like "THAT'S A MAN", it's like you would have never known if she didn't tell you, lady.

  • makeouthilloof
    makeouthilloof Hace un día

    9:39 *left hanging*

  • Fuckable PopTarts
    Fuckable PopTarts Hace un día +5

    We are arguing over bathrooms when our world is dying, kids are starving, and yet people still care about genderizing bathrooms... pffft typical.

  • Paige Warner
    Paige Warner Hace un día

    Man dat white man racist

  • Mama Bear
    Mama Bear Hace un día

    Okay going to tell a personal story here: So one time at a airport I went into the ladies bathroom and after I went in my mom saw a guy who was grown go in not long after I did she went in with my little sister and they used my stall after I was done. When I heard that door open I thought it was my mom. So after we were done and my little sister was watching her hands the guy comes out and says he thought it was the men's bathroom.
    So on one hand I understand the mom's concern however overprotective it may be on the other hand no one deserves to be treated like that.

  • MiraiStar 未来星
    MiraiStar 未来星 Hace un día +2

    THANKS OBAMA >;( ...for letting people use the bathroom regardless of their sexual orientation and identity

  • Shane Francis
    Shane Francis Hace 2 días

    If u have a dick then ur a male
    If u have a vagina ur a female

    • darthevil9999
      darthevil9999 Hace 2 días +2

      Not how being transgender works but keep being ignorant and transphobic.

  • Zayne Haouchar
    Zayne Haouchar Hace 2 días

    4:49 she trans gender but she looks and sounds exactly like a girl I would of never noticed if they didn’t say

  • Michael Nobibux
    Michael Nobibux Hace 2 días +2

    This is so messed up!!
    Why not give these freaks their own bathroom??

  • Michael Nobibux
    Michael Nobibux Hace 2 días

    If a man disguised as a woman or otherwise wanted to go into the ladies room i'd kick his ass!

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 7 horas

      @Michael Nobibux Actual science, fucking asshole.

    • Michael Nobibux
      Michael Nobibux Hace 20 horas +1

      Correction : it's pseudo science, contrived to justify this crap!

    • dancingmoons
      dancingmoons Hace 20 horas +1

      @Michael Nobibux it's not a fancy name. its science. if dumb boomers like you knew how to use their computers, you'd be able to look it up.

    • Michael Nobibux
      Michael Nobibux Hace 20 horas +1

      Giving it a fancy name doesn't change a thing!

  • Montpbm Crawford
    Montpbm Crawford Hace 2 días

    F what anybody got to say. I love everyone but if you're a man you're not going into the bathroom with my daughter. Go when no girl is in there.

    • darthevil9999
      darthevil9999 Hace 2 días +1

      If they are transgender women, they would be going to the right bathroom. You going to force them to show you their privates? You sick pervert!

  • Kat Beb
    Kat Beb Hace 2 días +1

    Okay but this woman is so beautiful

  • Lylah Ortiz Marquez
    Lylah Ortiz Marquez Hace 2 días +1

    she’s so pretty omg😭

  • Datgirl_Kayla
    Datgirl_Kayla Hace 2 días +1

    Lmao... That handshake reject 09:39

  • Angels Cover
    Angels Cover Hace 2 días

    1:03 slap that girl right across the face that's what

  • Joles0
    Joles0 Hace 2 días


  • Slack Cellar
    Slack Cellar Hace 2 días +1

    Lemme tell you idiots...

    *A transgender male may change his dick to a pussy, but still has the mind of a man!*
    SO NO, they don’t have the fuckin right to go into a women’s bathroom!

    • darthevil9999
      darthevil9999 Hace 2 días +1

      @Nameless And what the hell is up with the question mark? Are you unsure of yourself?

    • darthevil9999
      darthevil9999 Hace 2 días +1

      @Nameless I've been at this for years sweetheart. I've done and still continue to do my research, just so I know what my friends and family in the community go through. You obviously haven't as there are indeed articles pertaining to how the brain is when someone is transgender. You are just an ignorant transphobic idiot.

    • Nameless
      Nameless Hace 2 días

      @darthevil9999 I did. Maybe you should do yours...?

    • darthevil9999
      darthevil9999 Hace 2 días +1

      @Nameless Uh, no, do your research.

  • FreeFilastine
    FreeFilastine Hace 2 días

    The middle aged Italian man in black is the best lol

  • nuramalina Hanisah
    nuramalina Hanisah Hace 2 días

    It’s dangerous to allow trans to went into opposites gender toilet,they can rape you🤷🏻‍♀️(srry for my bad english btw)

    • darthevil9999
      darthevil9999 Hace 2 días

      @nuramalina Hanisah Meaning, I'm a man, who isn't transgender.

    • nuramalina Hanisah
      nuramalina Hanisah Hace 2 días

      darthevil9999 tf is cisgender ?

    • darthevil9999
      darthevil9999 Hace 2 días

      @nuramalina Hanisah Yeah, what of it? Also, I use the men's toilet because I am a Cisgender man. If a transgender woman uses the women's restrooms it's because they have to pee, and not to fool anyone to attack anyone. They aren't going to go through years of therapy and transitioning to just attack anyone.

    • nuramalina Hanisah
      nuramalina Hanisah Hace 2 días

      darthevil9999 just use the oku toilet

    • nuramalina Hanisah
      nuramalina Hanisah Hace 2 días

      darthevil9999 hav you ever watch news?

  • Amir Wolf
    Amir Wolf Hace 2 días +3

    As a trans guy I can totally relate:/
    Honestly some ppl r just so rude. My grandparents are fine with it and so it just makes me sad to see not everyone can be like them.

  • Jack the Attack
    Jack the Attack Hace 2 días


  • Texas Taco
    Texas Taco Hace 2 días +1

    Beta males everywhere in this episode.. Strip away all the make up, clothes, body mods, whatever and it is still a MAN asking to use the Women's bathroom...

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 2 días +2

      She's a female, princess. Try not to cry.

  • cake snake
    cake snake Hace 2 días

    Wwyd? Agree...?

  • Oliver Herold
    Oliver Herold Hace 2 días

    The dad took the “are you assuming my gender” argument and fucking used it for good I love this song

  • Kayla Jones
    Kayla Jones Hace 2 días

    #ThankObama Am i Right guys😂😂😂

  • Addicted to Animes
    Addicted to Animes Hace 2 días

    So i need to know is Jazz born a girl or a boy

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 2 días

      No you don't, she's a woman. Get help for your obsession with other people's genitals, freak.

  • John Henry
    John Henry Hace 2 días +1

    Gotta get your dick cut off to use the woman’s restroom. That’s my line. Dick? Men’s. No dick? Women’s.

    • Yeti
      Yeti Hace 2 días +1

      unless you're a pervert and check, you are never going to know what they have
      you're kinda disgusting

  • Fatima Mustafa
    Fatima Mustafa Hace 2 días +1

    Also its much more likely for a male presenting male entering the women's bathroom while no one's paying attention to harrasse or assult ppl than someone to take the time, energy, rejection from family friends and society, emotional trauma and money that goes with transitioning just to make ppl uncomfortable

  • Adeni Benshahab
    Adeni Benshahab Hace 2 días +1

    I agreed with that mom. Some pervert will dress as woman to enter the woman toilet n worst they will rape the woman inside . Just use the man bathroom, what wrong with that

    • Adeni Benshahab
      Adeni Benshahab Hace un día

      @Yeti ok.

    • Yeti
      Yeti Hace 2 días +1

      @Adeni Benshahab you would prevent nothing by saying trans women can't go in womens bathrooms
      sexual assaults happen all the time
      I don't see you giving any actual solutions

    • Adeni Benshahab
      Adeni Benshahab Hace 2 días

      @CShield ok. Sorry if i make u uncomfortable

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 2 días

      @Adeni Benshahab It *literally* never happens. Stay out of public restrooms, freakshow, and get help for your disgusting obsession with other people's genitals.

  • Gospel Ninja
    Gospel Ninja Hace 2 días +2

    social engineering at its finest!

  • Miyo Lo
    Miyo Lo Hace 2 días

    Jazz is a transgender? She sounds exactly like a girl omg

  • Jerry Jordan
    Jerry Jordan Hace 2 días +1

    There All Actor's trying to promote the LGBT community agenda ! Re create Sodom and Gommorah !

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 2 días

      Sodom and Gomorrah was demolished because they were jackasses, not for homosexuality, dingus.

  • Jerry Jordan
    Jerry Jordan Hace 2 días +2

    So jazz had a sex change at 6 years old ? Sick parents let son dress like a girl and Destroy his mind ! Or Jazz was born a girl and just trying to support the LGBT agenda ! And in jr /High school did He/She shower with the boys or girls ? And these Fake Christians on this show, real Christians would be Furious about this situation ! And those guys trying act they approve and think it is woman , ask them would have Sex with that Transgender and watch there real reaction !

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 2 días

      @Jerry Jordan Keep your little bitch at home. Society doesn't need perverts like you who are obsessed with other people's genitals. You're disgusting, and need therapy.

    • Jerry Jordan
      Jerry Jordan Hace 2 días +3

      Jane Q Citizen I'm not falling for the Agenda ! And a Transgender man should not use a woman's Bathroom especially with a little Girl in so she can be possibly Molested !

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 2 días

      Have you tried drinking bleach to cure your hate rage?

  • Sunny Ma
    Sunny Ma Hace 2 días +1

    Borned as a male so act like a male!! Why do you have to change your sexuality?? Say no to transgender.never!!

    • Nameless
      Nameless Hace 2 días

      @CShield Why are you? Nobody is talking about genitals but you're obsessing over it. Sorry, but you will always be a male. :)

    • CShield
      CShield Hace 2 días

      Born male, but actually female. Why are you obsessed with other people's genitals, freak?

  • stacy craig
    stacy craig Hace 2 días +1

    I don't have a problem with it but back then I used to have a problem with LBGTQ 🏳️‍🌈 because why are you pretending to be someone or something you're not . But now I know how it feels to be in her shoes because I'm a black woman and it would really hurt me if someone told me I couldn't use the restroom because I'm black . Back then black and white folks had separate restrooms the white folks had their own bathroom and black folks which back then was colored had their own bathroom too because the white people didn't want a black person using the white folks bathroom and said that black people carry diseases . So I don't have a problem with a transgender woman or man etc etc using a bathroom because we all have a bladder and we pee.

  • Soviet Doggo
    Soviet Doggo Hace 2 días +2

    Gender was created by bathroom Companies to sell more bathroom

  • LotusLatte
    LotusLatte Hace 2 días +36

    It's honestly not a big deal, because there's STALLS in the bathroom. It's not like you're gonna see them...

    • Nathaly _queen
      Nathaly _queen Hace 8 horas


    • Yeti
      Yeti Hace 2 días +2

      unless you look over the door
      but of course that would make you the pervert
      but that seems to be what some people are proposing
      and the irony is completely lost on them