100 Greatest Plays: Numbers 60-51 | NFL 100

  • Publicado el 18 sep 2019
  • Check out numbers 60-51 on the countdown of the 100 greatest plays in NFL history!
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  • NFL Films
    NFL Films  Hace un mes +7

    For all things NFL 100 Greatest visit: www.nfl.com/100/100Greatest/browse

  • tommyboy
    tommyboy Hace un día

    9:18 the first time I've seen this play where there isn't an audience laughing in the background

  • Jim C. Goodfellas
    Jim C. Goodfellas Hace 2 días +1

    L O B 4 E V A

  • Nima Akbari
    Nima Akbari Hace 3 días

    8:22 would've been higher if the PAT was made :(

  • Mike Weber
    Mike Weber Hace 4 días

    9:44 53 Fran Tarkenton Eludes Several 49ers!

  • Journal Wright
    Journal Wright Hace 4 días

    Detroit Lions fans, please stop supporting the mediocrity coming from ownership. First get the Ford family to sell the team. Then paint the logo the right color: yellow! And last but not least pay off Calvin Johnson and Barry Sanders to be ambassadors.

  • Brou Haha
    Brou Haha Hace 9 días

    Rob Base's "It Takes Two" is right on for Sanders play.

  • EZK Acid
    EZK Acid Hace 10 días

    Play number 56... omggggg 'the defender!' tipped it... I thought he at least tipped it... imagine someone falling and pushing you down to the ground and trying to catch a ball falling after being tipped forward from someone else... it's not like you tipped it and can feel the ball.. someone else tipped it and he kinda just clenched his hands a couple times till it stuck... luck or skill? 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • cabymont
    cabymont Hace 16 días

    The Saints needed that win on the last day of the season to stay alive for a playoff berth. Wackiest ending I've ever seen to a game and a team's season. Also, I don't know who has to be more embarrassed with this release: Garo Yepremian or Tony Casillas.

  • Avoidance Technologies
    Avoidance Technologies Hace 16 días

    Cardinals, Bills, Bears, Saints, Giants, Eagles, Steelers, Patriot's, Panthers, Texan's, Chargers, Packers, Chiefs, 49er's.

  • Gem Mint Miners
    Gem Mint Miners Hace 18 días

    I remember that Big Ben tackle...not a Steelers fan, but I was in disbelief...hell of a play by a QB to save their team

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez Hace 19 días

    Richard Shetman Speech The GOAT

  • TheDude4077
    TheDude4077 Hace 20 días

    I'm glad they actually showed the context of Richard Sherman trying to shake Crabtree's hand and Crabtree shoving his hand in Sherman's face. Most times you only see the Erin Andrews interview and people try to paint Sherman as a bad sportsman. He tried to be a good sportsman and Crabtree acted like a baby, Sherman had every right to be pissed off.

  • K D
    K D Hace 20 días

    Do y’all see how pretty that ball was 😭

  • MightyManotaur22
    MightyManotaur22 Hace 20 días +2

    "Why do they call him the bus?"
    "Because he's afraid to fly."

  • Ducky Boi
    Ducky Boi Hace 21 un día

    Junior Seau? :/

  • OFRN Dogman
    OFRN Dogman Hace 21 un día

    This list could literally be Barry Sanders 1-100

  • Darrell Covello
    Darrell Covello Hace 22 días

    As a 49ers fan, the Sherman tip ball should be WAY higher.

  • 1perfectstrangerr
    1perfectstrangerr Hace 23 días

    A70 yd strike with 00:00 left and this is GOAT play 52...???

    MY LITTLE PITBULL Hace 23 días

    Cool names.

    MY LITTLE PITBULL Hace 23 días

    Barry Sanders is the G GOAT OAT...

  • Mylum O'Shinn
    Mylum O'Shinn Hace 24 días

    LOL at Cowboy #75 hes like what? Talk about getting a serious scolding from Jimmy Johnson.

  • EntertainmentUniverse
    EntertainmentUniverse Hace 24 días

    "There will never be another player like Barry Sanders"
    Saquon Barkley: Idris Elba coughs

  • Marady Mon
    Marady Mon Hace 25 días


  • Bret Yeilding
    Bret Yeilding Hace 26 días

    Harper... One of the dumbest plays in NFL history. Keep running to your right. You are way faster than Ben. Hell, I'm 60 and I'm faster than Ben.

  • BigbodyDarren
    BigbodyDarren Hace 26 días

    Who knows what number obj catch is

  • Peter Culver
    Peter Culver Hace 26 días +1

    How in the name of all that is holy is the Miracle in Motown at 52?!

  • Dalton Robert Pepple
    Dalton Robert Pepple Hace 27 días

    5:03 I love James Farrior

  • Scott Merryman
    Scott Merryman Hace 27 días

    Rodgers needs to be higher

  • Mr Q Ceaz
    Mr Q Ceaz Hace 27 días +1

    Imagine if Barry Sanders had that Cowboys line or this one he would average 2500 yards a season

  • King Freemind
    King Freemind Hace 27 días

    I got FO

  • Pen N' Paper
    Pen N' Paper Hace 27 días +6

    Putting the Rodgers Hail Mary at #52 is beyond disrespectful. No other play in history do I watch on a regular basis

    • Paul Sweet
      Paul Sweet Hace 23 días

      The fucki n play shouldn't have even happened. Non facemask facemask bs

    • Ryan R
      Ryan R Hace 27 días

      I remember screaming in my studio apartment at night watching that ending. probably woke up my neighbors.

  • Chardee Mcdennis
    Chardee Mcdennis Hace 28 días

    Larry Munson falling the Deion return is just amazing.

  • Aaron Morris
    Aaron Morris Hace 28 días +1

    That Jim Marshall wrong way play is a top ten all time play.

    IMINTHEMOMENTRU Hace 28 días +3

    @11:11 Brady is the 🐐 goat,Rogers is the rocket 🚀 launcher.

  • Anthony Hutchins
    Anthony Hutchins Hace 28 días +7

    I don't understand how people thought Sherman was yelling at Erin Andrews.

    • David Pruden
      David Pruden Hace 3 días

      Facts people are really stupid. 😂😂😂

  • Anthony Hutchins
    Anthony Hutchins Hace 28 días

    Deion is right about dropping the ball. That's what happened to DeSean Jackson

  • Riveriux Phenom
    Riveriux Phenom Hace 29 días

    Sherman should have tried out for the WWE .

  • Morgan Ritson
    Morgan Ritson Hace un mes

    Yo, I had #51 in my top 5, lol

  • Michael Falkner
    Michael Falkner Hace un mes

    #57: Rigged game. "The Idiot Kicker" missed it on purpose.

  • Go Getter
    Go Getter Hace un mes

    Sanders' runs should be rated much higher. Sherman's interception? meh. Ridiculous post game interviews shouldn't be counted as "plays". Great ending to a game no doubt. But there are 100's of other last play end zone interceptions to choose from.

  • aundre3051
    aundre3051 Hace un mes

    Bill belichick would have cut 42 during the game

  • Alex Stoeffler
    Alex Stoeffler Hace un mes

    The Seahawks 49ers game just isn’t that great of a play

  • Memestiff
    Memestiff Hace un mes

    My favorite part of the River City Relay is when the commentator yells "oh, oh my god!"

  • Patrick Mahomes's arm
    Patrick Mahomes's arm Hace un mes

    Smh why is 54 even here...

  • Leander Vandefen
    Leander Vandefen Hace un mes

    Putting the Sherman tipped pick at 58 should be a criminal offense

  • Neil Vincent Bicoy
    Neil Vincent Bicoy Hace un mes

    Jerome Bettis is a huge man with a cutesy heart lol

  • G0Chiefs
    G0Chiefs Hace un mes

    Horrible decision by Kaepernick on the play should have rolled out and played it that way. Crabtree was smothered.

  • RoguePepper 9606
    RoguePepper 9606 Hace un mes

    Is the “The catch” SB 42 version on here yet. Hope it’s top 10

  • Obama_Police
    Obama_Police Hace un mes +2

    Cut too 2019 now we have Sherman 😂

  • Les Perdants
    Les Perdants Hace un mes

    54 should be 1º

  • Korean Keanu
    Korean Keanu Hace un mes +4

    No runningback play should be ranked higher than Barry's.

  • Peter Kierst
    Peter Kierst Hace un mes

    What's the criteria being used to define "greatest"? Some of these are just flukes or pure luck or plain mistakes (the wrong way touchdown is famous (notorious) but great???). Ought to be called "100 well remembered plays."

  • James Cornelius
    James Cornelius Hace un mes

    I hate Richard a Sherman, that play should not have made the top 100

  • Dwayne Coy
    Dwayne Coy Hace un mes

    Interesting bit of trivia on play #54, Jim Marshal's wrong way run. It came after a short pass over the middle from QB George Mira to receiver, Billy Kilmer, who went on to star as the aging QB for many successful seasons in the early 70's for the Redskins, under coach, George Allen. Kilmer became a household name in the 70's as the aging QB with the single bar face mask leading Allen's "over the hill' gang of Redskins, Including a pro-bowl year and a Super Bowl appearance in a loss to the Dolphins.

  • Patrick Ryan
    Patrick Ryan Hace un mes +8

    The way Deion accelerated after he turned that corner doesn’t seem possible. Crazy speed.

  • King of the Raiders
    King of the Raiders Hace un mes

    Yall need to rename this most memorable plays or something, nothing great about some of these....

  • ThaKinggBanks26
    ThaKinggBanks26 Hace un mes

    Damn Jerome Bettis fix your hairline bro lol

  • Geb Guddaye
    Geb Guddaye Hace un mes

    Barry Sanders did to #42 what Steph Curry did to Rudy Gobert

  • JohnieBeGood12
    JohnieBeGood12 Hace un mes +1

    Rodgers To Rodgers FTW Hail Mary At 52

  • Wawan Chuan
    Wawan Chuan Hace un mes +5

    11:27 what a beautiful pass

  • bigstew416
    bigstew416 Hace un mes

    Duece McAllisters throw on the Saints last play on the pass from Brooks to Stallworth was incredibe. And that damn kicker missed the extra point after all that greatness

  • Wyatt Earb
    Wyatt Earb Hace un mes

    Warren Moons scream was priceless lol

  • Fun Donut
    Fun Donut Hace un mes +5

    Legend has it #75 is still looking for Barry

  • Gaming 101
    Gaming 101 Hace un mes +4

    Richard Sherman touches the ball:
    Also Richard Sherman:I’m the best in the game!!

    • Zachary Jobe
      Zachary Jobe Hace 26 días

      He shutdown Crabtree the entire game after Crabtree trash talked him all week like how are you gonna be mad at the man for popping off in that situatin6

    • Harry Engel
      Harry Engel Hace un mes +1

      He’s a heck of a cornerback

  • Chop Chop
    Chop Chop Hace un mes

    New Orleans Saints... Finding New ways to screw up a game Since 1967!

    • Harry Engel
      Harry Engel Hace un mes

      Their franchise’s entire history of success is courtesy of Drew Brees, Sean Payton, the 2009 defense, and in the early 90’s, Dome Patrol.
      They also had a wild card team in 2000 as well.
      But most of their history is unsuccessful

  • Chop Chop
    Chop Chop Hace un mes

    That scream at 3:10..... what the hell was that?! Haha

  • Lindokuhle Shange
    Lindokuhle Shange Hace un mes

    You get 7 I got 4... Prime time had a huge pair on him

  • Alexander Bakken
    Alexander Bakken Hace un mes


  • Dan the Man
    Dan the Man Hace un mes +5

    Top 100 should just be The Immaculate Reception and 99 runs by Barry Sanders.

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee Hace un mes

    Who? "Cranberrysauce!!" Lamo Mike Epps a fool....

  • blake bortles
    blake bortles Hace un mes

    2:41 duff as in duff beer

  • The 4 Cheese Peanuts Behind the scenes

    When u realise your gonna have to watch your team throw it at the 1 yard line later

  • Martin W
    Martin W Hace un mes

    Fifty-seven a great one, all right!

  • Chris Phipps
    Chris Phipps Hace un mes +1

    Top 10 better have the devin Hester super bowl return! Only one ever!

  • Monitors of Decorum & Decency

    I would argue that the Sherman tipped/Smith interception from the NFCC game, should be in the top 50, but 58 ain't nothing to sneer at... go 'Hawks!

  • Clayton Hurdle
    Clayton Hurdle Hace un mes

    #55 was pretty good.

  • TheSportsGuru
    TheSportsGuru Hace un mes

    Rodgers' Hail Mary against the Lions was in 2015?? My goodness time flies.

  • SedaW LoL
    SedaW LoL Hace un mes

    11:26 how tf does Rodgers throw a ball that high

  • aks957
    aks957 Hace un mes +2

    Barry Sanders and Deion Sanders need to have their own list. Seriously.

  • Kurt S
    Kurt S Hace un mes +2

    It’s sad how many plays would have a penalty in today’s NFL. A lot of these would have never happened.

  • dokerjams
    dokerjams Hace un mes

    I will never be convinced that a Hail Mary is a skilled or a worthy celebratory play. By definition, a QB is most usually, a lighter, more skilled and maneuverable athlete than a lineman, to see one run around the field and stay relatively untouched is not an uncommon occurrence in the game of football. Also, a 61-yard pass, while moderately neet-oo, is not a ground-breaking distance, not even if it approaches the rafters in its travels. I think it's fair to say that, to become an NFL, Pro QB, you should probably be in possession of a very stout arm along with a reasonable comprehension of the intricacies and mechanics that define the skillset required to operate the QB position.

    The Hail Mary is as reliable a play as an on-side kick, but a much more risky, desperation, pucker play caused by busted pass protection from scrimmage in the last seconds of a half or a game form mid-field or greater. Forcing an O-ring clinching, out of pocket, 50/50 ball to both teams in the end zone, and Hail Mary Full of Grace, if somehow the offense, baring a PI, Holding or unsportsmanlike penalty, catch the ball for a score, no one is jogging back the sideline calling it a great play call and if it was anyone other than Aaron Rodgers, we wouldn't see it on this list.

    But, of course, this is the Goodell Clown show. More despondently known as "The parody league" and, when it comes to favoritism!! IT IS, proclaimed by its soothsayers, that Winning!! Is no longer everything. Just because a player holds practically every record in the league, including # wins, and that a player's approach to the game and lifestyle reflect on the integrity, tenacity, and genuineness of The Game and has played it and lived his life with the of humility and respectfulness. It does not mean, it is not perfectly fine to accuse said player, of whatever ridiculous, tenuis, petty, and false accusations, the asshats in charge see fit to instigate. These Pilacks think nothing of investing millions and millions of dollars in kangaroo court investigations and smear campaigns. If a player does not live down to the tile of league pet, without purpose, provocation or actual previous sports participation, the washed-up talking heads of the Evidenceless, Speculating Perpoturously, Network, nash at the teeth to ingratiate and contradict themselves while enviously, jealously, and spitefully, proceed to convolute and discredit every accomplishment this intrepid player has ever achieved. Thes seemingly dim withed, achers or low hanging fruit will conflate any dumpster fire of a player within a light-year of a marginally comparable record or work ethic, to dizzying heights of unaccomplished, unearned unrecognized, bandwagon levels of mediocrity. As long as they are willing to gratuitously allow the groveling, unprofessionally offended, easily tipped over, cringe towel carrying, short bus delivered, unentrapped riders or misinformation to posteriorly sign them up to be the pivot man in their upcoming shrimping circle of self-importance.

    But..... I ..... Digress ....

    Welcome to the No Fun League.

  • R&B Music
    R&B Music Hace un mes

    Did not know Keegan watched this much football tbh

  • andrea micucci
    andrea micucci Hace un mes

    I KNEW the river city relay would make it

  • Jonas Nottoli
    Jonas Nottoli Hace un mes

    Forgetting the "facemask" before Rodgers hail Mary shouldn't have even happened

    COLINMACX Hace un mes +1

    only 59?? so disrespectful, i should see more barry plays up there..

      COLINMACX Hace un mes

      oh okay 51 is better but there must be more

  • Acrocanthosaurus
    Acrocanthosaurus Hace un mes

    58? It's called The Immaculate Deflection. It has a name! If it's not top ten, it should be #12.

  • SykesLife
    SykesLife Hace un mes +1

    52 Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary in Detroit as #52??!! Man there better be some mind blowing things to come in front of that

  • ole
    ole Hace un mes

    this key guy is so annoying

  • Jamall Savoy
    Jamall Savoy Hace un mes

    Block 7 I got 4...... 🐐 talk!!!

  • See Cha
    See Cha Hace un mes

    That Crabtree/Sherman matchup... Crabtree ran the sorriest excuse of a route and that's why he lost that match. This isn't college anymore homeboy. You can't rely on your athletic ability to get you the edge when you're in the pros.

    • Harry Engel
      Harry Engel Hace un mes

      It seems that most of Kaepernick’s worst throws were in the direction of Crabtree.
      Case in point: This game, and the last drive of Super Bowl 47.
      That’s not Crabtree’s fault though.

  • Brett Patterson
    Brett Patterson Hace un mes +6

    Top 5 prediction
    1. Immaculate Reception
    2. Helmet Catch
    3. The Catch
    4. Ice Bowl
    5. Harrison INT TD SB 43

  • Jimb00 xX
    Jimb00 xX Hace un mes +1


  • DrWatsonater13
    DrWatsonater13 Hace un mes

    Anyone else didn’t think that Sherman was yelling at the reporter?

    • samauri butler
      samauri butler Hace un mes

      There was a lot of controversy 6 years ago with that. Some thought he was being loud and rude.

  • SanFranFan30
    SanFranFan30 Hace un mes

    some of these are aren't plays, they are a series of multiple plays, shouldn't that disqualify them from this list

  • SanFranFan30
    SanFranFan30 Hace un mes

    Play 57 is the reason that Pete Carroll didn't call a run play at the goal line in 2015

    • Dwayne Coy
      Dwayne Coy Hace un mes

      That's not all ;
      ^Lynch was 1 for 5 on 4th and 1 plays during that year
      *He had been stopped earlier in the game on a play where they needed 1 yard for a 1st down
      *Everybody in the stadium was expecting him to get the ball, including the Patriot defense, which had 8 men in the box - there was no where to run the ball.
      *with 26 seconds left and 1 time out remaining, if they pass on 2nd down and don't get it, they still have a timeout left and can call or run or pass on the next 2 plays. But if they had run it on 2nd down, they would have been forced to pass on both 3rd and 4th down, giving the Pat's defense the upper hand.

      The decision to call a pass play wasn't the problem. The problem we the type of pass play called, combined with poor execution by Kearse on his route. That's what doomed that play.

  • Martin Ramirez
    Martin Ramirez Hace un mes +1

    It's a stretch but Jerome sounds kinda like Mike Tyson... kinda.

    • Harry Engel
      Harry Engel Hace un mes

      Part of the reason I didn’t mind it that my Seahawks lost Super Bowl 40 is because I was glad to see him go out on top.
      I’ll always have Super Bowl 48!

  • Peter Barthelemy
    Peter Barthelemy Hace un mes

    “See I’m the best corner in the game when you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree that’s the results you gonna get” - Richard Sherman

    • Harry Engel
      Harry Engel Hace un mes

      If not for Patrick Peterson, Sherman would be first team on the All-Decade team.

  • Jason Hojna
    Jason Hojna Hace un mes

    I'm a Packers fan but poor Jim Marshall

  • Pumitri
    Pumitri Hace un mes +11

    11:28 Jesus, that balls goin to the moon! Surprised it didnt hit a beam..