2020 NBA Slam Dunk Contest - Full Highlights - 2020 NBA All-Star Saturday Night

  • Publicado el 16 feb 2020
  • 2020 NBA Slam Dunk Contest - Full Highlights - 2020 NBA All-Star Saturday Night
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Comentarios • 9 925

  • bruh -_-
    bruh -_- Hace 7 horas

    they took the dunk packages in 2k and put them in real life

  • Antonio Tucker
    Antonio Tucker Hace 7 horas

    They gave the trophy to the right guy but what and incredible slam dunk contest the NBA is fantastic 💯😳😳😳👆👍🤗

  • Mikaelo P
    Mikaelo P Hace 7 horas

    Giannis living the best day of his life

  • جلاد M7
    جلاد M7 Hace 7 horas

    I hope you subscribe to my channel My dream to deliver 1000 yel I love you all

  • danmenification
    danmenification Hace 7 horas

    Dwight too old to dunk

  • Jayhuncho
    Jayhuncho Hace 7 horas

    That was fake af

  • shenssjsjsjs
    shenssjsjsjs Hace 7 horas

    pat conaughton could dunk wtf lmao I didn’t even know he was in the league still good for him, I been out of it for a while

  • Luis A. Cuevas
    Luis A. Cuevas Hace 7 horas +1

    Gordon : Surgically separates twins conjoined at the brain
    Judges: that’s a crisp 47

  • CJ Latin
    CJ Latin Hace 7 horas


  • Paul George
    Paul George Hace 7 horas

    Yo Aaron Gordon’s dunk at 10:30 was disgusting ☠️

  • جلاد M7
    جلاد M7 Hace 7 horas

    I hope that my friends will subscribe to my channel my dream connect 1000

  • Heinxr -_-
    Heinxr -_- Hace 7 horas

    They robbed Arron

  • Notkng
    Notkng Hace 7 horas

    14:03 They were all staring at Dwayne. I could've been because there was a mutual agree for a tie and then he gave a nine.

  • Mangu Power
    Mangu Power Hace 7 horas +1


  • GtKel5
    GtKel5 Hace 7 horas

    he made tacko head go down

  • Landre Creativity
    Landre Creativity Hace 7 horas

    Aaron Gordon: Make africa`s wealth as great as Europe
    judges : 47

  • FrïøK_12
    FrïøK_12 Hace 7 horas

    El de abajo no tendrá novia

  • SkyStrider
    SkyStrider Hace 7 horas

    Why is everyone in love with ag lol he put his nuts on neck for almost a whole second and he dunked over chance twice the same dunk like lol

  • kupah
    kupah Hace 7 horas

    Gordon : scores perfect score on test exam

    Judges : *that's a 47*

  • Arian Paul Azarcon
    Arian Paul Azarcon Hace 7 horas

    🏆x🏆x for AG 🥺

  • Nasir Mcdowell
    Nasir Mcdowell Hace 7 horas

    Derrick Jones jr same weak ass dunk

  • Rj Ward
    Rj Ward Hace 7 horas

    Giannis looking like a soccer mom recording her kids first goal ever

  • Chris
    Chris Hace 7 horas

    Kenny Smith be hating lol

  • Bangem Banzz
    Bangem Banzz Hace 7 horas

    Raise kobe from the dead between the leg dunk backwards while fucking a bitch... And still gets 47 points 😆

  • Orlywow
    Orlywow Hace 7 horas

    Gordon exists

    That's a FIFTY!

  • DatBoi LEE
    DatBoi LEE Hace 7 horas

    Wow he snubbed again.

  • Matyi Kutas
    Matyi Kutas Hace 7 horas


  • antoine freeman
    antoine freeman Hace 7 horas

    If Candace was in the kitchen these wouldn't have happened😒

  • 6ZONE6
    6ZONE6 Hace 7 horas

    🔥🔥🔥 es-pl.com/video/PZIhEW3zTyc/video.html

  • David Jung
    David Jung Hace 7 horas

    They rly invited 4 random dudes, only person I can see that can judge this is dwayne. Others cant do shit

  • Cee.213
    Cee.213 Hace 7 horas

    Aaron gordon as 3x time champion in my book

  • I'm Just Saiyan
    I'm Just Saiyan Hace 7 horas

    Best dunk contest since the last time Gordon got robbed

  • Nick
    Nick Hace 7 horas

    The announcers are so annoying stop giving everyone 10’s.

  • Sparks T.v
    Sparks T.v Hace 7 horas

    Aaron really be getting snubbed that’s crazy

  • Fanta Sangare
    Fanta Sangare Hace 7 horas

    That’s some dick sucking shit ... how did he lose

  • Ted Zhang
    Ted Zhang Hace 7 horas

    This is one of, if not the greatest dunk contest ever, and it ended with someone getting robbed. At this point, the dunk contest is bad because of the god damn judges not the dunkers themselves. Please let the judges be actual basketball players and not random celebs

  • Растислав Лупеко

    Not fair

  • KM SM
    KM SM Hace 7 horas +1

    Gordon: Dunks over the white house then rko's Trump.
    Judges: 49.99

  • Joel Garcia
    Joel Garcia Hace 7 horas

    I miss Kobe reactions
    RIP Kobe.

  • ToXiic Huevon
    ToXiic Huevon Hace 7 horas

    The judges hating

  • K.IN.G
    K.IN.G Hace 7 horas

    Thay was nice, dunk contest is definitely better. But are we not gonna talk about what Taco was wearing 🤷🏽‍♂️🤔

  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones Hace 7 horas

    bullshit is not Aaron

  • Melvin Sprewel
    Melvin Sprewel Hace 7 horas

    DJ Khalid is like 4"2 bent over
    A.G Won!!

  • Banyuaigo
    Banyuaigo Hace 7 horas

    ... horrible contest. Was this a competition to see who could catch the most air off a pair-of-shoulders...?!

  • Casonlol
    Casonlol Hace 7 horas

    Dwight shouldn’t of been in this lmao

  • anthony kobe
    anthony kobe Hace 7 horas +2

    Gordon dunk it from china

  • Frxdoz -
    Frxdoz - Hace 7 horas

    That’s 3 times he got robbed

  • Ernest Churchill
    Ernest Churchill Hace 7 horas

    Aaron Gordon robbed AGAIN! wow. I don’t wanna watch the slam dunk contest anymore...They must have something against light skinned cat’s from Northern Cali😂😂😂🏀🐍🏁💙🏁

  • Daniel Leyland
    Daniel Leyland Hace 7 horas

    These guys get 50s for dunks I've seen VC and T-Mac throw down in actual games. That 360 windmill from the side was the only 10 I would have given

  • Sinister247
    Sinister247 Hace 7 horas

    Y'all in denial, Jones dunks we're superior. Gordon had one dunk that was better and it wasn't him tea bagging taco. Hop off the nut hugging Gordon bandwagon.

  • Huh Mann
    Huh Mann Hace 7 horas

    I'm pissed they robbed Gordon again...Aaron Gordon and Vince Carter are the GOATS

  • Tomaya
    Tomaya Hace 7 horas

    Aaron Gordon robbed twice in front of the whole world.

  • Lizzie S
    Lizzie S Hace 7 horas

    I usually don't like sports, but I did enjoy watching this last night. It was a fun moment for my family and I.

  • ron roy17
    ron roy17 Hace 7 horas

    Those are bad judges they both did 50 dunks they should of kept it going. Aaron did the same dunk and gave him a 50

  • The biggest loser in sports history

    He lost get over it. Great dunker tho

  • MrKapsou
    MrKapsou Hace 7 horas

    No more respect to D Wade

  • Porchboy Flacko
    Porchboy Flacko Hace 7 horas

    Aaron Gordon Won 🔥🔥🔥 Robbed

  • Melvin Sprewel
    Melvin Sprewel Hace 7 horas

    Dunk Contest is back.. it was 💀 for Years...

  • The Cardenas
    The Cardenas Hace 7 horas

    What a rob sorry Gordon

  • Saleh Cheema
    Saleh Cheema Hace 7 horas

    9:35 that dunk was better than any dunk that AG did, and better than most have seen in their life. they just took that for granted. That is why he won