MacBook Pro 16” 2019 Teardown-A Better Keyboard Can't Fix This Thing

  • Publicado el 18 nov 2019
  • Who knew a new keyboard could be such a huge upgrade? Apple has done some simple redesigns on its MacBook Pro and made it the most exciting upgrade we’ve seen in years. Not only have they given us a scissor keyboard, we also got a slightly larger display and a physical escape key!
    Apple says this updated Mac is all about listening to the customer. But have they listened to us and updated its repairability? We’re gonna say no, but just in case, let's tear it down.
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Comentarios • 645

  • Eric Matthews
    Eric Matthews Hace 22 horas

    Your "schtick" is getting old... The things you STILL complain about are now common practice on every popular product. In fact... I suspect that any laptop designed with the repairability you cry about.. wouldn't be a big seller. It would be too thick, too heavy, still costly, and even more unreliable.

  • is elektro
    is elektro Hace un día

    battery can be changed?

  • DUKE 390
    DUKE 390 Hace 5 días

    Really i like Tim Cook best. Since years he's helping me to safe my money. Tim you are the best, wish you everything you want in your as, have a nice thanksgiving

  • Welly Pratama
    Welly Pratama Hace 8 días

    Hi Sir/Madam... me and my team want to make a review video about macbook pro 16, when we want to talk about battery can i use your video footage to showing the battery ?

  • T king
    T king Hace 9 días


  • Create Channel
    Create Channel Hace 9 días

    Well well we’ll my screen is cracked.

  • SV Alangudi
    SV Alangudi Hace 10 días

    Score of 1 on 10.... The design team gets a huge bonus - in the meanwhile at Apple office!

  • R. Ive
    R. Ive Hace 10 días

    Apple is constantly making their newer models almost impossible to repair because they want to shut out independent repair shops and DIYers from repairing their devices. Apple would prefer that customers buy a new machine instead of repairing their old/broken devices.

  • Grace
    Grace Hace 12 días

    And here’s why.

  • Roman
    Roman Hace 12 días

    2 words - non-upgradable junk !

    KNFIXPRO-TECH Hace 13 días

    like sr

  • Josef Gam
    Josef Gam Hace 13 días


  • Diego Leal
    Diego Leal Hace 15 días

    28% more air. 28% of nothing doesn't seems like a good improvement.

  • Andrea Scorsone
    Andrea Scorsone Hace 15 días

    Just bought a 15" 2015 mbp for 850 bucks last month..i upgraded with a 980 GB Transcend SSD (bought at only 150 bucks, like new but at half the price) and now its a bomb. I invested only 1000 $ to get a machine that is better than the 3.000$ brand new happy 😁👍

  • Feldenkrais with Alfons
    Feldenkrais with Alfons Hace 16 días

    Apple don’t replace the trackpad in case it has an issue (mine had a decolorisation out of the box), they replace the whole top case instead. Score 0

  • 신남
    신남 Hace 16 días

    A laptop made by Tim Cook because he needed more margin.

  • Luɔ ᗡ.
    Luɔ ᗡ. Hace 16 días

    Click bait title! Don’t fall for it...

  • Nick Behrens
    Nick Behrens Hace 17 días

    Seems a little harsh but ok

  • Jxshua Yuzn
    Jxshua Yuzn Hace 17 días

    Liquid metal recommended?

  • Cypher NX
    Cypher NX Hace 17 días

    still no Numpad?

  • Tahir Hakeem
    Tahir Hakeem Hace 17 días

    What about that sneaky lid angle sensor to detect what angle the screen is at and the magnets in the hinges?? That's some hidden tech...

  • allthingsbgi
    allthingsbgi Hace 17 días

    the storage size WOW

  • John Gergis
    John Gergis Hace 17 días +1

    Not upgradable so they can charge u an arm and a leg

    • Roman Semenov
      Roman Semenov Hace 17 días

      Do you upgrade CPU on other laptops often?

  • killabyte79
    killabyte79 Hace 17 días

    it doesn't worth the try, this is crap

  • BrunoApple94
    BrunoApple94 Hace 17 días

    Is the battery replaceable?

  • chrisose
    chrisose Hace 17 días

    Same Apple hype coupled with the same Apple middle finger to consumers.

  • Young Nerdy
    Young Nerdy Hace 18 días

    Bru it’s good to know I can’t change ram🙃 I’ll have to buy that 32 gigs

    • Brandon Chutt
      Brandon Chutt Hace 17 días

      Definitely worth it if you edit videos

  • Mohamadreza Ghadami
    Mohamadreza Ghadami Hace 18 días +1

    why Apple don't want you to replace the battery ?!
    many of the part never fails, but batteries will die after hundreds of cycles!

    • Roman Semenov
      Roman Semenov Hace 17 días

      But they are not that hard to replace, takes only a few minutes

  • nitrowad
    nitrowad Hace 18 días

    Honestly, based on experience in my company - about 25% of butterfly keyboard had issues in 2 years of everyday usage. Otherwise, butterfly keyboards were preferred over older scissors mechanism at least in our case since it feels more closer to tactile mechanical keyboards, so from my point of view, keyboard replacement is a step back (except the Esc key - that damn Esc on TouchBar is shifted to right and has no feedback when you press it - it is really annoying).

  • Digital Caveman
    Digital Caveman Hace 18 días

    Soldering everything to the main logic board might make one think twice about buying this computer. If you bought say the 8TB drive and your 2 years out of warranty what do you do with your computer when it fails, buy an entirely new MBP 16? Um...lemme think about NO...

  • M Rusli
    M Rusli Hace 18 días

    Ifixit does it have issues with lcd screen flexgate. Does it fix the constant Apple T2 chip crashes with bridge is errors?????

  • Max Kitaev
    Max Kitaev Hace 18 días

    This is like a PC paid bully ad. Soldered to the logic board? Anyone replaced chips on a PC laptop ever? All of my past PC laptops died in a flash. My 2012 macbook still works. I only upgraded the ram. This video is rubbish

    VIVEK DOSHI Hace 18 días

    02:11 who is she?

  • აτευεη ξ
    აτευεη ξ Hace 18 días

    The thunderbolt ports can be replaced? Could you theoretically drill into the chassis and put regular ports in?

  • xHarux3
    xHarux3 Hace 19 días +4

    No mentioning of T2 chips?

  • Yavor Kapitanov
    Yavor Kapitanov Hace 19 días

    Well if components aren't soldered to the board then the chassis has to be thicker... and that isn't the goal.

  • Chin Zee Yuen
    Chin Zee Yuen Hace 19 días

    0:55 what’s these on the left which looks almost identical to the ssd on the right?

    • Chin Zee Yuen
      Chin Zee Yuen Hace 19 días

      MAXXmarketing GmbH I see, make sense but this one is 512gb so what is it on the left? Or it is sad too but they use less storage per chip while retain same 4 chips? So each chip for this model is 128gb?

    • MAXXmarketing GmbH
      MAXXmarketing GmbH Hace 19 días

      it's a space for other chips for SSD, because 8TB is pretty big

  • Scorinitron
    Scorinitron Hace 19 días

    original switches from 2012

  • KentoCommenT
    KentoCommenT Hace 20 días

    There's laptops with removable processors?

  • Robert
    Robert Hace 20 días +1

    So basically get the RAM that you need right at the order screen because won't be able to change that after you get it.

  • jub8891
    jub8891 Hace 20 días

    So it doesn't let you replace the RAM or onboard storage .....

  • Cody
    Cody Hace 20 días +1

    I never minded the butterfly switches. I thought they were pleasurable to type on. I've got the 2018 i9 macbook and it has served me well thus far. However, apple needs to realize, if something is faulty, it needs to be a free repair since I paid $3500 for your piece of aluminum.

  • Logan H
    Logan H Hace 20 días +20

    *Louis Rossman has entered the chatroom*

  • Richard Zhang
    Richard Zhang Hace 20 días

    Disappointing, you can remove the GPu if you wanted to on my laptop lmao. Same with Ram, SSD, HDD, WiFi card and battery

  • Linh Nguyen Doan
    Linh Nguyen Doan Hace 20 días

    Are there 1 TB SSD Macbooks ?

    • Roman Semenov
      Roman Semenov Hace 16 días

      @Linh Nguyen Doan but a new one, migrate data, sell old one

    • Linh Nguyen Doan
      Linh Nguyen Doan Hace 16 días

      @Roman SemenovThanks for reply.
      How to get 8TB when we can't upgrade the SDD?

    • Roman Semenov
      Roman Semenov Hace 17 días

      Sure, there are even 8Tb SSD MacBooks

  • Abhijeet Sinha
    Abhijeet Sinha Hace 20 días

    What is that a12 chip doing on the motherboard ? 🙄

  • Lisa Schmit
    Lisa Schmit Hace 20 días

    would you advise to wait for the new generation? And what do you think will be the new features? is it worth it to wait?

  • Sébastien Luyckx
    Sébastien Luyckx Hace 21 un día

    Don’t think Apple will ever drop the un-repairability of their devices. It’s a business decision so that people need to buy upgraded ram or ssd’s from the go @ Apple. Not consumer-friendly but a great decision gor their business-model. Also i’ve been using macs for ages and even had an 2012 pro since last uear without any problem! Can’t say that from the windows business machis i’ve been using.

  • Pasha Faith
    Pasha Faith Hace 21 un día

    Is the WiFi card removable or Soldered ?

    • Alfs Awful
      Alfs Awful Hace 18 días

      Pasha Faith why? What does it matter, do you have special WiFi needs that a MacBook cannot fulfil?

  • dszmaj
    dszmaj Hace 21 un día

    soldered ram and ssd is ONLY because many people would buy low spec with good cpu and add more FASTER ram together with bigger and FASTER ssd for a FRACTION of a cost of apple upgrade
    i don't buy this reliability crap some people are talking here, I never even heard of anyone having such problem and I'm complete nerd

    • dszmaj
      dszmaj Hace 18 días

      @80sCompaqPC to be fair, those connectors forces using slightly thicker chassis, but it's already required to fit bigger battery...

    • 80sCompaqPC
      80sCompaqPC Hace 20 días

      That’s exactly what I did on my 2011 MacBook Pro (back when MacBooks were worth buying).
      The “reliability” thing is an absolute joke. It’s the only excuse these Apple fanboys can come up with for why the SSD and RAM are soldered, when, deep-down, they know there is no good reason for it. It’s absolutely laughable.

  • Kinman Li
    Kinman Li Hace 21 un día

    You can take things apart but you can’t build your own stuff.

  • itssaul Good man
    itssaul Good man Hace 21 un día

    Anyone else like the butterfly keyboard and wish they could have made it work

  • yulianto rahardjo
    yulianto rahardjo Hace 21 un día

    i just gonna buy toshiba instead

  • CF542
    CF542 Hace 21 un día

    Am I the only one who likes the butterfly keyboard?

  • MiGujack3
    MiGujack3 Hace 21 un día

    No bluetooth heatsinks, so at least that's nice.

  • Tom Alawatte
    Tom Alawatte Hace 21 un día

    Which LAPTOP has a removable CPU and GPU?? RAM I can understand. All the other parts are unique to Apple's laptops thus only they have the right expertise to fix them. If someone else try to fix it they might mess the entire thing up. and that's not good. Why don't people don't like a systematic, clean, reassured process? Yes it's expensive to get things fixed by Apple (although not so much if you have Apple care) but the benefit of that is they do it right.

    • Dan Avram
      Dan Avram Hace 18 días

      You obviously haven't seen any Louis Rossmann videos..

  • Tom Alawatte
    Tom Alawatte Hace 21 un día

    Why repeatability is so important to iFixit? Oh wait, that's how they earn

  • cyronader
    cyronader Hace 21 un día +1

    apple didn't listen.....where are my ports?

  • Sushil Aher
    Sushil Aher Hace 21 un día

    You have a wonderful voice, thank you

  • អូឌីយ៉ូ
    អូឌីយ៉ូ Hace 21 un día

    How much 16 ?