William "You should look after me too.." [The Return of Superman/2019.03.24]

  • Publicado el 25 mar 2019
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    ▶The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 - Ep.269
    Showtime : Sun 18:00
    Cast: Lee Donggook, Sam Hammington, Ko Jiyong, Park Jooho
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Comentarios • 1 115

  • vaishnavi barthwal
    vaishnavi barthwal Hace 3 días

    My Indian heart started dancing at 0:57 tunak tunak tun. Didn't expect Sam to play this Punjabi bop 💃🏻

  • Your friend forever
    Your friend forever Hace 5 días +1

    Tunak tunak dhun da da da~

  • Shruti Pathak
    Shruti Pathak Hace 7 días

    Tunak tunak tun ta da da 😂😂😂😂😂 it's so funny.... And idk why

  • Amishaben chaudhari
    Amishaben chaudhari Hace 8 días +1

    Omg Indian song !!! 😋🥰🥰

  • lucas tengil
    lucas tengil Hace 8 días

    the part when ben play alone behind the door 5:03
    as a second child that happens to me a lot. the guilty feeling
    because my sister got nagged because of me somehow

  • Brewok Gagal
    Brewok Gagal Hace 10 días

    I'm afraid to married but i want have a kid 😅 , in my believe i should married before have a kid 🤣

  • bindu chennu
    bindu chennu Hace 10 días

    William We luff uh baby😍😘

  • Divyasri Velagapudi
    Divyasri Velagapudi Hace 10 días +1

    1:00 OMG that's an INDIAN song (Hindi)

  • Serena S.
    Serena S. Hace 12 días


  • Liyu B
    Liyu B Hace 13 días

    Indians out there watching this video. They played an Indian song. William and Bentley loves an Indian song! Wow I'm somehow happy! I feel bad for William after watching this episode 😢

  • NewsReporter Ivy
    NewsReporter Ivy Hace 14 días

    If William cries I cry

  • Namjoon's ignored handshake

    Anyone else started laughing seeing William cutely sing Tunak tunak...

  • Monica Rana
    Monica Rana Hace 15 días

    0:44 🤣🤣🤣 childhood song . . .

  • Rachel bmd
    Rachel bmd Hace 15 días

    omg!! those kids are soooo cute so adorale awwww

  • angel xyrelle G
    angel xyrelle G Hace 16 días


  • highly heylow
    highly heylow Hace 16 días +1

    I love my parents. But watching this remind me of my childhood where my older sister always get my parents intention. I would get beaten by my mom and dad bcs of my sister's bad behavior. I don't know even 10 years have passed, the way the beat me is still fresh in my mind. What's more hurtful is that, my sister was never got beaten by them. They cherished her so much. I felt so neglected back then. It's so hurtful to watch this. If you're reading this as a parent or soon to be, please i beg, do not hurt your children. They'll get traumatized for the rest of their lives. I said what i said

  • min syiqah
    min syiqah Hace 16 días +3

    i cried :( when Sam said sorry, I literally was just in so much tears , i wish to hear that too

  • S R
    S R Hace 17 días

    Omg daler mehendi song in tros..luv from India

  • Sreyanjali Mishra
    Sreyanjali Mishra Hace 17 días +1

    I am so happy that Indian music was played

  • Eunice Tejada
    Eunice Tejada Hace 18 días +2

    As a first-born, I know exactly how William feels. It's nice to see William communicating his feelings and thoughts clearly, and Sam acknowledge William's feelings. Much love to the Hammingtons 💖

    PSYCHO GAMER Hace 19 días

    Indian fans right now tunak tunak tu😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜

  • Musfika hassan
    Musfika hassan Hace 20 días

    Omo he is playing Hindi song😀

  • Cath Otii
    Cath Otii Hace 21 un día +1

    nakita ko nanaman to hayf. Im literally crying right now because at this age I still felt unlove or unfair love by my parents and realizing william feeling the pain at that age. Im broke

  • Mya Amina
    Mya Amina Hace 21 un día

    I stopped watching TROS but I hope there is a william and Bentley special.
    I got teary omg.
    William is so precious, I like how he is able to Express himself well and Sam apologising to William and listening to him. Looking after more than 1 child is hard. I babysit my cousins who are the same age as William and Bentley and I'm more careful attentive to the younger one than the older one which I do by mistake and without realising. I was in the same situation as Sam.

  • Ąlimin Şarang
    Ąlimin Şarang Hace 21 un día

    I came here , taehyung recommended it...
    Its amaxing

  • Ąlimin Şarang
    Ąlimin Şarang Hace 21 un día

    I came here , taehyung recommended it...
    Its amaxing

  • Yolanda Candelaria
    Yolanda Candelaria Hace 22 días +3

    The fact that he has to tell his father to look after him it’s heartbreaking he could have gave them milk at the same time he didn’t had to make him wait it’s like he prefer Bentley over William

    • Diana love
      Diana love Hace 17 días +1

      cloudy ms know it all

    • Diana love
      Diana love Hace 17 días +1

      Yolanda Candelaria do you want cookie 🍪

    • Yolanda Candelaria
      Yolanda Candelaria Hace 19 días

      cloudy I’m not assuming anything is clear by the way that William feels. I know what it is to raise kids as I raised my 4 kids on my own but I never made them feel the way William feels.

    • cloudy
      cloudy Hace 20 días +1

      Yolanda Candelaria u know it’s very hard to take care of both of them at the same time right? :) pls don’t assume things

  • T L
    T L Hace 22 días

    Literally every older sibling

  • Joyce Kim
    Joyce Kim Hace 22 días +1

    William is so cute and made me cry watching this episode. How he feels so left out but he is is still a baby.

  • fayefayejia
    fayefayejia Hace 23 días

    sam is really good dad

  • Muis Widi Nuril Alfiyani
    Muis Widi Nuril Alfiyani Hace 23 días +2

    I am 25 years old and I can relate william. If you have a younger sibling, you always feel like that until you die *I think 😭

  • Microphone Check 12345678910

    William always make me cry.

  • Yzh Luna
    Yzh Luna Hace 24 días

    Reminded me of Junu :(

  • kim RM
    kim RM Hace 26 días +2

    William just broke my heart with his words and seeing his dad reaction break my heart, William is such an angel,hes a great brother n Bentley will also become a great brother
    What a loving family 💜

  • kim RM
    kim RM Hace 26 días +3

    William just broke my heart with his words and seeing his dad reaction break my heart, William is such an angel,hes a great brother n Bentley will also become a great brother
    What a loving family 💜

  • demonic 1006
    demonic 1006 Hace 27 días +1

    Me and my sister really like wiliam and bentley..to know that kang gary will be in this programme i feel excited

  • soheli rahman
    soheli rahman Hace un mes

    0:46 that sound in background tho

  • Paula Fabian
    Paula Fabian Hace un mes +1

    I want to have a child like William, he's so smart aaaaah

  • Rama Magar
    Rama Magar Hace un mes


  • W
    W Hace un mes

    aww william

  • JuanaFilipina
    JuanaFilipina Hace un mes

    I find my self crying

  • aduan attack
    aduan attack Hace un mes

    I feel so sad for William 💔😭

  • Pearl Arnie Bongato
    Pearl Arnie Bongato Hace un mes

    Can you tell me what episode William saying oh Jowayo when Sam is cleaning his ears? please thank you hehe

  • defsoul's wife
    defsoul's wife Hace un mes +2

    After the triplets, this family became my another favorite. 😌

  • J H U D
    J H U D Hace un mes +8

    I cried when William opened his feelings to Sam😭
    He's still a baby alright and is wanting the attention of his dad.

  • RichelleG.
    RichelleG. Hace un mes

    Kids on that stage are definitely expressive about their feelings especially when their parents are giving more attention to the younger ones

  • 슙총
    슙총 Hace un mes

    William's EQ is really high :( he doesn't hold grudges, even though Sam sometimes gets busy with Bentley, he still loves and cares a lot for his younger brother and father. he has a great sense of other people's feelings and he can express his emotions well too :(( that's a rare gift

  • Kihyun's cheek bone
    Kihyun's cheek bone Hace un mes +1

    William was a bit matured compare to the kids who were the same age as him.5:58 aww this is so cute

  • Shyla Jeon
    Shyla Jeon Hace un mes

    I was crying😭😭😭

  • Reyn Orillosa
    Reyn Orillosa Hace un mes

    i watched it already and I'm watching it again rn

  • Phone Phonr
    Phone Phonr Hace un mes

    อยากให้ซับไทยจัง ชอบรายการนี้มาก

  • Nokwan Lee
    Nokwan Lee Hace un mes

    불상한 우리 월리엄 걱정 하지마
    샘 아빠도 너를 많이 많이 사랑 한단다

  • Pauline Rose Esteban
    Pauline Rose Esteban Hace un mes

    I just noticed that this is the opposite of Joo ho he is more focus on Naeun than Gunhoo in some vids

  • Kim Jisoo
    Kim Jisoo Hace un mes

    I still can believe a 3y/o really said that

  • Princess Jinderella
    Princess Jinderella Hace un mes

    I cried, i fucking cried.

  • Dracarys arce
    Dracarys arce Hace un mes

    Aigooo 😭😭

  • King Namjoon
    King Namjoon Hace un mes


  • Yang and Cess CHANNEL
    Yang and Cess CHANNEL Hace un mes

    I cried a lot in 6:01

  • Yang and Cess CHANNEL
    Yang and Cess CHANNEL Hace un mes

    Im crying on this episode

  • Lonely Person
    Lonely Person Hace un mes +1