NFL Most EMBARRASSING/NASTY Moments Of [Week 2] 2019

  • Publicado el 18 sep 2019
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  • Black Hova
    Black Hova Hace un mes

    2:22 man why they let that white boy do that one 😂

  • Thow Back
    Thow Back Hace un mes

    Some body say ya'll niggas ant hitting dat iron

  • TTV Stezzey ツ
    TTV Stezzey ツ Hace un mes +1

    AB Sucks

  • Keith Arm
    Keith Arm Hace un mes

    AB got away with a big push

  • NoopyVille NikkoWorld
    NoopyVille NikkoWorld Hace un mes

    Beacum Jr needs sum milk

  • Eric Martinez
    Eric Martinez Hace un mes

    2:20,,,, he looked just like a 🐏

  • TheGasSmoker
    TheGasSmoker Hace un mes

    Damn leveon got some moves

  • Lion Thomas
    Lion Thomas Hace un mes

    DEVO...........that Le veon Ball shit just had me like DAMN.....LOUD as a bit!!!!

  • Josh H
    Josh H Hace un mes +2

    Garrett man handled Beachum like he a little child. Embarrassed on national TV with film there never disappears is why guys keep getting caught with PEDs they didn't know about. 🤣

  • Joshua Cazares
    Joshua Cazares Hace un mes

    Embarrassing ?

  • kaleho cecaci
    kaleho cecaci Hace un mes

    #21 on the Browns defense just might be the worst tackler I’ve ever seen

  • G Ramos
    G Ramos Hace un mes

    How these embarrassing...?😂

  • Gerard Williams
    Gerard Williams Hace un mes

    0:30...damn AB been with the Pat's for 2 weeks and already got handshakes lol

  • cheyden
    cheyden Hace un mes

    I don’t get how these r embarrassing

  • Memezz Lord
    Memezz Lord Hace un mes

    It's to early for dudes to be getting embarrassed like this already #flyeaglesfly

  • Justin Lewis
    Justin Lewis Hace un mes

    That was a push off from brown the clown...

  • Professor Music
    Professor Music Hace un mes

    1:29 .....😨

  • Tubby McFatFuk
    Tubby McFatFuk Hace un mes +1

    Kerryon Johnson had the best highlight!

  • MortalFighter
    MortalFighter Hace un mes

    Kyle Fuller just disrespected Joe Flacco so hard 🔥🔥

  • arrowheadpride
    arrowheadpride Hace un mes

    How about mahomes winning the game in just the 2nd quarter, 303 passing yards and 4 touchdowns

  • Quahly
    Quahly Hace un mes +3

    Should’ve put Keenan Allen’s whole game on here 😂 was shittin on slay all game

  • Spencer Armstrong
    Spencer Armstrong Hace un mes

    So glad Kupp is back

  • Zach Cox
    Zach Cox Hace un mes

    Please do a countdown on all of your videos. Super dope feature!!

  • Retrochief0
    Retrochief0 Hace un mes

    Y’all gone act like Fuller didn’t get fucked up all game by Sanders😂

  • Sterling
    Sterling Hace un mes

    Interesting adjectives in the title

  • HayabusaJudah
    HayabusaJudah Hace un mes +1

    Myles. Muthaluvin. Garret. Gaaawwwsh

  • cedric williams
    cedric williams Hace un mes

    The Cleveland dolphins 🐬

  • Jon S 1987
    Jon S 1987 Hace un mes

    Damn shaq barrett for my bucs had 3 nasty ass sacks in 1 quarter... Couldnt even include him... Sad

  • Kill Yur Vibe
    Kill Yur Vibe Hace un mes +1

    Davante Adams vs Rhodes pls

  • RickeysTech Review
    RickeysTech Review Hace un mes +2

    What happened to offensive pass interference? AB got away with one

  • EnlightenedIron
    EnlightenedIron Hace un mes

    Why was Tre’Davious White on offense??

  • J M
    J M Hace un mes +1

    Fix the title it’s a highlight reel guy

  • Miami Night Lights
    Miami Night Lights Hace un mes

    Def should’ve had the Josh Allen stuff arm in here.

  • Fezo freeWillie
    Fezo freeWillie Hace un mes

    Fuller on the bears hit dude with the matrix.

  • Matthew Kenny
    Matthew Kenny Hace un mes

    Guess you missed the chiefs game 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • INTERNET CRIP aka keep calling me honky I NEED THAT

    How bout them Dolphins tho

  • NameIsQuaadirBerrian
    NameIsQuaadirBerrian Hace un mes +1

    Some of these tip picks are like madden

  • Kenny Davis
    Kenny Davis Hace un mes +21

    If AB was on the steelers still or even oakland that push off was a easy flag but his on the pats now so...

    • Mr. Lightskin
      Mr. Lightskin Hace un mes

      Now he's released

    • Colby Thedell
      Colby Thedell Hace un mes +3

      Kenny Davis stop hating. Every NFL team gets away with their receivers pushing off!

  • Takeshi Pollard
    Takeshi Pollard Hace un mes

    But Fuller also got mossed tho 5:01

  • Thrillest Dreww
    Thrillest Dreww Hace un mes

    2:20 gotta be the best touchdown ever lol

  • Griselda Blanco
    Griselda Blanco Hace un mes

    Julio’s toe tap

  • chad hancock
    chad hancock Hace un mes +1

    Antonio brown clearly pushed off. #nocall

    ........Not that it even mattered

  • Sprite*
    Sprite* Hace un mes

    The Dolphins are the most embarrassed

  • 380 Badie
    380 Badie Hace un mes +1

    Bell got hella vision

  • Tryumph Ortiz
    Tryumph Ortiz Hace un mes +1

    I think you forgot abs embarrassing moment lol he fell in the stands

  • Kanoho
    Kanoho Hace un mes +6

    They shoulda just gave kupp that TD. That was stupid

  • Cowwie
    Cowwie Hace un mes

    The ref's killed Fuller's pick six

  • Jack Bringhurst
    Jack Bringhurst Hace un mes

    What the fuck was imbaressing about the first 3

  • Marty McFly
    Marty McFly Hace un mes +17

    Myles Garrett is insane 😤

  • Jay Mitts
    Jay Mitts Hace un mes +1

    I don’t even like Leveon after all his antics & what not but he didn’t have to do my boy Denzel Ward like that. I gotta admit Leveon filthy with his patience & craft, even though I don’t like the way he conduct himself but on that field he filthy.

  • CB SC
    CB SC Hace un mes

    I fucking love when you see the guys diving with their shoulder for a tackle only to be hurdled over. Hilarious.

  • Jay mere
    Jay mere Hace un mes +1

    that obj catch was filthy

  • Alex
    Alex Hace un mes +17

    How was Odell’s one hander 7 but some trash jukes were higher wtf 😂😂

    • BiGDdY T
      BiGDdY T Hace un mes

      Im SadTho you couldn’t do that if your families life was on the line and you had a million tries.... basic my ass.

    • Jo Lee
      Jo Lee Hace un mes +1

      @Sebastian Curran there was one guy! Not that hard

    • Sebastian Curran
      Sebastian Curran Hace un mes +1

      Nothing basic about a one handed catch in traffic

    • Sebastian Curran
      Sebastian Curran Hace un mes

      Those jukes were fire as Fuc but on me that one handed in traffic should have been higher

    • ChXf Aydan
      ChXf Aydan Hace un mes +1

      Alex Matt breida’s juke was hella good

  • 10ExTwin 10
    10ExTwin 10 Hace un mes +1

    Levon has cheat codes

  • Ethan Wood
    Ethan Wood Hace un mes +5

    What about Marquise Brown's juke???

    EDY FILMS7 Hace un mes +148

    still can't believe dat seahawks didn't run the ball...

    • Derek Hanson
      Derek Hanson Hace un mes

      Shut the fuck up

    • madskil321
      madskil321 Hace un mes


    • Hawke __
      Hawke __ Hace un mes +1

      EDY FILMS7 it’s only funny when the video you comment on has nothing to do with football.

    • Angelo Cipra
      Angelo Cipra Hace un mes +8

      @Jacob Vasquez nigga why is u dick riding him

    • Jacob Vasquez
      Jacob Vasquez Hace un mes +1

      SDS .2 I can’t believe ur a pussy Bc ik u wouldn’t say it his face😖

  • k  m
    k m Hace un mes

    No. 1 should not have been no. 1

  • Lions 101
    Lions 101 Hace un mes +22

    Kerryon Johnson is a f***ing beast

  • Zak Abdullahi
    Zak Abdullahi Hace un mes +15

    That Carson Wentz throw was crazy

  • Poontastic Flash
    Poontastic Flash Hace un mes +7

    that's weird, Antonio Brown caught a TD pass and didn't even rape anybody in his celebration.

    • Colby Thedell
      Colby Thedell Hace un mes +1

      Poontastic Flash allegations are fake btw. Most of them were pretty much dropped today lmao!

    • Alan Shaw
      Alan Shaw Hace un mes +1


    • Zak Abdullahi
      Zak Abdullahi Hace un mes +1

      No more air humping for AB

  • Getting Instructions
    Getting Instructions Hace un mes +57

    Matt Breida and Leveon Bell has some sick jukes.

  • CEO fishing
    CEO fishing Hace un mes +8

    Kevin King's pick to seal the game?

  • Ecloelle Evans
    Ecloelle Evans Hace un mes +67

    Fuller was not out of bounds

    • Rocco Campagna
      Rocco Campagna Hace un mes +1

      oh jheez his knee was not down

    • Ecloelle Evans
      Ecloelle Evans Hace un mes

      @NoopyVille NikkoWorld at least we still won

    • NoopyVille NikkoWorld
      NoopyVille NikkoWorld Hace un mes

      @Ecloelle Evans do u see any dirt or grass fly up......NOPE and he didnt get touched

    • Ecloelle Evans
      Ecloelle Evans Hace un mes

      @Cort Jacobson even if your not touched and your knee hits the ground your down unless you catch it like that

    • Ecloelle Evans
      Ecloelle Evans Hace un mes

      @NoopyVille NikkoWorld at 8 seconds hes touched and his knee bounces down and up

  • Tyler Kostelny
    Tyler Kostelny Hace un mes +2

    really not gonna add Josh Allen stiff arming a linebacker to the ground? biased video

    • RealRxnniee
      RealRxnniee Hace un mes

      Tyler Kostelny that’s not being biased you dumbass

    • Kyle Pena
      Kyle Pena Hace un mes

      It’s not biased bills are just ass

    • Tyler Kostelny
      Tyler Kostelny Hace un mes +1

      MrFrinZy added multiple plays from certain teams that wasn’t nearly as good as other plays. some of these weren’t even embarrassing/nasty

    • MrFrinZy
      MrFrinZy Hace un mes +2

      Who is he biased for?

  • XbotBustedOnU69
    XbotBustedOnU69 Hace un mes

    Trey Quinn broke Anthony Brown

  • smoke404
    smoke404 Hace un mes +3

    Do hardest hits or skirmishes weekly

  • Emmanuel
    Emmanuel Hace un mes


  • waffleman
    waffleman Hace un mes

    Just found you and I’m glad I did!