10 Dark Secrets About Kate Middleton And Prince William's Relationship

  • Publicado el 1 jul 2018
  • Inside Kate Middleton and Prince William's relationship.
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    Kate Middleton and Prince William have a seemingly perfect life. But there have been some shocking incidents during their relationship. The way they broke up, the other women that caught William’s wandering eye, and the feuds between family members - it’s not all been smooth sailing for the couple.

    Just like other celebrity couples, William and Kate have had their ups and downs. But when you’re part of the Royal Family, those royal secrets can be explosive. Like Kate’s disapproval of Wills’ good friend Guy Pelly and her “frosty” relationship with Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice. And William’s indiscretions with a series of women, from nightclub flirting with Ana Ferreira, Lisa Agar, and Tess Shepherd to his interest in Isabella Calthorpe and Jecca Craig.

    Watch our TheTalko video to discover 10 dark secrets about Kate Middleton and Prince William’s relationship, and tell us in comments which revelation shocked you the most.
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    • Khalid mahmood Imtiaz Lashari
      Khalid mahmood Imtiaz Lashari Hace un mes

      MKAY Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day! of course same .place love you All Lashari from Pakistan

    • Adriana Foster
      Adriana Foster Hace un mes

      Yeah.... Kate sent his friendship ring back to Rupert Finch ...by the mail "

    • Adriana Foster
      Adriana Foster Hace un mes +1

      I knew it.... its all propaganda...they probably pay per every bad comment about the Cambridges and every good lie about the Su-ssex...duo....LOW LIVES

  • Marne O
    Marne O Hace 4 minutos

    I think Kate is doing her best to uphold the Monarchy. If it wasn't for her beauty, style, grace and stalwart commitment this sham fam might well be over. The Queen might disdain her for being common but now that she's produced three heirs and has withstood William's repeated bad behaviors, the Queen might well consider Kate the most loyal subject in the Queendom.

  • Melissa Nielsen
    Melissa Nielsen Hace 10 horas


  • lul yusuf samantar
    lul yusuf samantar Hace 12 horas

    Kate has nothing to lose.
    Kids, title, fame ,wealth.

  • maggie menendez
    maggie menendez Hace 13 horas

    It seems that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

  • 254sims
    254sims Hace 18 horas +1

    I love how people keep saying there was never proof of Williams infidelity forgetting there also was never proof of Charles’ infidelity to the public until Diana said it herself. So you never know.

  • Dave Littlewood
    Dave Littlewood Hace un día

    See not too bad after all, well I think so anyway 🖕🏻

  • Dave Littlewood
    Dave Littlewood Hace un día

    Get off it. Already the the buzzards are gathering, young people have a lot to think about when making their mind up its a big step, give them a chance to make mistakes and get over them, Christ we have all done it.

  • Ha-Shatán Grey
    Ha-Shatán Grey Hace un día

    Unpopular opinion:
    From other documentaries it seems that when Prince William grew into his pre-teens and early teen years, that he was a bit resentful of his mum and like any son looking for his fathers approval he took on a lot of his fathers activities (not sure if protocol deems it so or not) but he seemed to lavish in his fathers lifestyle more at that time in life... (see Diana: My story.) and while Princess Di was off having her "affairs" William was at home with dad being groomed to be king so I imagine at this time, lots of things were being said to him (truth or embelishments, we all know how our parents, grandparents are when brainwashing us and poisoning us about our parents.) I think that William is more a royal than we have been made to believe while Harry, whom from his interviews you can really see how it punches him in the gut to have to relive his mothers memory, being that he was not only younger but also not anywhere near next in line to be king (he is 6th in line), I can see how he was sort of shoved to the side and very much into his brothers shadow, which indeed might have made him more sensitive, more akin to, as he grew older, do his own research onto who his mother really was and not buy into whatever he was told and I get the sense that it is really Harry and not William who truly loves and keeps his mothers memory in a sort of sacred place in his heart which is why, he also revels against the crown or protocol or however you word it. Whereas William almost looks as if he was groomed to uphold his mothers memory (for the cameras) when really he has a more detached feeling towards her than Harry does. Not saying he doesnt love his mum, just saying that things are not always what they seem.

  • allinfini8
    allinfini8 Hace un día

    Royal bastards and bitches! Time to finish with these reptiloid pdedophiles.

  • Patrina Copeland
    Patrina Copeland Hace 2 días

    Kat Liv, not as horrible as you and the Duchess Meghan haters😁

  • Merel Feenstra
    Merel Feenstra Hace 3 días +1

    I guess he just had to marry someone

  • Katie Moehring
    Katie Moehring Hace 4 días +1

    Seems Billy boy has “let his hair down” a few too many times. He doesn’t have hardly any left😬.
    And how many times does a mf have to cheat before it just becomes a regular thing in your relationship? You never speak of it though. Bc if you don’t say it out loud it isn’t happening I guess🤷🏼‍♀️.

  • Vol B
    Vol B Hace 4 días

    I think there is alot of truth to this video. Harry is labeled the party guy but I think it's something of the past. I think it's obvious he has matured and I think that these behaviors from William are the things that created this supposed "riff" between the two. Harry did say " we are in different places in our lives right now"

  • Gina Anderson
    Gina Anderson Hace 6 días

    Why are you still blabbing about the past - this is stupid Megan PR Draggingbup the past - Video has big thumbs down 👎 must have nothing else to talk about - try Andrew and his cronies and MM involvement - photos don’t lie!!!

  • Sylura Lindsay
    Sylura Lindsay Hace 6 días

    That was then and this is now. Prince William just like his grandfather and father will continue to cheat on his wife. Kate will always be jealous of any woman that comes Williams way, because she knows that she will always be second or third place. Kate can have ? children, but will never have his true heart. She is sucking the life out of him and he looks older than his father. He doesn't look happy. I see a divorce before the crown

  • Marylen Espina-Morimoto

    Prince William wearing a Sheep skin but a Fox 🦊 media covering for Him as hes the future KING... minus the charisma for the masses much better Harry n Megan more approachable n love my masses like Diana more life blessings.

  • ruhi samani
    ruhi samani Hace 8 días

    What happened to williams good looks?

  • Stephen Joseph Cunningham

    You look great man

  • iluvpinkandgold
    iluvpinkandgold Hace 9 días

    Kate needs an all girl trip.

  • Hilda J Williams
    Hilda J Williams Hace 10 días

    Pretty sure Megan the FAKE hired you!! LOL

    GODSWILL CHILAKA Hace 10 días

    The abscence of God makess
    Compromise inevitable in all sphere

  • Rachel W
    Rachel W Hace 11 días

    Ugh. I cannot imagine wanting to marry Will or Harry!!! Not only would you sacrifice any shred of privacy for the rest of your life and your children’s’ lives, nasty stories in every magazine, but to be cheated on repeatedly and publicly on top of it?! These men should be kissing the feet of anyone willing to marry into their awful lifestyle!

  • Lady Teresa
    Lady Teresa Hace 11 días

    Wow. What a complete crock of shit this is. Negative nonsense. LEAVE THEM BE!!

  • Grace Haswell
    Grace Haswell Hace 13 días

    Boys will be boys. This is a waste of time...

  • moonwitch1
    moonwitch1 Hace 13 días

    Berkshire is pronounced Barksure

  • I am a free man
    I am a free man Hace 14 días

    1) She likes baldies
    2) She has tiny tits.

  • ML
    ML Hace 14 días

    Family genetic. Can't say no to free meal 😩

  • Marie Thomas
    Marie Thomas Hace 14 días

    Vincent Vendetta calls Kate the "ice queen". Now I know why she can look cold sometimes with her husband. William is weak like his father.

  • Louisa Harley
    Louisa Harley Hace 15 días

    Just about every one in the country has marriage problems, I am sure they will sort them out, Kate is no push over .

  • Jenny Li
    Jenny Li Hace 15 días

    hahaha...guys...they never grow up

  • michele greenshields
    michele greenshields Hace 15 días

    Who really knows anything? Media gossip and spin stories out to ruin peoples lives. Just like they did Princess Diana. Geeezee people!!

  • Linda Xiong
    Linda Xiong Hace 15 días +2

    Royal or not, I would never marry a dude who has wandering eyes and partied so hard with no dedication to my time or consideration for my feelings.

  • David Joyce
    David Joyce Hace 15 días

    So William is a love rat too. Is there any Royal that isn't?

  • Leigh Leigh David
    Leigh Leigh David Hace 16 días

    Bill used to b handsome. What happened?

  • Lorraine Rotundo Steele
    Lorraine Rotundo Steele Hace 17 días

    What a load of crap!!!

  • Farron1960
    Farron1960 Hace 19 días +1

    He'll be a dirt bag like his dad. If they get the big D I hope Kate takes him for millions.

  • William Winder
    William Winder Hace 20 días

    These aren't secrets

  • Kaunasbaltija
    Kaunasbaltija Hace 20 días +1

    Good,William have to try couple of girls to findout that Kate is the best girl for him....That's all boys doing this.Nothing unusualy...Its normal...Boys,not girls like his brother...He take wife who try too many boys..Thats make shame for Harry... William is okey.He is man,not in between.Thats life. That's why Catherine Duchess of Cambridge the most happy and lucky woman...That's why she have the most beautiful children Prince George,Princess Charlotta and Prince Louise ! And she will by in future the Queen Catherine of Great Britain!!! Because William is soooo in love and proud to have best wife and mother of His children!!! God bless they Family!!!

  • Heather Roy
    Heather Roy Hace 20 días

    Wrong show!

  • Christine Roberts
    Christine Roberts Hace 21 un día

    Who made this shit up.

  • Jacqui Davies
    Jacqui Davies Hace 21 un día

    William and Kate are perfectly happy, it's amazing how the public can make something out of nothing. They sorted their early issues and found they couldn't live without each other. They are happy, let's not distroy what they have by idle speculation.

  • Chloe G
    Chloe G Hace 22 días +1

    I don’t understand why we support or even still have a royal family? So outdated and their ancestors were terrible people. Why are we still supporting these people? Allowing them such easy lives off our hard work?

  • Jo Powell
    Jo Powell Hace 22 días

    That woman ( Queen) is in her 90’s . She doesn’t notice crap like frostiness between her family. Its her henchmen.

  • Max Tickner
    Max Tickner Hace 23 días

    All funded at the tax-payers' expense......

  • Chri8 1988
    Chri8 1988 Hace 23 días

    He's a future king. Sorry to say but goes with the territory. Kate no doubt is well aware of this.

  • Charlie quinn
    Charlie quinn Hace 23 días

    It shows real character that he's acting the same way his father did, when he destroyed his mother's mental wellbeing....
    Glad the cycle is broken.... good luck George and the girl one. Im british and I can't even remember?
    Abolish! Abolish now!
    Revolting selfish awful people.

  • wahinesx
    wahinesx Hace 24 días

    take a lover Kate

  • nichegoseberazdvatri
    nichegoseberazdvatri Hace 24 días

    --Oh honey I have a dark secret to tell you.
    --Oh really what's that honey?
    --I dated another guy before you!
    --What!!!??? Wow, you're not the woman I thought you were!

  • Victoria Louise Hutchinson-Briars

    It says on the photo from the nightclub “Poole” not bournemouth.

  • L tt
    L tt Hace 27 días

    I think Harry is very faithful

  • Tommy Keeling
    Tommy Keeling Hace 28 días

    They’re aging so so hard, must be from keeping all those pedo secrets for the rest of the fam

  • Michelle
    Michelle Hace 28 días

    He’s married now let it go

  • Avian Lezama
    Avian Lezama Hace 29 días

    Give me Harry any day. Willian seem stuck up and does not know how to have fun. Harry is a real person and he is not afraid to show his feelings. William is not even handsome. He wants to be king so bad that he cannot be himself. He does not show emotion. That is going to be his downfall. Harry is more like Diana after she left boring Charles. Go Harry and Meghan.

  • Sandra Byrne
    Sandra Byrne Hace 29 días +1

    What a load of bullshit leave the Cambridge family alone prince William loves Catherine and his children. This must be Nutmegs pr team telling lies .

  • Leona ONeill
    Leona ONeill Hace 29 días

    The royals get away with loads of $#!T.....

  • Grace Nunes
    Grace Nunes Hace un mes


  • Audrey ????
    Audrey ???? Hace un mes

    Oops oh yeah, it didn’t work did it!

  • Audrey ????
    Audrey ???? Hace un mes

    You must all be really busy tapping away on your little computers trying to dis our future King and Queen, digging up rubbish from their passed when they were young college students, it won’t make the other two look better, there’s no comparison!! And anyway, it old news, we’ve lived through everything with then, this is a load of tripe!!

  • Rob Cog
    Rob Cog Hace un mes

    The Talko has never heard of the pitfalls of a long distance relationship.

    • Rob Cog
      Rob Cog Hace 26 días

      Funny Heather - I don’t consider it really cheating before you’re married. It’s called dating. You haven’t made the commitment yet. It seems clear that once the commitment was made, (engaged), they were exclusive. Why are you so judgmental about someone else’s romantic journey?

    • Funny Heather
      Funny Heather Hace 26 días

      Long distance is NO EXCUSE TO CHEAT. try being long distance 5yrs n not seeing fir only once a year. Noone values real committment anymore.
      If ppl xant keep their word how can they keep wedding VOWS?
      plus their long distances without seeing are very short they have the money to travel.