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  • Bayarmaa Maamkhuu
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  • 梅大官人
    梅大官人 Hace 3 días


    DREW McINTYRE Hace 4 días +1

    Drew MacIntyre fans subscribe..

    ADARSH MANI GHOSH Hace 6 días +1

    Drew already won and now he will play against feind in Survivor series.

    ADARSH MANI GHOSH Hace 7 días +1

    I feel like drew and randy has a great chemistry

  • Soumyadeep Sarkar
    Soumyadeep Sarkar Hace 7 días

    Randy Orton - like
    Drew mclntyre - comment

  • JanNe Love
    JanNe Love Hace 10 días


  • Nryna thdhnm Shubhm
    Nryna thdhnm Shubhm Hace 19 días +2

    Love ❤😘 you Randy Orton !

  • Mora Michael
    Mora Michael Hace 20 días

    The word
    I pray to God

  • Solid FK
    Solid FK Hace 23 días +3

    Me: I just found out something
    Everyone else :DUH!!!

  • Money# definesMAN
    Money# definesMAN Hace 27 días +2

    I feel like Drew cud be the next Kane of wwe...amazing acting,great voice,super mike skills
    ..great personality...

  • Muzaffar Hacker
    Muzaffar Hacker Hace 28 días

    Dean Ambrose please return

  • Jay 23
    Jay 23 Hace 29 días +1

    2:32 - 2:45 That's not a prediction that's a spoiler

  • Twisted_tK
    Twisted_tK Hace 29 días

    Spoiler alert 🚨 🚨🚨 he one 😂😂

  • Lee Drennan
    Lee Drennan Hace un mes

    Worst RKO ive seen in a long time. Promo was good but work on selling a move

  • Kristian Dimitrov
    Kristian Dimitrov Hace un mes

    He told us

  • moses dambudzo
    moses dambudzo Hace un mes +2

    Who is watching this after royal rumble???

  • d34dj0k3r
    d34dj0k3r Hace un mes

    Drew's face turn incoming.

  • Jose Castro
    Jose Castro Hace un mes +4

    Who's here after drew wins the royal rumble??? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

  • Jeremy Jefferson
    Jeremy Jefferson Hace un mes

    I know the camera guy wish he had another job. Lmao. That Claiborne kick though.

  • Brother Nero
    Brother Nero Hace un mes

    He won but he didn’t take Randy’s head off

  • z3nd3r
    z3nd3r Hace un mes

    HE DID IT!

  • Cristian Diaz
    Cristian Diaz Hace un mes

    This is my figt

  • Seif Marwan
    Seif Marwan Hace un mes

    Congratsss mcintyreeeeeeeeee you deserve it

  • WWE royal rumble highlights

    2:12 okay... that’s a little dramatic

  • nico
    nico Hace un mes

    AND NOW you just wins that drew🙏🤘

  • gnac2
    gnac2 Hace un mes


  • Chandan Chandu
    Chandan Chandu Hace un mes +1

    Anyone else after Drew's win at Royal rumble

  • Adrian Mendez
    Adrian Mendez Hace un mes +2

    He did just that next stop Road to Wrestlemania

  • samuel fernand
    samuel fernand Hace un mes

    He was right

  • beastmodethef5
    beastmodethef5 Hace un mes

    the truth comes

  • Marvel X Animeverse
    Marvel X Animeverse Hace un mes +1

    Who is here after he won royal rumble

  • Belal Ahmed Emon
    Belal Ahmed Emon Hace un mes +1

    You did it bro

  • The Phenomenal One
    The Phenomenal One Hace un mes +1

    Just like Paul Heyman said...."It's not a prediction, it's a SPOILER!". Well he done it!

  • Muhammad Bin Afsar
    Muhammad Bin Afsar Hace un mes +2

    Well he won the Rumble !

  • Travis Uyami
    Travis Uyami Hace un mes +1


  • Jordan Spence
    Jordan Spence Hace un mes +1

    I knew from the very second he cut this promo that he was going to win it. And here we are.

  • hipskipne1984
    hipskipne1984 Hace un mes +1

    Me n my friends have a friendly royal rumble pool, just won 60 of McIntyre, McIntyre>strowman

  • MarioMan99
    MarioMan99 Hace un mes +3

    Who’s here after drew won? I’m so happy for him, after everything that’s happened. He had promise since 2009 days bro

  • Hugo C
    Hugo C Hace un mes +2

    So happy Drew won the RR!

  • Kaneki ken
    Kaneki ken Hace un mes +3

    And he just won the royal rumble

  • pradeep mtp
    pradeep mtp Hace un mes +5

    McIntyre💯 Rumble Winner babaay♥️♥️♥️

  • Light That Burns The Sky Vegeta

    Here after drew fulfilled the prophecy

  • Light That Burns The Sky Vegeta

    Edge low bridged Orton's head off
    But drew is main eventing mania

  • Vignesh Vickey
    Vignesh Vickey Hace un mes +6

    Who is after Drew winning Royal Rumble
    This guy gave me goosebumps dude🙏🙏🙏

  • Almas Saiyed
    Almas Saiyed Hace un mes +1

    N the winner of royal rumble 2020 Drew McIntyreeeee💯👍

  • LÆ ZY
    LÆ ZY Hace un mes +2


    ANKUSH THAKRE Hace un mes +3

    Anyone Here After he won the Royal Rumble ??

    ANKUSH THAKRE Hace un mes +2

    HE DID IT 🤘🤘🤘

  • Matt Garza
    Matt Garza Hace un mes +2

    Who's here after Drew won the 2020 Royal Rumble??

  • 12ThugTM
    12ThugTM Hace un mes +2

    Randy Orton legend

  • Eric Thornhill
    Eric Thornhill Hace un mes +1

    My wishes for this years rumble:Brock and Drew enter at 1 and 2
    Drew eliminates brock as part of final 2 to fight lesnar at Mania.
    The go coast to coast.
    Keith Lee enters and eliminates reigns .
    Lesnar McIntyre reigns and Lee as final 4.
    Cm Punk returns and lays out rollins.(never gonna happen)
    R rated superstar or Captain charisma enter the rumble
    Womans rumble: Shayna Bazler entering and dominating until the number 30 and my dark horse choice for royal rumble winner ,Io Sharai.
    Becky loses belt to Asuka because of Rousey interference.
    IO shirai enters at 30 and lays waste shirai Charlotte bazler and bliss as final 4.
    Shirai eliminates shayna with the shock win
    Io shirai vs Asuka at mania 1hr iron woman match

  • Ângelo.gabriel Alves Teixeira Lopes

    Randy Orton

  • Ângelo.gabriel Alves Teixeira Lopes

    Randy Orton

  • Mohammed Aejas
    Mohammed Aejas Hace un mes +2

    Randy Orton is very dangerous prson in wwe

  • Desgarrón Borrachinha

    I think Roman Reigns will win the rumble then he will be the one to end the Fiend’s reign of terror in Wrestlemania! But I really wanted for Drew to be the one that will dethrone the Beast Incarnate as Drew have a lot of potential

  • Ammash Alajmi
    Ammash Alajmi Hace un mes

    There is no more entrances in wwe network

  • Tibin Abaker
    Tibin Abaker Hace un mes

    At 0:23 I felt that claymore kick from a screen

  • K aweso
    K aweso Hace un mes

    This is great