Unboxing Every Green iPhone 11!

  • Publicado el 17 sep 2019
  • Midnight green is the new rage on iPhone 11 Pro. Here's everything you get in the new box!
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  • Corey Patterson
    Corey Patterson Hace 2 días

    Loved the vid mark ass brown leaf p

  • Daniel Dominguez
    Daniel Dominguez Hace 2 días

    "disappointing even if the phone is 700".... 700 man.

  • Michael Maka
    Michael Maka Hace 3 días

    I'm colour blind

  • pizza
    pizza Hace 4 días

    can someone explain why the small iPhone 11 pro exists? are there a bunch of people with tiny hands out there that want tiny phones and want to pay more for them than the larger iPhone 11 non-pro?

  • James Crumby
    James Crumby Hace 5 días

    Maybe I'm color blind but the "green" iPhone 11 looks more blue to me. As well as all the "green" phones he compared it to 😂

  • Hisyam Ghani
    Hisyam Ghani Hace 5 días

    Sampai abis video tak dapat tgok depan dia

  • Mark LoPresti
    Mark LoPresti Hace 5 días

    Literally a perfect video

  • Mark LoPresti
    Mark LoPresti Hace 5 días

    There dislikes for no reason who would dislike this video

  • Darrel Peters
    Darrel Peters Hace 7 días

    I got the gold pro max. Love it. Great vid @mkbhd

  • Vincent Collins
    Vincent Collins Hace 8 días

    I love watching your unboxing videos coz I never opened nothing brand new, keep doing what you do! :D
    A least I have the experience to see what's inside :3

  • SpitfireJJ
    SpitfireJJ Hace 11 días

    Idiot making money talking about green
    Fuck you moron never watching your videos again

    HYUNWOO JUNG Hace 12 días

    Honestly, that iphone looks ugly.

  • The Femme Fatale
    The Femme Fatale Hace 12 días

    Iphone 4S: 10W charger
    iPhone 11: 5W charger 🤣

  • Renell
    Renell Hace 13 días

    Where is the whole left part of the screen at 2:26 ???

  • Schule04
    Schule04 Hace 14 días

    Why do you call cyan green? For me it's blueish

  • Carlos Ramirez
    Carlos Ramirez Hace 14 días

    MKBHD I don't like green... but everything on my studio is green ...

  • Jiszel Josephs
    Jiszel Josephs Hace 15 días

    What do you do with the phones after you review them? 🤔 I'm in need of a great smartphone so please send me one.

  • joh metro
    joh metro Hace 15 días

    Wanna see pubg gaming testing please

  • Revanth
    Revanth Hace 16 días

    0:16 - The birth of a new meme

  • Yang Hanchen
    Yang Hanchen Hace 16 días

    A red iphone 11 pro is also what I want!

  • highroadtohell
    highroadtohell Hace 17 días

    Much needed, thanks! Buying the 11 Green!

  • ッSM43L
    ッSM43L Hace 18 días

    i can't believe that one iPhone 11 for me it is a imposible dream but for hem it is more than easy get the tree new phones, AWESOME

  • krtica15
    krtica15 Hace 18 días

    Marques shame on you for uploading this shit

  • WearingaSmile
    WearingaSmile Hace 18 días

    Think The Divergent Series or Hunger Games colors. I’ve been into midnight green for a while now. Didn’t think twice when buying the phone.

  • Bishop Chauhan
    Bishop Chauhan Hace 20 días

    Best camera feature ever,
    Better facial recognition

  • Bishop Chauhan
    Bishop Chauhan Hace 20 días

    I'm going to buy iphone 11pro and that it was worth to buy 😍😍😍😍

  • JanInJax
    JanInJax Hace 20 días

    Thanks for the comparison video. Green is my favorite color. :)

  • PHON3-BOi Music
    PHON3-BOi Music Hace 20 días

    Green is my favorite color so I'm okay with this video. Better if it was about the Note 10+, but whatever.

  • Suyash Yadav
    Suyash Yadav Hace 20 días

    I love I phone brands♥️I phones all mobile is amazing🖤🌈 camera incredible 🌈💪👑 I like this mobile very much 🖤💯 🌍 sir can you give me any one mobile please sir ❣️🙏

  • Kayleigh Kristy Rajpaul
    Kayleigh Kristy Rajpaul Hace 21 un día

    Thanks for the video

  • ava yong
    ava yong Hace 21 un día

    Why always no radiation review?

  • videogame 266
    videogame 266 Hace 22 días

    Never in my entire life, I would think marques would talk so much about the color of a phone. He made everything in the video as identical to the color as possible. and even that, showed us his color palate. Not the look in general. Lmao.

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    VD Workshop Hace 23 días

    iPhone 11 Reviews available on VD Workshop ES-pl channel

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  • Feng Xiong
    Feng Xiong Hace 23 días

    Can You do a Video taking about gaming. I found a big issue about gaming. I play PUBG. My fire button is at the top edge of the screen. When I push the button, the control center keeps coming down, which disturbs the game. And I cannot even turn this off. I went to apple store. They cannot fix it. But the old version iPhone doesn’t have this problem. It is a nightmare.

  • Derek Beyer
    Derek Beyer Hace 23 días

    I see that Flamingosis vinyl...

  • Abby Stephens
    Abby Stephens Hace 23 días

    At least the pro has USBC

  • The Creature FPV
    The Creature FPV Hace 23 días

    Thanks Marques! Your videos are always eye candy

  • cali Qadar
    cali Qadar Hace 23 días

    give me 1 iphone

  • Mudasar KAZMI
    Mudasar KAZMI Hace 23 días

    green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green green

  • Saturn’s Garden
    Saturn’s Garden Hace 24 días

    I wanna know the comparison between the iPhone 11 and the 8+

  • Sam Singh
    Sam Singh Hace 24 días

    Battery test

  • Dark
    Dark Hace 24 días

    Green is my favourite
    iPhone is not
    Still may get this though ...

      SHIV SHANKAR Hace 22 días

      Green is my favorite either but I will wait until Samsung launches its green phone 😄

  • Sandeep Manhas
    Sandeep Manhas Hace 24 días

    iPhone 11 green seems a shade of teel color

  • Joey Abad
    Joey Abad Hace 25 días

    I don't think Apple don't want to return iPhone SE 2 or with touch ID because of technology evolves. iPhone still doesn't have NFC

  • Alexandros Aggelakoudis
    Alexandros Aggelakoudis Hace 25 días

    Who else got goosebumps at the intro ?

  • Rod vijayan
    Rod vijayan Hace 25 días

    Is iphone 11 is having dual sim

  • Female power
    Female power Hace 25 días

    I know you might not see this comment but I would be grateful if you can give me one so I can take nice videos for my ES-pl channel. Thank you.
    My ig. Female_power233

  • jasmheer sahni
    jasmheer sahni Hace 25 días

    iPhone 5c had the same green

  • politainment
    politainment Hace 25 días

    wt do u suggest
    iphone X r iphone 11 - both are almost at the same price in india

  • Melissaj Vaaganay
    Melissaj Vaaganay Hace 25 días

    iPhones are awesome. :)

  • Nikola Todorovic
    Nikola Todorovic Hace 26 días

    Will all the phones be tested with iOS 13?

  • Tanuj Kumar
    Tanuj Kumar Hace 26 días

    Wasted my time. Nobody gives a fuck about colors this much!

    RSNRVR Hace 26 días

    IMPORTANT QUESTION! Do You think people would still need to put a screen protector on the 11 pros since their glass is stronger? I have a good case for impact on, but thinking if I even need a screen protector?

    • Rahul V J
      Rahul V J Hace 23 días

      If you needed it before, you still kind of need it.

  • Jamespsymon
    Jamespsymon Hace 26 días

    This guy really hates iphones and it shows

  • Ankita Gupta
    Ankita Gupta Hace 26 días +1

    Is upgrading from iPhone XR to iPhone 11 worth it??

  • Mohamed Mohaef
    Mohamed Mohaef Hace 27 días +1

    Oh Marques Mi mix alpha please

  • Evan Kupec
    Evan Kupec Hace 27 días

    Matte blue please

  • Trace C.
    Trace C. Hace 27 días

    The only reason I clicked on this cause Green.

  • Bella Simpson
    Bella Simpson Hace 27 días

    I don’t know if you heard or not. But I just found out the midnight green has run out here in New Zealand and they’re not even able to fulfil pre orders. The earliest is 8 weeks for one!!

  • Yogesh 101
    Yogesh 101 Hace 27 días

    Charger fek diya 5 watt wala , bhai ko gussa aagaya 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gabe Metallica
    Gabe Metallica Hace 27 días

    Content for tech reviewers is caca now as is phone innovation. 💩

  • manulaika
    manulaika Hace 27 días

    It reminds me of the Essential phone

  • jestride
    jestride Hace 28 días

    Check the Radiation levels from all of the new iPhones. Apparently it was tested by a ES-plr. It shows that the new I phone’s are giving off far more radiation than they are suppose to.

  • Vaughan Williams
    Vaughan Williams Hace 28 días

    The most exciting things about the new iPhone is the variety of colours.. This was confirmed on unbox therapy. Not hating just saying iPhones have become redundant.

  • unwrapping by mimi koteng
    unwrapping by mimi koteng Hace 28 días +1

    You're rich Sir.

  • Jan Eversby
    Jan Eversby Hace 28 días

    I believe that the green color of the IPhone 11 is called "Celeste green". It's an iconic green color known from the Italien bike brand "Bianchi"

  • Asher Joseph
    Asher Joseph Hace 28 días

    I need an option on whether to get the iPhone XS Max or 11

  • Mangmor Chang
    Mangmor Chang Hace 28 días

    I want to the Daft Punk Poster in background! Tell me about it! Plzzzzz

  • Miguelcdim
    Miguelcdim Hace 28 días +1

    The eleven is turquoise, and the pros' are more like "green space gray." I'm really digging these colors. 👍

  • Brandon Chan
    Brandon Chan Hace 28 días

    Low key Jordan flex

  • akram hakim
    akram hakim Hace 28 días

    Just noticed that this guy has no sumsung unboxing video I wonder why apple fun boy

    • Bolts
      Bolts Hace 28 días

      akram hakim fun boy

  • Majid Khalid
    Majid Khalid Hace 28 días

    Overrated disguised iphone fanboy. Glad to see the number of dislikes rising fast on his videos. Soon people will see the truth.
    When other phones come with the same design, he is like no improvement old design unattractive etc.
    And here?
    Fuckinf fanboy. It is my job to dislike every fucking video you put up on ES-pl.

  • Jakaŭ ישראל
    Jakaŭ ישראל Hace 28 días

    The green iPhone 11 is beast.

  • DavBoston
    DavBoston Hace 28 días

    Where’s the giveaway? These guys make a fortune off subscribers views. When’s the last time you saw a giveaway to loyal followers? Any sort of thanks?

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat Hace 28 días +1

    CC be like: "Hey what's up guys, I'm Kim PhD here"..

  • wynnter starwarslover
    wynnter starwarslover Hace 28 días

    what does the phone look like when it restarts because I know from the previous products black phones have white apple sign black background on the screen and white is the opposite

  • Nataly
    Nataly Hace 28 días

    I would like to see a size comparison from iPhone 10, 8, 8+, to the new 11s. The difference between 10 and 11. Great videos!!!

  • travislee1459
    travislee1459 Hace 28 días +3

    Finally watching this video (on my green iPhone) after unboxing mine.

  • travislee1459
    travislee1459 Hace 28 días

    That iBook tho 👀👀👀

  • vikram Arora
    vikram Arora Hace 28 días

    i phone 11 vs note 10 plus camera comparison which one should i buy in both of these?

  • scaryinfantory
    scaryinfantory Hace 28 días +4

    why couldn't apple keep the flashlight as a rim around the three cameras

  • Trevain Britton
    Trevain Britton Hace 28 días

    Miss that intro music.

  • chiranjeevi de
    chiranjeevi de Hace 28 días

    Bezels in iPhone 11,? Is similar to iPhone Xr or iPhone Xs?

  • Redone Ilnis
    Redone Ilnis Hace 29 días

    Mate 30 pro impression

  • mos mm
    mos mm Hace 29 días

    Most Stupid color I’ve ever seen for stupid people it’s actually light black

  • Bina Pureee7
    Bina Pureee7 Hace 29 días +1

    I brought iPhone 8+ 1 years ago and still i am like:- i have latest iPhone

  • al
    al Hace 29 días

    Lol cmon apple for 700 dollars can you at least throw in a nicer charger

  • Niranjan Malakari
    Niranjan Malakari Hace 29 días

    please upload the unboxing of 10.2 ipad

  • Wade David
    Wade David Hace 29 días

    What’s the size difference between the 8 plus or Xr compared to the iPhone 11?

  • Danielle Watts
    Danielle Watts Hace 29 días

    So I’m guessing nobody red where he said UNBOXING GREEN iPhone 11 ...didn’t want to hear him talk about the DAMN color how about NOT clicking on a video about the GREEN iPhone 11🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Oliver Viray
    Oliver Viray Hace 29 días

    Test out the night mode in the 11 pro vid

  • crystaljsh
    crystaljsh Hace 29 días

    I would like you to test the night vision pics on iphone11 latest pixel and Samsung

  • ZorroMuerto
    ZorroMuerto Hace 29 días

    Thats more blue than green :'v

  • Lean Mean Green Bean Machine

    Wow, thanks for giving me the notification five days later youtube!

  • Jeff Arellanes
    Jeff Arellanes Hace 29 días

    I want to see the real difference between the camera’s in the pro and pro max

  • IceyYou
    IceyYou Hace 29 días

    who else masterbated while watching this?


    I dont like green,
    Proceeds to show off all his green stuff

  • Lamar DeAndrè
    Lamar DeAndrè Hace 29 días

    This just a video of marques flexing his Jordans lol

  • Ali Rizvi
    Ali Rizvi Hace 29 días

    Pleaaaseee make a video on Sony mobiles