Chicago Bears vs. Washington Redskins Week 3 NFL Game Preview

  • Publicado el 18 sep 2019
  • Chicago Bears vs. Washington Redskins Week 3 NFL Game Preview
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Comentarios • 457

  • James Jones
    James Jones Hace 23 días

    The redskins problem is not the players it's the coaches they haven't left off from last year since Alex went down

  • cam bam
    cam bam Hace 23 días

    My skins gon loose

  • Kube Dog
    Kube Dog Hace 24 días

    I can't wait to see Haskins' dumb overrated ass handed to him. LOL!

  • Charles Tippett
    Charles Tippett Hace 24 días

    Come on Redskins.

  • Jason Merrill
    Jason Merrill Hace 24 días

    Bears win. Easily.

  • sahin rajshahi
    sahin rajshahi Hace 24 días

    Watch NFL Chicago Bears vs Washington Redskins 2019 Live
    Watch Live>>
    Watch Live>>

  • Jake Wilson
    Jake Wilson Hace 24 días

    Redskins 24 Bears 20!!! Let's go Redskins!!! I ❤ DC!!!

  • Blackhorse 11th ACR
    Blackhorse 11th ACR Hace 24 días

    Bear Down. Bears will break out tonight with a victory. Third game should now be enough warm ups for Trubisky. He didn't have a pre-season so the first two games were it.

    GRAVEYARDKLIKK Hace 24 días

    Going to be a good game when two shitty teams play

  • Devour Latham
    Devour Latham Hace 24 días

    Denver.. fan .. since elway.. is gone.. plus he's..lead franchise.. high bets on team Denver.. they kind of Shakey since.. playing against raiders.. lol..

  • yung B
    yung B Hace 24 días

    Im tired of all these media repoters saying case keenum is playing well when half of the stats this year are in 4th quarter garbage time when we have no chance of winning so the opp Defense is playing soft coverage not trying to give up the big play. Denver got rid of him for a reason hes a backup at best. But i bet if he has a bad game today, theyll be quick to say "hey listen, chicagos defense is studs so you cant give up on keenum yet" smh i swear i feel like gruden is racist and just doesnt like black QBs. He needs to be fired before he destroys this team anymore and dwayne haskins. Just like he did RG3 and that team! Hes a 🤡 and should not have a job with us rite now. Him and that garbage ass D coordinator munusky! 🤬

  • El Tenebroso Tzompantli
    El Tenebroso Tzompantli Hace 24 días

    ¿Cuándo es el juego? VIVA WASHINGTON, PUTITOS.

  • David F
    David F Hace 24 días

    Injuns win 14-13. Beat the Tom tom in the wig wam. Woo woo.

  • Ann Moore
    Ann Moore Hace 24 días +3

    2:45 What team does Adam Rank pick? His choice is not there.

  • Porkchop Gravy
    Porkchop Gravy Hace 24 días

    Gimme a break bears beat a bad denver team

  • Marshal Parsons
    Marshal Parsons Hace 24 días +2

    Bears win 19-13

  • Chris Goodwin
    Chris Goodwin Hace 24 días +1

    Redskins by 10

  • NFL Edits
    NFL Edits Hace 24 días +1

    Honestly I think the Skins have a chance, trubisky has not thrown a single touchdown yet and there kicker is hurt and Cody parkey is gone, all the Redskins need to do is step up there secondary and running game and they've got the game in control

    • NFL Edits
      NFL Edits Hace 24 días

      @yung B Yeah, your right I fell if we can get a better Head coach and defensive cordinater we can be a dominate team

    • yung B
      yung B Hace 24 días

      @NFL Edits manusky calls the terrible Defensive plays though. And yeah but itll probly be at the end of the season, or late in the season. And our team is pretty good, we just need some real leadership and excitement from a REAL coach.

    • NFL Edits
      NFL Edits Hace 24 días

      @yung B I see were your coming from but manusky doesn't Coach the whole team and Jay gruden hasn't had a good team to work with in a long time...I do still think that gruden will most likely lose his bad we fired Sean mccvay 2 years ago

    • yung B
      yung B Hace 24 días

      As long as gruden and manusky are coaching, we will lose

  • Rich Kid
    Rich Kid Hace 24 días

    Bears 70-0. It’s happened before when they slaughtered Washington for the championship 💥

  • Conlaoch Cattan
    Conlaoch Cattan Hace 24 días +3

    As a bears fan I’ve always hated the Redskins. As a kid in the 80s they broke my heart in the playoffs. Let’s beat em 73-0.

  • Halloween boss
    Halloween boss Hace 24 días +1

    chicagos o line are beasts. the D is on point. the kicker is injured but has it in him. all we need is execution in the red zone

  • Ant SC
    Ant SC Hace 24 días

    This one is hard cause Skins did score on Dallas defense which is good but my problem is bears defense could score the winning points hmmmmm

  • Brandon Skifton
    Brandon Skifton Hace 24 días +1

    Are we really still naysaying Case Keenum? Come on. Apparently the dude has to throw for 500 yards a week and 6 TDs to get the naysayers off his back. For real - the Redskins are losing because their team is playing like hot garbage. They gave up almost 500 yards to the Cowboys. But yeah, it's Keenum's fault.

    • yung B
      yung B Hace 24 días

      @Brandon Skifton flaccos been done 🤣 and your comparing sanchez to rodgers 😂 peace out man 🤣😂🤘

    • Brandon Skifton
      Brandon Skifton Hace 24 días

      @yung B so uh how's flacco doing? Dude keenum helped get Minnesota to the NFC championship game. He's your best option while Haskins develops. Letting a rookie sit and learn is the difference between Mark Sanchez and Aaron Rodgers. Move on.

    • yung B
      yung B Hace 24 días

      Keenum sucks his stats are in garbage time. And its the D coordiantor, not the D.

  • Julian Esco
    Julian Esco Hace 24 días

    The hate is real on Mitch. The O-Line needs to be focused on more. I'm surprised they didn't mention that.

    I BLEED GIANTS BLUE Hace 24 días +1

    0:40 why they acting like game winning field goals are super rare??? Lmao

  • Mr Clean
    Mr Clean Hace 24 días

    Cowboys will beat them so don’t get your hopes up

  • Stelios Kontos
    Stelios Kontos Hace 24 días

    You can't be the chair boy

  • dj Curiosity
    dj Curiosity Hace 24 días

    Bears in trouble period ..
    Mark my words
    Don't walk in the parade & quit celebrating it looks very immature..

  • Jerry Kwerve
    Jerry Kwerve Hace 24 días +1

    Bears 24 Redskins 12

  • NeverTalkToCops1
    NeverTalkToCops1 Hace 24 días +5

    Umm, so, like, the Redskins are like, you know, 1-15 on Monday nights at home. Like, you know? Just Sayin, like...

    • Burton Daniels
      Burton Daniels Hace 24 días

      That was largely due to Kirk cousins choking in the big game

  • T B
    T B Hace 24 días +1

    Come on redskins! You win i win my pool!

  • The True Texan American
    The True Texan American Hace 24 días

    Who did Adam pick to win?

    • Brian Griffin
      Brian Griffin Hace 24 días

      The True Texan American the bears 31-10 he said

    • TheAnimationLads
      TheAnimationLads Hace 24 días

      The True Texan American that’s what I was thinking

  • bryan suarez
    bryan suarez Hace 24 días +1

    Easy bear win no excuses beardown shouldn’t even be close 31-6

  • Ax Sala
    Ax Sala Hace 24 días

    En español verga

  • Mark Symbala
    Mark Symbala Hace 24 días +1

    Dc redskins 16 bears 13

  • Haile Bekele
    Haile Bekele Hace 24 días +1

    17-13 Washington win

  • Dirty Weeb
    Dirty Weeb Hace 25 días +4

    trubisky stresses me out man.

  • Dayvon Jenkins
    Dayvon Jenkins Hace 25 días +3

    Redskins got it just fire Gruden and Allen get a new Gm and start Haskins

    • yung B
      yung B Hace 24 días

      Fire manusky too

  • Alpha'Asiatic
    Alpha'Asiatic Hace 25 días +7

    Redskins first win of the season ...sorry Bears Fans! Who wanna bet!?! 🤑

    • Rylan Donarski
      Rylan Donarski Hace 23 días

      Alpha'Asiatic didn’t age well

    • GeneralGold
      GeneralGold Hace 24 días +2

      Need the redskins to win I have a 20 team parlay and the redskins are my last team I NEED this

    • Alpha'Asiatic
      Alpha'Asiatic Hace 24 días +1

      @Niko East I was just talking shyt bruh but I would if it was Texans..that's my home team! 💯🤘🤘🤘

    • Niko East
      Niko East Hace 24 días +2

      Cash app 20 bones on the bears, Their Defense not gonna let y’all get far at all. And Offense gonna show out any time now

    • Lamajay Williams
      Lamajay Williams Hace 24 días


  • Crazcompart
    Crazcompart Hace 25 días

    Bears defense is solid...However, the offense needs to improve... Washington victory here, simply because they're at home...

    TAPKING13 Hace 25 días +14

    I'm taking The Washington Redskins over The Chicago Bears 30-23

    • GotDramaAllergy
      GotDramaAllergy Hace 24 días

      Something someone said about elevation out at mile high and them just playing there.They are going to have additional aggression ( Bears Defense), so will be low scoring, 17-10 Bears.

    • VodoTheGuru
      VodoTheGuru Hace 24 días

      Pretty high score for this match up

    • xiBuilder
      xiBuilder Hace 24 días

      @Dayvon Jenkins yeah they are so good 0-2 is such a good record

  • Sam Gardner
    Sam Gardner Hace 25 días

    I want the skins to beat the bears because Adam schefter predicted them to go 2-14😑
    He’s a bears fan

  • Knicks Tape
    Knicks Tape Hace 25 días +1

    Should I start AP or McCoy? That Bears defense scaring me.

      BEZ LLAMA Hace 24 días +2

      @Alpha'Asiatic go bears I had Kamara,breida, kelce Allen and Wilson fhe bears defense and piniero and a Rob and David Montgomery and I'm about to score 160 in a non PPR league

    • Alpha'Asiatic
      Alpha'Asiatic Hace 24 días +1

      @BEZ LLAMA You aint lying Skins sum BUMS! 💯

      BEZ LLAMA Hace 25 días +1

      @Knicks Tape working out I though shady would be better then ap didn't think shdsy would be anywhere near as h
      Great as he has been thus far

      BEZ LLAMA Hace 25 días +2

      @Alpha'Asiatic so far shady has been great so it worked out

    • Alpha'Asiatic
      Alpha'Asiatic Hace 25 días

      AP EZ...

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera Hace 25 días +1

    Bears 71 Porkskins 3

  • Milos Gasic
    Milos Gasic Hace 25 días +3

    I could see a breakout game for the Bears offense because of how shaky the Redskins secondary looks

    • yung B
      yung B Hace 24 días

      Our secondary is good. Its the play calling is whats destroying the Defense. We never blitz, we never mix it up. Rush 4, soft zone literally alomost every down

    • Chris Goodwin
      Chris Goodwin Hace 24 días

      Skins by 10!!!!

  • Colin Formichella
    Colin Formichella Hace 25 días +3

    Redskins 40
    Bears 14

    • kassabi 101
      kassabi 101 Hace 25 días

      Not with that offense yah winning

  • Jason Miller
    Jason Miller Hace 26 días +1

    Bears 6 Redskins 3

  • Saif Khan
    Saif Khan Hace 26 días

    Can the skins bring in Mark Sanchez once more this week? Much appreciated

  • Joe B
    Joe B Hace 26 días +5

    I wouldnt put too much stock in either game for the Bears offense. Week 1 Nagy decided to go 07 Patriots on the Packers and it backfired badly. Week 2 we were playing our old d coordinator.. we could of put 35 on the Packers but next week we still would have more than likely struggled.
    I think we'll be fine, though I'm not sure Trubisky is the franchise QB either way unfortunately .

    • Alpha'Asiatic
      Alpha'Asiatic Hace 25 días

      Big Facts but I'll take the Skins in this Pony Show!

  • Travese 10
    Travese 10 Hace 26 días

    Tarik cohen

    • NeverTalkToCops1
      NeverTalkToCops1 Hace 24 días

      Cohen's just the thing that kills Redskins. A tiny, gritty, overachieving runt who is very fast.

  • Jesse Williams
    Jesse Williams Hace 26 días +1


  • Gabriel
    Gabriel Hace 26 días +2

    Bears only because of the defense

  • Entrenched Trader
    Entrenched Trader Hace 26 días +12

    I think the Bears are coming out swinging this week. And from a conditioning stand point, I'm sure after playing in Denver, it will help us carry through all 4 quarters. The Bears are ready for a battle on both sides of the ball BEAR ⬇️

    • GotDramaAllergy
      GotDramaAllergy Hace 24 días +1

      That is a great observation,sure does matter as I have lived in both idaho and Penna..That myth is no myth,it is

    • C Weezy
      C Weezy Hace 24 días +1


  • TheOfficialJudawgg
    TheOfficialJudawgg Hace 27 días

    Scary Terry gonna dump 170 on the bears

    • TheOfficialJudawgg
      TheOfficialJudawgg Hace 24 días

      @NeverTalkToCops1 lmao I never said you didnt lol I was js he's gonna go off

    • NeverTalkToCops1
      NeverTalkToCops1 Hace 24 días

      No, teams have now seen what Terry can do, so Redskins would be wise to use him as a decoy. I know what I'm talking about.

  • Travis Donald Stanley
    Travis Donald Stanley Hace 27 días +1

    these will be huge games for both teams.
    Pressure is one both teams. Maybe more on Da Bears.
    Hail to the Redskins, Hail Victory,
    Braves on the War Path,
    Fight for Old D.C.

    • NeverTalkToCops1
      NeverTalkToCops1 Hace 24 días

      Well, you got the "old" part right. Redskins always losing on Monday night is old.

  • Justin Kochis
    Justin Kochis Hace 27 días +1

    Go Bears 🐻⬇️

  • Grimm LaStand
    Grimm LaStand Hace 27 días +6

    5 of David Montgomery's rushes were at the goaline trying earn a touchdown. Stop inflating ant hills into mole holes

    • Joe B
      Joe B Hace 26 días +1

      That is still kind of an issue even though Denver's D is good.

  • Chase Balazs
    Chase Balazs Hace 27 días +1

    I think the skins come away with this one

    • Entrenched Trader
      Entrenched Trader Hace 23 días +1

      @Chase Balazs oh no , i just had flashbacks lol

    • Chase Balazs
      Chase Balazs Hace 23 días +1

      @Entrenched Trader cheers pal. Eagles fan tho ahah

    • Entrenched Trader
      Entrenched Trader Hace 23 días

      @Chase Balazs lol , to be fair i didn't think the bears would come out with such a strong first half and the skins did put some pressure on in the 2nd half . But cheers and hope you guys have a game next week

    • Chase Balazs
      Chase Balazs Hace 23 días +1

      @Entrenched Trader yup. I was very very wrong ahaha

    • Entrenched Trader
      Entrenched Trader Hace 26 días


  • OutrunMadcow
    OutrunMadcow Hace 27 días +38

    Case Keenum played against two playoff defenses, has five touchdowns and no interceptions and people still want to bench him. Poor dude.

    • Timothy Hyer
      Timothy Hyer Hace 23 días

      OutrunMadcow Keemun is playing like ass right now

    • yung B
      yung B Hace 24 días

      @William Blackledge exactly. But gruden doesnt like haskins and you can see it.

    • yung B
      yung B Hace 24 días

      @FakeUser NameTwo 10 or 17 points isnt really a lead, especially in 1st quarter against good teams

    • yung B
      yung B Hace 24 días

      @C. Daniel Thomas EXACTLYY!!!!!! I thought i was alone! ✊

  • Stinky Winky
    Stinky Winky Hace 27 días

    Really hoping for a win and beat their losing streak with Washington

  • Joe Wilfinger
    Joe Wilfinger Hace 27 días +3

    Offense wakes up both running the ball and downfield passing Bears 42 Redskins 10.

  • Yeldarb
    Yeldarb Hace 27 días +3

    Bears will win 42-3

    • Yeldarb
      Yeldarb Hace 24 días

      Chris Goodwin Trubisky throwing 8tds and retiring after

    • Chris Goodwin
      Chris Goodwin Hace 24 días

      Your delusional, skins by 10!!!!

    • Crispy Chris
      Crispy Chris Hace 26 días +1

      Offense gonna have to show up to score like that. The defense can't score THAT many touchdowns for us, you can only carry an offense so much.

  • Acadian 024
    Acadian 024 Hace 27 días

    You mean digress?

  • Crispy Chris
    Crispy Chris Hace 27 días +2

    I got Bears to win but by a defensive shut out not by a high scoring offense. I'd say maybe Bears-13 Redskins-10. You got to take into account that 2 games in a kicker is still the Bears leading scorer.

  • Ranox
    Ranox Hace 27 días +12

    Trubisky throwing 5 TD’s 😉

  • Sofia Garcia
    Sofia Garcia Hace 27 días +3

    Trubisky's breakout game, and burton will be a part of it.Defense will do it's job and Chicago will win 24-10

    • Brian Griffin
      Brian Griffin Hace 24 días

      Crispy Chris exactly the offense is due to break out

    • Crispy Chris
      Crispy Chris Hace 27 días

      I got Bears to win as well but by a defensive shut out not by a high scoring offense. I'd say maybe Bears 13-10. You got to take into account that 2 games in the kicker is still their leading scorer.

  • The Ghost of Judah Tribe
    The Ghost of Judah Tribe Hace 27 días

    Vamos OSOS!!!!

  • The Bat Le
    The Bat Le Hace 27 días +2

    Bears 18
    Redskins 21

    DANIEL DESIGNS Hace 27 días +23

    I blame Nagy. No offense after no preseason play

    • Nathan Spratley
      Nathan Spratley Hace 23 días

      Conrad Strong Yes, really. And Nagy is calling the plays moron... who else would you be talking about.

    • Conrad Strong
      Conrad Strong Hace 23 días

      @Nathan Spratley Not really. And did I say Nagy's name specifically?

    • Nathan Spratley
      Nathan Spratley Hace 23 días

      Conrad Strong Calling Nagy inept is ridiculous.

    • Conrad Strong
      Conrad Strong Hace 24 días

      @Conlaoch Cattan Having his talent wasted by our inept coaching staff

  • Rocky Lee
    Rocky Lee Hace 28 días +1

    redskins 34-20 bears

    • Crispy Chris
      Crispy Chris Hace 25 días

      Rocky Lee I said the same thing about the broncos vs the packers but now the broncos are 0-3

    • Rocky Lee
      Rocky Lee Hace 25 días

      @Crispy Chris no you can't say that because redskins are gonna snap a two match losing streak

    • Crispy Chris
      Crispy Chris Hace 26 días

      I'm not gonna say the Redskins DEFINITELY wont win...But I highly doubt it. And if they do it won't be by much because the Bears have the #1 defense in the league.

  • Ryan Jansen
    Ryan Jansen Hace 28 días +1

    Sexy Rexy is still probably are best quarterback in recent history. Depressing 🐻

  • Mark Symbala
    Mark Symbala Hace 28 días +5

    Pinero brings home the pinto beans with a gw kick.bears 15 skins 13

    • Ecloelle Evans
      Ecloelle Evans Hace 24 días

      @Mark Symbala yea but we're scoring 40

    • Mark Symbala
      Mark Symbala Hace 24 días


    • Crispy Chris
      Crispy Chris Hace 27 días +1

      I got Bears to win as well but by a defensive shut out not by a high scoring offense. I'd say maybe Bears 13-10. You got to take into account that 2 games in the kicker is still their leading scorer.

  • Richard Boss
    Richard Boss Hace 28 días

    Ready for the 73-0 game 😀

    • Martin Dean
      Martin Dean Hace 24 días

      Richard Boss for Washington sure

  • WaveManR
    WaveManR Hace 28 días

  • Colin Formichella
    Colin Formichella Hace 28 días +1

    Go skins

  • Mike Bambur
    Mike Bambur Hace 28 días

    Why do we always get Grossman for quarterback. Our offense sucks and #9 needs to take over.

    SHADOW Hace 28 días +1

    Bears 17
    Skins 10

  • Mike McKenna
    Mike McKenna Hace 28 días +1

    Go Bears but still not sure how they got :01 added to clock when it was :00 after Trubisky's final pass.

    • Joe Wilfinger
      Joe Wilfinger Hace 27 días +1

      @John Pinkerton Denver defensive back touched Robinson as soon as he caught the ball as he went down. BIG MISTAKE.

    • John Pinkerton
      John Pinkerton Hace 27 días

      Mike McKenna because the bears had called timeout literally with 1 second left in the game, like as soon as Robinson was down. But since it happened so fast the play clock simply counted down to 0. Still they technically called timeout with 1 second left and they can’t simply ignore that. That’s why they got :01 added back to a play clock that reached :00

  • Pix Burgh
    Pix Burgh Hace 28 días +1

    CHI: 20
    WSH: 16

  • Curtis 23
    Curtis 23 Hace 28 días +4

    Bears 17
    Redskins 7

    MOXIE OSWALD Hace 28 días +4


  • TCT92Graphics
    TCT92Graphics Hace 28 días +3

    If Keenum Keeps playing well, The skins should win.

  • PRHILL9696
    PRHILL9696 Hace 28 días +1

    The New England Patriots ( 6-5 ) and Pittsburgh Steelers ( 6-2 ) have won the most Super Bowls with six championships, while the Dallas Cowboys ( 5-3 ) and the San Francisco 49ers ( 5-1 ) have five wins. Greenbay has 4. Giants 4 Redskins 3 Raider 3-2, Denver 3, Colts 2 Miami 2 Hmmm where are the Bears LMAO

    I dont blame Packer fans for boasting. After all its not their fault their team has a winning tradition and the bears always suck. Stupid bear fans put up with losing so they deserve all the crap they get! Chicago is a great city but fans here have no standards at all. They embrace losing. Even players always say the fans and media here are so soft compared to other places. Chicago does not demand winning at all, they accept and embrace losing! A tiny town like Greenbay has higher standards than us!
    The Bears take a dump on their fans and the fans beg for more

    • Yoshibro 456
      Yoshibro 456 Hace 21 un día

      PHRILL Either you support the bears or jump ship the choice is your's

    • Tracti0n
      Tracti0n Hace 27 días

      The Bears have 1 and had the 2bd best record behind Miami in doing it

  • michael oduro
    michael oduro Hace 28 días +8

    Skins better get the dub

  • Kole Matzke
    Kole Matzke Hace 28 días

    Mitch needs this game!

  • C _man
    C _man Hace 28 días +4

    I’ll be at this game HTTR

    • I love Jesus
      I love Jesus Hace 24 días


    • NeverTalkToCops1
      NeverTalkToCops1 Hace 24 días

      How much traditonal beer and hot dog? About $100 per person? Hee Hee Hee. Parking still $50. HEE hee.

    • RBrown brown
      RBrown brown Hace 25 días

      C _man me too

  • Asani
    Asani Hace 28 días +4

    Crazy bears and broncos game right? I've never seen a walk off field goal

      I BLEED GIANTS BLUE Hace 24 días

      Nick Defeekio retard he’s taking about how sarcastic the dude was talking lmao

    • Nick Defeekio
      Nick Defeekio Hace 25 días

      What about the 2 separate field goals that won the Patriots 2 super bowls thanks to Adam Vinatieri? Super Bowls (XXXVI and XXXVIII).

  • Jeff M
    Jeff M Hace 28 días

    The bears offense is a huge question mark right now. So, who knows what the outcome will be. We keep counting on the defense, but they can have an off game here and there even though they are elite.

  • Hokies/Cavs At Best
    Hokies/Cavs At Best Hace 28 días

    Bears- 73
    Deadskins- 0

  • jake scott
    jake scott Hace 28 días +1

    CHI 23 WSH 12

  • George Couvson
    George Couvson Hace 28 días +2

    This is a trap game for the bears

    • da'ved velazquez
      da'ved velazquez Hace 28 días

      The packers r better lol
      Wtf u even mean?

    • wicked
      wicked Hace 28 días +1

      @George Couvson foh

    • George Couvson
      George Couvson Hace 28 días

      @wicked packers are better then the bears

    • wicked
      wicked Hace 28 días

      no the packers game was a trap game

  • Teniola Turton
    Teniola Turton Hace 28 días

    I don't watch football, but i want to get into it....

  • da'ved velazquez
    da'ved velazquez Hace 28 días +4

    Redskins win

  • Tenno Tube2
    Tenno Tube2 Hace 28 días +4


  • Frank Cohen
    Frank Cohen Hace 28 días +1

    Mitch missed some big, makeable throws last week to open receivers, I believe, Gabriel and Robinson. He must complete those passes and he needs to have a 100+ PR performance in this game. 🐻🔽

    • Ronnie Gregory
      Ronnie Gregory Hace 28 días

      Frank Cohen He’s got a new nickname. 1 read Mitch.

    • XArekX
      XArekX Hace 28 días

      Pass to Gabriel was actually on Gabriel's end, the receivers fault, trust me, watch it over and over, however.. Mitch seriously needs to improve..

  • BM32
    BM32 Hace 28 días


    • BM32
      BM32 Hace 26 días

      @Illest Still better than Trubisky

    • Illest
      Illest Hace 26 días

      BM32 he is a midget he can't see over the o line 😂😂😂😂

  • Cole Pratt
    Cole Pratt Hace 28 días

    Bears 26-14

  • PHOUR-ish/69* I'm Rite BITCH

    🏈Redskins will win in overtime 🏈23 - 20 da' bears are no sleepers 🐻⛾da' refs will screw up a perfect win for the Bears do to Danvers loss🐎💨 and Washington's defense will not improve unless they get rid of Josh Norman 👎Redskins defensive coaching staff needs to be demoted👎 for all of their training experience that has diminished👎 the Redskins name👎...😎 AP will be back and running straight downhill this Monday night appearance😎 he shines the best during prime time😎... Hail to the Redskins🏈🚔🏈🚔🏈

  • PCray ThePlug
    PCray ThePlug Hace 28 días +7

    Bears looked much more comfortable against broncos. Wish we were like that against Green Bay but then again we started off like this last yesr

  • Yousef Osmani
    Yousef Osmani Hace 28 días +7

    Redskins need to sign Eric Berry.. he is a major upgrade of Nicholson. While we’re at kicking old tires give Jay Ajayi a shot.

    • yung B
      yung B Hace 24 días

      You know we dont make smart moves like that 🤣 snyder only signs garbage and over pays them which cripples the franchise 😂

    • Severe Influence
      Severe Influence Hace 28 días

      We have AP....