Man is shamed for working at grocery store | What Would You Do? | WWYD

  • Publicado el 4 sep 2019
  • While checking out, a businessman recognizes his former colleague bagging groceries. He thinks this career change is embarrassing and takes pictures of the bagger. What will others think?
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  • Sam
    Sam Hace 10 minutos


  • Jose Reyes
    Jose Reyes Hace un hora

    Wwyd should do a gym gossiping episode

  • Our Minds Think Alike
    Our Minds Think Alike Hace 4 horas

    I love all of the subliminal ads in the backgrounds.

  • i don’t know anymore
    i don’t know anymore Hace 6 horas


    CX DREAMZZ Hace 7 horas

    Damnnn. Micheal is so hot and his voice 😩😩🔥🔥🔥

  • Dany Escobar
    Dany Escobar Hace 7 horas

    The lady looks like a female vin diesel

  • BlueCorp
    BlueCorp Hace 8 horas

    “It’s a fall from grace if I ever seen one” 😂😂😂

  • 한창희
    한창희 Hace 10 horas

    His voice is freaking awesome

  • Jos Ying
    Jos Ying Hace 20 horas

    wow is DAT Ben Kingsley?

  • Jos Ying
    Jos Ying Hace 20 horas

    wow is DAT Ben Kingsley

  • Mr. PAIN!
    Mr. PAIN! Hace 23 horas +1

    Lady: "You should be embarrassed
    Boy: " that's right I have a small pee pee
    Grocery boy: lmbso laughing my ball sack off

  • Tanner Murphy
    Tanner Murphy Hace un día +1

    That first Sheila looked like she was gonna explode.

  • Volturis
    Volturis Hace un día

    I would just take the neutral stance and tell them, "Both of your lives are meaningless and the universe couldn't care less what you do for a living. You'll both die and be forgotten eventually."

  • Haily Rose
    Haily Rose Hace un día +1

    I feel so bad for people that get made fun of 😭

  • joeashbubemma
    joeashbubemma Hace un día

    Going back to working in Hollywierd is a step DOWN if you ask me, 99% of it is utter trash.

  • Kryptic Cyborg
    Kryptic Cyborg Hace un día

    He may be rich but does he get as much REAL pussy compared to Micheal that gold digger pussy dont count

  • Anthony Quigley
    Anthony Quigley Hace un día

    emotional porn nonsense

  • Arm At Mans
    Arm At Mans Hace un día +1

    Wow the girls color changes to red she was holding herself really hard

  • Ganda Ko
    Ganda Ko Hace un día

    Sometimes things don't work out

  • Alyssaaep
    Alyssaaep Hace un día

    Micheal can bag my groceries any time

  • Allison Marie
    Allison Marie Hace 2 días

    Ok so I get it at all, she stuck up for him because she felt uncomfortable listening to it. However, her response basically validates the guy’s point that was making fun of the person. She said she stuck up for him because she felt bad for him. In order for her to have felt bad for him, she must have believed that he was inferior to the other guy. I mean give me a break, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with an honest living, but bagging groceries is not a living. That doesn’t even provide you enough money to cover your rent even if you don’t eat anything. I’m not agreeing with making fun of the person for it, but it’s most definitely not something that anyone wants to end up doing.

  • Emu Tresh
    Emu Tresh Hace 2 días

    I work in a grocery store

    JAEMIN’S ICE CREAM Hace 2 días

    Michael is handsome

  • cohen wilson
    cohen wilson Hace 2 días

    0:45 ahhhhhhhhhhhhh dont rape me!!!

  • Sayma Khatoon
    Sayma Khatoon Hace 2 días

    Why is he working in the grocery store when he can be a hot model?

  • Local Dumbass
    Local Dumbass Hace 2 días

    4:28 that's me

  • David Dawson
    David Dawson Hace 2 días +1

    I had a man shame me (I was digging a ditch). I started screaming the Saint Crispin's day speach from Henry V.

  • missbitchtou1
    missbitchtou1 Hace 2 días

    Mike is handsome ... I would’ve kicked the other guys ass for him😬

  • Kez julian01
    Kez julian01 Hace 3 días +1

    That fat ass Asian nigga

  • Kerry Hart
    Kerry Hart Hace 3 días

    I would have to say something to that jumped up squirt

  • Pumpkin But33
    Pumpkin But33 Hace 3 días +2

    Andy has a real punchable face

    ALI MULTI TV by ALEN Hace 3 días

    The girl who said He looks better than

  • MoneySett
    MoneySett Hace 3 días

    Man yall got to something like this ina hood i would pay to see that 😂😂💯come to my hood we got some gtreat reactions here

  • Jaylen P
    Jaylen P Hace 3 días

    Next up: Man is ashamed for buying food from the grocery store

  • Local Dumbass
    Local Dumbass Hace 3 días

    1:25 id cut his fingers off one by one then shove them down his throat until he suffocates

  • IICatsparklzII
    IICatsparklzII Hace 3 días

    Why does Andy remind me of Conner from Detroit: Become Human?

  • Mike Seguin
    Mike Seguin Hace 4 días

    1 2 3 groceries!🤣

  • J.D.T.
    J.D.T. Hace 4 días

    The bearded fellow in the hoodie, reminds me of J.K Simmons a bit.

  • Cydney
    Cydney Hace 4 días

    someone find michael’s @ plz or last name

  • shahrin shahriar
    shahrin shahriar Hace 4 días

    This TV show is just amazing.....

  • Matthias Madrigal
    Matthias Madrigal Hace 4 días +1

    Beat his ass michael

    • Local Dumbass
      Local Dumbass Hace 2 días

      I think Michael followee him home and killed him

  • Panic at the Diamonds
    Panic at the Diamonds Hace 4 días +8

    Me: **sees Michael**
    Also me: **saves this video on my handsome/hot guys playlist**

  • Trevisan family
    Trevisan family Hace 4 días

    What's wrong with working at a grocery store? It gives you money that's all that matters I think.

  • White Shoes
    White Shoes Hace 4 días +1

    Lmao I wouldn’t be talking with that ipnone6

  • Rease Mcgill
    Rease Mcgill Hace 4 días

    My question is why is the mean man in a tomato shop if he’s so high and mighty anyway😂

  • Roh Roh
    Roh Roh Hace 5 días

    So many beautiful respectful lovely people in this beautiful Mother Earth 🌍 I wish everyone love and care for one another ✌️🙏

  • Kev
    Kev Hace 5 días +5

    I swear, the fear of John Quiñones catching me slipping on national TV is the only reason I behave in public.

  • strfltcmnd.
    strfltcmnd. Hace 5 días

    i raised my kids to never belittle anyone for what they do for a living. at least they are willing to work.

  • Mr Faisal
    Mr Faisal Hace 5 días

    I love the message you spread all time.

  • ZayXis
    ZayXis Hace 5 días

    he looks like superman

  • Charlene Sulat
    Charlene Sulat Hace 5 días

    2:12 that's true sizt lol

  • Noah Mitchell
    Noah Mitchell Hace 5 días

    5:28 “or do you want me to come and drop you” SAVAGE

  • Marijan Gaming
    Marijan Gaming Hace 5 días +1

    respect for the real estate actor, he killed it with acting & looks haha!!

    • Lynn La Rue
      Lynn La Rue Hace un día

      You think the guy in the suit was HOT?
      Wow. Bad taste...
      Raise your standards even just for his looks ALONE!!!

  • Gavintom
    Gavintom Hace 5 días

    They had to make the man with the most punchahle face act like the rich boi lol

  • Chester Puffington
    Chester Puffington Hace 5 días

    This show is so stupid, plays to the idiots of society. No one actually acts like this in real life.

  • T P
    T P Hace 5 días

    Wow last great woman

  • Jack Mehoff
    Jack Mehoff Hace 6 días

    its a job, never make fun of a working person.

  • rocket ship
    rocket ship Hace 6 días

    7:18 sPoTlIgHt Uh MoOnLiGhT uH

  • Wolfie SilverMoon
    Wolfie SilverMoon Hace 6 días

    5:21 Walter White up in here being a hero.

  • ehdbe jdbev
    ehdbe jdbev Hace 6 días

    Made me have tears in my eyes..

  • Corey Atherley
    Corey Atherley Hace 6 días

    "The reality is that you're an idiot". I DIED. RFLMAO

  • Bright
    Bright Hace 6 días

    That’s why that “rich guy” still got a iPhone 6

  • Mario Tesla
    Mario Tesla Hace 6 días

    Ermhantrout doesn't fuck around

  • gianna d.
    gianna d. Hace 7 días +24

    No body:
    Absolutely nobody:
    Not even the vsco girls:
    Ppl getting pranked: *breathes*
    John: this is gonna be great

  • Janelle 93
    Janelle 93 Hace 7 días

    It doesn’t matter how rich you are or what job you have. With an attitude like that rich guy, you’ll always be a failure

  • the dude
    the dude Hace 7 días +1

    If that dude is so rich why is he here I a supermarket like that

  • Fox Potato girl
    Fox Potato girl Hace 7 días +14

    Mom: Why are you dressing all fancy? We are just going to get some milk.

    Me: But what if John Quinones comes out of nowhere?

  • Think Before You React
    Think Before You React Hace 7 días

    A job is a job, especially a job that teaches you humility.

  • Andrew Gonzalez
    Andrew Gonzalez Hace 7 días

    1-2-3 groceries lol

  • amaya paige.
    amaya paige. Hace 7 días +1

    Can y’all drop Michael’s @

  • Jackie Baker
    Jackie Baker Hace 7 días

    I would smack that prick in his face

  • BioHazerd
    BioHazerd Hace 8 días

    As a grocery cashier, I would drop kick anyone who job shamed anyone. As a DECENT HUMAN, I would drop kick them.

  • Resu
    Resu Hace 8 días

    Literally says red carpet.
    Carpet: bitch no

  • Riley Freeman #JP
    Riley Freeman #JP Hace 8 días +5

    Loool my worst fear I don’t want anyone doing me like this in the future

  • The Talented Leo
    The Talented Leo Hace 8 días +1


  • It can't rain all the time

    I think some peoples faces when told it was an act say "why would you set this up?"

  • dale gribble
    dale gribble Hace 8 días

    i knew of a restaurant head manager that lost his job and doing dishes in another restaurant , i look at it as a job , i'm sure there's others out there that would do anything for a job , got to work to pay bills got to pay bills to keep a house and have a life to live , you should know where this is leading and if you don't i feel sorry for you

  • husaini hus313
    husaini hus313 Hace 8 días

    the actor look like mission imposible movie cast..

  • wet food in sink
    wet food in sink Hace 8 días

    The first girl looks like the female MrBeast

  • Kyle Croatto
    Kyle Croatto Hace 8 días

    The dude was such a dick .. great actor

  • Don Dann
    Don Dann Hace 8 días

    These shows are ducking stupid

  • American Nightmare
    American Nightmare Hace 8 días +1

    It's called paying your dues. Not everyone starts at the top. The ones who do wind up crumbling.

  • Jiren the Gray
    Jiren the Gray Hace 8 días

    Anyone else notice Michael’s deep ass voice.

  • this is the last cookie

    i have a BA and I clean houses for a living. Do you know how many times I've been job-shamed because of it? I like my job; it's honest and good work. Even the media keeps talking about low-skill work like its meant to be a start-off point for teenagers only, or something. Try cleaning a house and tell me no skill is required.

  • this is the last cookie

    binge watching to restore my hope in humanity.

  • Patriot Troll
    Patriot Troll Hace 8 días

    Sometimes I watch this show and I genuinely fear for the actor's ssfety.

  • Ainslie Herb
    Ainslie Herb Hace 8 días

    5:32 if I was in the store I would run.
    ..but that was super cool that he stood up for the other guy

  • Jayseee Sayhaaa
    Jayseee Sayhaaa Hace 9 días

    4:36 why he walk like that😂😂😂

  • 772 Love
    772 Love Hace 9 días


  • Anytime Transportation
    Anytime Transportation Hace 9 días

    I love your show

  • chabinebele
    chabinebele Hace 9 días

    Michael is definitly HOT AS HELL!!!!

  • catherine
    catherine Hace 9 días

    this was the top tomato on staten island! i live right by there!

  • tavia warner
    tavia warner Hace 9 días

    God bless!! How dare!! NEVER kick a man when he’s down!!

  • abdullah kamal
    abdullah kamal Hace 9 días

    Why does Michael looks like Tom cruse

  • Pelangi Nayandra Tanusaputra

    Nobody in the tv show:
    John: **makes people cry and annoyed at the sametime.**

  • Joselito Balicante
    Joselito Balicante Hace 9 días

    Treat everybody with kindness😭

  • A L
    A L Hace 10 días

    man in the suit looks like Tom Hardy

  • Suma
    Suma Hace 10 días

    He's got a damn job! Shut the hell up! Honest work is HONORABLE!!!

  • Vivek Desai
    Vivek Desai Hace 10 días

    Ben Kingsley wtf 4:55

  • Samia
    Samia Hace 10 días +1

    the grocery guy is actually so pretttttyyyyy lmao