This Is The Only Bass Solo I CANNOT Play...

  • Publicado el 17 sep 2019
  • Playing some of the HARDEST Slap Bass Solos of the internet... but there's one I CANNOT play... for a very mind-blowing reason...
    What's your favorite bass solo?! Leave a comment N O W

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  • Davie504
    Davie504  Hace un mes +6727

    What was your favourite *SLAPP* bass solo!? Leave a comment and *SLAPPPP* like NOW

    *do* *it* *NOW*

    KAYL MUSIC Hace 18 minutos

    I know your good at playing bass but you don't have to say Everytime and provoke somebody else that's not a good musician

  • Nani 03
    Nani 03 Hace 32 minutos

    hey ,i'm a new subscrib3r here ,would you SLAPPPP MEHH😆

  • Stacey Phillips
    Stacey Phillips Hace 52 minutos

    I came up with *SLAPP* don’t hide it

  • Ian Grosch
    Ian Grosch Hace 2 horas

    when you realize bass solo number 5 is paganini on bass

  • _ CraxyAxl19 _
    _ CraxyAxl19 _ Hace 3 horas

    Now what’s to hard? The solo
    or the thumbnail?!?

  • Cristian Marín
    Cristian Marín Hace 3 horas

    Pero tus vídeos son entretenidos y me gusta verlos a pesar de no saber ni putas inglés, soy tercermundista; sorry unu

  • Cristian Marín
    Cristian Marín Hace 3 horas

    No mames no se inglés ajfjsjsjsh

  • Paul Chukhray
    Paul Chukhray Hace 3 horas

    The one Davie liked

  • Pyromancy
    Pyromancy Hace 4 horas

    guitar is actually a 6-string piccolo bass

  • Sweet Strawberries
    Sweet Strawberries Hace 4 horas

    I *slapp* my guitar... but I assume I am illegal. I still love David though :3

  • Ninja 2468
    Ninja 2468 Hace 5 horas

    If you just look at his hands when he plays it looks like a has Parkinson’s desies

  • gonzalo jimenez rivero
    gonzalo jimenez rivero Hace 7 horas

    I'll slap you

  • Second-Hand Dan
    Second-Hand Dan Hace 9 horas

    Where's out damn italian voice reveal?!

  • felipe franca
    felipe franca Hace 9 horas

    "Leave your entries in the sub...." WAIT

  • Kushal Ghimire
    Kushal Ghimire Hace 9 horas

    Bass solo no 6. Wow

  • Legendary Music
    Legendary Music Hace 10 horas

    O Signore, rapita in sogni è la vanitosa fanciulla, che piena d'orgoglio da sé la mia mano respinse.

  • Zothankimi Makimi
    Zothankimi Makimi Hace 11 horas

    I will slapp you

  • Abhijit Das
    Abhijit Das Hace 13 horas

    Chup be motherchod

  • ᚴᛟᛁᚷᚱᛁᛗ
    ᚴᛟᛁᚷᚱᛁᛗ Hace 14 horas

    If I was anymore active on this channel. I'd send another solo of the basist with the spastic camera editing. It's so good..

  • ᴢᴇɴɪᴛsᴜ
    ᴢᴇɴɪᴛsᴜ Hace 14 horas

    6:11 killed me omfg

  • Fabian Kapko
    Fabian Kapko Hace 19 horas

    Iam leaving a comment

  • Bruno _
    Bruno _ Hace 21 un hora


  • HUgo Boss
    HUgo Boss Hace 23 horas

    Holy shit. this shit is unwatchable. His videos were so much better before everything was super wacky and lul so random... uhhrg

  • Kenneth Brown
    Kenneth Brown Hace 23 horas

    Davie the only bass you cant play is a girl cuz yull never have one

  • Nina _chan
    Nina _chan Hace un día

    I’m sorry I skip a lot don’t cell the Italian police on me

  • Sammie Does Things
    Sammie Does Things Hace un día

    Cervello grande

  • moosesnWoop123
    moosesnWoop123 Hace un día


  • Maud van Kol
    Maud van Kol Hace un día


  • Augustya Sing
    Augustya Sing Hace un día

    mohini dey is also a very talented bass guitarist

  • Борис Городецкий

    Ты умеешь играть стоя, так же хорошо как и сидя?

  • •GACHA ßAAĐ•
    •GACHA ßAAĐ• Hace un día

    The flea bass solo link or name pls

  • Korie Rahim
    Korie Rahim Hace un día

    Can i slap you one time? Please...

  • Abhishek Nair
    Abhishek Nair Hace un día

    Stop copying pewdiepie

  • lutfi hartanto
    lutfi hartanto Hace un día

    9:05 yeah cz she have bASS that can be slapped & you didnt lol

  • Germaniaceez TV
    Germaniaceez TV Hace un día

    Name of the sexy lady in the end?

  • retrofusion456
    retrofusion456 Hace un día +1

    I burst out laughing at 7:58-8:05.
    Didn't see that coming.

  • Troy Bagaoisan
    Troy Bagaoisan Hace un día +6

    why is tthere a guitar ad before this video youttube wwtf

  • KAT
    KAT Hace un día

    I got a GUITAR ad ... how DARE you !

  • James Wisley Ayuban
    James Wisley Ayuban Hace un día


  • keith mcleod
    keith mcleod Hace un día

    #10, if you were as good as you think you are you don't need to see what the guy is playing, only hear, I learned lead and rhythm guitar this way, by the way try "You Can Call Me Al" base solo, I'll stick to playing old rock!

  • F R E E
    F R E E Hace un día

    Of course you cannot play. You don't have b00B$

  • Falon Fantos
    Falon Fantos Hace 2 días

    My favorite was the one you couldn't play cause it would copyright you. sorry she has two great slaps.

  • stuart Campbell
    stuart Campbell Hace 2 días

    Why that guy playing paganini

  • Spencer Churchill
    Spencer Churchill Hace 2 días +1

    i wanna see the plots of when people like davies videos... like huge spikes whenever he says "slap like"

  • George
    George Hace 2 días

    *cup hands around mouth* WHAT

  • Jordan Pacheco
    Jordan Pacheco Hace 2 días

    Most of these he had played before

  • Mike Hart
    Mike Hart Hace 2 días

    Gotta love the Foggy Mountain Breakdown on slap bass.

  • Amparito A.F.
    Amparito A.F. Hace 2 días

    Paganini caprice

  • QRA .A
    QRA .A Hace 2 días


  • James Smith
    James Smith Hace 2 días

    U think I'm not good at SLAPP?
    How dare you say THATT

  • batang bata
    batang bata Hace 2 días +1

    Do not say ez

    Say bassic

  • Isaac McDaniel
    Isaac McDaniel Hace 2 días

    Gotta say on solo #4 he played faster

  • Srach V Dome
    Srach V Dome Hace 2 días

    Two big reasons))))

  • Tadeo Manzo Mulhall
    Tadeo Manzo Mulhall Hace 2 días

    I didn't see the video yet but I give it a like because I know that Davie is not going to disapoint me

  • LionGaming
    LionGaming Hace 3 días

    *-Go on, scroll further in the comments-*

  • Zakharov Records
    Zakharov Records Hace 3 días

    He fingerstyle
    He tapp
    But most importantly...
    He sLaPpP

  • John Huddleston
    John Huddleston Hace 3 días

    It's really cool that you give exposure to your fellow bassist. Much respect for that Master Slapper.

  • Gamer_PedroRR
    Gamer_PedroRR Hace 3 días +1

    Very impressive but can you Groove like Junior Bass Groovador from rock in Rio?

  • Gareth Mechwa
    Gareth Mechwa Hace 3 días +1

    He wore his headphones through the whole video.😂😂😂

  • Victor Mora
    Victor Mora Hace 3 días

    I challenge you to beat Junior Bass Groovador

  • Archer Novak
    Archer Novak Hace 3 días

    Fanculo x2

  • Ricky main Chanel
    Ricky main Chanel Hace 3 días

    Membosan kan

  • Melania Mskhiladze
    Melania Mskhiladze Hace 3 días

    I challenge you to slap 👋🏻 my comment now

  • JAK
    JAK Hace 3 días

    16 was epic funky OMB

  • Comrade Scatter
    Comrade Scatter Hace 3 días

    Yeah but could that number 5 guy play it while hulahooping?

  • Adrian Sammy
    Adrian Sammy Hace 4 días +1

    Seriously, this guy is epic ! lol

  • Alvaro Rivas
    Alvaro Rivas Hace 4 días

    OMG!! skipping Marcel Jacobs

  • MainWatcher1997
    MainWatcher1997 Hace 4 días +2

    Davie you forgot the link for the last bass solo.

  • Slashley gibbins
    Slashley gibbins Hace 4 días

    Like it so I slapped.. my missis.

  • Giulio is here
    Giulio is here Hace 4 días

    Sono italianooo

  • Pascal Ortolland
    Pascal Ortolland Hace 4 días


  • Jim the 21st
    Jim the 21st Hace 4 días +1

    The italian shroud of bass, lmao

  • Ayush Dwivedi
    Ayush Dwivedi Hace 4 días

    Yo Davie504.
    I'm not challenging you, but why don't you try playing ' Dat Riff ' from the song The Woven Web by Animals As Leaders.
    It's actually difficult to play, but you can do it ! :D

    Also, I slapped LIKE.

  • Денис Ямилов

    NUM 6

  • jose rodriguez
    jose rodriguez Hace 4 días

    so can we read it at 4 mil subs now

  • Beninu Andersen
    Beninu Andersen Hace 4 días +1

    Am I the only one who detected a slight lowering of the tempo in Davie504's remake of the Bass Solo #8 at 5:29, when Davie504 did his cover at 5:47. It's not a lot but it seems like Davie504 made a remake at about 3-4 bpm lower than the original. Let me immediately say, that I have no doubt that Davie504 could play the Solo #8 at the same speed, so I believe it might be a video conversion problem, perhaps because the video he was sent was recorded at 29.97fps and Davie made a 25fps recording (or 50fps which would give the same problems when synchronizing the two video formats), particularly because Davie504 wants to show a PIP of the original bass player for autheticity (which I like BTW) - but I don't know.
    When I checked with my old mechanical metronome (I don't own a digital metronome), it seemed as if I'm right about the BPM difference, but I know for sure it hasn't got anything to do with lack of skill, so that's certainly not what I'm trying to imply - I was just curious about why it happened?

  • Christopher N
    Christopher N Hace 4 días

    Sweet, who needs 5 or 6 strings

  • MrJohnnyLongsleeves
    MrJohnnyLongsleeves Hace 5 días


  • Peter Resetz
    Peter Resetz Hace 5 días

    I tried to slap on my bass but it slapped me back. I know who is the boss now.

  • N L
    N L Hace 5 días

    my favourite slap solo is from level 42 mr. pink by mark king :P

  • tesha rector
    tesha rector Hace 5 días

    Can you play let It whip

  • tesha rector
    tesha rector Hace 5 días

    I dare you to play I love you

  • Fabrício a.k.a. Agile
    Fabrício a.k.a. Agile Hace 5 días

    It's Italian voice reveal time

  • Tzxuanz Buza
    Tzxuanz Buza Hace 5 días

    Slap yow azz with your bass it’s super epic

  • Kazukso
    Kazukso Hace 5 días +1

    I did get guitar tricks ad : Davie not cool

  • Bennie The Cat
    Bennie The Cat Hace 5 días

    the bass solo number 5 looks like the man in the wrong turn movie. because of his hair lmao

  • Hani jr
    Hani jr Hace 5 días

    6:12 when you really feel the song 😂😂😂

  • Kris Doyle
    Kris Doyle Hace 5 días +91

    Ad before video: "Learning *guitar* ? Don't touch that skip button, because thi-"
    Me: *S L A P P*

  • Massttrshrdr Harmonic minor

    Davie the lady's make you hard to slap. Also slap the angry video game nerd on bass

  • Andrew Reddy
    Andrew Reddy Hace 5 días

    I hate you but your editing, sound effects, charisma, and bass playing keeps me watching. I'm not even a bass player... a drummer and a bad one at that. Somehow... I find myself watching every second of video I click on. Keep up the good work you weirdo

  • Jonnathan  Truax
    Jonnathan Truax Hace 5 días

    had to sub after the checkmate

  • vッClᄋudッ
    vッClᄋudッ Hace 5 días

    I swear u really want to slap you in the face 😤🤯

  • Mj Colosa
    Mj Colosa Hace 5 días


  • ambrosio flavio
    ambrosio flavio Hace 5 días +3

    3:29 wth he played Caprice 24 by Paganini on a bASS

  • Blues Metal Guitarist Guitarist and Bassist

    my favorite bassist is Davie504 !!!!!!!!!

  • tpaxatb
    tpaxatb Hace 5 días


  • Kvell Salvana
    Kvell Salvana Hace 5 días

    i liek ur guitar :)

  • Fatty wep
    Fatty wep Hace 5 días

    That intro was amazing man😂 Love your channel!

  • Broo_sh
    Broo_sh Hace 6 días

    10:24 I Slapped so hard i needed to go to therapy after this episode sorry, therapy session coming soon