Bombshell (2019 Movie) Official Teaser - Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie

  • Publicado el 21 ago 2019
  • Bombshell - In theaters in LA & NY December 13, everywhere December 20. Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, John Lithgow, Kate McKinnon, Connie Britton, Mark Duplass, Rob Delaney, Malcolm McDowell, Allison Janney.
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    Starring Academy Award® winner Charlize Theron, Academy Award® winner Nicole Kidman, Academy Award® nominee John Lithgow and Academy Award® nominee Margot Robbie, based on the real scandal, BOMBSHELL is a revealing look inside the most powerful and controversial media empire of all time; Fox News, and the explosive story of the women who brought down the infamous man who created it. Directed by Emmy® Award winner Jay Roach and written by Academy Award® winner Charles Randolph.
    BOMBSHELL also stars Emmy® Award winner Kate McKinnon, Golden Globe® nominee Connie Britton, Emmy® Award winner Mark Duplass, Emmy® Award nominee Rob Delaney, Golden Globe® nominee Malcolm McDowell and Academy Award® winner Allison Janney.
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Comentarios • 3 076

  • shahana malik
    shahana malik Hace 7 horas

    WTF has Nicole Kidman done to her bloody face???????????
    She used to be so GORGEOUS now she looks like a dead corpse sewn back together!!!
    You are on your way to look like JOKER!

  • New PowerUp
    New PowerUp Hace un día

    worst trailer ive ever seen

  • Nihad Salki
    Nihad Salki Hace un día

    Charlize is tooooo.... different

  • Cody Liddle
    Cody Liddle Hace un día +1

    Thanks for wasting my time with a trailer that made me not want to watch whatever movie this is about.

  • Saad Cooper
    Saad Cooper Hace 2 días +1

    music alone need oscar

  • Said mellouka
    Said mellouka Hace 3 días

    Wait, that's not charlize it ? i'm so confused

  • TiOZÃO
    TiOZÃO Hace 3 días

    When whores try to get even more than what they got for past blowjobs. Total garbage!

  • kemal tarik Yolcu
    kemal tarik Yolcu Hace 4 días

    now THAT is how you make a TRAILER

  • Paola Oliveira
    Paola Oliveira Hace 10 días


  • allfaithislost
    allfaithislost Hace 12 días +1

    is that charlize theron?

  • Isa M
    Isa M Hace 13 días

    Robbie looks scared, almost petrified. Theron looks like she's smelling shit and is about to investigate it. Kidman looks like she knows everything and is watching over. And two of them didn't even have words! Amazing job.
    And yes, add me to the group of those who think it was time to find a movie with a non-spoiling trailer!

  • Rizky Arifin
    Rizky Arifin Hace 14 días +2

    The OSCARS Winner Club

  • Seamus McKenna
    Seamus McKenna Hace 17 días

    Is this a prequel to Ironman

  • Tj Anderson
    Tj Anderson Hace 17 días

    Margo is so fuckin sexy. Charlize still has it too. Still so fuckin sexy. Nicole is gettin up there but can still catch em. All 3 of em together is a fantasy for every dude ages 21-50 lol

  • Alicia Garam
    Alicia Garam Hace 18 días +1

    Can't recognise Nicole.

  • La verdad solamente.
    La verdad solamente. Hace 20 días

    Pero de que trata? Drama, erotica, etc?

  • Etenek Zavoyevatel
    Etenek Zavoyevatel Hace 21 un día


  • jane smith
    jane smith Hace 21 un día


  • toniodotcom
    toniodotcom Hace 22 días +4

    When you realise that this whole trailer is actually a scene in the movie :O

  • G K
    G K Hace 22 días

    I don't get it. A trio of catty hot blondes taking an elevator ride. What bombshell? They find out they have the same hairdresser and use the same color?

  • Jelle Reitsma
    Jelle Reitsma Hace 23 días

    Favorite from Trump. Scandall!!!!

  • Sun Hats
    Sun Hats Hace 26 días

    Why their faces look so "creepy"? I mean I understand why nicole's face looks damaged, but the other two?

  • n1Mathes
    n1Mathes Hace 27 días

    three oldies

  • TheIcelandicPrincess
    TheIcelandicPrincess Hace 28 días

    Trailers have two jobs. To tell the audience what it's about and entertains us.
    It failed on both accounts.

  • Tadek Wieczorek
    Tadek Wieczorek Hace 28 días

    Best frikin part

  • Joe McKenzie
    Joe McKenzie Hace 29 días

    I bet her cunt tastes like strawberry mad dog

  • Gary McGrath
    Gary McGrath Hace un mes

    3 women and 1 man in elevator. Man ignores women. Man gets 10 years for sexual harassment.

  • patdthomas
    patdthomas Hace un mes

    While you're all bashing FOX News for hiring beautiful talking heads, check out the other news channels. While you're at it, network and affiliate news programs as well.
    You'll see the entire genre is mostly populated by gorgeous women. And don't even get me started with Spanish speaking channels. My God I'm in love!

  • Jimmy B
    Jimmy B Hace un mes

    No one has that Charlize beauty

  • Highhighway
    Highhighway Hace un mes

    When I saw the trailer first time, I thought it was a lesbian story, then my friend laughed, and told me it was about who farted in the elevator. None was right. The surprise was bigger when I found out the lady with that perfect side eye was my favorite Charlize, whose acting in " Monster" is the best ever in the movie cinematography .

  • Daniel Walsh
    Daniel Walsh Hace un mes

    What a rubbish trailer literally 3 women in a elevator... everyday situations 😂😂😂

  • John Olas
    John Olas Hace un mes

    i have not anymore reason to get rich

  • James Passmore
    James Passmore Hace un mes

    Soooo, it's something about elevators?

  • calleigh
    calleigh Hace un mes

    Can someone explain how this is supposed to make me want to watch the movie? 🤣😳

  • oleg vitalich
    oleg vitalich Hace un mes

    Oldest women(not Robbie)...

  • Lisa Kick Me
    Lisa Kick Me Hace un mes +1

    I never thought I'd see these three blondes together

  • Lia Mercier
    Lia Mercier Hace un mes

    what’s it about though

  • Charlie
    Charlie Hace un mes +3

    This trailer made me nervous and gave me shivers wtf

  • AnaVVify AnaV Vify
    AnaVVify AnaV Vify Hace un mes +1

  • Viktor Victor
    Viktor Victor Hace un mes

    this movie is the reallity of this cruel stupid world !

  • Ted Peterson
    Ted Peterson Hace un mes

    Another movie full of boring women.

  • cris S
    cris S Hace un mes


  • L Campbell
    L Campbell Hace un mes

    Such an amazing job with the prothestics, put on Chalize Theron. Great performance too. Initially thrown off with the deep voice, but once I got into the movie it didn't play on my mind.

  • NP CHE
    NP CHE Hace un mes +1

    Perfectly illustrates the predatory sociopathic nature of women

  • Jenny Smith
    Jenny Smith Hace un mes +1

    I wish Charlize will star on a DC film

  • Green Cross
    Green Cross Hace un mes +2

    Please put Charlize in the DCEU

  • ForsakenSanity
    ForsakenSanity Hace un mes

    I really need to know why all three had to be made unrecognisable...

  • Melanie Sander
    Melanie Sander Hace un mes

    So this movie is about 3 women on an elevator...??

  • Greg Cadmes
    Greg Cadmes Hace un mes +2

    SNL needs to make a skit of this elevator ride that includes a male cast member with some fart sounds & reactions.

  • LG
    LG Hace un mes

    One hell of an elevator trip

  • Oi You!
    Oi You! Hace un mes

    So bad it missed DVD and went straight to torrent! Lol!

  • Jade Sally
    Jade Sally Hace un mes

    What an absolute shite boring irrelevant trailer this was. I learnt nothing.

  • Oro Rubí
    Oro Rubí Hace un mes

    Most boring teaser ever 🙄

  • BroncoBillieBeastie
    BroncoBillieBeastie Hace un mes

    Three immensely talented actresses here!

  • James Wayne
    James Wayne Hace un mes

    I gotta say if anything I appreciate how simple but effective this trailer was. I know it’s a teaser but I hope other studious take notes. I don’t usually watch trailers as they show the whole damn movie. This did it right

  • Benjamin Street
    Benjamin Street Hace un mes

    Wtf was that about

  • Theo Poliviou
    Theo Poliviou Hace un mes +1

    The one in the pinks head is huge 😂😂😂

  • C F
    C F Hace un mes

    Theron Quote " It took me a while to decide to play her to get around the way she thinks , her politics" Theron Is saying she doesn't like her because she's a Republican.....but I guess the millions she gets from playing her overrode her principles....let's face It they where all friends with Weinstein, Hypocrisy thy name Is Hollywood.

  • Andrew Hine
    Andrew Hine Hace un mes

    Worst trailer ever

  • John Yamawaki
    John Yamawaki Hace un mes +2

    this is a movie SO WELL DONE. I MEAN THIS TRAILER it's just like a teaser and you can feel this thing in the enviroment it's insane, props to the actress what an amazing job can't wait to see the movie!!!

    • mareti jewel
      mareti jewel Hace un mes

      just did, it was even better than I expected ... besides the fast tempo and the suspense it makes you feel a lot of emotions due to the talented acting ...5 stars !