49ers vs. Bengals Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2019

  • Publicado el 15 sep 2019
  • The San Francisco 49ers take on the Cincinnati Bengals during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season.
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Comentarios • 2 445

  • ERRE O
    ERRE O Hace 6 días

    Wilson> Tevin Coleman

  • Azteco Producciones
    Azteco Producciones Hace 7 días

    on min 8:28 is #85 SF making a white power sign when he makes first down?

  • Croatian Guy
    Croatian Guy Hace 8 días

    I like Deebo Samuel. He needs to hold onto the football a little better-but I like him.

  • Jose Acevedo
    Jose Acevedo Hace 9 días

    Hawks got nfc west u wait n see go 12

  • Heaven Lightning
    Heaven Lightning Hace 11 días

    Here #11

  • Merritt Johnson
    Merritt Johnson Hace 14 días

    At 8:15, that is a very, very instructive play. It's called a Bootleg, the offense shifts protection hard to the strong side, and the handoff is towards the strong side, but it's a fake, instead the QB keeps ball and rolls out to the weak side, where a single receiver has been peeling off. Totally textbook, and just amazing how well it worked on the Bengals Defense. One Linebacker is so badly fooled by it, he's still watching towards the strong side while Jimmy G rolls out and launches. He only realizes it when the ball is thrown, way too late...he then hangs his head, knowing he just got juked really bad...LAWLS

  • Delvon Robinson
    Delvon Robinson Hace 14 días

    So my 49ers stiff arms those kids

  • Clayton Huffman
    Clayton Huffman Hace 17 días

    Freeman was like hold up

  • James Kovach
    James Kovach Hace 18 días

    49ers good or the bengals are trash?

  • kenneth lunde
    kenneth lunde Hace 19 días

    My time ,the a stars in my eyes

  • Adrien Maccer
    Adrien Maccer Hace 21 un día


  • TS1 Gamers
    TS1 Gamers Hace 23 días

    This 49ers defense is not even trying to tackle. These mfs are actually trying to end the life of whoever has the ball.

  • Yaahboi52
    Yaahboi52 Hace 23 días


  • alexm
    alexm Hace 24 días

    My Dads first cousin is married to Mike Person.

  • Ahmad Kamel
    Ahmad Kamel Hace 25 días

    Andy dalton is garbage quarterback

  • Carmella Allen
    Carmella Allen Hace 25 días +1


    CEN CAL Hace 25 días +1

    49ers #1

  • nuttinbutcash reloaded
    nuttinbutcash reloaded Hace 25 días

    Great play calling too

  • nuttinbutcash reloaded
    nuttinbutcash reloaded Hace 25 días

    49ers offense looks good... I'm a jags fan

  • Alfuquon Patilla
    Alfuquon Patilla Hace 25 días

    Let's roll over the steelers.. Niners lets go

  • Amaree Crook
    Amaree Crook Hace 26 días

    Can We Have A Moment To Talk About Mostert?

  • timomastosalo
    timomastosalo Hace 26 días

    49ers looking to make a comeback? Just the D should get stronger yet, to challenge the big boys. But more strong teams is just good for the league.

  • Jake Wilson
    Jake Wilson Hace 26 días

    I cannot believe that the Bengals lost to the 49ers at home!!! Not good for the Cincinnati Bengals not good!!! They should have won!!!

  • Cali Sole
    Cali Sole Hace 26 días +1

    just coming back to get ready for Sudnay! Lets get it 9ers

  • ChristopherTaylor XI
    ChristopherTaylor XI Hace 26 días

    2:43 OOF

  • David Wiland
    David Wiland Hace 27 días

    Woooooow im loving how the niners are looking

    YEAH IGHT Hace 27 días +1

    49ers took that double pass from the Patriots!!!

  • Mary Hamilton
    Mary Hamilton Hace 27 días

    The big bad 49ers😁

  • Electric Gaming
    Electric Gaming Hace 27 días

    Man I’m a 9er fan but the rest of y’all really need to chill we need to stay humble like y’all saying PLAYOFFS I’ll be happy if we can get at least 5 wins no cap Stay humble and #BLEEDGOLD

  • Joey Bates
    Joey Bates Hace 27 días

    Damn 49ers look nice looking forward to see what they do against rams tho

  • Aligums
    Aligums Hace 27 días

    Breida got some Barry moves

  • Aus Rab
    Aus Rab Hace 27 días +1

    love Kyle Shanahan, and I’m a rams fan

  • Errordemn6
    Errordemn6 Hace 27 días

    9ers look legit

  • C. Huang
    C. Huang Hace 28 días

    Maintain the momentum San Francisco! One game at a time. Beat the Seahawks!

  • Nitro Gaming
    Nitro Gaming Hace 28 días

    Are you guys sold on mostert as a flex option this week?

  • Nololo Popolo
    Nololo Popolo Hace 28 días

    49ers are showing some glimpses of their Golden Days with Joe Montana & Steve Young era. I wouldn't be surprise if they make it far into the Post Season this yr.

  • Paul Purewal
    Paul Purewal Hace 28 días

    Mostert is better than Coleman

  • Anwar Starwind
    Anwar Starwind Hace 28 días

    Two and Nil for the first time in years I'm loving it.

  • Hanget Waa
    Hanget Waa Hace 28 días

    like game

  • TheDoc
    TheDoc Hace 28 días

    How many RB do these team have??

  • Cre Punzal
    Cre Punzal Hace 28 días

    Niners front is looking very diverse athletic and young. Trade for Jalen Ramsey and have Uncle Sherm mentor him...??? Chemistry looks good now tho....but hes a hell of a player lol.

  • The Black Schwab
    The Black Schwab Hace 28 días

    2:47 Damn! I didnt know George Kittle was that fast.

  • DaJon Moore
    DaJon Moore Hace 28 días +1

    As a Cowboy fan
    Niners got Squad along with a creative OC.
    gg SF y’all gon be nice this year

  • Alan Senzaki
    Alan Senzaki Hace 28 días

    Great game!..great running game. Nice to see they activated jeff wilson jr.from practice squad.I was afraid he was going to another team after the final cut...2 and 0 the last time that happened we went to the super bowl with Kap.

  • Kyle Louiso
    Kyle Louiso Hace 28 días

    I am a die hard bengals fan. But i cant help but wonder if the dalton era is pretty much over now. Its been 3 shitty season now. I thank maybe it might be got time to see if are back up QB has what it takes and by the looks of it. He could turn out to be better then andy. Idk what to think anymore. But something needs to change and just a new head coach isnt gonna solve everything

  • Garrett Gomes
    Garrett Gomes Hace 28 días

    Surprised anyone was left on the field, they were all off to the races.

  • Dave Jake
    Dave Jake Hace 28 días

    These Refs are a Problem

  • Elomino Pee
    Elomino Pee Hace 28 días

    San Fran will lose against my steelers this weekend. Book it!!!

    • w yi
      w yi Hace 8 días

      They lost the ball 5 times to your team so I guess you called it

  • skyler Evans
    skyler Evans Hace 28 días

    Niners for life

  • samnelso
    samnelso Hace 28 días

    Almost made a comeback at the end there

  • Anthony Contreras
    Anthony Contreras Hace 28 días +1

    Damn we playing like New England out there but Go Niners 💯

  • Ozair Hussain
    Ozair Hussain Hace 29 días

    Hopefully this is the year that Garappolo proves he’s worth his contact

  • Ethan Kirby
    Ethan Kirby Hace 29 días

    Dalton been playing good low key gonna be scary if there O line isn't awful

  • Wise Howell
    Wise Howell Hace 29 días

    William Jackson - Top 5 corner but nobody sees it yet

  • Alonzo Armstead
    Alonzo Armstead Hace 29 días

    Bengals are trash! 🚮😂😂😂😂

  • David Edwards
    David Edwards Hace 29 días

    I love watching American football. Monday is American football day on South Australia TV.
    But I don't watch it any more. Every year the football coverage gets less while the ads get more.
    Any break in play is instantly filled in with about 6 ads. And something massive like a touchdown can drag out to 9 or 10 ads.

  • william johnson
    william johnson Hace 29 días

    It seems like the whole backfield of the niners have great vision & patience

  • EBK LD
    EBK LD Hace 29 días

    49ers all the way❤️💯

  • shermaine callahan
    shermaine callahan Hace 29 días


  • Lawrence Sabella
    Lawrence Sabella Hace 29 días

    The quest for 6

  • A. Wyatt Mann
    A. Wyatt Mann Hace 29 días

    what the hell is up with all the kickers this year? I've never seen so many missed extra points and field goals than the past couple of weeks

  • ColdRain34 Leo
    ColdRain34 Leo Hace 29 días

    It’s just time to blow it up and start over with a mobile QB ......

  • Mr. Richardson
    Mr. Richardson Hace 29 días

    These roughing the passer calls are making football hard to watch

  • John blaze
    John blaze Hace 29 días

    Let's go after jalen ramsey

    ZODIAC Hace 29 días

    who was liberace was he a football player or a general in teh army

  • Jay Mann
    Jay Mann Hace 29 días

    lot of maturity for ross to not even celebrate that last td. some guys dont get that

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson Hace 29 días

    I hope it’s the Niners season this year!

  • Q
    Q Hace 29 días

    my Dawgs- dante pettis and john ross. Good to my dawgs all over this league.

  • DHG Chill Leader Arthur
    DHG Chill Leader Arthur Hace 29 días +1

    49ers r going 10-6

  • rg3champ816
    rg3champ816 Hace 29 días

    Jimmy G not playin this year, #22 9er RB is tough !

  • Dinesh Karki
    Dinesh Karki Hace 29 días

    Patriots are ass, #FLYEAGLESFLY

  • Hunter Blackburn
    Hunter Blackburn Hace 29 días

    Wander when the 49ers will realize they have a franchise rb in breida and give him a full workload

  • Carlos Baez
    Carlos Baez Hace 29 días

    I start feeling good about my 49ers. 3 years crying finally the nectar of win is here

  • Jack Salonsky
    Jack Salonsky Hace 29 días

    Who was Garroppollo throwing it to on the interception to Jackson? there were 5 defenders there?

  • Steve Forsythe
    Steve Forsythe Hace 29 días

    That juke by Breida was a thing of beauty. And the Mostert catch for a touchdown was just funny to watch.

  • Chris Bailey
    Chris Bailey Hace 29 días

    What happened to another grown man tackling another grown man with a football in his hand in the NFL. What's with arm tackling and head down and the electric slide? Being physical is a lost art of the NFL, shoulder and body tackling is what I'm speaking up, wrap and drive! And I bet theses cats are talking junk all week and then get in the game and run up scared to hit the running back, they act as they have never been in numerous fights they way they hit, the safeties are coming up arm tackling and getting stiff-armed by the running back with no effort. But I bet many of them are tough guys off the field but lesser on the field. He lifts weights and runs sprints just like you do, hit someone!

  • Griffon2013
    Griffon2013 Hace un mes

    49ers really beat the sorry ass Bucs and Bengals and fans start talking about a Super Bowl. Y'all need to get a reality check. Wait till you play an actual good team.

  • Joshua Conatser
    Joshua Conatser Hace un mes +1

    Stiff arm at 8:20 😂

  • Straw Man
    Straw Man Hace un mes

    ross is impressive.

  • Jon Con
    Jon Con Hace un mes

    That long jump celebration was epic

  • Manny
    Manny Hace un mes

    Who needs tickets to the 49ers Home opener vs the steelers? Pay via Paypal & Recieve tickets via Ticketmaster

  • David Williams
    David Williams Hace un mes

    3:23 that was dirty

  • liltommy
    liltommy Hace un mes

    Sheesh!..49ers gotta lotta RBs. if they keep producing like this they might have to let go jerick mckinnon n telvin coleman. Matt Breida might as well be the starter. Then they can save money n go get Jalen Ramsey

  • Julio Valle
    Julio Valle Hace un mes

    Jimmy g a beast. And bengals say goodbye to andy dalton already lol.

    ROBERTO OROZCO Hace un mes

    Have you noticed the stadiums are never full now. The prices on tickets are way too high.

  • jimbob
    jimbob Hace un mes

    If I hear off the the races one more time I'm gonna blow up my car

  • andrew castillo
    andrew castillo Hace un mes

    Why are so many saying the 49ers are gonna be good after playing the bengals💀am I the only one that saw how terrible the offensive line and defense played😂

    • Reuben Foster
      Reuben Foster Hace un mes

      andrew castillo Don’t know what you’re watching but god bless

  • Smiles
    Smiles Hace un mes

    I wanna patriots vs the 49ers

  • cloud47 cloudcity47
    cloud47 cloudcity47 Hace un mes

    The play at 4:08 Ross could of kept running no cut was needed no one would of been able to get the angle and he would of scored

  • Mo49 Alshaif
    Mo49 Alshaif Hace un mes

    I honestly feel stupid for being scared of the bungels at one point....

  • Naudica Royall
    Naudica Royall Hace un mes

    BROOOOOO We Kicked their ass!!!

  • Dan Rodriguez
    Dan Rodriguez Hace un mes

    Don’t like the niners just came to watch jimmy garapollo always knew he had potential

  • Darrell Powell
    Darrell Powell Hace un mes

    Hell yeahhhhh go niners!! We will make playoffs for sure,niners are playing good ball on both sides.Niner phine 4 life👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Charles Williams
    Charles Williams Hace un mes

    Bosa doesn't look like anything special ritenow

    • Dominic Gullotta
      Dominic Gullotta Hace 29 días +1

      he has the most pressures through 2 weeks of any player in the nfl, at least try to know more than seeing if he sacks someone on a highlight video

    • Reuben Foster
      Reuben Foster Hace un mes

      Charles Williams he has a high ankle sprain but is still playing. He was limited with a few snaps

  • Jonathan Soko
    Jonathan Soko Hace un mes

    All the sudden i miss marvin LOL

  • BuzzyMaster
    BuzzyMaster Hace un mes

    Damn it sucks to see this. If we played like we played against the Seahawks we would’ve beat them. Fortunate for 49ers and unfortunate for us. We need to play good every game and not just a couple.

    • Jose Caballero
      Jose Caballero Hace un mes

      What do u mean we,are on the team.
      Why do sports fan talk like their on the team,SAD.

  • Joshua Hignight
    Joshua Hignight Hace un mes

    Bengals Defense was trash this game

  • He Was Dead When I Got There


  • Young savage
    Young savage Hace un mes

    49ers defense looking scary

  • Mac Anthony
    Mac Anthony Hace un mes

    Jimmy G is just not that impressive to me... ijs