Junk Food

  • Publicado el 26 ene 2020
  • Are you an MMMM Candy bar, because you're so sweet 💖💖💖
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  • Luna_The_ Weeaboo_Unicorn

    We don’t eat cereal in the morning...

    We’re asian btw

    MACHO NACHO Hace un hora

    Everyone give him only M&M!

  • Trainman42
    Trainman42 Hace un hora

    James keeps getting furry fan art now that it's more public that he's basically "not" a furry lol

  • Melgirl ・。・
    Melgirl ・。・ Hace un hora +1

    So my parents aren't the only mythical creatures that did that.... Hmmmm.... Interesting....

  • Megan Cokez
    Megan Cokez Hace un hora

    At least your cheerios were half normal! We just had the plain toasted circles of non-sweetness. And our hotdogs and hamburgers were always on wheat bread, but idk if that was or wasn't lucky cause it sounds like the wheat buns might have been worse 😂

  • AJ Wilson
    AJ Wilson Hace un hora

    James, m&ms have been a candy bar for a long time how did you not know about this

  • Adriel
    Adriel Hace un hora +1


  • Lavish
    Lavish Hace un hora

    RIP Kobe🐍

  • Nightslasher 0218
    Nightslasher 0218 Hace un hora

    Great video James good to have you back

  • Kabba45
    Kabba45 Hace un hora

    Congrats on being #1 on trending

  • NoScopeNineYearOld& Ohoimthemagic8ball

    I'm still on but it's OK cause I like the crust but now looking back I'm just so grateful still these healthy eating habits in the mood I mean I don't follow them anymore because I live on my own and I don't know how to cook and bagel bites hey so darn good but I'm still thankful my mom tell me what I should be doing is any parents watching this going I like the way it is Jameses mom character thanks I would recommend to all parents teaching your kids healthy eating habits as soon as possible I deafly didn't appreciate it at the time but now that I'm older and wiser I'm thankful that I like the taste of wheat bread my parents had to sing the wire the bread is the sooner your dad they would always get wheat bread even for hot dog and hamburger buns they got wheat sandwich bread as hotdog buns your poor I get it but at least you didn't have to use the wheat bread however now that I live on my own I still get the wheat bread because I don't wanna die young I still love ES-pl videos to make somethings never change I guess that I do get the white hotdog buns the wheat ones are still gross when I was a very little kid of my dad's work was throwing a barbecue get together thing and I got to eat as many hotdogs on white bread as I could handle best part of it all got a wash it down with I was very sugar five back home I had to catch up on all the sugar I was missing out on member what the Soto was exactly it was an original bottle of Coke from the 1800s it might as well head coach because I was addicted to all the white powdery stuff but I didn't I drink through my tummy started to get the room so I told my dad dad tummy hurts and he said it's probably because you're dehydrated and I still respect my dad at that age and thought he knew what he was talking about so I drink more soda and then I threw up in my dad said we should leave I mention this next story of my first book available march but one time my mom bought a giant 3 pound bag of skittles I forgot what she bought them for but they definitely work for us closet because she knew what us kids would do it and on the skittles this wasn't the first time my mom had a hard candy from us but this time she forgot to lock the closet leaving the skittles unprotected my older brother ate the entire thing and we would've gotten away with it but then something came up puke I threw up on the family room carpet my mom saw a rainbow the throw up was in immediately put two into together and knew that we are gone and or skittles the funny part of the story brother got punished but I did it because according to my mom I had already suffered enough and that's why that story is in the chapter titled perks of being the younger brother anyways don't eat so much candy did you throw up eminem's for a while so to make it go faster m&Ms I'm just gonna say I want my older videos I sent my favorite candy bar every time I would tell people that they would always say more something interesting happened for that video was posted actually released a bar version of their candy I can absolutely say that mom is my favorite candy bar not get any weird looks marketing team sent me a box of any bars and I think they wanted me to promote it but because I said that I favorite candy bar go to convention which is very thoughtful but you know I like other things to do like Oreos and Twix just saying you don't have to bring me time when I was visiting London I went to the store with my friends Adam and mats and if you don't know about them on London store it's for stories tall 35,000 ft.² and according to Wikipedia the largest sweet store in the world so it was kind of big ones I stepped inside my first thought was OK this is too much at the candy for a scene and Willy Wonka was all chocolate and expensive and one part of the store you can make your own custom with the picture and two phrases so for the picture I googled my car to him self held up my phone to the camera and for the freezers naturally we wanted to write something that was meaningful so we wrote mad stinks and Adam smells employee didn't I was to write that because it was too negative and win against it brand knowing we were not allowed to roast each other the next race we decided to print was getting mad and something else Whitey wasn't creative but without being able to make fun of each other we didn't have a lot to work with those races were an allowed either because they were the names of some ES-pl or's so I got flagged by the system and they told us need permission from the ES-pl or even though you're both right here employee I don't want to get food on one hand I'm glad that mom has a system in place to prevent people from stealing on the other hand it's just what do you think you're gonna do with them her to feel the times freeze we wanted and no at least I still got my cannibal even though technically this image is copyrighted so you'll be hearing from my lawyer soon disadvantages of being a ES-pl or is the lack of benefits we don't even have dental at all the junk food i'm not doing probably see one can I confess something I don't know dentist were optional I thought they saw him and due to their office is like jury duty that's what it felt like when I was a kid I'm never gonna carry though he's not one that I know of piece of doing something right as a part of the video where I give you advice on eating healthy but I'm still working on that myself I can't help at biting down on a delicious carrot in the world nominated as the best orange thing ever 5003 carat points and a bunch of weird looks at the grocery store give your body the fuel in it expected to run that's not really the best metaphor to use because you also and pour water into a car in expected to run gasoline because cars and people are the same. That is what happens when voice activation speaks my friends.

  • Pawan Singh Mankotia
    Pawan Singh Mankotia Hace un hora

    Did you know?
    James A DOCTOR....

    ..... of psychology!

  • Jodie Collins
    Jodie Collins Hace un hora

    I love you

  • Spooky Goat boi
    Spooky Goat boi Hace un hora

    í ʍҽɑղ í ցօԵ ɑղօԵհҽɾ ҍօժվ íղ ʍվ ҍɑՏҽʍҽղԵ

  • Malachi McMillan
    Malachi McMillan Hace un hora

    6:14 wait if it has ur logo on it it means it isn’t copyright boiiiiiii (ur welcome)

  • Andella Heartz
    Andella Heartz Hace un hora

    my mom: yOu SHoUlD EaT HEalTHy foOd to noT DiE
    also my mom: *_buys 100000 junk food and one small pea_*

    MACHO NACHO Hace un hora

    Bagel bites...
    But like being to healthy is um...
    Have Fun!

  • Andrew Jensen
    Andrew Jensen Hace un hora

    I was eating fruity pebbles while watching this video

    YELLOUT99GIRL ! Hace un hora

    Number 2 on trending!

  • Snarelax Z
    Snarelax Z Hace un hora

    You only have one body, so take care ot it. Haha, carrot.

  • DekuHokage
    DekuHokage Hace un hora

    Am i the only one that got that pun at the end🤔

  • iiFrxya
    iiFrxya Hace un hora

    7:02 ÆÜGH

  • yaphace
    yaphace Hace un hora +1

    RIP Kobe

  • 86Drifter
    86Drifter Hace un hora

    This video is sponsored by Raid-
    *C A R R O T S*

  • Necro Gaming
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  • Art The Great
    Art The Great Hace un hora

    Funny my mom never bought sugary cereals either. Don’t eat them to this day

  • Poofter
    Poofter Hace un hora

    The thing is about healthy food is that it’s so much more expensive that the unhealthy shit

  • Lipi Rastogi
    Lipi Rastogi Hace un hora +1

    I think you mean *whole grain* not wheat bread. All bread is made of wheat

  • Bob Is Epic
    Bob Is Epic Hace un hora

    Number 1 on trending huh????

  • Brittany Roberson
    Brittany Roberson Hace un hora

    Hey I love your video please shout me out 😀😃😃😃😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Krystal Rossi
    Krystal Rossi Hace un hora

    I bought your ploosh. It was the one with the Soubway uniform.

  • Rob Binfield
    Rob Binfield Hace un hora +1

    James:carrots are the most popular orange thing in the world
    Orange:I’m about to end this mans whole career

  • apex user
    apex user Hace un hora


  • Joshua A
    Joshua A Hace un hora

    Pufferfish 7:01

  • Blu Kinda Animates
    Blu Kinda Animates Hace un hora

    "The whiter the bread, the sooner you're dead"

  • Sandy Codfish
    Sandy Codfish Hace un hora +1

    Who licks sidewalks for candy?
    👇like below.

  • Dave Wentelteef
    Dave Wentelteef Hace un hora

    So many inside memes I like it
    Who saw the fish at 7:00

  • Sean dremmurr kun
    Sean dremmurr kun Hace un hora

    Bruh i want a carrot juice rn

  • Rabiya Usmani
    Rabiya Usmani Hace un hora +1

    How many mmmmmmm with so much energy mmmhhhmmm🤣😂😂

  • Thanyamon Favios
    Thanyamon Favios Hace un hora

    secrets 6:47 puffer fish carrot and charmander 6:52

  • Caroline loves unicorns

    omg!!! i loves carrots!!!!!

  • KumoriRaven
    KumoriRaven Hace un hora

    The gasoline bit nearly made me choke on my drink at work omg

  • azzkk
    azzkk Hace un hora


  • oreoeatsoreos
    oreoeatsoreos Hace un hora

    I needed this after seeing Mamba, Gigi and the other killed, the helicopter accident.

  • jayscoding2
    jayscoding2 Hace un hora

    Omggg, the same thing happened with my grandma, she won't ever let us buy unhealthy (brightly coloured or chocolatey) cereals hahaha

  • Julieta ORourke
    Julieta ORourke Hace un hora

    what the... this is trending ... clap clap clap

  • Fire Wolf Gaming/Mike Plays

    "Carrots are the best orange thing in the world"
    My cousin had a huge bag of Carrots and she used the whole bag to make her own Carrot juice and she said it was strange and good at the same time.

  • Ghost Night BG
    Ghost Night BG Hace un hora

    I used code Odd1 and they kickt me out of the store

  • Francis Zhang
    Francis Zhang Hace un hora

    1:41 James calls out every Australian and their bunnings snags

    MASHED UP STUFF Hace un hora


  • JustGood
    JustGood Hace un hora

    14 hours 6million views
    Me beast: 🧐

  • MrNacho814
    MrNacho814 Hace un hora

    Wow you really bring joy to my life! Thank you thodd1sout for posting such entertaininvideos for me to enjoy!!

    L3G3NDARYSENPAI Hace un hora

    i like how i watched this while eating junk food lol

  • Hatzmania
    Hatzmania Hace un hora

    who else thought he was gonna quote llamas with hats at 2:30

    MASTER-OF- EVIL Hace un hora

    First place on Trending congratulations James

  • Sab Potter
    Sab Potter Hace un hora

    Hi ed!

  • Wat3r Lkm and Oli the cat


  • Hey 3dgy
    Hey 3dgy Hace un hora

    My mom thinks im kinda weird cuz when my older bros & cousins would get doritos, froot loops, waifer chocolate snacks & more chocolate while i got myself rosemary flavored chips,oat cereal & nutribars & more fruits....ye i was a kinds easy child

  • kayla agn
    kayla agn Hace un hora

    james: *_AGGRESSIVE MMMS_*

  • *Tess *
    *Tess * Hace un hora

    I prefer the taste of wheat bread over white bread. I was a weirdo as a kid.