What would you do Domestic violence Boyfriend abusing his girlfriend in public

  • Publicado el 17 may 2014

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  • IKECH545
    IKECH545 Hace un día

    The guys at the end... THOSE are men. Men protect ladies. Men are respectful. Men hold doors for ladies. Men don’t raise their voice or threaten ladies. Men STAND up for ladies - even ones they don’t know. Thank you gentlemen!

  • tercielo
    tercielo Hace 3 días

    @14:16 he was ready to throw hands.

  • Dog Mom
    Dog Mom Hace 4 días +1

    It warms my heart to see that there are such good Men still in this World. 💯

  • Dog Mom
    Dog Mom Hace 4 días

    You should do one where the Male is the victim. 🤷

  • 1gr8chef123
    1gr8chef123 Hace 5 días

    These men are just trying to save her so they can be next in line to get a piece of that sweet ass!!!

  • Lindsey
    Lindsey Hace 7 días

    Been there. Done that. Got the divorce.

  • Sun Kyss
    Sun Kyss Hace 7 días +2

    Here's the thing;
    Many times the girlfriend will defend these douchbag even if you do get involved.
    ..get involved anyway.

  • Jerry
    Jerry Hace 8 días

    Ngl i laughed me ass when he threw the keys at her . Its fucked up but idk . Shits hilarious lmao

  • Blake brummett
    Blake brummett Hace 9 días

    He said I will bounce your head off the floor 😂 that’s awesome

  • dan o kelly
    dan o kelly Hace 9 días

    I would have called the police, any man who beats a woman is not a man

  • mad hatter's
    mad hatter's Hace 12 días

    I wouldn't do nothing, as I've seen feminist women in work, they play the victim while pulling all the strings. Fuck white knighting the jig is up for the attention seeking feminist.

  • Jean Marie Corsame
    Jean Marie Corsame Hace 15 días

    I wish these guys where there when my dad physically abused my mom. I was there, staring at her while my dad banged her head on the wall. I was in 2nd grade that time, I don’t know what to do.

  • Tory Catherine
    Tory Catherine Hace 15 días

    The people that play the villains on this show have a lot of guts. Surely they know theres even a small possibility they could be knocked out for what they're acting out

  • P- Star7
    P- Star7 Hace 17 días

    1st dude a coward

  • A - Boy
    A - Boy Hace 19 días

    The guy in the white shirt was going to fuck him up, he was in his bounce your head off the floor stance.

  • Nostalgia nerd
    Nostalgia nerd Hace 21 un día +1

    This scenario reminds me a lot if the song Leave Luanne by 35mm: amusical exhibition

  • Jenny Jen Official
    Jenny Jen Official Hace 24 días +1

    This is fire 🔥 3:03 this is man is sooo human..

  • Darker Fun
    Darker Fun Hace 25 días

    Aww the the ending

  • Lauren McGrath
    Lauren McGrath Hace 27 días

    I would have slapped him around that resturant

  • kyle f
    kyle f Hace 28 días

    “Leave before I bounce your head off the fucking floor” hahaha badass!!!

  • Alexandra Courtney
    Alexandra Courtney Hace 28 días +2

    I’m waiting to see someone just tackle the bad guy first instead of talking lol

  • Fatima Mustafa
    Fatima Mustafa Hace 28 días

    I'm 5'5 and I'm telling you right now I'd beat the abuser to death with my own hands. My dad physically abused me in front of ppl in public and no one helped me. I'm not letting this happen to anyone else.

  • Dolce Luxe
    Dolce Luxe Hace 29 días +1

    Is there anything more embarrassing than being the guy who didn’t interfere on WWYD?

    • Ted
      Ted Hace 20 días

      Dolce Luxe He thought it was dangerous, what if this was real and he intervened and afterwards the abusive man killed his girlfriend. it happens.

  • Eileen Anderson
    Eileen Anderson Hace un mes

    Please help my granddaughter. Please

  • TheChosenOne
    TheChosenOne Hace un mes +1

    3:18 "pretty impressive, but we didnt see anything yet" come on dont ruin the guy's moment he did good defending her.

  • TheChosenOne
    TheChosenOne Hace un mes

    Girls like abuse, manipulation and power though. Isnt that what they like ? Asshole types and jerks ? They dont like nice guys that show them love and stuff. They friendzone those types of girls.

  • Amy Hagler
    Amy Hagler Hace un mes

    jeremy, you do a great job at playing a dick

  • Claudia Pallais
    Claudia Pallais Hace un mes

    this is crazy because before that guy comes in with the tv the actor can get punched

  • Elijah C Lochner
    Elijah C Lochner Hace un mes +1

    I’m watching all these stupid videos trying to find one where someone gets smacked..

  • violetSoul
    violetSoul Hace un mes

    Jeremy and Traci would be the perfect couple

  • Tony Castellano
    Tony Castellano Hace un mes

    He played the part of an arrogant jerk really well.

  • GilesMan5000
    GilesMan5000 Hace un mes +23

    Big Dude: "Wanna give ME a black eye...??"
    Jeremy thinks: "... ... ...a-acting just got a lot harder..."

  • Julia ED81
    Julia ED81 Hace un mes

    Are all these men asking about the reverse situation getting abused? Because I have never even heard about a case like that.

  • Jen Rusiana
    Jen Rusiana Hace un mes +1

    I cried watching this vedeo, I am a victim of abusive relationship.

  • Zachary Morris
    Zachary Morris Hace un mes +5

    Guy: Pulls gun out on Actor....

    John Quinones: Okay, It's time to introduce ourselves....

  • Daniel Taz
    Daniel Taz Hace un mes

    I was a fire fighter paramedic from spring 1986 till July 2017 I had to deal with my share of domestic violence incidents including one incident with a bomb threat

  • Yumnah Ashaar
    Yumnah Ashaar Hace un mes +1

    Damn if I was there I would started screaming at the dude.

  • Ralph Z
    Ralph Z Hace un mes

    Thing is, guys are way more likely to get their ass beat than women if they intervene. Also, sometimes you know the right thing to do is to say something, but man there are crazy cats out there. He could've very well carried a gun. This is the USA!

  • Acacia Hooley
    Acacia Hooley Hace un mes


  • Shawntay Smith
    Shawntay Smith Hace un mes

    😩😩😩 awwwnnnn omggg this is so nice

  • Jay Gonzalez
    Jay Gonzalez Hace un mes

    so u can just abuse the 911 line like that??
    what if someone that was in a death or life situation was calling and the call wouldnt go through because yall are doing yalls little show??🤔🤦‍♂️

  • Jessica Dumont
    Jessica Dumont Hace un mes +1

    I feel so bad for the guys who were trying to help. That's a tough situation to be in.

  • Ninad Dhond
    Ninad Dhond Hace un mes

    Everybody is a jumper until the real jumper 'JOHN' comes in

  • Effnine66
    Effnine66 Hace un mes

    I got scared when they called the cops. Kudos on them for being thorough and letting the cops know they were doing a show.

  • Jose Escobar
    Jose Escobar Hace un mes

    This happened at a restaurant with a couple, my Dad noticed got upset starting talking to the guy, n the guy to my dad, I was heated up ready to back up my dad to beat up that guy. The lady went home safe. Ugh, I wanted to throw down so bad though.

  • Candy m
    Candy m Hace un mes

    Have they done one where the man is being abused by a woman?

  • Kaden
    Kaden Hace un mes

    If this happened to a man no one would give a shit

  • César A. Marroquin
    César A. Marroquin Hace un mes

    That actor would have gotten his ass kicked cause the cam crew would have gotten me too late lmfao

  • Billy BOB
    Billy BOB Hace un mes +1

    They all just wanted some pussy that day. Lol.

  • Ozzy Delrio
    Ozzy Delrio Hace un mes

    What he called the cops for tho

  • Rica Mangalindan
    Rica Mangalindan Hace un mes +45

    2:43 "step outside for a minute"
    Me: got excited 😂

  • Nature Bear
    Nature Bear Hace un mes

    "Of course the police already know we're here"🙄😂😂

  • biscuit b
    biscuit b Hace un mes

    4:04 bruh he be looking like that skinny creature from hobbit but fat

  • Keith Steward
    Keith Steward Hace un mes +1

    I have seen it many times. I never do anything. None of my business. More women need to learn self defense so they won't be prey to guys like that. I know some tough sweet and feminine women that men only try once. I used to intervene but almost got shot. Fuck that.

  • sober survivor
    sober survivor Hace un mes

    PLEASE be careful how you approach these situations when you're in them. As a domestic violence survivor I've had someone try to help in front of my ex and he nearly killed me for it. Approach the person being abused in private if you can or call the police

    • sober survivor
      sober survivor Hace un mes

      @yaba daba oh bless your little heart... You say yeet so I must end this conversation because you're either 13 or the equivalent.

    • yaba daba
      yaba daba Hace un mes

      @sober survivor and you assumed I haven't been?

    • sober survivor
      sober survivor Hace un mes

      @yaba daba until your in that situation you just won't know.

    • yaba daba
      yaba daba Hace un mes

      You gonna complain bruh, dont go home with them maybe? Cannot believe someone has stipulations for helping them.

  • Gang Girl
    Gang Girl Hace un mes

    This made me cry😥

  • Zoned 247
    Zoned 247 Hace un mes

    What happens if a guy gets up and flattens this dude? Would you get charged? You know, before anyone has time to say, hey it's a prank!
    "Hi, I'm John Quinones, here at the scene of an actor who's been pummelled, for pretending to be a dick".

  • Jared Richard
    Jared Richard Hace un mes +1

    They never did gf abuses bf I had emailed them asking them too it's just boyfriends that are abusive girlfriend's can be too and they come violent I personally can't stand this show and honestly I think it's all fake acted and pre scripted it's very liberal and I don't like that . Oh before say don't watch it then I don't I only watch I few episodes and I was like this is trash . And I'm not sexist I believe women have rights but men also have rights and you don't believe men and women have equal rights then your clinically insane. Women don't have any more civil liberties or protections then men . Men gets abusive well smack a girl same penalty. If women gets abusive smacks a guy same penalty. If a women can act tough and won't stop hitting her she's not a real woman that's just a dumb broad looking for trouble in she was the aggressor so it would be her fault if something happened.

    • Kaden
      Kaden Hace un mes +1

      Jared Richard preech!

  • Yvng Jay
    Yvng Jay Hace un mes

    Nu di ty

  • Atticus Bartlet
    Atticus Bartlet Hace un mes

    Arm phasers.

  • Round Robin
    Round Robin Hace un mes

    That 1st guy was hoping to get laid by a vulnerable woman.

  • Kuma Roshi
    Kuma Roshi Hace un mes

    The actor playing the bf was too small. Wish they used a bigger actor with muscles to intimated the onlookers

  • Tenzin Shitsetsang
    Tenzin Shitsetsang Hace un mes

    2:49 if John didn't show up this actor would get a full portion of an ass-whoop. :D

  • Tom Sc
    Tom Sc Hace un mes

    What a badass, loved it

  • Matthew Birtwell
    Matthew Birtwell Hace un mes

    I would have smack his head off the table

  • Cody Mathes
    Cody Mathes Hace un mes

    The big guy in the red shirt strikes me as military.

  • TheAtonne
    TheAtonne Hace un mes

    I would not tolerate any kind of abuse. It's not even a question of man abusing woman. It's partner abusing partner. Women can be just a violent towards their male partners. Abuse is wrong, no matter who it is

  • MsFair
    MsFair Hace un mes +1

    Red shirt guy is gorgeous.

  • Alzina Rivera
    Alzina Rivera Hace un mes

    GHAD 🥰❤️

  • TomboyVale
    TomboyVale Hace un mes +1

    I was walking out of a cafè, log time ago, and i remember a Black guy pushing his girlfriend to the floor screaming to her like a freak, and then he smacked her a bleeding nose. I was in shock.. He was angry because she wanted to break up with him.. At first i wanted to call the cops but then i follow them until their House, and thats when i cintacted the police. They went infront of their House, and i saw the lady having a bleeding nose.. She somehow managed to get out and run to me in tears.. She said i saved her..
    Welli dont find it normal to smack a pregnant lady, and also.. She said that she broke up with him because she didnt want to be abused anymore.. That guy is crazy

    • Robert Allala
      Robert Allala Hace un día

      TomboyVale That must’ve been awful. Scary even.

  • YAYsweetpotato
    YAYsweetpotato Hace un mes

    All gender swap bullshit-ers, during the video there is a caption that says "1 of 4 women experiences domestic violence" can you imagine the opposite?
    Majority of domestic violence victim is women and don't you dare try to take away the attention elsewhere by "but not all men" bullshit.
    When a woman hits a man bare hands, it's not a life-or-death situation. it's not a immediate emergency. but the opposite, it's different. That's because women and men are born different PHYSICALLY and that's why men need to be careful the world NOW we're leaving in. We're not living in a stone age.

  • Chris Findley
    Chris Findley Hace 2 meses

    They should swap the gender roles and see how many people DON'T help

  • Barbara Erlinger
    Barbara Erlinger Hace 2 meses

    And those me2 ers and liberals complain about toxic masculinity when men would die for women. Meanwhile wwyd doesnt have the cahones to make an esp of women abusing their boyfriends/ husbands

  • Bodie Ops
    Bodie Ops Hace 2 meses +1

    If you intervene, dudes just gonna hit her harder

  • killuanatsume
    killuanatsume Hace 2 meses

    5:29 I almost cried at that.

  • CyberWolf 838
    CyberWolf 838 Hace 2 meses +2

    I started crying when the man chased him out the door.

  • Gothgirl 2121
    Gothgirl 2121 Hace 2 meses

    Just if all men have the brains like that now there should never be a problem at all.

  • Sienna Schmidt
    Sienna Schmidt Hace 2 meses

    I love that all the guys in the restaurant band together help the girl

  • Justin Bieber's #1 Fan
    Justin Bieber's #1 Fan Hace 2 meses

    I witnessed a man and a woman at a gas station one night around 11 o'clock on Broadway and Griffin street in Los Angeles, California arguing. I was at the bus stop waiting for the #45 to take me to South Central. The argument quickly escaladed to verbal abuse by the male and then he slapped her. She started screaming and he started pulling her hair and began punching her. I am 6'3" 315 pounds. She obviously needed help. So I ran over and got between them. I put her behind me, him facing me. I pushed him back from his chest and told him to go ahead and pick on somebody his own size.
    Then BAM! I was struck in the head from behind by the girl I was defending with a 2 X 4!!!
    She started screaming at me, "Leave my man the fuck alone!" Then they both started hitting me, her with her 2 X 4 and him with fists.
    I REALLY just wanted to get the phuck outta there immediately but that bitch started chasing me down with the 2 X 4 hitting me múltiple times screaming at me "'Mother phucker! Don't you ever phuck with my man!"
    All of a sudden I wanted nothing more than to beat the LIVING SHIT out of this bitch! But I got scared because people started gathering around watching the commotion unravel. Then she started screaming at the looker-loos how I just assaulted her boyfriend (for "No apparent reason" as she so eloquently put it).
    Fuck THAT! What would you do?

    • Justin Bieber's #1 Fan
      Justin Bieber's #1 Fan Hace 2 meses

      BTW, what do you tell a woman with two black eyes? Nothing. She's been told twice!

  • Bungee
    Bungee Hace 2 meses +3

    Seeing all the dudes standing up at 4:19 always gets me emotional

  • Jack Brown
    Jack Brown Hace 2 meses +1

    2:38 watch out you've angered *big boi*

  • West Coast
    West Coast Hace 2 meses

    People who say not their place just means they are to much of pussies to say anything.

  • Momoko Ishida
    Momoko Ishida Hace 2 meses

    I would be afraid to say anything or do anything incase the vitcim gets the blame for it. Like if I phoned the police the guy/women would assume it was their S.O and would be in more danger and might get killed.

  • Daniel Diprose
    Daniel Diprose Hace 2 meses

    Damn these are good actors

  • fassabil
    fassabil Hace 2 meses

    He threw those keys in her face lmao!!!

    SHINIGAMI_CHIKUBI69 Hace 2 meses

    I like the premise of the show, but I fucking hate the tone in which the host talks. They emphasis he puts on words and shit. It's almost cancerous

  • Emerly Jones 2.0
    Emerly Jones 2.0 Hace 2 meses

    If I see a abusive boyfriend I would slap him in the face

  • Samantha Moran
    Samantha Moran Hace 2 meses

    Jesus, they're honestly putting people's lives in danger with this shit 😕 in my town this guy would be been jumped for even throwing his keys like that. The bruises? He'd be gone.

  • Up&Up Always
    Up&Up Always Hace 2 meses +1

    Not a single other woman than the actress 😂

  • Celebrity Jarron.
    Celebrity Jarron. Hace 2 meses +1

    When they gonna put black people in these situations?

  • GraffitiTurtle
    GraffitiTurtle Hace 2 meses +15

    I come back to this video every once in a while to restore my faith in humanity

  • N- Ing
    N- Ing Hace 2 meses +3

    We’re lucky ladies in the West.

  • Queen Wolf.
    Queen Wolf. Hace 3 meses

    I would break his arms

  • Abdisamed Osman
    Abdisamed Osman Hace 3 meses

    And nowadays feminst told us men are toxic and they have bad characteristics and they always dominate the women

  • dablocishot77
    dablocishot77 Hace 3 meses

    Mwauh. What you up to boob?

  • Jasen Morganti
    Jasen Morganti Hace 3 meses +1

    All the feminists who believe that men are evil should sit down and watch this video.

    • ror ror
      ror ror Hace 2 meses

      Jasen Morganti most feminists don’t believe that, feminazi in the other hand do, but who cares about them, I’m a feminist and I believe alot of men are genuine good people

  • Evie Ploeg
    Evie Ploeg Hace 3 meses

    I don't like this it can lead to being anixous for the people eating

  • Jennifer Schenk
    Jennifer Schenk Hace 3 meses +5

    People are a lot more hesitant about intervening in a domestic violence situation. You could even make the situation worse or be reprimanded later. The best way to help isn't to confront, but to ask if the victim when they're alone if they are alright and need assistance. If you have solid evidence if they are being abused, you call the police to investigate. Not every abuse victim wants to be rescued, I'm sad to say.

  • Mia Marino
    Mia Marino Hace 3 meses +2

    5:25 the guy understands but we don't need to understand, we should always try help others in a bad situation. Right is always right,

  • Princess Jauregui-Hansen

    good guys