Would We Break Up If Shane Wasn’t Disabled?

  • Publicado el 18 oct 2019
  • No, obviously. But still, lots of people ask us if we’re only together because of Shane’s disability. As with any strong relationship, our love is built upon a connection between our personalities, not our exterior bodies. We also discuss people who say they would never date a disabled person.
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    Shane was born with a neuromuscular disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy that requires him to use an electric wheelchair. He is the author of several award-winning books, the President of a nonprofit organization called Laughing At My Nightmare, and a renowned public speaker who has performed across the country at places such as Harvard University, The University of Florida, The University of Connecticut, Princeton University, and many more.
    Hannah just graduated from Carleton College, where she studied Sociology and Anthropology. Her future aspirations include attending graduate school and owning a goat sanctuary. She films and edits the “Squirmy and Grubs” vlog.
    Shane and Hannah have been dating for 3+ years and living together in Minneapolis for a year. On June 15th, 2019 they got engaged!!!! Their interabled relationship often confuses people, because much of society still cannot fathom people with disabilities being involved in loving, intimate relationships. Anyone who watches these episodes will quickly see their relationship is just as “normal” as any other. Sure, Hannah helps Shane use the bathroom and brush his teeth, but those activities do not detract from the emotional, intellectual, and physical connection they experience together.

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  • Emilia Vieira
    Emilia Vieira Hace 16 minutos

    guys will never do something like this, like women do to guys in wheel chair. WE WILL never ever see ..

  • Bili Hitts
    Bili Hitts Hace 11 horas

    How did these two meet and where can I find that video? I find myself watching this channel for hours on end. They are so cute together.

  • Priscilla bohn
    Priscilla bohn Hace un día

    I always tell my students when they say why am i not normal? I ask them to define normal. I believe that no one is perfect or normal and thank God we are all different. People are so super ficial now

  • Rto montagens de móveis

    Desculpa a pergunta, vocês são casados, marido e mulher?

  • Cameo P
    Cameo P Hace 2 días

    Has Hannah dated anyone before Shane?

  • Jackie Povitsky
    Jackie Povitsky Hace 3 días

    The inside parts.

  • mandypdx
    mandypdx Hace 3 días

    My mom was disabled and in a wheelchair, we thought her husband/my dad since I was 4...was amazing. He wasn’t. He screwed us 15 years later (was it her citizenship? her inheritance? we’ll never know. But, he opened up credit cards and accrued over a million dollars in debt in her name that we didn’t know about until after she died).

  • Little Blizzard
    Little Blizzard Hace 3 días

    When Shane has the mask on he sounded like an astronaut “one small step for man...” I tried to make a NASA joke but failed. Anyhow, great video!

  • MaryJane Blues
    MaryJane Blues Hace 4 días

    Great couple!❤

  • Pat Mccarty
    Pat Mccarty Hace 5 días

    You can’t base love only if you have A disability if they want to be together we can be together and they love each other and if people can’t see that the crazy

    • Pat Mccarty
      Pat Mccarty Hace 5 días

      You can’t put a price on love or anything like that

  • gelatin
    gelatin Hace 5 días

    Hannah is an angel.

  • Angirson Lopez
    Angirson Lopez Hace 5 días


  • John Veazey
    John Veazey Hace 6 días

    The truth finally comes ..lol ✌️✌️👌👌🤙🤙👍😆

  • Evil one
    Evil one Hace 6 días

    She she just never gets fuxked properly??? This guy can't even have sex

  • Evil one
    Evil one Hace 6 días

    They are such liars!

  • Vardas pavarde
    Vardas pavarde Hace 7 días

    weither dude has some good busines or he has some realy fucking good game

  • LynndaRella
    LynndaRella Hace 7 días

    I’m left handed😆

  • Igee zafe
    Igee zafe Hace 7 días

    Awww Shane and Hannah are just way relationship goals

  • Mary Sekely
    Mary Sekely Hace 7 días +1

    One of the reasons that people ask questions like this is because there really are people out there who get turned on by others who are disabled. There are websites and blogs for them. I ran into a bunch of them when I was married to my 2nd husband who was a paraplegic. I was trying to find support groups to help me as a caregiver and ran into some of them. They might have Munshower syndrome, where they are drawn to the attention that a sickness or disability gets their partner. There are parents out there who keep their kids sick so they can be the center of attention as the caregiver. You two are clearly not anywhere near part of those situations. Was just trying to explain why people ask this silly question. There are some real sickos out there.

  • infinitalocura
    infinitalocura Hace 8 días

    My respects for hannah

  • Positive vibes only TV
    Positive vibes only TV Hace 8 días +1

    Love it y’all amazing 💋🌸

  • duckyzzz
    duckyzzz Hace 8 días

    I personally think she's too deep in it to leave... They've been on T.V. and have this social media platform... All I know is he sure as hell ain't leaving her... She looks worn out without makeup... Aside from the good times I can only imagine her situation is tough.

  • Caroline Christensson
    Caroline Christensson Hace 8 días

    I wanna hear the part you cut out 😂

  • Sally Shields
    Sally Shields Hace 9 días

    Seriously? The Kleenex in Shane’s nose?

  • Nina Kaiser
    Nina Kaiser Hace 9 días

    Loved Shane‘s insights on interabled dating! As a nurse I have seen many different types of relationships between many different types of people - disabled / sick or not, with big age differences, size difference and more. Yet still if you find happiness in your relationship - what’s wrong there? Is what our society tells us so strong that it denies us our happiness? Our are our minds to narrow? I am very grateful to Hannah and Shane for opening up many, many minds. May many more find happiness - in whatever form it may show up!

  • Eric Ream
    Eric Ream Hace 9 días

    I had ADHD when I was younger but I grow out of that's why watch your channel

  • Eric Ream
    Eric Ream Hace 9 días

    You are a cute couple and I don't judge Shan being disabled I'm Glade you love each other for how you are and do judge

  • Historys Glare
    Historys Glare Hace 9 días +3

    Thats a stupid question. Of course she would still be with him.

  • Kevin Krzywulak
    Kevin Krzywulak Hace 9 días

    You dumb if you don’t think she gettin dick from other niggas😂

  • Pinupgirl
    Pinupgirl Hace 9 días

    You guys made so many good points! Love you both! Excited to see what dress Hannah chose!

  • Alessandro Poeta
    Alessandro Poeta Hace 9 días

    To answer the question, nope, I don't think so, but I do believe if Shane wasn't disabled, she would never had interest on him, at least, according how they met, but it's obvious, it couldn't be the other way around; if Shane wasn't disabled he would be a completely different person now, and these two they would never have met each other. Just my opinion.

  • Jacoby
    Jacoby Hace 10 días

    THE INSIDE PARTS?!!??!?! IM CRYING 🤣🤣😭🤣😂🤣😭🤣

  • Sherry Priola
    Sherry Priola Hace 10 días

    You are everything love should be!

  • Spiz D
    Spiz D Hace 10 días

    I can tell this chicks genuine and I pride myself in being able to pick stuff like that up, so to all the doubters don't be so quick to judge 😉

  • Mackenna Swann
    Mackenna Swann Hace 10 días

    So adorable!!! You guys are the cutest :)

  • Cody Webster
    Cody Webster Hace 10 días

    @5:54 🤔🤔 the inside parts you say?

  • hifi 88
    hifi 88 Hace 11 días

    I'm a slim attractive guy who likes woman quite curvy and get judged all the time. So fuck though why should you live your life by others rules/views of the world? It's just what society has programmed into our minds what is right and wrong that's couples should match like cards. It's only close minded people who don't understand that.

  • Claire Kessler
    Claire Kessler Hace 11 días

    so she’s pretty much only with him cuz he’s disabled?

  • Jolene Hauck
    Jolene Hauck Hace 11 días

    Why would anyone say or ask that! RUDE! Luv you guys!

  • Wendy Syron
    Wendy Syron Hace 11 días

    These people ask such asinine questions.

  • Wendy Syron
    Wendy Syron Hace 11 días

    Never a dull moment- Shane, u are a barrel of laughs-even when sick! Feel better.

  • Linn
    Linn Hace 11 días

    This is an amazing video. Funny and serious in a good mix. You're both a great inspiration to what love is. Much 💛💛💛

  • Chronically Hopeful
    Chronically Hopeful Hace 11 días

    Thank you for sharing! Im disabled too so this is reassuring

  • Brenda Baum
    Brenda Baum Hace 12 días +2

    Ooh wow those huge disability checks that leave most at the poverty line! I can’t imagine!

  • falimsakiz
    falimsakiz Hace 12 días

    How do they have intercourse?

  • rhubarb alamode
    rhubarb alamode Hace 12 días +1

    This is what love looks like. ❤💛

  • HillBilly VR
    HillBilly VR Hace 12 días +1

    The disability check topped by youtube fame, her able to step out and not be caught. Nah she will stick around. It's been my experience women cant be trusted. She may be that 1 in a billion rare find. Only time will tell for sure.
    Hope for his sake shes earnest about their relationship though.

  • Delia Dee
    Delia Dee Hace 13 días

    Once you fall in love, you can no longer see imperfections 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🥰🥰🥰🥰

    • keto6789
      keto6789 Hace 8 días +1

      I don't think this is love. It's something else. Just my opinion.

  • Barb Berlinger
    Barb Berlinger Hace 13 días +1

    How did your parents and close friends react when you started dating and then decided to live together? Hannah was there any concerns? Shane with needing care did your parents worry about someone else caring for you?

  • vinnie vee
    vinnie vee Hace 13 días

    “The inside parts...”
    oh Shane, you always crack me up 😂

  • Buddlebot
    Buddlebot Hace 14 días

    Because typically people are conditioned to want the best traits in their partners to have the most healthy and functional kids. That’s why people generally feel like they wouldn’t date someone who has obviously disabilities. But those same people might not even know they have disabilities themselves. We all have downfalls. We all in the end want love and comfort and care for our lives. Perhaps people with such view don’t have the understanding and joy of being with someone who you’re truly compatible with and not just forcefully molded to marriage by superficial values (some just get together because of money or looks, and wonder why their relationship doesn’t work HAH). This couple obviously works and their chemistry is wonderful to be around.

  • Kimberly Berger
    Kimberly Berger Hace 14 días


  • TNF StillGotIt
    TNF StillGotIt Hace 14 días

    If he get a check that’s why she there I’m just saying

  • redtrinitygirl
    redtrinitygirl Hace 15 días

    I can tell you having two ill disabled people in a marriage is really hard.. I know been doing it forever.. But after my husbands number of surgery's and 15 years he might be Abled body.. that will be a blessing!

  • Aimee Oldham
    Aimee Oldham Hace 15 días +5

    The whole time Shane was having a breathing treatment, I kept thinking, Stop talking and just breath! Lol yep mother of kids who need breathing treatments...

  • Pien Pakvis
    Pien Pakvis Hace 15 días

    You two were born for each other...You were meant 2B 2gether💗💗!

  • Lara Adler
    Lara Adler Hace 15 días

    People are absolutely insane. I have type 1 diabetes (which this I don’t know people with and without it have different views about it being a disability or not. And on different forms sometimes its written under “disabilities” sometimes it’s not.) I can walk. But at the same time if my sugar is low I have to sit down. Everyone has to stop what they’re doing to get me sugar. If my sugar is high I can’t do things even if they were planned a month ago. Everything revolves around my “disability” or should I say just disease. It is hell all the time and I hate it and no one knows how bad it is but me (not even others with it because every person with this disease suffers differently) but what I would have NEVER expected is to have men at different times in my life talk about me behind my back saying how hot I am but they would never want to be with me because of my diabetes. That shit hurts. Not because I want them, fuck them all. I would never want to be with anyone that though that. But the fact that anyone would think that, let all a group of people and have them all talking about it. Shits sick.

  • matt scott
    matt scott Hace 15 días

    It's amazing isn't it, how so many people in the world some how KNOW all of the deep motives of our hearts,without even knowing us. Their so busy judging others, that they can't see their own immorality and hypocrisy. The world is full of fools.

  • Krystal Sedillo
    Krystal Sedillo Hace 15 días

    We are all disabled. Hannah too, her dissabilities just aren't visible.

  • Yelena gurevich
    Yelena gurevich Hace 16 días

    I'm interested on how you Hannah will look also after a baby, or can you even make a family together?. and in the time Hannah is away who take care of Shane?

    • Rogue Wolf
      Rogue Wolf Hace 7 días

      @Yelena gurevich - Money *IS NOT* the “answer to everything”! Being willing to care for the ones you love is. And having family/friends in your life who care enough to be there when you need them is another big aspect which is helpful. 🤨
      Also Hanna is MAKING THE CHOICE to marry a husband who needs help 24/7 & they are MAKING THE CHOICE *TOGETHER* to have a child. I think it would upset Hanna to see someone say “poor Hanna” considering her choices.🤨 Maybe English isn’t your first language & Im misunderstanding...if so sorry.
      -Of course money does certainly help & Shane is/will be a great provider for Hanna, any kids they have & any assistance they need/desire to may his/her/their kids’ lives easier. And Hanna will be able to make plenty of money as well in her career totally independently of Shane.
      -However as someone who is disabled (no where near as disabled as Shane) & who was raised by a disabled mom without anywhere near the income Shane has...disabled parents input just as much into raising a child as an able bodied parent does. Yes when the child is a infant/young toddler many disabled parents can’t not physically care for the child & need assistance but that is only the first 3-4yrs of a child’s entire life. Millions of single parents manage just fine on their own thru those early years so why wouldn’t Hanna be fine? 🤨 As far as.Shane’s needs I’m SURE he will always put their children’s needs before his own. Also...once up & dressed his only “needs” that require someone’s assistance are...going to the restroom a handful of times a day & eating. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Not really as much work as many seem to think it is. Yes he needs stuff handed to him & his phone/laptop set up a specific way....but things like that take seconds to less than 5min. Truly...taking care of someone who has the level of disability Shane has is no where near as difficult or time consuming as people seem to think. Before I became disabled I was a paramedic/ER Nurse/in home carer so I DO KNOW what it takes.
      (Sorry if this is a bit all over the place. I’m still recovering from a severe migraine.which lasted just over 4 days)

    • Yelena gurevich
      Yelena gurevich Hace 11 días

      ​@Rogue Wolf the answer to everything is money. a father that can't take care of his child but his wife need to take care of kids and husband. poor Hanna. but money solves everything. thankfully

    • Rogue Wolf
      Rogue Wolf Hace 14 días

      Shane’s parents help out when Hannah is away. They also hirer caregivers at times. But I think if Shane can manage ALONE the entire time Hannah was at class 90% of the time they will be able to work it out. If they DO need help they are lucky enough to have people in their lives they can call day or night.
      And yes. They’ve answered the question about kids & they are both able to have kids & want kids as well.