• Publicado el 17 mar 2017
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Comentarios • 21 073

  • Chloe Raper
    Chloe Raper Hace 5 días +1

    Dude I’m 12 and me and my family decided we were going to go on a hike. So we did and on our way up the mountain there was a cult and I was like what the heck so that’s my story

  • Alyssa Berry
    Alyssa Berry Hace 8 días

    Ppl call my church a cult 😂 but it’s clearly not!

    (I belong to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.) 😊

  • Al Grande
    Al Grande Hace 13 días

    I’m wondering what is Shane’s religion?

  • Stuart Champion
    Stuart Champion Hace 14 días

    Was looking for a specific funny Shane Dawson video involving an Illuminati mock-up........leave it to ES-pl to direct me here at 4am instead heeeelp :"''''''D

  • its me
    its me Hace 15 días

    I miss shane

  • Tony Vlogs & Games
    Tony Vlogs & Games Hace 16 días +1

    God that corpse the guy was kissing gave me chills. This has never happened

  • Rachel
    Rachel Hace 16 días

    Interesting... I grew up about 40 minutes from Waco and don't remember hearing anything from the beginning about Koresh. But I do remember watching it all go down on tv. Narcissists make great cult leaders.

  • Craving Suga Kookies
    Craving Suga Kookies Hace 16 días +1

    I’m pretty sure “After the Fire” was based on the last one

    It’s a book

    • Emily Ross
      Emily Ross Hace 12 días

      Yes. A true story from a survivor and there is a series on the cult called WACO and it’s very very good

  • Kaden Sudds
    Kaden Sudds Hace 17 días

    Imagine this was posted on March 17

  • plankdon
    plankdon Hace 17 días

    bro i feel bad because im 7th day adventist and we’re not crazy i swear :(

  • and i oop-
    and i oop- Hace 18 días +2

    the first one literally made me throw up-

  • baby Jesus
    baby Jesus Hace 19 días

    The first cult and it’s leader reminds me of that movie with Javier Bardem call dance with the devil

  • Alexis Muckel
    Alexis Muckel Hace 22 días

    Do some research on bethel

  • Carnival 34
    Carnival 34 Hace 23 días

    My mom is from Uganda 😮😮

    KATHERINE VINES Hace 23 días

    Don't drink the purple Kool-Aid!!!!!!

  • Wisestriker 567
    Wisestriker 567 Hace 24 días

    Just found out my papa after all of what happens in the David Koresh cult has to go see all these bodies

  • Ender Manani
    Ender Manani Hace 26 días

    10:28 Shane: he was going to call the cops and tell them he’s doing illegal stuff with body’s
    *continues to show a man kissing a really rotten body*

  • ThatOneFanGirl
    ThatOneFanGirl Hace 26 días

    If I’m correct, the last cult was named “The Branch Dividians” (not sure if I spelt that right) and just with how things ended with it was very sad....

  • secretly_ whatching
    secretly_ whatching Hace 27 días +1

    You know.. What's fucked up is that few people being eaten and torn to peaces is awful, but billions of animals every day being tortured, eaten and torn to peaces is just normal.

  • Alayna Colston
    Alayna Colston Hace 28 días

    Few months later
    Joins the illumiity

  • Ricardo Milos
    Ricardo Milos Hace un mes +2

    who wants to join my cult

    we have crack cocaine

  • Alneir Halfblood
    Alneir Halfblood Hace un mes +1

    I miss the old Shane Dawson

  • Daisy Joan Mansfield
    Daisy Joan Mansfield Hace un mes


  • Oh, it’s not me
    Oh, it’s not me Hace un mes +6

    I got the drug deals in the front, black magic in the back

  • Den Hest
    Den Hest Hace un mes +1

    Shane: dont join cults
    Shane in another video: *TODAY WELL BE JOINING THE ILLUMINATI!*

  • Bella Steele
    Bella Steele Hace un mes

    Roses are red
    Conspiracy theories are cool
    If you love shane dawson
    Make this hand blue

  • Alexis Johnston
    Alexis Johnston Hace un mes

    10:02 Not gonna lie.. this looks like it could be Jenna Marbles boyfriend named Jullien's father. lol.

  • Baylea Hutchinson
    Baylea Hutchinson Hace un mes +3

    Me: ooo this looks cool im gonna watch it

    Also me: *going to bed right after*

  • Cagrle !!!!
    Cagrle !!!! Hace un mes

    he made it seem like the last one was going to be the worst but the first one was honestly the creepiest

  • Xavier Jimenez
    Xavier Jimenez Hace un mes

    What about jim jones jonestown

  • Xavier Jimenez
    Xavier Jimenez Hace un mes

    What about jim jones

  • Mlgpoopnem
    Mlgpoopnem Hace un mes

    This was made on March 17...

  • Munnin, das ist Wunderbar!

  • Gloria Jean
    Gloria Jean Hace un mes

    The David Koresh /Waco Branch Dravidian cult compound siege happened in the 1993, not 80s.

  • PerrBear
    PerrBear Hace un mes

    If anyone wants to hear a very detailed story check out a podcast called cult liters by spencer mykie’s hair stylist

  • Maxine Lam
    Maxine Lam Hace un mes

    i am just saying that the Seventh Day Adventist is a real school and so is Mount Carmel but it worships a God and doesnt kill and i think that the religion was Christian or Catholic

  • Oscar Wildblood
    Oscar Wildblood Hace un mes +1

    Join the cult of cheese balls

    We have

    Oh and did I remember the sacrifice room
    Join button

  • Horror Movie Reviews
    Horror Movie Reviews Hace un mes

    Where is the heavens gate videos

  • eat - the - rude
    eat - the - rude Hace un mes

    My English teacher called my friends and I a cult. He went to one of my friends and said that we’re a bad influence and she should distance herself from us and it’s like we’re a cult. Like bro that friend an I, we’ve been friends since kindergarten 😂 also we hated him, he was a disgusting old creep so small wonder we always huddled together and didn’t want to talk to him

  • Tommy
    Tommy Hace un mes

    A little story about a cult it was my sister she was about 18 and her friend was going to a church called valley church and my sister was addicted to it completely addicted they would raise money to help the poor but they used it on these 'house meetings' that you Had to go to or you would not be allowed to go you couldnt question the person who did all of the rituals it wasn't a satanic cult but still a cult my sister is currently 23 and only just realising that it was a cult she's OK now just trying to make people aware of other cults her friend still goes to the church she also knows that it's a cult but can't get away from it.

  • yaritza saucedo
    yaritza saucedo Hace un mes +2

    I'm not going to sleep tonight!

    :') plz send help...

  • Rudia Desu
    Rudia Desu Hace un mes +1

    I’m in a cult. It’s where you binge eat while watching Shane Dawson.

  • Marikate Hustek
    Marikate Hustek Hace un mes +2

    I think I'm too high for this 😳

  • Snowy Wolfy
    Snowy Wolfy Hace un mes +1

    I was watching this and my sister came with a duffel bag back from a swimming pool and of course was shook as hell so I thought to calm down the steam and anxiety in my body I would make a joke so I said....
    Me:Where you going you just got back
    (She was packing up again)
    Sister:Going to my fri-
    Me: don't forget to kill someone and shove the body in the duffle bag!
    Her:Its a tiny duffle bag can't fit someone
    Me:put a hand in there then
    Sister: Naw fam
    Both:Dies laughing then the realized we're so f*cked up


  • Michelle D
    Michelle D Hace un mes

    I love cult stuff, people are mad...

  • EBB MC
    EBB MC Hace un mes

    Wasn’t the last one on the news like I remember it being on the news

  • Aliza A.
    Aliza A. Hace 2 meses +6

    I read this as “ scariest clits ever”

  • Irma Jordan
    Irma Jordan Hace 2 meses

    There is still a cult called the Kingdom of God/Church of Zion cult that still exists. I keep getting bugged by these shits.

  • sleepinq_
    sleepinq_ Hace 2 meses

    haha, he basically found the way how to get a bunch of pussy
    (i’m talking about david koresh)

  • Melissa Koznek
    Melissa Koznek Hace 2 meses +1

    Shane! Why no recent conspiracy theorie videos?!
    I've watched all the ones you have over & over (no creep intended, just love your style)
    Please please please make some new ones?

  • fishing freaks
    fishing freaks Hace 2 meses +1

    All hail the queen of spookiness

  • Doodles & Such
    Doodles & Such Hace 2 meses

    Okay, this is going to sound absolutely insane but my neighbor looks exactly like the woman pictured at 9:41. No kidding, it is uncanny. And the ages seem to match up. I am curious.

  • KK47
    KK47 Hace 2 meses

    On the David Koresh story, you didn’t mention that half of the children were taken before the fire to a mental institution, where they acted like they were still in the cult. On one occasion, they put each child in a room full of toys. Each child gravitated to the toy rifle, and EVERY child looked in the barrel. One small girl said in disgust, “this isn’t real.” Later, one little boy said that David had taught them to “aim for the soft spot.” DAVID KORESH WAS TEACHING KIDS TO COMMIT SUI****.

  • Heather Botha
    Heather Botha Hace 2 meses +1

    The person in the thumbnail looks like Ethel from Riverdale

  • SHSL Rerorerorero
    SHSL Rerorerorero Hace 2 meses +2

    Shane: "I'vE bEeN oBsEsSeD wItH cUlTs My WhOlE lIfE."
    Me: Honestly...

    *S A M E*

  • Egg Dog
    Egg Dog Hace 2 meses +2

    Going past 11:30 , david’s cult is like john seed’s cult from far cry 5 expect the wives part doe

  • spofify
    spofify Hace 2 meses +1

    i only know cauldrons because of minecraft

  • BeagleBluebird :D
    BeagleBluebird :D Hace 2 meses

    Y’all need to join my cult

    We have..

    Did I mention we have popcorn?
    I call it.. Dorito Gang, obviously
    Wait, I’m eating popcorn and I didn’t even notice while I was typing this lmao

  • XxxQueen_AngelxxX
    XxxQueen_AngelxxX Hace 2 meses +1

    You have to be my favorite ES-plr ever😂

  • Alex Chadwick
    Alex Chadwick Hace 2 meses

    Stop disliking his VIDEOS