Man insults restaurant customer who has Down syndrome l What Would You Do

  • Publicado el 25 may 2018
  • A rude man insults a customer who has Down syndrome. The man complains that the customer takes too long to order and that the waitress should pay more attention to him. How will people react?
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  • YT Ayro
    YT Ayro Hace 7 horas

    Love this guy

  • Fardeen Ifty
    Fardeen Ifty Hace 12 horas

    I would gonna punch his face..

  • alexander bech sternald
    alexander bech sternald Hace 19 horas

    You dont have to be kind to everybody, what a stupid message.
    First hand, sure.
    But kinda depends on what they stand for etcetera

  • Alijah Malcolm
    Alijah Malcolm Hace 21 un hora

    Why do people discriminate people from how they are ❓ maybe they should try to see how it feels to be miss treated for who they are. I hate people like this😡

  • seolarco
    seolarco Hace un día +1

    If someone talked like that to my brother, i'd fucking riot

  • Brennan Crumb Fire Videos

    When this stuff happens and everyone steps in it makes my day

  • Pro_levithegamer Pro
    Pro_levithegamer Pro Hace un día

    Me I do

  • Electris 22
    Electris 22 Hace 2 días +2

    Aww he's so adorable he reminds me of my little brother who is my best friend😍❤

  • GRHA
    GRHA Hace 2 días

    The first person is literally a mirror image of my grandma and hair cut, face, career voice, literally everything

  • ijustwanna comment
    ijustwanna comment Hace 2 días +1

    I dont get why people affected with down syndrome get dogged on? They're usually pretty happy and social and yes some are..a problem, or at least difficult to deal with if you don't have patience and a piece of mind.

  • RVZ Raven RaVeZZ clan
    RVZ Raven RaVeZZ clan Hace 2 días

    I hate people who act like the karen who make it a big deal

  • McKenna Duncan
    McKenna Duncan Hace 2 días

    I’m actually crying omg

  • Harri Liponen
    Harri Liponen Hace 2 días

    Much respect!

  • Trill Nugz
    Trill Nugz Hace 2 días

    John please dont do one of these social experiments when I'm eating out. I'll drop a mofo real quick

  • Biliuta Cezara
    Biliuta Cezara Hace 2 días

    When that lady said "sorry that I am shaking, I do not like confrontation" I felt that! Yet she stood up for him. I love her

  • OogieBoogieWitch
    OogieBoogieWitch Hace 2 días

    I'd flip my shit, my son has autism and god help the person who treats him like this!!!

  • Airah Flips sksksksk
    Airah Flips sksksksk Hace 2 días

    I would say stick that menu right up YOUR ASSSSSSSSS. God I’m so furious.

  • W
    W Hace 2 días

    “...what would u do?”
    me: kick the crap outta that diner

  • White Pride
    White Pride Hace 2 días +1

    2:30 that woman acting like women have achieved something in human history xD but women havtn done shit to help humankind.. they just cry and demand stuff.

  • Jaimie Grace Recio
    Jaimie Grace Recio Hace 2 días

    I’m crying!!! 😭😭😭

  • Starberrymalk
    Starberrymalk Hace 2 días

    The mentally challenged dude doesn't need someone with him to help him out, but that actor getting mad at him needs someone with HIM to help him with his anger management lmao

  • Dela Natianothis
    Dela Natianothis Hace 3 días

    I wana see a person bien impatient with a ADHD kid i have ADHD and i get yelld at for bieng anoying

  • Jake Phono
    Jake Phono Hace 3 días

    My friend Emme is so cute and funny

  • Katie Aoife
    Katie Aoife Hace 3 días

    honestly peter is so cute i’d actually marry him

  • Te’Rah Cooley
    Te’Rah Cooley Hace 3 días

    The did that said go on a diet, I lost it😂💀👍🏽

  • remisa n
    remisa n Hace 3 días

    Chris Hanson is insulting people with downs syndrome now?

  • Typical Andrew
    Typical Andrew Hace 3 días

    hey, PEter are you alone?

  • The Crissy show
    The Crissy show Hace 3 días

    I would’ve clocked him in a heartbeat that’s mean asf

  • babyluv
    babyluv Hace 3 días

    People with down syndrome look cute ok

  • Dhanvi Mittu
    Dhanvi Mittu Hace 3 días


  • Charlize Byrne
    Charlize Byrne Hace 3 días

    Bro I would chokeslam such a rude man.

  • Drunk Yuri
    Drunk Yuri Hace 3 días

    He looks so nice thoughhh ;~;

  • Joe Bob
    Joe Bob Hace 4 días

    2:27 god damn!

  • Just Khamryn
    Just Khamryn Hace 4 días

    I would slap him

  • henry guillen
    henry guillen Hace 4 días


    THE WEIRD_FROG Hace 4 días +1

    I like Peter he is so nice and I feel bad for him
    👇make this blue for support 😔

      THE WEIRD_FROG Hace 4 días

      Good woman:PLZ JUST STOP

  • Twerk4 ThePsycho
    Twerk4 ThePsycho Hace 4 días

    Ask what the fuck is wrong with that person?

  • Felisha
    Felisha Hace 4 días

    Try explaining this to the police who regularly bully disabled people. It's awful.

  • Fight against depression.
    Fight against depression. Hace 4 días +3

    Me: *sat in my room watching Netflix*
    John: *bursts in room* IM JOHN QUINONES

  • Love Life
    Love Life Hace 4 días +9

    "I have been sitting here-"
    "Go on a diet!"
    Had me dead😂

  • Callme Aland
    Callme Aland Hace 4 días

    What to do? Easy beat the shit out of him

  • Not Homer
    Not Homer Hace 4 días

    fast food places are the fastest

  • g0blin Fractal
    g0blin Fractal Hace 4 días +2

    "We roll one las time" ah shit, here we go again

  • Margarette Montefalco
    Margarette Montefalco Hace 4 días +1

    Peter is cute af and i just can't

  • Jordyn Larkin
    Jordyn Larkin Hace 4 días

    My heart broke when I watch this video.😢😢😢 💔 because my Aunty is down syndrome and I would be so mad if somebody treated my auntie like that.💔💔💔💔

  • Serendipity Gacha
    Serendipity Gacha Hace 4 días

    I would demolish the guy who insults Peter- punch him in the nose, pour gasoline in his ears, burn him with cigarettes, and stomp on his stomach and face.

  • Dominic Bell
    Dominic Bell Hace 4 días +1

    this makes me cry even if it is actors

  • Colleen Kelly
    Colleen Kelly Hace 5 días +1

    I know this is an act but I still feel bad for the way Peter I being treated.

  • Lucid Myst1c
    Lucid Myst1c Hace 5 días

    This is the fakest shit I ever seen

  • United Talent Agency
    United Talent Agency Hace 5 días

    If I saw somebody doing that he would get hit with a Jose Canseco bat.

  • RM sanders Damian
    RM sanders Damian Hace 5 días

    He doesn’t look like he has down síndrome

  • RM sanders Damian
    RM sanders Damian Hace 5 días


  • Big Veiny Dick Cheney
    Big Veiny Dick Cheney Hace 6 días +2

    You know what hits close to home?.. every situation to every person on this show

  • xd venomtoxic
    xd venomtoxic Hace 6 días +1

    If I heard that I would beat the crap out of him

  • xd venomtoxic
    xd venomtoxic Hace 6 días

    This made me sad and infatuated

  • Turtle Stomper
    Turtle Stomper Hace 6 días

    Bless her heart ❤️🙏 2:50

    • Jacob Harvath
      Jacob Harvath Hace 4 días

      Turtle Stomper
      That teacher needs to be hit

  • Suckmyballz Gameplays
    Suckmyballz Gameplays Hace 6 días

    Treating others like you want to be treated is not the golden rule. The real golden rule is: who has the gold makes the rules

  • Suckmyballz Gameplays
    Suckmyballz Gameplays Hace 6 días

    If i saw someone doing this i would probably end up arrested for assault

  • Neo CS
    Neo CS Hace 6 días +1

    Go on a diet lmao

  • XxAlphaXWolfxX
    XxAlphaXWolfxX Hace 6 días +1

    I find people with Down syndrome cute 😂😊 also if I was there I would of punched him 😡

  • lowda9
    lowda9 Hace 7 días

    This show is government propaganda as it is staged. In real life, this kind of sympathy from strangers doesn't exist but the government wants people to fend for themselves rather than calling 911 for non emergency situations. Less loss on taxpayers money and more funds allocated elsewhere.

  • not so good goy
    not so good goy Hace 7 días

    Such an over the top situation, only in a sick dream this would happen..

  • Iyannaaa
    Iyannaaa Hace 7 días

    3:00 they cut the other lady off😂😂😂😂

  • Master Starfish Gaming
    Master Starfish Gaming Hace 7 días +1

    Ok who bullys people with downs syndrome, that's just fucked up ngl

  • Julia Farrell
    Julia Farrell Hace 7 días +1

    It’s not even mentally challenged it’s special needs my sister has ds

  • Alyssa lopez
    Alyssa lopez Hace 7 días

    gess don't be mean to peter

  • Katie Pustay
    Katie Pustay Hace 7 días

    I have a friend named Hannah with Downs syndrome, she's 14 and such a sweetie.

  • Victoria Ibekwe
    Victoria Ibekwe Hace 8 días

    I will smack that idiot on the back of the head if I was there 😤😤😤😤

  • Amani Jones
    Amani Jones Hace 8 días

    I know someone with Down syndrome and he’s a regular at my job and he’s so adorable and he plays baseball and I love everybody and I wish Tyler the best in life

  • buzz McDonnell
    buzz McDonnell Hace 8 días

    I would punch that old fuck in the face.

  • It can't rain all the time

    I wouldnt be able to handle this

  • chris kaya
    chris kaya Hace 8 días

    you impatient bastard

  • LTK McAulay
    LTK McAulay Hace 8 días +2

    When he said "I hope im not bothering you sir" my heart melted 💙💙

  • Keybladeroxas
    Keybladeroxas Hace 8 días

    Yare yare....

  • Jinkinson sasa
    Jinkinson sasa Hace 8 días

    They set these things up as if it is so wonderful when people stand up for this guy. Is there anywhere in America where this would be tolerated? I cant imagine a place or situation where anyone would put up with this being done to another person. Where did the producers grow up in some dystopian hell hole filled with savages?

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson Hace 9 días

    Is it just me or does my homie Peter have puppy eyes?👍🐶

  • Medusa
    Medusa Hace 9 días

    I seriously think I would have to put my hands on this asshole!!!

  • Raman Tiwari
    Raman Tiwari Hace 9 días

    6;11 he looked like angry grandpa

  • GrabYoPopcorn
    GrabYoPopcorn Hace 9 días +15

    Man: insulting
    Other man: Why don’t you go on a diet *waves hand to get out*
    I die.

  • Kevin Guttilla
    Kevin Guttilla Hace 9 días

    Anyone who insults people with special needs is a piece of garbage

  • Justin Buckingham
    Justin Buckingham Hace 9 días

    This is truly heartwarming to see these people come to his aid and defend him as a person and a stranger, we need more people like them in the world.

  • freakdenz freak
    freakdenz freak Hace 9 días

    Lol people now a days always tryna sugar coat anything.
    Old man: mentally retarded
    Old women: mentally challenged.

  • JuzzTheFuzz
    JuzzTheFuzz Hace 9 días

    I would love to see this is Australia

  • a. b.
    a. b. Hace 9 días +1

    "go on a diet" LMAO FR

  • Greer Atkinson
    Greer Atkinson Hace 9 días +2

    its so sad to see that this kind of stuff happens in real life.

  • Meme and me Mememe
    Meme and me Mememe Hace 9 días

    I can’t be the only one who has been planning to get a bf with Down syndrome. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone it wasn’t meant to be rude.

  • Suman Nath
    Suman Nath Hace 9 días

    When the last guy said "WE ALL ARE HUMAN BEINGS" it literally got me. Thank God punched him, it would look cute though.....

  • Dumb Crum
    Dumb Crum Hace 9 días

    Omg retorted kid that fd up

  • iBrandon561
    iBrandon561 Hace 9 días

    4:22 mark Cuban is that you

  • Kyle Barnes
    Kyle Barnes Hace 9 días

    Ohh boy I know exactly what I would have done. I'm a very nice person, but with my stature I know how I appear. I'd gently tap on this mans shoulder to get his attention, lower my head down face level with him and kindly say "you're leaving...or I'm making you leave".

  • Ryan
    Ryan Hace 10 días

    Thumbnail dude looks like a high elf from Oblivion.

  • Disturbed Pyro
    Disturbed Pyro Hace 10 días

    That guy would have went through his table if I heard him call that kid a retard. I have both friends and family with Down Syndrome. I have no patience with people like that.

  • mlg proo
    mlg proo Hace 10 días

    This is so sweet

  • Ed Drolet
    Ed Drolet Hace 10 días

    I'm not crying!
    You're crying!
    Glad to see there are still amazing people out there!

  • mrfayetteville91
    mrfayetteville91 Hace 10 días

    I would instill fear in his heart, he would be afraid to keep the act up.

  • chris x
    chris x Hace 10 días

    why the old dude look like chris hanson

  • Ahmed Shaibi
    Ahmed Shaibi Hace 10 días

    @ 1:59 when he said I’m trying to enjoy my night😣😖❤️

    LOLI POUP Hace 10 días

    The old lady was so nice

  • Gameswithsadness
    Gameswithsadness Hace 10 días

    Can we just acknowledge that even though he struggles with Down syndrome, he is still capable of being a good actor. Amazing

  • coldair tonight
    coldair tonight Hace 10 días

    3:11 When she said they should be. Dead sigh of a alcoholic