Moonlight Swordsman - Dark Souls 3

  • Publicado el 25 nov 2018
  • The Moonlight Greatsword is just too cool, laser beams, pews and you can even say around you are an intelligence build.
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    Music: - Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven (YT Audio Library)
    Outfoxing the Fox - Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
    Cats Walking - Yomoti (Epidemic Sound)
    Brandenburg Concerto No4-1
    BWV1049 Classical Whimsical - Kevin MacLeod
    licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence
    (YT Audio Library)
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  • Rehvion
    Rehvion  Hace un año +22

    Moonlit Knight was already copyrighted, couldn't think of a better title
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    • Rob Bu
      Rob Bu Hace un año

      Oh fuck I used an sl 30 version of this today!!

    • Rehvion
      Rehvion  Hace un año +5

      Who? Moonlit Knight is the name of one of Saint's build, that why I joked about the "copyrighted" thing

  • Медузка-тян
    Медузка-тян Hace 3 meses


  • Michael Reeves
    Michael Reeves Hace un año

    After a game that's been called dead for well over a year now, you still amaze me with how fun u make the game look. Good job.

  • the5seasons
    the5seasons Hace un año

    u dont parry with rapier ?

  • Memesus Christ
    Memesus Christ Hace un año

    The guy at 6:15 must've seen my most recent build and looked at the armor fashion souls and switched the iron dragonslayer leggings with black knight leggings, and put wax head over drakeblood helm, such a copycat, he deserved that riposte, btw great vid, bruh!

  • Tallarix
    Tallarix Hace un año +1


  • MegaBart15
    MegaBart15 Hace un año

    I laughed my ass off at 6:10

  • Holy Skiba
    Holy Skiba Hace un año


  • Somnius
    Somnius Hace un año

    How is your editing so fucking good…

  • Gin
    Gin Hace un año

    When a grearsword user can win without using twohanded and procking poise... Well that show the low quality of his opponent. (Bcz you know a one handad greatsword doesn't give a single gram of poise) . That's why in competitive when someone meet a greatsword user the best combo is a lance in the main hand and a straight sword in the off hand. If your opponent try to outpoise you just poke him with a two handed lance, if he roll in you just spam with straight sword , if he tries a parry just try an r1 of a lance after an hit of straightsword. Pure cancer.

  • Mane Nazalost novi
    Mane Nazalost novi Hace un año

    Rehvion please do the Moonlight GS build for DS Demastered

  • [Il cinquanto Cavallo]
    [Il cinquanto Cavallo] Hace un año

    Best weapon and very nice video

    MORTH VENDELORD Hace un año

    Rehvion is the most relaxing channel.

  • Golden proxy
    Golden proxy Hace un año +1

    Weapon at risk? In dark souls 3???

  • Haw Yee
    Haw Yee Hace un año

    Have you tried using the crescent moon sword?

    • Rehvion
      Rehvion  Hace un año +1

      I don't like it.
      I would have used it if it had an offhand parry

  • Space Wizard Pip
    Space Wizard Pip Hace un año

    Still wish the Moonlight had fhe aoe R2 from Ds1 >~> and that 40 magic def was always nice still, good to have it

  • tealeaf
    tealeaf Hace un año

    2:44 🤣🤣🤣

  • Black note
    Black note Hace un año

    Shouldn't you be using flex tape clear for MGS?

  • ErroR - random shit
    ErroR - random shit Hace un año

    Them cut Artorias voice lines tho

  • Aberson Tenorio
    Aberson Tenorio Hace un año

    Splitleaf Greatsword or Black knight glaive?

  • Emperor Of Gravalash
    Emperor Of Gravalash Hace un año

    The laugh sound effect sounds familiar

  • james M
    james M Hace un año

    Moonlight beam bait.. holy crap, this is a thing now?

  • David Silaen
    David Silaen Hace un año

    The rapier parry dude

  • Jay Tealstone
    Jay Tealstone Hace un año

    God, those rapier parries are so damn satisfying

  • Justus Müller
    Justus Müller Hace un año

    Editing is lit af👌

  • Navi
    Navi Hace un año +1

    Maan what's the build ?

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy Hace un año

    oh hey another saint rio- wait a minute

  • Oi Trever
    Oi Trever Hace un año

    lol magic and int. noice.

  • Texcaliber
    Texcaliber Hace un año

    Nino 2.0?!?! 💙

  • guytren
    guytren Hace un año

    Rehvion is very intellectual!

  • clutchedbyanangel
    clutchedbyanangel Hace un año

    0:34 ONE FOR DE ROAD

  • josephtho
    josephtho Hace un año +1

    Great video Rehv, edits looking clean.

  • Ben K
    Ben K Hace un año

    Ending: 100/100 L1's

  • Garrison
    Garrison Hace un año

    0/10 no clips of saint saying verticality

  • Arcadius 256
    Arcadius 256 Hace un año +3

    6:28 feelscatringman

  • Deadziu
    Deadziu Hace un año

    Finally some spicy memes in your Videos. I would sub again if i could

  • MrSpartanspud
    MrSpartanspud Hace un año

    Taking advantage of the sale bringing in some fresh R1 spammers are we?

    • Sarah C
      Sarah C Hace un año

      No sale needed, even during the game's dead stretches one can survive almost entirely on the rich availability of R1 spam.

  • Xander 'The Wolf'
    Xander 'The Wolf' Hace un año

    No HP meta mage learned the value of vigor on that day

  • 4Dragons
    4Dragons Hace un año

    Great video, as usual!
    I love the moonlight GS, it's such a potent weapon at all ranges and it's surprising how many people will take the full weapon art to the face thinking they can get in a quick hit.

  • Soma Cruz
    Soma Cruz Hace un año +1

    Io mi chiedo che cazzo avessero in testa alla From quando hanno scelto di degradare l'arma quando fai la WA...

  • Misha -Chan
    Misha -Chan Hace un año

    How were you parrying with a rapier?

    • Rehvion
      Rehvion  Hace un año +3

      Pressing L2 when the rapier is in offhand

  • Lionel Hunter
    Lionel Hunter Hace un año

    Salmonella academy anyone?

  • RM Mc
    RM Mc Hace un año

    What was the outcome of the ladder match??!

  • splaart flunterklufn
    splaart flunterklufn Hace un año +2

    Whats your build?

  • Luxias Vet
    Luxias Vet Hace un año


  • Alvaro Luevanos
    Alvaro Luevanos Hace un año check out my intelligent build

  • Dude
    Dude Hace un año

    ik you have the Estoc for parrying in your offhand, but I've found the Crystal Sage Rapier to do more damage on my Moonlight build, it's also longer so you can get even more cheeky shitboxes.

    • Rehvion
      Rehvion  Hace un año

      It's a rapier.
      Estoc doesn't have the parry.
      I don't think crystal sage rapier has more damage the the crystal rapier but I didn't test it, I should try

  • Artorias, Wolf Knight
    Artorias, Wolf Knight Hace un año

    Это было оскорбительно с вашей стороны, приписывать моё имя в ваш мем, про лагающих казуалов!

  • Armand Luna
    Armand Luna Hace un año

    Revhion Yo,Rev i was wondering if you could do a playtrough of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice when it comes out,i would love to see your impressions on that game,it looks awesome.

  • Steve Borowsky
    Steve Borowsky Hace un año

    Jeff?! It's Miyazaki!!

  • Youtube Commenter
    Youtube Commenter Hace un año

    There are 3 fucking attack buttons. 3. And people still complain about R1 "spam". Fuck off. You are supremely stupid.

  • Parallegon
    Parallegon Hace un año


  • RKirby808
    RKirby808 Hace un año +10

    🎵 Fighting evil with Moonlight,
    🎵 Winning love using Cast Light,
    🎵 Never running from a real fight,
    🎵 He is the one named Jeff.

  • Nino The Human
    Nino The Human Hace un año

    Hey guys this was a fun one to make hope you all enjoyed don't forget to smash that fuckin subscribe comment like button thx XoXo

    For real tho, those rapier parries had me like [insert megalovania anime zoom]

  • Ty
    Ty Hace un año

    Big fan of the Age of Empires sound bytes, keep up the good work

  • DarkBlood Souls
    DarkBlood Souls Hace un año +2

    That "aaaaa" audio clips gets me everytime

  • Thanos Pope
    Thanos Pope Hace un año +4

    Is it just me or

    *is this editing sexy as hell?*

  • Gone Silent
    Gone Silent Hace un año +1


  • MoneyEqualsPower
    MoneyEqualsPower Hace un año +2

    i feel fantastic hey hey hey

  • darthvein3
    darthvein3 Hace un año +24

    You have some of the best edits. I'll never look at repair powder the same lol.